How I Left the Jehovah’s Witnesses to Pursue Filmmaking

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Interview with Korey Coleman:
I've wanted to make this video for years. Here I discuss my religious past, and how members of the religion I was raised in attempted to keep me from pursuing my goals. I hope that this video can prove inspirational for other people who have felt trapped in life. Thank you for watching.
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  1. Chris Stuckmann

    Chris Stuckmann5 dagar sedan

    Thank you all so much. The outreach since the interview went up has been overwhelming and has helped me heal. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’ve understood. I was anxious about discussing these things, but I’m so happy to learn that many ex-JWs watch the channel, and I truly hope this video reminds you that you’re not alone. Anyone out there afraid to come out about something, I see you. I support you. Thanks so much everyone.

  2. OceanMan

    OceanManDag sedan

    Good for you man!! May we all be given the strength to share our perceived vulnerabilities.

  3. Fermion

    Fermion4 dagar sedan

    More power to you dude. Love the channel and love watching you. Remember, you are what you do not whats been done to you, and what you do is amazing.

  4. Ryan Burnett

    Ryan Burnett4 dagar sedan

    You are incredible! Moral courage like this is rare! Thank you for showing how good a person can be. Celebrate your freedom!

  5. Adam Imperial

    Adam Imperial4 dagar sedan

    I really love this video chris. You have gotten me through so much hard times and made me smile and feel Happy and watching this makes me love you even more for Being vulnerable and soo damnnn cool love you! 🤗😇😇

  6. Alexander

    Alexander4 dagar sedan


  7. jacqsparrow

    jacqsparrowSekund sedan

    Proud of you. 😊

  8. Black Dragon

    Black DragonMinut sedan

    They just sounds like a psycho religious cult, tbh. I couldn't imagine going through something like this.

  9. Stroope Productions

    Stroope Productions3 minuter sedan

    Chris, you have always been one of my favorite you tubers. And this was one of the best videos you’ve ever done. Very well done. And I’m happy that you were able to be yourself and find the path in life that you wanted to go. Keep up the good work.

  10. ChrisCool24

    ChrisCool246 minuter sedan

    In my opinion, this psycho "religion" just gives faith overall a bad name. The Jewish religion and Christianity are both MUCH MORE POSITIVE sets of faith. P.s. I write this just to tell people in hopes that they don't hate ALL religion just because of how bad THIS ONE is. Love you all and have a good day.

  11. Mr. Bobby Wright

    Mr. Bobby Wright9 minuter sedan


  12. Artur Karazniewicz

    Artur Karazniewicz9 minuter sedan

    Can't remeber when I was commenting last time on YoutTube channel, but man, this viodeo is so sad and yet so liberating and extremly important at the same time. Thank You for this. It must have been very difficult. I really hope that, sort of, would be new beginning, good one. All best man.

  13. cesar simon

    cesar simon11 minuter sedan

    good for you Chris, I'm glad you did this video. It must feel good to get this off your chest. I hope your family doesn't stop talking to you and eventually come to their senses.

  14. Mona

    Mona12 minuter sedan

    Thank you for being so open and honest that took alot of balls

  15. Bradley Morton

    Bradley Morton13 minuter sedan

    You are so brave! As for myself, I am too gay to be JW. I was damaged enough by mainstream religion.

  16. MySkinnydip

    MySkinnydip13 minuter sedan

    I hated every moment of my mother being a Jdub. I never got baptized and was very firm to this day that I would never except it. My mom was bad but not bad as some. She was a single mother with brown kids so no one really had much to do with us. She was disfellowed shipped and we had to sit there and hear them announce it. One of the most embarrassing humiliating day of my life at 14! I swore it would never happen to me. I wasn’t popular and it has ruined a lot of my life. But tomorrow is another day and I just keep it moving. My mom is old now and wondering why her kids don’t call her or don’t see her. What you talked about is why. I don’t feel bad about it and know I will be truly free from it when she dies. I’ve done my time and never ever want to be exposed to it again.

  17. Gerald Jones

    Gerald Jones14 minuter sedan

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  18. James F

    James F16 minuter sedan

    Thanks for the video, Chris.

  19. Teddy McGillicuddy

    Teddy McGillicuddy16 minuter sedan

    As a newly realized atheist, I just want to say I’m really proud of you! I haven’t come out to my family yet. I am still working up the courage. My family is southern Baptist, so definitely not as extreme as the JW cult. We need as many leaders as possible talking about breaking away. You’re helping the world and contributing by pathing a way for so many kids that are stuck in these situations that feel hopeless I imagine this was nerve wracking to post. It’s an actual act of heroism in my mind. ❤️

  20. courtnomial

    courtnomial17 minuter sedan

    thank you for sharing your story chris. im in a similar situation and unfortunately, im not old enough to be completely financially independent yet, but watching your video is giving me the strength to keep moving forward with my passions for music and writing until i graduate college and i can leave the cult i was born into. i’ve always loved your videos and now they carry such a greater meaning to me. thanks for making me brave.

  21. Maxx Mittelstadt

    Maxx Mittelstadt21 minut sedan

    Thanks for making this video it is educational, informative, and enjoyable to watch. Hope this video stays up for other people to watch.

  22. superficialwannabe

    superficialwannabe21 minut sedan

    Thank you for sharing this! And pansexual! Thank you for giving more pansexual representation especially for males! The world is full of diverse beauty!

  23. Alex Baldwin

    Alex Baldwin22 minuter sedan

    Thanks for being brave to share your story. It reminds me of the handmaidens take, so many people don’t believe many of the doctrines & policies but dare not whisper for fear of spiritual lynching

  24. Matías Soto

    Matías Soto23 minuter sedan

    Ex JW here. Thank you for speaking up against that hideous religion

  25. Matt F

    Matt F23 minuter sedan

    I liked your video. I am a father and an elder and would NEVER stop speaking to my children. I hope your dad deals you a loving hand and understands you can't make anyone believe something that is not true. This is the first time I have ever heard of you and seen any of your videos but I find your honesty and integrity to yourself amazing and I really think you are a good guy. I wish you the best with your family and hope you don't get shunned.


    ALEX_ALEX_ALEX23 minuter sedan

    Thank you so much for sharing. I did not grow up as a Jehovah's witness but my family was involved with a very small fundamentalist Christian cult until right after I was married.

  27. Ian Thompson

    Ian Thompson23 minuter sedan

    thank you for making this. seriously

  28. JD3 Jefferson

    JD3 Jefferson23 minuter sedan

    Treat others the way you want to be treated! Why can't we all understand this most simple of golden rules.

  29. Mag

    Mag26 minuter sedan

    Watching you for a long time Chris, you are my favourite movie critic. You made a complete success of your life by following your passion. 👏👏👏👏 Well done.

  30. Ryan Sproviero

    Ryan Sproviero26 minuter sedan

    When they come to my door I answer and tell them I have something on the stove, give me just a minute... As soon as it seems they're going to leave I pop out and start talking but then make my phone ring and tell them just a minute... Again they seem to get ready to leave and I re-emerge, start talking and tell them let me turn off the stove, probably done cooking, just a minute... I continue to repeat this process. My record is keeping them for about an hour and a half. That one ended with me getting pizza delivered and asking them to pay for it.

  31. Chris B

    Chris B27 minuter sedan

    RESPECT, HONESTY and COURAGE are traits that are exemplified in this video! It's really no big deal (religion, sexuality, etc...), but you face and embrace the truth with no fear anymore!

  32. Feftz

    Feftz28 minuter sedan

    Well done bro! Well done! Couldn’t imagine not watching you’re reviews and a movie behind the truths of JW and someone wanting out would be so intriguing!

  33. Funny Guy

    Funny Guy28 minuter sedan

    The thing that shocked me the most about all this is that you close your nose when diving (thumbnail).

  34. Nova HawkXx

    Nova HawkXx29 minuter sedan

    I used to be a jehovah witness too! Love you brotha!!

  35. Crunchy Buffalo

    Crunchy Buffalo31 minut sedan

    I knew very little about Jehovah's witness until this video they sound pretty terrible. also, they are wrong about some theology salvation by works we are all sinners and need to put our trust in God. We need forgiveness Jesus took the punishment that we deserve on the cross and rose from the dead.

  36. Coby McLaughlin

    Coby McLaughlin32 minuter sedan

    Chris I HIGHLY respect you and your openness to share your story. Much love to you I wish you nothing but success and happiness!! So sorry that you went through that trauma, I had similar experiences in my life, so I can relate. I again really appreciate you and wish nothing but the best!

  37. fumetsushinju

    fumetsushinju33 minuter sedan

    I am not religious in any way, but I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story AND for providing a safe online space for ex-JW people. I can't imagine being suddenly cut out of an entire community, all your family, all your friends, and being literally abandoned to live alone with no help and no knowledge of public services available.

  38. Average Gamer

    Average Gamer33 minuter sedan

    I love how well Chris keeps his cool in this video. It must be really hard to do that kind of thing.

  39. Limitless

    Limitless34 minuter sedan

    The majority of jehovahs witnesses are good honest people

  40. David Wilson

    David Wilson35 minuter sedan

    Absolutely awful. To think that there is an organization in the world spreading this kind of hatred and repression is extremely harrowing. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us - the courage to speak up on a topic like this is almost unfathomable. I truly hope that you are in a better place mentally, and I'm glad that you were able to find the resolve to create a channel that millions continue to watch to this day. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you. Take care.

  41. Sara Humphrey

    Sara Humphrey36 minuter sedan

    Thank you for telling your story

  42. Amy Benham

    Amy Benham36 minuter sedan


  43. Daniel S

    Daniel S39 minuter sedan

    Dude you are so brave. This was inspirational educational and I get you feel relieved.

  44. Enrique Saldivar

    Enrique Saldivar41 minut sedan

    Thanks for sharing your story Chris, you are the best!. I don’t comment often but hell yeah I ALWAYS watch your reviews!

  45. Nalton Jannise

    Nalton Jannise42 minuter sedan

    Very brave, Chris. Lot's of respect for you. Live your life. Follow your bliss.

  46. Sam Davies

    Sam Davies42 minuter sedan

    My grandfather was a JW he died before I was born, luckily he never forced my mother to follow and he faced issues with people for not doing so.

  47. random_ pesh

    random_ pesh43 minuter sedan

    Good work, respect!

  48. Jack Westerkamp

    Jack Westerkamp44 minuter sedan

    Good for you man, be true to yourself you know when its right!

  49. Ashleigh morris

    Ashleigh morris46 minuter sedan

    I've been watching you for years... I'm so proud of you, I could feel the weight lifting off of your shoulders!

  50. ChangingPerspective

    ChangingPerspective47 minuter sedan

    I don’t share in your experience but your account made me feel your heartbreak. 💔

  51. Anthony Strocks

    Anthony Strocks48 minuter sedan

    Chris, I so appreciate your honesty, bravery, and courage! I sincerely believe that you will save lives with this video.

  52. Anthony Strocks

    Anthony Strocks48 minuter sedan

    Chris, I so appreciate your honesty, bravery, and courage! I sincerely believe that you will save lives with this video.

  53. Cristina Ardeleanu

    Cristina Ardeleanu48 minuter sedan

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. For the ex jws means so much to have a voice. Especially the ones that we were in the cult as children and woke up, we are victims, and few things help more than having a voice.


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  55. Dome Woo

    Dome Woo50 minuter sedan

    I can absolutely relate to your story about leaving a cult behind. Back in February 2017 I went into rehab to get away from alcohol and turn my life around. To this day I'm still relapse free and sober. But the road to get here was rocky and hard. While in rehab multiple self-help groups introduced themselves, among them were the usual suspects like AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) as well as C.A. (Cocaine Anonymous). The later one felt more like real people who were walking around with a smile on their face without having a stick stuck up their ass. So I ended up joining them, because they had something that I desperately wanted/needed in order to recover. I did everything they asked of me, got a sponsor, became a sponsee, did the whole 12 steps in record time, and even had my own sponsees at some point. At the same time I also was part of a therapy program that went on for 18 months, with weekly group and solo therapy sessions. Yeah, I absolutely did more than anyone else I met back in rehab to get better. Within groups like A.A. and C.A. you find behavior and structures that are quite similar to what you described about Jehova's Witnesses. Love bombing (welcoming people with open arms), as well as semi-shunning when people relapse, making them go through the whole 12 steps all over again to get back to where they once were, and more. I was lucky because I was only part of this cult for two years, but leaving it had some repercussions, like losing a lot of the new friends I had made along the way. While that was heartbreaking, I don't regret leaving that cult behind. The reason why I left: One of my sponsees overdosed and died, because he couldn't stop using opioids after getting out of rehab. While I tried not to feel responsible, I felt like I was, because I was never religious or that spiritual to begin with, but in order to work the steps you have to either be religious or spiritual to give yourself over to a higher power. So in my mind I felt responsible because I did the whole "fake it till you make it" routine to work through the 12 steps, and the group always claimed their higher power saved them, psychology is bad, and doctors were unable to help us. Everyone in that group looked at me differently after my sponsee had overdosed, and I confessed that I didn't do the whole praying thing. That's when I had to start over again with the 12 steps, and the brainwashing process began all over again. Fortunately that was around the same time I could no longer ignore their cultist behavior, and I left. My therapist back then even described them as a cult, even said that people who join A.A. or C.A. aren't actually getting better, they're just swapping their drug of choice with a cult. On February 1st I'll have my 4 years of sobriety, and to this day I'm still recovering from those first two years in that cult. So while I can relate to your story, I can't even begin to imagine what two decades in a cult must be like. I applaud you for your courage.

  56. Lauren Henderson

    Lauren Henderson53 minuter sedan

    I’ve watched your videos for years. I left the JWs about ten years ago also. I was 18 and totally cut off from the people I grew up with. I have to hide my sexuality to keep a relationship with my mum. Ten years later I’m still affected. I feel like very few of my friends, my new found family, understand although they try. Your video really helped me. I related so much to everything you said. Thanks for making this video.

  57. Prince Procrastinate

    Prince Procrastinate53 minuter sedan

    1,600 JWs protest your declaration whilst 140,000+ reasonable human beings support your openness. Congratulations on speaking out about this Chris, must've been hard, good on you for braving it.

  58. Nier Gestalt

    Nier Gestalt55 minuter sedan

    As someone from EU this is damn shocking to watch tbh. You hear cult stories from time to time but i never heard about this cult before. I hope your parents understand you before its too late.

  59. Open The Minds Energy

    Open The Minds Energy55 minuter sedan

    Good job Chris you displayed bravery to open up about things 👍 groovy

  60. 4 Litre Spooly Boi

    4 Litre Spooly Boi56 minuter sedan

    Sorry bro, but "pansexual" isn't a thing.

  61. jamesmc75

    jamesmc7557 minuter sedan

    It is pretty evident that all religions think they are the true and only belief Religion is a true evil mankind has created.

  62. Ryan Rizzo

    Ryan Rizzo57 minuter sedan

    Chris, man, I've followed almost your every video. You are an absolute genius, and I (and I'm sure countless others) are super freaking grateful for your keen insight and observations of some of our favorite films! Hearing all this, all I can say is that my heart absolutely goes out to you, my dude. It was super brave of you to upload this! Much love, bro!

  63. taylor

    taylor59 minuter sedan


  64. Jared McCullough

    Jared McCulloughTimme sedan

    It takes immense courage to challenge one's faith, especially if it was a lifestyle growing up. I grew up in a pretty Catholic family (not near as reprehensible as JW) but I left the faith when I was a teenager. I really live that this video exists; it acts as a sort of closure for people in crises of faith.

  65. Keisha Davis

    Keisha DavisTimme sedan

    Thank you for this i am a ex- jehovah's witness. I appreciate everything you said. I have no family they are all jehovah's witnesses. Thank you for this. I know I am not alone

  66. Roman Jaekel

    Roman JaekelTimme sedan

    Im so sorry things like this happen. Growing up and getting to know and love yourself is hard enough as it is. Im glad there is something in you that wanted more.

  67. CyanAnn

    CyanAnnTimme sedan

    That face when the more you watch this video the more you realize that the hispanic, non-JW church you stopped going to as a teen very much resembles the JW structure: 👁️💧👄💧👁️ - My church used to call non-christians "mundanos" which exactly translates to "worldly people" - We used that term, among other things, to make ourselves feel superior to other people *including other christian theology branches* - We didn't celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter, nothing. We did celebrate birthdays but I grew up poor so there wasn't much of a celebration lol - I'm 24 and 2020 Christmas was my first time celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas, all behind my family's back - I am still afraid of celebrating Halloween - I have never drunken alcohol or done any recreational drugs and don't plan to. I say it's because I don't have any need to and that I'm better off but deep down I know it's because I'm afraid - If you leave the church for another church, you are shunned - AND IM BI, WOMEN ARE VERY PRETTY. I remember in highschool, one of my best friends asking me if I thought that gay people go to hell and i was so scared to say "no" because I thought I might go to hell if I supported them. I just started accepting that i might be not-straight when i moved out of my parents' house a year ago. If I ever came out to my parents or sister I'm pretty sure they would either put me at arm's length or constantly try to "make me straight"

  68. Zac Blake

    Zac BlakeTimme sedan

    Whoever that man is at 06:59, he seems delirious and insane and equally dangerous in his iron-clad convictions.

  69. Kimberly C

    Kimberly CTimme sedan

    I stand with you Chris! Never give up, never surrender!

  70. taylor

    taylorTimme sedan

    its a dangerous dangerous cult

  71. Nathan Sundkvist

    Nathan SundkvistTimme sedan


  72. Mayra Alejandra Ortiz

    Mayra Alejandra OrtizTimme sedan

    It's heartbreaking to hear that your dad might not ever talk to you again because of this. I really hope you're wrong about that one and your dad keeps inn contact with you - glad you made it out and you're doing better!

  73. Adam Lawson

    Adam LawsonTimme sedan

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  74. taylor

    taylorTimme sedan

    people typically like to say to "respect" religion, I don't agree, its dumb and void of intelligence, I will never respect it

  75. connor reynolds

    connor reynoldsTimme sedan

    Cant wait to see your films man

  76. alvsui78

    alvsui78Timme sedan

    The fact that you posted this video, knowing that it might cause you to lose contact with your family, is amazing to me. You don't realize how brave and strong you are Chris. You don't realize the work you do for us, and how your reviews and videos have helped many of us when we've had a bad day. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with your community, it must have been very hard for you. I send you much love from Madrid, Spain. Thank you Chris.

  77. Hollis Sims

    Hollis SimsTimme sedan

    Consider talking to Telltale? He’s also a great ex-JW here on SEtoos. But I’d get it if you’d want all of this behind you.

  78. IK3 Z

    IK3 ZTimme sedan

    You´r so brave and strong for doing this. I've always loved your videos and think you have some of the smartest and most interesting analysis of film out there, but seing you tell your story like this, made my admiration for you even stronger. You'r awesome Chris!

  79. jaredlovesitalways

    jaredlovesitalwaysTimme sedan

    I left the JW organization about 5 years ago. I never would have thought you had similar trauma a lot of us carry. Major respect for talking about it. I admire you’re courage and strength! Love the work you do!

  80. Boring Reviews

    Boring ReviewsTimme sedan

    Mad respect for you Chris. I appreciate you telling your story and how honest you are. Its cool how far your channel has grown and I have watched countless reviews from you and I'm glad you started the channel up again way back when. Keep doing you.

  81. cz guy

    cz guyTimme sedan

    I wish this could be a Halariocity... but it most certainly is not.

  82. ptronic

    ptronicTimme sedan

    Do you think that cult tactics should still be legal?

  83. Bernardo Salles

    Bernardo SallesTimme sedan

    Im sunsexual, everything that makes a shadow im into too lol hahahaa, im high dont blame me chris, i love you , youre the best, youre awesome, "i grew up wactching you" and im so glad that you left that shit ass people. I hope you have a very good life.

  84. Natã Tavares Bocampagni

    Natã Tavares BocampagniTimme sedan

    Welcome to the ex-JW LGBT club LOL

  85. Tom Oliver

    Tom OliverTimme sedan

    Please stop putting “trigger warnings” in videos, it’s infantilising. Interesting video though.

  86. Peepeepoopoo TL

    Peepeepoopoo TLTimme sedan

    You look just like the green hat dude who be flaming SoundCloud rappers from FL

  87. Ace ortiz

    Ace ortizTimme sedan

    Man I have family in this religion and I remember being forced to go to their Sunday meetings. After high school I got to break away from that.

  88. Saul gutierrez

    Saul gutierrezTimme sedan

    I love you man! Be the best you can be.

  89. Marcus Elias

    Marcus EliasTimme sedan

    I watch this guys reviews before I watch any big blockbuster movies. He may have had a tough past but I’m glad he’s here now. Keep going Chris and you’re the best in my book.

  90. Christos Kargiotidis

    Christos KargiotidisTimme sedan

    I liked your reviews, but somehow I like you more now. Thanks for sharing and do use your experiences creatively.

  91. John Redshaw

    John RedshawTimme sedan

    Thank you for your candor. I'm so glad you made it out.

  92. Bill Clay

    Bill ClayTimme sedan

    Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life; it's just a pity you were raised in a cult.

  93. Cassie Park

    Cassie ParkTimme sedan

    It's the best thing you could ever do, to leave that FAKE organization called jehovah witness .. what you need to do now if your all in and a believer for christ Jesus is ,to get baptized in the name of Jesus christ so your sins can be wash away, then after go in prayer and fasting so the Lord Jesus christ can fill you with the Holy spirit..

  94. marcel rodriguez

    marcel rodriguezTimme sedan

    That's not a faith, that's a cult, good for you bro

  95. Adam McGuire

    Adam McGuireTimme sedan

    Congratulations man! I hope this is a huge weight off your chest. I would love to see you develop your possible biography into work.

  96. John Martinez

    John MartinezTimme sedan

    Scary stuff, thanks for explaining and posting.

  97. Jamie Johnson

    Jamie JohnsonTimme sedan

    Thank you for sharing this Chris! It was a very empowering video. I applaud the courage and strength you've shown.

  98. Hubert Lopez

    Hubert LopezTimme sedan

    I wish you the best and I hope one you be happy and be reunited with your family and that everything that you lived in the past stays in the past

  99. Viggo Soez

    Viggo SoezTimme sedan

    Hi Chris, thank you so the video and as an ex JW I feel identified although my story is way different as yours, so I would like know of ex JW where they can find support. And again, thank you for sharing.

  100. Vinny Banana

    Vinny BananaTimme sedan

    I'm glad you mentioned writing about your experiences. It sucks that we have to go through bad experiences as human beings but sometimes those bad experiences make for great movie ideas. That's how original movies and other media gets made. The artist expresses themselves through it.

  101. Coach

    CoachTimme sedan

    damn this is crazy I never knew all this about Jehovas Witnesses. Thank you for opening up Chris we all love you to death.

  102. Rufus Lundh

    Rufus LundhTimme sedan

    I'm really sorry for you Chris, some of the stuff you said about what They were doing to you makes it feel like they are taking away all the fun in your life, your one dream, and your entire identity...and I'm honestly disgusted...

  103. chuck demorat

    chuck demoratTimme sedan

    To be commended. Thank you.

  104. gnif3k

    gnif3kTimme sedan

    You're a brave man Mr Stuckmann. Respect

  105. Richárd Sorok

    Richárd SorokTimme sedan

    Chris, thank you so much for this video. When I saw the title, I honestly could not make myself to watch it straight away. I am myself coming from a family who wanted to raise me in this cult. Basically my whole childhood was crushed because of that. Also,i'm gay... so my childhood was really tough. Your words were really powerful and thank you very much for sharing this. I haven't talked about my childhood trauma caused by this "religion" with anybody for at least a decade. So it was great and also hard to watch this. As I'm from Hungary, and my family don't really speak English, I am now even considering translating your whole video and making a subtitle in Hungarian so I can share it with them and others, as well. I hope you don't mind. Thank you for this video, and keep up the great work with your reviews and good luck with film-making!