Jay Leno And The Presidential Limo - AKA “The Beast” | Jay Leno's Garage

In next week’s Top 10 episode, Jay Leno celebrates the vehicles and people who protect this great country of ours. Watch as he gets a good look at the Presidential Cadillac Limousine -AKA "The Beast." Then, don’t miss an all new episode of “Top 10: Military & Service Vehicles” Wednesday at 10P ET.
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Jay Leno And The Presidential Limo - AKA “The Beast” | Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Elso

    Elso12 dagar sedan

    "That's the last hunting trip I'll ever go on with Cheney" 😂

  2. Ty E

    Ty E22 dagar sedan

    If I wanna make a movie I'm calling the cia :note this not a threat it's a 1 liner

  3. john carrington

    john carrington22 dagar sedan

    I remember the president visiting Stormont Northern Ireland the presidential car got stuck on a speed bump. I bet you didn't see that video in America.

  4. Shahlen Ailung

    Shahlen Ailung24 dagar sedan

    Jay trump 2024 !!

  5. Jerry V

    Jerry V25 dagar sedan

    dementia Biden and comrade Harris really wanted to be a president..........and they made biggest fraud in American history

  6. 97rayder

    97rayder25 dagar sedan

    Jay to agent: are you alive right now? Agent: its classified!

  7. Sam Sen

    Sam Sen27 dagar sedan

    The most beautiful "Head-of-the-States" limo, ever built, both hands down.

  8. Luis Serrano

    Luis SerranoMånad sedan

    I'd vote for you in a second Jay.

  9. Catalina

    CatalinaMånad sedan

    Jay looks great as a president

  10. Joey Belanger

    Joey BelangerMånad sedan

    This is Obama’s beast, Donald Trump has a newer version. One thing I’ve noticed though for Obama’s is the 2 that drive around actually where different too. But trumps are both the same

  11. ImTheMan78 !

    ImTheMan78 !Månad sedan


  12. Marlon Scott Tauro

    Marlon Scott TauroMånad sedan

    Jay: Asks literally anything Secret Service: No, classified, absolutely not

  13. Nikita Dubrovskih

    Nikita DubrovskihMånad sedan

    Jay Leno for president! Maybe he'll tell us more then :D

  14. Wot48

    Wot482 månader sedan

    President Leno: All cars must have manual transmission.

  15. Leon Maliniak

    Leon Maliniak2 månader sedan

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  16. Budd Wolf 1966

    Budd Wolf 19662 månader sedan

    “That’s the last hunting trip I go on with Cheney I’ll tell ya that”! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Al Brown

    Al Brown2 månader sedan

    Jesus Christ,it's to bad there not as strict as this when it comes to the selection of presidents...

  18. disgustedvet

    disgustedvet2 månader sedan

    Sure it is , Biden hasn't got a chance.

  19. David Beachel

    David Beachel2 månader sedan

    I’d love to know what engine it has. I imagine something like an 8.1 liter medium-duty truck engine. Probably nothing too wild as it needs to be reliable and easily serviced.

  20. MrSparklespring

    MrSparklespringMånad sedan

    I heard it's got a diesel engine, for safety reasons.

  21. Dutch 2059

    Dutch 20592 månader sedan

    LENO FOR PRESIDENT!!! Still time, let's do it!

  22. Gary Kunz

    Gary Kunz2 månader sedan

    Certainly better that either option we have now.

  23. Tiger Paw

    Tiger Paw2 månader sedan

    That's not the latest beast.

  24. Lion Bear

    Lion Bear2 månader sedan

    how stupid is that

  25. William Drijver

    William Drijver2 månader sedan

    Secret Service agents don't take their job too seriously. They regularly indulge in hookers and booze / coke, before showing up on the job. They have been doing so since at least the JFK administration, quite a miracle so many US presidents are still alive! :-)

  26. Terry Breedlove

    Terry Breedlove2 månader sedan

    The JFK limo would be amazing to see. Tragic loss and such a huge part of history.

  27. Elso

    Elso12 dagar sedan

    They still used it into the Ford Administration I think, but I'm pretty sure Johnson, Nixon, and Ford refused to ride in it

  28. Man of the Hour

    Man of the Hour2 månader sedan

    It's at the Henry Ford (Museum) in Dearborn, Michigan, and I remember seeing it 30+ years ago.

  29. John Henry Holliday

    John Henry Holliday2 månader sedan

    It was transformed into a hard top but it still is existent.....

  30. shepherdsknoll8

    shepherdsknoll82 månader sedan

    You don’t want to be president ???? Pleaseeeeeeee

  31. JAG

    JAG2 månader sedan

    Doing all theses maneuvers on wet pavement is a big joke. The time and distance involved in accomplishing them on dry pavement is the real world standard and something else the Secret Service does not want released.

  32. Life is Beautiful

    Life is Beautiful2 månader sedan

    Secret Service: ADMINISTER THE J TURN! *Jay Leno tears up with joy

  33. SlumpNMyRump

    SlumpNMyRump2 månader sedan

    I bet it's Duramax powered

  34. JAG

    JAG2 månader sedan

    It might have started out as one but I'll wager its a lot more powerful now.

  35. Luscious3174

    Luscious31742 månader sedan

    The Beast is unstoppable... until you get to an Irish speed bump LOL

  36. Kushagra Bhavsar

    Kushagra Bhavsar2 månader sedan

    jay leno for president 🔥🔥

  37. Paul Saul

    Paul Saul2 månader sedan

    Since they can’t tell you the specs I’ll do it for you: Weight: a lot Horsepower: not enough

  38. Rudi TheDog

    Rudi TheDog2 månader sedan

    Sorry Jay but the J in j-turn is for Jim as in Jim Rockford but you do have presidential hair

  39. Fast Track

    Fast Track2 månader sedan

    I would of been disappointed if he did reveal all !

  40. SlumpNMyRump

    SlumpNMyRump2 månader sedan

    Yeah a lot of things are better unknown

  41. John Widell

    John Widell2 månader sedan

    This is the most informative videos you have ever produced. Jay, you would make perhaps the best president ever.

  42. langra man

    langra man2 månader sedan

    What a waste of money. All this is unnessesary

  43. AJC

    AJC2 månader sedan

    It’s alright we don’t need to do this much to protect t***p

  44. norman sabel

    norman sabel2 månader sedan

    Jay Leno for POTUS 2020.

  45. Finished Finnish

    Finished Finnish2 månader sedan

    Jay for President 2024

  46. Sky Walker

    Sky Walker2 månader sedan

    Sorry Jay, would not vote for you because I need you to keep making episodes of Jay Leno's Garage! Thanks for sharing what you could about The Beast.

  47. Dan M

    Dan M2 månader sedan

    "Was the president ever in the car during these maneuvers?" "Yes, we accidentally drove past a McDonald's once."

  48. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones2 månader sedan

    Jay was shocked to find out that nobody knows cars and limos more than Trump! Actually, some say that no president has done more for cars than Trump. Especially black cars.

  49. No Troll

    No Troll2 månader sedan

    Jay Leno is a lot more presidential than...well, you know.

  50. D'ya like dags?

    D'ya like dags?2 månader sedan

    Jay for president!!!

  51. Shaban Begic

    Shaban Begic2 månader sedan

    So this is where our tax money goes, and the reason we have so many homeless people in America. Shame on US, looking how the money floats away into nonsense like dozens of bullet proof cars , military, cia, police, etc. We are stupid nation !!! Getting ripped off by capitalist ideas-

  52. JAG

    JAG2 månader sedan

    If you haven't figured out many homeless people are that way because they want it that way then there is little or no hope for you. It makes no difference what so ever how much money you throw at homelessness it will always exist.

  53. Rand B

    Rand B2 månader sedan

    "So this is where (some of) our tax money goes..." ...yes... "...and the reason we have so many homeless people in America." ...ummm, No.

  54. pete w

    pete w2 månader sedan

    So much he can't say, what a waste of time watching this , stopped at the 4th, can't disclose that

  55. Shayne Biggs

    Shayne Biggs2 månader sedan

    Hahahah hunting trip with cheyney

  56. Clarence Wooten

    Clarence Wooten2 månader sedan

    They don't cover the two machine guns hiding behind the parking lights and the rocket launcher faux exhaust pipe? The Mercedes is the backup?

  57. Karl X

    Karl X2 månader sedan

    Jay is more qualified to be President than # 45 is.

  58. MrSparklespring

    MrSparklespringMånad sedan

    Well, even my dog is more qualified...

  59. Akram Rabah

    Akram Rabah2 månader sedan

    Great episode Jay. Thank you

  60. Sadok Barbouche

    Sadok Barbouche2 månader sedan

    that mercedes takes the cake

  61. joe schmo

    joe schmo2 månader sedan

    so we pay for that...yet dont get to find out what we pay for? All in the name of keeping the president safe...? Seems like they can do anything in the name of safety.

  62. joe schmo

    joe schmo2 månader sedan

    @Charles Bunnell You missed my correlation between this and everything the government does; Covid, wars, elections...smh

  63. Charles Bunnell

    Charles Bunnell2 månader sedan

    joe schmo This is what is known as security through obscurity. The idea is that any details about certain specs, retrofits, etc. for the presidential limo could be used by someone trying to devise an effective attack on the presidential limo. Details that you might think are innocent can be significant to someone with the right skills to devise ways to attack the “The Beasts” protections/fortifications. I don’t really see how keeping certain details about the presidential limo secret really harms us as citizens though I do understand why it frustrating watching a video clip like this and not learning really anything about the limo, such that you wonder why Jay even bothered to go to the limo at the secret location in the first place.

  64. Eric Knudstrup

    Eric Knudstrup2 månader sedan

    I could say something about the agent's driving, but I think it's classified.

  65. Dan M

    Dan M2 månader sedan

    I'd tell you if that is classified of not, but that information is classified.

  66. Mr. Roach

    Mr. Roach2 månader sedan

    Spent many hours training in this facility, *only the best of the best of the best need apply!*

  67. Paul Kellaway

    Paul Kellaway2 månader sedan

    To protect the worst of the worst.

  68. Gordon Kientzle

    Gordon Kientzle2 månader sedan

    With Honors, Sir!


    THE MESSENGER2 månader sedan

    Where is then... Or, is that classified like my golf handicap ?

  70. Vedant Agarwal

    Vedant Agarwal2 månader sedan


  71. Tetta Zwo

    Tetta Zwo2 månader sedan

    Have the GoodYear tires been replaced yet?

  72. MrSparklespring

    MrSparklespringMånad sedan

    Yep, by Badyear tires!

  73. Don Juan150

    Don Juan1503 månader sedan

    Not that important to keep this president safe......

  74. Alan Zolotoff

    Alan Zolotoff3 månader sedan

    JAY for President 👍👍👍

  75. Jonathan Riley

    Jonathan Riley3 månader sedan


  76. hangglidernerd

    hangglidernerd2 månader sedan

    hmmmm why a limousine....what the LIVE people are carried in to a funeral..... and not a big wagon, or hearse that the DEAD people are carried to a funeral in.... kind of answers itself doesn't it

  77. Rob Meier

    Rob Meier3 månader sedan

    Lower center of gravity would be my guess. Sorry for the thumbs down. Hit on accident

  78. Henning Pfenning

    Henning Pfenning3 månader sedan

    If you want savety, then why do you use american cars? 😄

  79. v12tommy

    v12tommy3 månader sedan

    Jay Limo

  80. mr magoo

    mr magoo3 månader sedan

    Hey J if ya said hello i would be stoked.

  81. N McG

    N McG3 månader sedan

    Even the fuel economy is classified. Bet it really sucks though


    THE MESSENGER2 månader sedan

    @Pashak de Scilly Yes, they do and to keep it ...that's why they need to steel other countries oil ? And yes...it was a joke about consumption not politics.

  83. Pashak de Scilly

    Pashak de Scilly2 månader sedan

    @THE MESSENGER Er, doesn't the US have some oil reserves? Oh, I get it, the presidential limo uses THAT much, huh?


    THE MESSENGER2 månader sedan

    What do you think the war in Iraq was for...so they could fuel the beast.

  85. F OFF

    F OFF3 månader sedan

    Vote Jay Leno for president

  86. jeep guy

    jeep guy3 månader sedan

    wanta guess where the j turn come from, the Rockford files! James garner did it best!!

  87. Randy Bock

    Randy Bock2 månader sedan

    For sure. I thought of that show too.

  88. Man of the Hour

    Man of the Hour2 månader sedan

    I think it was actually a moonshiner's driving technique back in the day, but yeah, Jim Garner actually did it best himself!

  89. EMDSD40T2

    EMDSD40T22 månader sedan

    Yeah, you gotta give it to Jim Rockford.

  90. missingremote

    missingremote2 månader sedan

    With a hand pull parking brake?

  91. Clarence Wooten

    Clarence Wooten2 månader sedan

    Absolutely... in the Gold Firebird

  92. Anders Fritzon

    Anders Fritzon3 månader sedan

    HAHAHAHA!!!! You´r CRAZY and I love you!! Best regards from Sweden.

  93. Randy Bourdon

    Randy Bourdon3 månader sedan

    That was one of the funniest videos Jay!

  94. Rico Gallardo

    Rico Gallardo3 månader sedan

    I say Elon Musk & Co. should build a fully electric “Beast” designed to replace the Cadillac version. One with a massive battery that could propel it to 100mph faster than most sports cars can do zero to 60! What a great way for any administration to lead by example with zero emissions, and what a great way for Tesla to advertise!

  95. Rob Meier

    Rob Meier3 månader sedan

    I agree, who knows could be in the works. Has to be, right?

  96. Douglas Vieira

    Douglas Vieira3 månader sedan

    Kinda cool but also stupid you couldn’t tell us anything

  97. charlesschirripa

    charlesschirripa3 månader sedan

    The irony is that every attempt to assassinate a us president, has been on American soil, by an american citizen.

  98. v12tommy

    v12tommy3 månader sedan

    Every attempt you know about. There is more security overseas, so if someone wanted to, they probably couldn't get as close as here in the US.

  99. scotti pippen

    scotti pippen3 månader sedan

    I would prefer to have Jay for President than that orange one currently in office..

  100. MrSparklespring

    MrSparklespringMånad sedan

    You mean, the one that pretends to be a President?

  101. JAG

    JAG2 månader sedan

    And I preferred Michael Jordan to you.

  102. RapidRrobert

    RapidRrobert3 månader sedan

    I'd vote for you in a second Jay.

  103. john 45#1

    john 45#13 månader sedan

    Leftist commie..enemy

  104. tommerwhite

    tommerwhite3 månader sedan

    Thanks Jay

  105. danam0228

    danam02283 månader sedan

    funny they should call it the beast, that's what my friends and I called my car I had in high school back in the 80s

  106. Teve Tanders

    Teve Tanders3 månader sedan


  107. MrSparklespring

    MrSparklespringMånad sedan

    President would be even better!

  108. Dragos Pahontu

    Dragos Pahontu3 månader sedan

    They should train police officers the same way these guys train.

  109. JAG

    JAG2 månader sedan

    Some PD's do.

  110. LDN Wholesale

    LDN Wholesale3 månader sedan

    I just want to see them doing those moves in the armored Caddy!

  111. no one

    no one2 månader sedan

    That's classified too I bet.

  112. Jim Goodchild

    Jim Goodchild3 månader sedan

    I’d like to see them in the 600 Benz too!

  113. Michael Wade

    Michael Wade3 månader sedan

    Hilarious! Jay, you've still got it!! 😂

  114. Catfish Cave

    Catfish Cave3 månader sedan

    I was half expecting Tim Allen to be the villain in another limo trying to assassinate Jay and have Jay take over the wheel screaming “drive faster!”

  115. SirVic42

    SirVic422 månader sedan

    I'm guessing Tim "Candyman" Allen didn't pass the security check.

  116. Chuck Clarke

    Chuck Clarke3 månader sedan

    A friend who transports cars took "The Beast" from a secret garage outside of Washington, DC back to General Motors to have some work done on it. Had to be put on a special trailer due to weight and he was followed by the Secret Service the whole way.

  117. Osama Bin Laden

    Osama Bin Laden29 dagar sedan

    Tell me more

  118. v12tommy

    v12tommy3 månader sedan

    Makes sense. Look how heavy duty the lifts are in their garage.

  119. Duffy

    Duffy3 månader sedan

    Probably needed an emblem or something, the car is not produced by GM

  120. Rosetta Spencer

    Rosetta Spencer3 månader sedan

    Hello, Mr. Jay Leno. My name is Rose. I know you have an extreme passion for rare classic cars. I have a 1979 Cadillac Seville Opera Coupé (Grandeur Motor Car Co). It still has it's original engine. It has 74,509 original miles. It is up for sale. If you would be interested in purchasing. It would be a great honor. I know it would be well loved. Please contact me. I truly appreciate and thank you.

  121. eddy71454

    eddy714543 månader sedan

    It would have been nice to see them do the same evasive moves on dry pavement.

  122. John Tyler

    John Tyler2 månader sedan

    FYI: Pavement = road surface in the USA, but pavement = where you walk in the UK.ie USA sidewalk.

  123. Peter Lane

    Peter Lane3 månader sedan

    All those techniques done on a wet track

  124. Craig G

    Craig G2 månader sedan

    A dozen 20 year olds do that every day by accident in their Mustangs

  125. xMrsmileyfacex

    xMrsmileyfacex2 månader sedan

    Would love to see an over 7 ton car do a J turn on dry pavement.

  126. Mark Fryer

    Mark Fryer2 månader sedan

    To save on tire wear.

  127. Highvision

    Highvision3 månader sedan

    Whats with the low frame rate on everything CNBC does with Jay Leno's garage? Its totally distracting. The final delivery of this video is on a system that runs at 29.97 frames per second, or effectively HDTV with a 60 Hz field rate at 59.94. Why are they shooting this at a much lower frame rate? Possibly 24fps?? If they are shooting it at 24fps, the conversion to 30fps is gawd awful. Most film transfers look better than this with less artifacts.. Must have been shot with a graduate from film school who insists on shooting everything at 24fps, to get "that film look" that was drilled into their head. Well if it's never going to the theater, why shoot it that way, when it's just going to air on a network in the end? If you insist on shooting at 24fps, at least do a proper conversion over to 30fps, instead of this blurry mess..

  128. José Pinto

    José Pinto3 månader sedan

    Jay Leno for president! If I was USA citizen, i would vote for him.

  129. Duke Allen

    Duke Allen3 månader sedan

    Jays all corporate whor$ so fleece country like his buddy trump.

  130. Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android

    Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android3 månader sedan

    I did that w/o knowing what it was when i got pulled over and shot at by a local narc agent illegally arresting me.

  131. Confidential Risks

    Confidential Risks3 månader sedan

    This is the old limo, not the new one. This is an old show

  132. v12tommy

    v12tommy2 månader sedan

    @Mark Fryer I didn't notice the fuzziness, but makes sense. To be honest I'm surprised they allowed him to get as close as he did, especially with a camera. I'm glad they did though. As a car guy, I find it fascinating, but I totally understand their need for security.

  133. Mark Fryer

    Mark Fryer2 månader sedan

    @v12tommy Valid point and it may also explain the slightly fuzzy picture. Don't want to make things easier for anyone with ill intent.

  134. v12tommy

    v12tommy3 månader sedan

    Could just be that was the only limo they wanted filmed up close for security reasons too.

  135. Hart, Henry

    Hart, Henry3 månader sedan

    I saw it was a Cadillac - does it come with 1 year of On-Star support?

  136. nancy strong

    nancy strong3 månader sedan

    Is Trump getting rid of goodyear tires ,after he slammed goodyear on Twitter?

  137. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones2 månader sedan

    @Ken Shearson Sorry to upset you Ken. Some of us have a working brain and think the trump corruption crime spree needs to stop. I love cars, but really dislike morons.

  138. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones2 månader sedan

    @Max Schultz There is so much. Where do i begin?

  139. Pashak de Scilly

    Pashak de Scilly2 månader sedan

    @Sean Jones Yes, when the US gets rid of Trump it will be a GOOD YEAR. Roll on 2021, Noon on January 3 to be precise.

  140. Heck Yea

    Heck Yea2 månader sedan

    Ken Shearson or at least get rid of that stupid policy and the leftie nut in corporate who came up with it. I’m sure the employees are good working people and don’t subscribe to his/her speech police policies anyway.

  141. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones2 månader sedan

    @Ken Shearson Lighten up Francis. Your comment leads me to believe that you are a republican. Probably an older white man and a christian. Possibly a little homophobic or did you have an experience with someone in the clergy? Good luck Ken.

  142. Opera

    Opera3 månader sedan

    Thanks, interesting... maybe to,short: but Secret Informations are just that, etc. ANYHOW, always fascinating : the Security Details, etc..

  143. Brian Weir

    Brian Weir3 månader sedan

    Oh crud...a heckler didn't like one of his jokes and opened fire...lol..

  144. Mark Fryer

    Mark Fryer2 månader sedan

    Tough crowd.

  145. Placeholder Name

    Placeholder Name3 månader sedan

    Ofcourse he cant tell you the thickness of the mass in the vehicle, the power, what wheels are driven or the weight. Kind of obvious considering theres people out there that would want to destroy it with a certain someone in the back of it.

  146. Jim Clarke

    Jim Clarke3 månader sedan

    Mad Max

  147. Ken Hurley

    Ken Hurley3 månader sedan

    Could Jay afford the paycut if he became President?

  148. Mark Fryer

    Mark Fryer2 månader sedan

    Mmmm, doubtful.

  149. Sohail maqbool

    Sohail maqbool3 månader sedan

    Jay is way too cooler to be the president

  150. Duke Allen

    Duke Allen3 månader sedan

    Doesn't pay enough. Eh he'd steel like Trump.

  151. Dan _

    Dan _3 månader sedan

    lol Jay president: Neah, i don't think i wanna be that !

  152. Paul Cattapan

    Paul Cattapan3 månader sedan

    Couldn't do any worse than the guy there now. And we know Jay has a sense of humour.

  153. Clarence Jones

    Clarence Jones3 månader sedan

    the road has to be wet of course

  154. v12tommy

    v12tommy3 månader sedan

    Saves money on tires too

  155. José Pinto

    José Pinto3 månader sedan

    @Phil Grindle Less grip helps the 180º turn.

  156. Phil Grindle

    Phil Grindle3 månader sedan

    Of course it does! Has to be trained for the worst possible conditions. Now in snow or ice I don't know. BTW my Dads name was Clarence...

  157. Clarence Jones

    Clarence Jones3 månader sedan

    Where are the rear mounted machine guns??😳🤨😮🤔🤣😂🤣

  158. v12tommy

    v12tommy3 månader sedan

    Roof turret mini gun in the trailing SUV is totally badass

  159. T Hyslop

    T Hyslop3 månader sedan

    J turn? Big deal. My dad on my first driving lesson at Aksarben parking lot many, many, moons ago had me practicing driving in reverse ina two door coupe with stick shift at 12 years old. First he taught me the stick. Had me drive forward and go thru all the gears. This was all of five minutes, then immediately right into driving fast in reverse against my numerous protest. Finally, after arguing with my Dad as to the effiacy of driving in reverse after I had barely driven in forward he says to me, " any one can drive forward, but not many can drive in reverse. now drive fast" How was I gonna argue with that logic?

  160. David L

    David L3 månader sedan

    That was awesome. Good video.

  161. Janine Dunkel

    Janine Dunkel3 månader sedan

    Did they put a hood over your head, Jay? Or did they use the training bra like you use on Tom Allen? Love the let's pretend part....Jay as president!!

  162. Abhishek Faye

    Abhishek Faye3 månader sedan

    Wow sir 😘