Shadowlands: Story Trailer

Through the Jailer, Sylvanas Windrunner plans to seize control of fate itself-but at what cost? World of Warcraft: Shadowlands-coming November 23. The global release details can be found here:
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  1. 雄鶏麻ふ

    雄鶏麻ふ2 dagar sedan

    Jailer looks like bald from Brazzers

  2. Shiranui Mai

    Shiranui Mai3 dagar sedan

    Jailer: NOTHING escapes the maw. Sylvanas: You are all NOTHING. Was that a hint given by Sylvanas?

  3. Kalle Saarinen

    Kalle Saarinen4 dagar sedan

    you cant use death to scary someone if theyre already dead? sometimes blizzard get a bit old with the death of everyone part. like a black metal band playing the same song....

  4. afif nafis

    afif nafis5 dagar sedan

    when will the WoW getting the Next Gen Technology like demon soul?

  5. xylotism

    xylotism5 dagar sedan

    Hold up, how do I get those 60fps cutscenes?

  6. Adrián Baráth

    Adrián Baráth8 dagar sedan

    The writer of the story: watch?v=N-IwTALbzic

  7. John D

    John D9 dagar sedan

    I played the past two weeks, first time in about 8 years or more. Game systems are just a chore now, I don't need a second job I don't get paid for.

  8. Matticus Barticus

    Matticus Barticus10 dagar sedan

    Your Maw so fat, it's blood type's Ragu!

  9. Linda Thompson

    Linda Thompson10 dagar sedan

    >male characters that fight with melee weapons on the front line don't wear armor and dress like male strippers with heir nipples and chest fully exposed >female mages and range fighters however all get their costumes and ouftis censored to no longer show cleavage or bellies pretty sexist double standard, also stupid as f, if anything the close combat fighters should be fully covered up and the ranged fighters showing of some skin.

  10. Utgarde Keep

    Utgarde Keep10 dagar sedan

    Blizzard is sick of those Maw jokes and will now disable hearthstones while the player is in the Maw.

  11. Mohan Ram

    Mohan Ram10 dagar sedan

    Plot twist ..guess if illidan returns now ... Who is prepared.

  12. Deicidium

    Deicidium10 dagar sedan

    How does the afterlife fit into the universe with space, light, void, titans, old gods?

  13. MrGroobay

    MrGroobay10 dagar sedan

    Jailer looking kinda goofy with that aggressive nipple and blush.

  14. cemondel

    cemondel10 dagar sedan

    Nothing escapes the black hole... so original.

  15. TrueEnding

    TrueEnding10 dagar sedan

    0:41 he looks like handsome Squidward

  16. MoreM52

    MoreM5211 dagar sedan

    "Nothing escapes the maw" Me as a druid goes to the emerald dreamway

  17. MB PM

    MB PM11 dagar sedan

    So, Arthas 2.0 has finally entered our crosshairs. Strange that he's from the Shadowlands. The Helm of Domination was said to have been crafted by the Nathrezim which is a demonic faction that existed before the Burning Legion was created. Quite different from where we're going next expansion. Oh well... videogame lore.

  18. Der Grossmann

    Der Grossmann9 dagar sedan

    There is implication that the nathrezim are tied to the shadowlands, specifically revendreath and the venthyr, acting as sleeper agents in all walks of existence, from chaos to light.

  19. Sheriff K

    Sheriff K11 dagar sedan

    That was pretty dope actually, not gonna lie.

  20. Nicholas Kinkaid

    Nicholas Kinkaid12 dagar sedan

    I just realized Sylvanas is absolutely outstanding at bringing out the worst in *everyone*

  21. Mr Feast

    Mr Feast12 dagar sedan

    Meh ... Looks like they ran out of ideas and just killing main characters over and over

  22. Alex Qwertyuiop

    Alex Qwertyuiop12 dagar sedan

    WoW shouldeve added after legion. sure, it wont obviously cause its a huge money maker for blizzard but any new conflict after legion is just a downhill slope, cant really get higher then multi-planetareal wars with gods.

  23. Rexy Fulgencio

    Rexy Fulgencio12 dagar sedan

    im just watching the trailer . i have no idea on anything ;)

  24. x OMEN v2

    x OMEN v213 dagar sedan

    Jailor: "Nothing escapes the maw" Blizzard: *Making the maw something you escape on a week to week basis for a dumb fake unrewarding grind" Jailor: *👁️👄👁️*

  25. lenpup0

    lenpup013 dagar sedan

    Anyone else notice the complete lack of story in this story trailer

  26. Sanaderak

    Sanaderak13 dagar sedan

    Sorry but Sylvanas is too hot

  27. Chaotic Neutral Giraffe

    Chaotic Neutral Giraffe13 dagar sedan

    So no ones going to talk about my boii, good guy Arthas returning to undo his wrong doings, huh?

  28. Jezal dan Luthar

    Jezal dan Luthar13 dagar sedan

    They don't have money for regular CGI so now they use ingame graphics for the trailers? Poor indie company...

  29. Graul

    Graul13 dagar sedan

    it's funny how gnomes are not involved in those cool trailers x)

  30. Sean H

    Sean H10 dagar sedan

    Cuz they're an embarrassment to the alliance 😉

  31. Prince Ali

    Prince Ali13 dagar sedan

    I'm such a simp for sylvanas. 13 years and still in love. Best character

  32. Marvin Kastner

    Marvin Kastner14 dagar sedan

    This is no comment section anymore. Bots everywhere...

  33. siegheilyolo

    siegheilyolo14 dagar sedan

    I am so happy about Shadowlands. Blizzard finally refunded my pre-purchase.

  34. illid4nstormr4ge

    illid4nstormr4ge14 dagar sedan

    0:36 Gul'Dan?

  35. Miroslav

    Miroslav14 dagar sedan

    first time cinematic with ingame graphic ?

  36. Ungegurkt

    Ungegurkt15 dagar sedan

    the jailors kawaii cheeks make me blush i like him thicc

  37. Hát Heló

    Hát Heló15 dagar sedan

    *Nothing escapes the maw* Player, whose name is Nothing *Escapes* Jailer: 👁👄👁

  38. Midnight24435

    Midnight2443515 dagar sedan

    ...Maurader demon? Is that you? What's up, homie?!

  39. Tragnar

    Tragnar15 dagar sedan

    Didnt Hurricane work on this? looks so similar to his work

  40. MMO Archives

    MMO Archives15 dagar sedan

    who would've thought xena the princess warrior would be the voice over for sylvanas

  41. Sninctbur

    Sninctbur16 dagar sedan

    "Nothing escapes the Maw." OBJECTIVE: Escape the Maw

  42. Chee Vue

    Chee Vue16 dagar sedan

    Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw Me: Oh really? *looks at thousands of SEtoos comments and their ways of escaping the maw* Me: Are you sure about that?

  43. David David

    David David17 dagar sedan

    Sylvanas doesn't seem so bad. She just wants to take down a bad system that chooses your fate against your choice.

  44. Sninctbur

    Sninctbur16 dagar sedan

    Then you aren't choosing your own fate. The damage charts are.

  45. The Spark

    The Spark18 dagar sedan

    Judge Dredd: Nothing escapes the law. John Kramer: Nothing escapes the saw. The Jailer: Nothing escapes the maw. You make up more.

  46. Hom Tolland

    Hom Tolland18 dagar sedan

    Can Sylvanas just die already? You've been depressed and edgy since the Frozen Throne and it's getting kinda annoying now..

  47. Nitin Shekhar

    Nitin Shekhar19 dagar sedan


  48. Lukathen

    Lukathen20 dagar sedan

    Who says "Remember this lesson"?

  49. George George

    George George20 dagar sedan

    the new graphics look really bad ....

  50. Vladislav Kurdyukov

    Vladislav Kurdyukov20 dagar sedan

    Does story tell about how pallies will suck?

  51. KingDennisJensen

    KingDennisJensen21 dag sedan

    *Nothing escapes the maw* Me as a Paladin: Laughs in bubble-hearth.

  52. Date Masamune

    Date Masamune21 dag sedan

    Can we side with Sylvannas and the Jailer? Some of us genuinely wanted to side with Arthas and destroy Azeroth.

  53. Ayyıldız Oyuncu

    Ayyıldız Oyuncu22 dagar sedan

    0:14 Goddamn frostmourne walkinnnn.

  54. Tiago Pinto

    Tiago Pinto22 dagar sedan

    If you make a wow for playstation I would buy it 100% plz I'm waiting for that moment a very long time

  55. acs alexandru andrei

    acs alexandru andrei23 dagar sedan

    he talking big smack, we'll see how big smack he talks when he'l get speedruned by crazed wow raiders

  56. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou23 dagar sedan

    Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw Sylvannas: YOU ARE ALL NOTHING

  57. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue24 dagar sedan

    Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw Sylvannas: YOU ARE ALL NOTHING

  58. BurgydaHerky

    BurgydaHerky24 dagar sedan

    Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw... Me: *laughs in mage* /ports

  59. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou23 dagar sedan

    0:18, You can see Yogg-Saron

  60. Hallec

    Hallec24 dagar sedan

    why does he sound like deathwing?

  61. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue24 dagar sedan

    Ouch, I have this bad feeling that they're trying to turn Sylvanas into a hero :(

  62. DrBeast Mysterious

    DrBeast Mysterious24 dagar sedan

    Isn't the jailer super big and scary? Why is this looking stupid

  63. Nakx123

    Nakx12324 dagar sedan

    Sylvanas doesn't really look like Sylvanas in this trailer :/

  64. Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich

    Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich24 dagar sedan

    I faced death and worse, prove me wrong

  65. Brian H

    Brian H25 dagar sedan


  66. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt25 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait for the “The Jailer did Nothing Wrong” video.

  67. Doksh

    Doksh25 dagar sedan

    "Nothing escapes the maw" Paladin : hold my bubble

  68. Jinx

    Jinx26 dagar sedan

    much excite

  69. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt25 dagar sedan

    it gonna feel short as the wod introduction were everything was badly done and you quickly did the intro.

  70. Eric Steven Terry

    Eric Steven Terry26 dagar sedan

    Prediction: Sylvanas' soul is reunited with her body...

  71. i don't believe in the sun

    i don't believe in the sun26 dagar sedan

    Why does wow look like anime these days? I'm not seeing the warcraft aspect anymore

  72. Tolly Boyer

    Tolly Boyer26 dagar sedan

    blizzard, you should rework the system like you did in draenor, because the current wow gameplay is starting to getting boring. It was fresh in draenor, it was good in legion, its was boring in bfa. also complete rework on classes

  73. Crism 133

    Crism 13326 dagar sedan

    Just give up already Blizzard, you seriously need a hard lesson in making an actual game instead of an overly complex math system no one cares about. why should i even care about whats going on in shadow lands? It's so bored, we beat the legion, undead, void, legion, undead, void, legion, undead void. no one cares anymore. Mixed in with the horrible decision to have a sinle point of view one story aspect writter writting for a game the requires many side stories from many points of views constantly shows how little you even know your own story, cuz you are to busy catering to esports. so why not do what you should have done 4 xpans ago, stop WoW make Warcraft an ARPG and go do your esports thing

  74. Dan Copping

    Dan Copping27 dagar sedan

    Nice trailer

  75. MMOByte

    MMOByte27 dagar sedan

    "Nothing escapes the Maw.." *sees every top comment about escaping the maw* Me: Oh. Well I guess there's no need for a witty comment.

  76. domme gast

    domme gast7 dagar sedan

    @ً aye, they gotta fish for likes

  77. ً

    ً11 dagar sedan

    No need for witty comment, so you post the Me: meme that literally everybody posts. very unoriginal weird youtuber comment

  78. ladydiskette

    ladydiskette27 dagar sedan

    "Is that the best you can do!?!?" The sound of a guy who knows he is being dumped by the Banshee Queen apparently.

  79. MT S

    MT S27 dagar sedan

    0:18, You can see Yogg-Saron

  80. Martin Holm

    Martin Holm27 dagar sedan

    Ouch, I have this bad feeling that they're trying to turn Sylvanas into a hero :(

  81. AlexanderThePup

    AlexanderThePup27 dagar sedan

    I think Anduin is turning to the shadow side of priests

  82. Yargus warcraft

    Yargus warcraft27 dagar sedan

    This jailor is one baddass fellow, brings back wotlk vibes one oriented and focused story about our beloved lich King lore well hiss boss accualy and gameplay wise its looks promosing also ♥️✌️

  83. AlexZeBeast

    AlexZeBeast28 dagar sedan

    Who's the Paladin at 0:51?

  84. Marios

    Marios27 dagar sedan

    Anduin, but he is not a Paladin.

  85. ThemeMixes21

    ThemeMixes2128 dagar sedan

    Who's that in 0:46?

  86. Eduardo Neves Reis

    Eduardo Neves Reis28 dagar sedan

    Sire Denathrius

  87. RumbleInTheZoo

    RumbleInTheZoo28 dagar sedan

    this video gave me a brain tumor

  88. Giorgos Fetfa

    Giorgos Fetfa28 dagar sedan

    Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw. Players: Trying to use teleport, Mage Portals, HS etc. Blizzard: You can't do that here.

  89. osama booshi

    osama booshi28 dagar sedan

    I wish they would not do it even though i know they gonna do it, nothing escapes the maw, would be cool if the player feelt it during a period of time in the game. But sadly i know it gonna feel short as the wod introduction were everything was badly done and you quickly did the intro.

  90. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui28 dagar sedan

    start she’s talking to someone else. She says “Our.” She’s trying time get someone to join the jailor. I wonder who,

  91. Chairman Meow

    Chairman Meow28 dagar sedan

  92. Most Wanted Gaming

    Most Wanted Gaming28 dagar sedan

    I'm so excited to play and stay at classic and tbc

  93. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui28 dagar sedan

    I would like to join the Maw.

  94. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle29 dagar sedan

    Imagine how much better the Jailer would be if he wasn't your generic "pitiful mortals" bad guy with a deep voice and boring voice lines and instead was a charismatic, Thanos like enemy with actual depth.

  95. Viriathus

    Viriathus29 dagar sedan

    Better in french

  96. Overlord Druid

    Overlord Druid29 dagar sedan

    "The light is with me, even here" *sad Tirion noises

  97. Smiles

    Smiles29 dagar sedan

    I can't even begin to understand what's happening in this trailer. "Is this the best you can do?"

  98. SloanKetter44

    SloanKetter4429 dagar sedan

    Every comment ever because your all unoriginal: something unfunny

  99. SloanKetter44

    SloanKetter4410 dagar sedan

    @Matticus Barticus bahahaha ok buddy

  100. Matticus Barticus

    Matticus Barticus10 dagar sedan

    I've seen 1000 version of your comment already. Yours was unique as it was ESL.

  101. toomadtoplay

    toomadtoplay27 dagar sedan


  102. Osiris261

    Osiris26129 dagar sedan

    After years of playing "Beta Of Azeroth" and with blizzard announcing shadowlands i picture myself a huge open landscape full of the shadows of the environment. who would pay full price plus monthly fee to play another broken beta ? think a wow break is in order. giving blizzard time to turn it around. Maybe i will see you all in the next expansion.

  103. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy29 dagar sedan

    Alright, the story is shaping up to be pretty dope in what we've seen so far. Keep up the great work, Blizz! People's hype is building, I'd wager. Do you guys agree?

  104. Cornelious Stradivarius

    Cornelious Stradivarius29 dagar sedan

    And people getting excited about this? Jailer looks so boring and generic. Like a calcium deficient hummie. Well hope u all enjoy SL, too much good faith lost from Actiblizz.

  105. Max ChileFree

    Max ChileFree29 dagar sedan

    Very very nice !!

  106. Max ChileFree

    Max ChileFree29 dagar sedan

    Incredible !!!!

  107. Max ChileFree

    Max ChileFree29 dagar sedan


  108. Roberto Ivan Varas

    Roberto Ivan Varas29 dagar sedan

    Even in Death, my life for Azeroth.

  109. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger29 dagar sedan

    Jailor: Even just one is the most dangerous thing in the universe! So I built this maw so their is no possible way that...... Player: *Escapes* Jailor: Oh my god!

  110. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddyMånad sedan

    Alright, the story is shaping up to be pretty dope in what we've seen so far. Keep up the great work, Blizz! People's hype is building, I'd wager. Do you guys agree?

  111. MagnumGnosis

    MagnumGnosisMånad sedan


  112. Andrei Sánchez Sandí

    Andrei Sánchez SandíMånad sedan

    I would like to join the Maw.

  113. gtoss chddy

    gtoss chddyMånad sedan

    Life is cruel. Why should the afterlife be any different? - Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

  114. Miasimon

    MiasimonMånad sedan

    I can't be the only one to notice how detailed the Jailer's nipples are. Most characters just have little pepperoni circles for nipples, this guy looks a little chilly.

  115. Shon

    Shon28 dagar sedan

    And the still picture in the launcher has a very direct gaze towards his left nipple aswell.