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00:00 intro
03:41 lucian top
14:44 scrims with team, karthus bot
23:22 random clip and outro

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  1. Choco Panda

    Choco Panda26 dagar sedan

    it's friday again

  2. ZahoiN

    ZahoiN28 dagar sedan

    17:29 I checked if trick2g was ingame

  3. ZahoiN

    ZahoiN28 dagar sedan

    Wp Zac

  4. Anthonymarrtinez

    AnthonymarrtinezMånad sedan

    Watching this on a monday

  5. SNIpE JaZaR

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    BUFUHLMånad sedan

    Watching it on monday 😤🤙

  7. Jovan Kosevic

    Jovan KosevicMånad sedan

    stanke je bolji od curuvije

  8. Zjef Hofmans

    Zjef HofmansMånad sedan

    why is his jungle covered?

  9. Joseph Lee

    Joseph LeeMånad sedan

    we all know why he watches tf blade. t's top is trash

  10. AOZY

    AOZYMånad sedan

    Sub and like

  11. Jose Gulapa

    Jose GulapaMånad sedan

    Shit was actually hype

  12. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesMånad sedan


  13. Joshua Derezotes

    Joshua DerezotesMånad sedan

    Had anyone searched up his yt name because he has outbreaks because i did not and hes a nice person if u get to know him

  14. Scuba Fern

    Scuba FernMånad sedan

    Any youtube frogs?

  15. xBogo

    xBogoMånad sedan


  16. sigho1

    sigho1Månad sedan

    Am i the only one who thinks he looks like Ivar the Boneless in vikings?

  17. ryder wilson

    ryder wilsonMånad sedan


  18. Ehrenmanu

    EhrenmanuMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  19. lego ninjago fan

    lego ninjago fanMånad sedan

    I am big fan

  20. lego ninjago fan

    lego ninjago fanMånad sedan

    Nice video

  21. r1no890

    r1no890Månad sedan

    hehe xd

  22. Mason Cordial

    Mason CordialMånad sedan

    But its Tuesday ☹

  23. gelogelokczer_al gaming

    gelogelokczer_al gamingMånad sedan

    Try to play mobile legends

  24. Sautay

    SautayMånad sedan

    I watched on Tuesday

  25. Panayxt Andreev

    Panayxt AndreevMånad sedan

    Quick with the shit talk on intros man, you got lucky in life co your head shaped different and you meet Greek, cmon now I have to get back to watching

  26. LEVI FF

    LEVI FFMånad sedan

    What's this channel is about please reply

  27. Aryan G123

    Aryan G123Månad sedan


  28. Rangclaw r

    Rangclaw rMånad sedan

    Quite funny actually, when im having a bad day i just jump onto your stream/twitch...look at that iddle biddle little head of yours ontop of a beefed up gerbil body...makes me appreciate my life a little more!! So thanks for that Midge!

  29. L Morningstar

    L MorningstarMånad sedan

    10:31 Ekko is a 100% fair champ, just look at that shield amount. And then that heal! Assassin btw. Very well balanced, gj Rito

  30. Rick Bush

    Rick BushMånad sedan


  31. alfie wilson

    alfie wilsonMånad sedan

    its tuesday..... not friday. Silly Tyler

  32. Chris Carson

    Chris CarsonMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  33. T W

    T WMånad sedan

    you have a healthy ego

  34. zeening

    zeeningMånad sedan

    crazy how much less you stutter from a few years ago keep up the good work bro, streaming w greek he'd be on your ass so hard about stuttering all the time lol havent heard it once in months now

  35. The Gummy bee

    The Gummy beeMånad sedan

    I thought u died

  36. xShouta1

    xShouta1Månad sedan


  37. SneakyKatanaMan

    SneakyKatanaManMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  38. LifeSucksMan

    LifeSucksManMånad sedan

    T1 just like cycles you gotta take a break

  39. Rakhel _RSA

    Rakhel _RSAMånad sedan


  40. Arif Alassaf

    Arif AlassafMånad sedan

    I'm watching this in SUNDAY

  41. Jasper Harber

    Jasper HarberMånad sedan


  42. XoX LEjay

    XoX LEjayMånad sedan


  43. BIue Maskass

    BIue MaskassMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  44. Ben Jamin

    Ben JaminMånad sedan

    well played. cool. calm. collected.

  45. Oppa Kyun

    Oppa KyunMånad sedan

    i liked that he thought about us with the lighting, build really different :v

  46. florian vincke

    florian vinckeMånad sedan

    you are soooo bad on karthus holly molly, don't play it

  47. Mohammad Azra Azri Azhar

    Mohammad Azra Azri AzharMånad sedan

    That Lucian game was hardcore af

  48. Zerexa 17

    Zerexa 17Månad sedan

    "ITS FRIDAY" Uploaded on a Saturday.

  49. Owen Mello

    Owen MelloMånad sedan

    Wassss uppppp

  50. S Dot

    S DotMånad sedan

    Why was pants in this scrim?

  51. TJ Morrison

    TJ MorrisonMånad sedan

    wait, pants is on T1's team??

  52. Samone Edwards

    Samone EdwardsMånad sedan

    Bro I just noticed this was a day ago and U probably don't remember when U forgot to turn off Ur stream and U where stressed I really felt that I'm not even trying too lie but I'm seen U in memes and that's how I found u

  53. DaCannFam

    DaCannFamMånad sedan

    that intro lmao. You aint wrong chief

  54. Kim Jong Trump

    Kim Jong TrumpMånad sedan


  55. Kidd Senju

    Kidd SenjuMånad sedan


  56. Dregling

    DreglingMånad sedan

    The carbonucleotide structure that postulates the substrate upon which the formed humanoid chimera colloquially referred to as "Tiler Juan" is manifested according to a destiny unlike any we've seen before.

  57. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro KujoMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  58. Zakk Hedrick

    Zakk HedrickMånad sedan

    I’ve never played League and I don’t watch it whatsoever but I still find these super entertaining with T1

  59. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovMånad sedan


  60. Kaotik_kwii

    Kaotik_kwiiMånad sedan

    You’re a good player T1.

  61. ࿐кαrєєм sτrєαмs࿐

    ࿐кαrєєм sτrєαмs࿐Månad sedan


  62. mikellefebvre

    mikellefebvreMånad sedan

    17:28, did T1 pick Trick and I missed it? 17:32 oh okay nvm lol

  63. YouTube Dark Mode

    YouTube Dark ModeMånad sedan

    “I don’t have an ego... ok, I do have an ego”

  64. Desolative

    DesolativeMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  65. Gubby McGubs

    Gubby McGubsMånad sedan

    wasnt pogchamp banned how does the chat do the pogchamp emote

  66. TureKP

    TureKPMånad sedan

    i fucking love u man ur fat

  67. Kymatok

    KymatokMånad sedan

    wassup fellow utub frogs. 🐸🐸🐸

  68. Marco The Hexican

    Marco The HexicanMånad sedan

    I love Ioki! beast!

  69. ItzRen

    ItzRenMånad sedan


  70. Preston Cave

    Preston CaveMånad sedan

    You have R and you flame jungle for not hitting smite imagine xD

  71. Siosifa

    SiosifaMånad sedan

    That light makes T look bigger.

  72. Wonderbeast Kipo

    Wonderbeast KipoMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  73. K Johnson

    K JohnsonMånad sedan

    hehe xd

  74. Spooky Boi

    Spooky BoiMånad sedan

    setoos.info/name/qKTdnGGmf2KLanw/video I'm just gonna leave this here.

  75. Cloud7th Heaven

    Cloud7th HeavenMånad sedan

    Ashe ult gap what do you mean

  76. Maximilian Kühnel

    Maximilian KühnelMånad sedan

    ekko was fucking smurfing

  77. hamidi abdel hakim

    hamidi abdel hakimMånad sedan

    I only watch for the talk idc about the league gameplay at all

  78. King Req

    King ReqMånad sedan

    howd he know i was scrawny and giraffe necked...

  79. Yayas Toures

    Yayas TouresMånad sedan

    Didn't Tyler draft tarzaned ?

  80. Logan

    LoganMånad sedan

    I love twitch rivals. It's like the ufc of league streamers with all the banter that goes on in these weeks. Makes for entertaining content

  81. cola man

    cola manMånad sedan


  82. fazeel ashraf

    fazeel ashrafMånad sedan

    17:29 trick that u?

  83. Judas Brobert

    Judas BrobertMånad sedan

    @Twitch chat (◕ل͜◕)╭∩╮

  84. Fighter Lm

    Fighter LmMånad sedan


  85. Melody Project

    Melody ProjectMånad sedan

    Ty for the shitty night light tt ❤️

  86. Ethan Kleiner

    Ethan KleinerMånad sedan

    tyler didnt buy dark seal after hitting 6 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  87. xXDESTINYMBXx 1st commandment

    xXDESTINYMBXx 1st commandmentMånad sedan

    When Tyler speaks even the Sound quality gets tilted.

  88. Panos Arvanitis

    Panos ArvanitisMånad sedan

    He do be is constructed alternatively

  89. Kuken Kuksson

    Kuken KukssonMånad sedan

    The intro part about watching youtube because your irl isn't doing the best.... SO FUCKING TRUE

  90. David

    DavidMånad sedan

    19:36 best part

  91. BartekS

    BartekSMånad sedan

    No, it's sunday

  92. Bill

    BillMånad sedan

    Ur lookin insane brother fr

  93. Adan Kr

    Adan KrMånad sedan

    Best streamer

  94. Adan Kr

    Adan KrMånad sedan

    Best youtuber

  95. Adan Kr

    Adan KrMånad sedan

    Best channel

  96. Adan Kr

    Adan KrMånad sedan

    Best video

  97. FrostyDevils

    FrostyDevilsMånad sedan

    im 100% sure his scrimmage team has tylers voice at 10% xD

  98. Sam Sam

    Sam SamMånad sedan

    What happened to tarzaned in scrims?

  99. Tricky LeBlanc

    Tricky LeBlancMånad sedan

    The light, it's for us! :)

  100. Day One

    Day OneMånad sedan

    5:38 got'em