Kelly Clarkson And Jay Leno Go Off-Roading | Jay Leno's Garage

Kelly Clarkson and Jay Leno go on an off-roading adventure - the Texas way! Catch the mini mashup with bonus sneaks and don't miss an all new episode of "Jay Leno's Garage" next Wednesday at 10P ET on CNBC.
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Kelly Clarkson And Jay Leno Go Off-Roading | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Yavit Vexe

    Yavit VexeMånad sedan

    This great how they shouted and pointed at each other telling people look who's here😂😂

  2. 4 Paws

    4 Paws2 månader sedan

    Is that ” off road” in the states? That is ” Well.. i’m off to work ” in sweden

  3. R N

    R N4 månader sedan

    Click bait bs

  4. TJ Tampa

    TJ Tampa4 månader sedan

    Definitely exhilarating! 👊😎💜

  5. Bilal El Eter

    Bilal El Eter4 månader sedan

    That guy is 70 year old being more active than modern mid 20 YO

  6. Fausto T.

    Fausto T.5 månader sedan

    La trippona che porta il nonno a prendere la pensione alla posta

  7. Steve St. martin

    Steve St. martin5 månader sedan

    She’s cute

  8. Todd Clark

    Todd Clark5 månader sedan

    You pull up beside me I'm jumping out and getting in with you so don't freak out okay has to be the bronco

  9. First Last

    First Last5 månader sedan

    Jay took her to that tunnel to #metoo her.

  10. Vic McLaglen

    Vic McLaglen5 månader sedan

    "Coyote five point oh..." She says it like some generation of iphone.

  11. Edward VanGulden

    Edward VanGulden5 månader sedan

    Who makes the Tonneau on the blue Ford F-250 in this video?

  12. 707madman

    707madman5 månader sedan

    6:16 OMG underrated joke right here 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. 707madman

    707madman5 månader sedan

    3:06 ahhh I remember this episode, good times when craig and jay were still on late night

  14. Gordon Santamonica

    Gordon Santamonica5 månader sedan

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  15. Diana Olson

    Diana Olson5 månader sedan

    Kelly is the BEST!!

  16. 80sCats&GunsAddict

    80sCats&GunsAddict5 månader sedan

    Cmon...her '69 Bronco coulda drove the path. Tell her to switch seats Jay and really show her how to romp a truck. TRUE 4x4n in NOT for the weak. Take the path less traveled...or create your own. 1,100 ft lbs of torque....which is ludicrous.

  17. John Behneman

    John Behneman5 månader sedan

    I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! You made my day!!!!

  18. Matt B

    Matt B5 månader sedan

    Who's Kelly Clarkson? This is High Pitch Erik

  19. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds5 månader sedan

    Beautiful bronco, thanks for sharing this video.

  20. Larry Trusty

    Larry Trusty5 månader sedan

    She needs to spend time fixing her marriage, instead of joy riding with Jay.

  21. Clarence Jones

    Clarence Jones5 månader sedan

    What’s up with the hitler hairdo Craig????😳😮🙄

  22. logan quist

    logan quist5 månader sedan

    jay leno is awesome!

  23. Timothy Isenhart

    Timothy Isenhart5 månader sedan

    Umm did she have a 5.0L Coyote put in or does she actually think that's what came factory in her Bronco?

  24. First Last

    First Last5 månader sedan

    That was clearly a resto-mod.

  25. bestamerica

    bestamerica5 månader sedan

    ' a person is a not good to handle the videocamera

  26. Roopull's Videos

    Roopull's Videos5 månader sedan

    Fun video!

  27. FJ80Coop

    FJ80Coop5 månader sedan

    Just let me n kelly clarkson go for a ride off road... 😁😈 She'll never walk.errrrr drive the same again..

  28. Anibal Babilonia

    Anibal Babilonia5 månader sedan

    I can go offroading on that road in a indy 500 race car!👋😂👌

  29. Scott Barker

    Scott Barker5 månader sedan

    america land of the 3 cows

  30. faznout

    faznout5 månader sedan

    I didn't even recognize Craig Ferguson at first. He's really aged a lot.

  31. james daniels

    james daniels5 månader sedan

    You could've at least let Craig drive it one last time.

  32. George Cass

    George Cass5 månader sedan

    Are you kidding me you can drive a car were they drove .

  33. Bryan Baker

    Bryan Baker5 månader sedan

    Jay seems a little down in his last couple of vids. I hope he's not having any health problems. :-(

  34. Bryan Baker

    Bryan Baker5 månader sedan

    speed of rock crawling, on manicured, graded, flat dirt road. what a machine

  35. steph Blafr

    steph Blafr5 månader sedan

    71000 for a pick up truck? Americans ARE crazy...

  36. PhillLsx Ga.

    PhillLsx Ga.5 månader sedan

    LMAO!!? That's not off roading!!! He needs to take a ride with me!! SEtoos Brad pasley thinks he's special with Carrie Underwood...That's off roading!!!

  37. Ken Snyder

    Ken Snyder5 månader sedan

    Who built Kelley's Bronco. Very nice, even next to Jay's!!!

  38. Ken Snyder

    Ken Snyder5 månader sedan

    @krusher74 , yes most of the custom Bronco's I've seen from ground up are $ 150K +

  39. krusher74

    krusher745 månader sedan

    if it's from the Florida outfit they are $200,000plus so it should be nice.

  40. VL123

    VL1235 månader sedan

    I see Kelly Clarkson is still fat. lol I hate that he has random celebs on now and not actual car people. And wow...Craig Ferguson really let himself go. lol Those late night hosts tend to do that I guess. Like Letterman.

  41. albertapeet

    albertapeet5 månader sedan

    I have been on worse in my Corolla

  42. J024

    J0245 månader sedan

    "Off-roading" Hilarious. Ed China ftw by the way, that man is great!

  43. Micah Potts

    Micah Potts5 månader sedan

    4:07 OMG that was HALARIOUS!

  44. Timinator62

    Timinator625 månader sedan

    My buddies and I rolled our Landcruiser's, Bronco's, Scouts and Blazers at least ONCE, in the late 70's...big deal, we fixed them for less than $1,000....think about that. I saw a Jeep with a Window banner $62,000....LOL sorry now you know why YOUR Kids will NEVER get a head.

  45. Range Man

    Range Man5 månader sedan

    I wont even watch Leno anymore ... he's become feeble and boring.

  46. Todd Tourville

    Todd Tourville5 månader sedan

    This is what city folk call off-roading? This is not off-roading since you're clearly on a dirt road that looks freshly graded and smooth as the city streets where I call home. Off-roading is off-roading through muddy holes water crossing in deep water up to the tops of the tires at least. This is a joke at best. Sorry, Jay but you got this so wrong it's pathic. At least find a two-track road that is barely used and go off road.

  47. gentile joshsaved

    gentile joshsaved5 månader sedan

    Ferguson looks like he's been on the h.

  48. Burt Ford

    Burt Ford5 månader sedan

    Jay Leno is such a cool car dude. He is first class and all those who get to ride with him or hang out with him are so lucky. Keep the videos coming👍

  49. Tech 266

    Tech 2665 månader sedan

    are you kidding me... it's a flat dirt road...

  50. Trevor Roth

    Trevor Roth5 månader sedan

    Looks like she has been hitting the snickers pretty hard

  51. Mike Schlup

    Mike Schlup5 månader sedan

    I had no idea Kelly....awesome stuff!

  52. Greg Holmes

    Greg Holmes5 månader sedan

    Kelly is such a beautiful woman

  53. Kenny Dave

    Kenny Dave5 månader sedan

    wow she can drive on a perfectly graded smooth dirt road

  54. Sea Dog

    Sea Dog5 månader sedan

    $72K for a pickup truck????

  55. Drooskeedoo

    Drooskeedoo5 månader sedan

    Fireroading is more like it. You could drive a lowrider on that

  56. Paul Russel

    Paul Russel5 månader sedan

    That's not OFFROADING that's a cottage road in CANADA or Logging Road in Canada my mom's HYUNDAI can go on those roads

  57. D Stone

    D Stone5 månader sedan

    Dear FORD. Doesn't matter how much you pay other people to promote your vehicles. TESLA already won this game as well. Bye, bye :)

  58. Ken Sayre

    Ken Sayre5 månader sedan

    off pavement

  59. Scott Bott

    Scott Bott5 månader sedan

    Offroad? That was a road.

  60. Phil Navy Veteran

    Phil Navy Veteran5 månader sedan

    You call that 4 wheeling?...I call that driving on a dirt road going no where to see nothing but the woman running her mouth behind the wheel...talking about days gone by like this

  61. Michael Janzen

    Michael Janzen5 månader sedan

    Hey Ford. Celebs in trucks is cool and all, but take the TFL guys off your naughty list and I'll really know how your trucks stack up.

  62. John Tilson

    John Tilson5 månader sedan

    That sofa car should be called 'King Cool'. Sofa King Cool!

  63. james jay

    james jay5 månader sedan

    That looked fun!

  64. Plausible G.

    Plausible G.5 månader sedan

    Why, do they all get fat?

  65. james jay

    james jay5 månader sedan

    Only you

  66. Geoff Stephens

    Geoff Stephens5 månader sedan

    Am I the only one that finds her mildly hot? Yea, I am. Ok. Ill go away now.


    I FIX BOATS5 månader sedan

    She's hot for a chunky chick


    AOCLIVE5 månader sedan

    Chunky extra XL

  69. ImmortalInflames

    ImmortalInflames5 månader sedan

    Ford advertisement lol... even still I appreciate the content!! =)

  70. Ryan Toner

    Ryan Toner5 månader sedan

    She got fat and gross

  71. chen30

    chen305 månader sedan

    I wanna know what's in that underground tunnel

  72. james jay

    james jay5 månader sedan


  73. Abhro

    Abhro5 månader sedan

    Kelly looks soooo pretty...

  74. J Glennson

    J Glennson5 månader sedan

    Were they riding coach🤔🙂🙂

  75. Ted Smart

    Ted Smart5 månader sedan

    Holy COW! Ms Clarkson is HUGE!

  76. james jay

    james jay5 månader sedan

    The only thing huge is your lack of sense. She's pretty tiny

  77. Zach Coldwell

    Zach Coldwell5 månader sedan

    1:30 dramatic bongo music.

  78. Eugenio Sarria

    Eugenio Sarria5 månader sedan

    Plot twist she is his daughter

  79. Robert Cavalluzzi

    Robert Cavalluzzi5 månader sedan

    Kelly is a good driver

  80. Charles M Rinehart

    Charles M Rinehart5 månader sedan

    Tattoos are so lame Kelly.

  81. james jay

    james jay5 månader sedan

    Clearly she likes them it's her body and most of hers are cool. It's not on your body

  82. RAH Capital

    RAH Capital5 månader sedan

    those old Broncos are the coolest

  83. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson5 månader sedan

    Good to see a cast member from the show Hee Haw coming back

  84. magna116

    magna1165 månader sedan

    I must have missed it. I was waiting for the "off-roading" part.

  85. Bryan Kerbow

    Bryan Kerbow5 månader sedan

    Wait! What was in the underground tunnel??? Dammit. They cut it off too soon.. LOL

  86. Matt Mantell

    Matt Mantell5 månader sedan

    Jay's SEtoos channel is WAY better than this one on TV...

  87. Diane Willson

    Diane Willson5 månader sedan

    Love it thanks jay

  88. Trent Taggart

    Trent Taggart5 månader sedan

    Kelly knows that's not real off roading she's from Texas.

  89. randy roti

    randy roti5 månader sedan

    Only one I knew who it is was Kelly....

  90. budster mcgreen

    budster mcgreen5 månader sedan

    Off roading? Dirt road smoother than most highways...✌️

  91. jdwelborn

    jdwelborn5 månader sedan

    when does the off-roading start?

  92. Ron Lynch

    Ron Lynch5 månader sedan

    Yeah, like the clips. The Bronco ones were too cool. I bought a new 1987 Bronco ll back in Dec of 1986. I do like the old style Broncos (1966 to 1977) a lot better. Thanks Jay.

  93. Walter K Bauer

    Walter K Bauer5 månader sedan

    Craig Ferguson looks like Gary Oldman from The Fifth Element?

  94. Mister Belvidere

    Mister Belvidere5 månader sedan

    Hiii! Thisis Kelly Clarkson! Who's High Pitch?

  95. Rich Clas

    Rich Clas5 månader sedan

    ha ha Jay didn't let Craig drive his old Bronco.

  96. Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke5 månader sedan

    Cool, Jay's shows are more exciting every time

  97. Davis Wilson

    Davis Wilson5 månader sedan

    That road could be traveled on by a prius. Not really off-roading

  98. FTBY59 Mike D

    FTBY59 Mike D5 månader sedan

    " Matthew McCounahey hasn't fished in it yet!"😂😂

  99. roverdad

    roverdad5 månader sedan

    Always good to see Edd China. He needs his own show.

  100. unmannedmechanic

    unmannedmechanic5 månader sedan

    Yes he's fantastic

  101. halfalanche

    halfalanche5 månader sedan

    Not saying much for the new ford if that’s off roading

  102. harry #

    harry #5 månader sedan

    Ferguson looks weird here

  103. Greg Hackney

    Greg Hackney5 månader sedan

    Ferguson is weird😂😂

  104. Ball is Life

    Ball is Life5 månader sedan

    I'm a pro drives 4 miles an hour

  105. punyawdrg

    punyawdrg5 månader sedan

    Wow jay sells out to advertise a trash plastic vehicle very sad

  106. Cody Christian

    Cody Christian5 månader sedan

    My 1998 Toyota tercel would dust them on that road

  107. Hike Ranger

    Hike Ranger5 månader sedan

    All honesty give us a F'NG leno is playing pc

  108. Dawid Gruchala

    Dawid Gruchala5 månader sedan


  109. R Parker

    R Parker5 månader sedan

    I'll join in with a negative comment. Sick of seeing the Joe Biden advertisement.

  110. Curmudgeon

    Curmudgeon5 månader sedan

    R Parker. No problem if it was an ad for The Orange One though, I'm guessing? lol

  111. rob thoreux

    rob thoreux5 månader sedan

    I've seen worst roads in the middle of downtown