Trying to enter the world of #shorts

Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts


  1. omi mulya official

    omi mulya official50 sekunder sedan


  2. Philipp Kemper

    Philipp Kemper2 minuter sedan

    How is it possible to be that beautiful...

  3. Amanj Abubakir

    Amanj Abubakir2 minuter sedan



    DIO BRANDO4 minuter sedan

    What is this?


    ANONYMOUS MAGICIAN11 minuter sedan

    what is that

  6. Rafiq Daniel

    Rafiq Daniel15 minuter sedan

    My man have a lot of experience and training since he was a teen

  7. Nammal illeee

    Nammal illeee52 minuter sedan

    "I get paid less for same job because i am a woman"

  8. 협곡의깍두기

    협곡의깍두기53 minuter sedan

    이건 남자가 유리할텐데.... 여자.....ㅗㅜㅑ

  9. Home Tv

    Home TvTimme sedan

    I think he has a crush on that girl😂

  10. xX•Itz_Crystal•Xx

    xX•Itz_Crystal•XxTimme sedan

    So satisfying I- ASMR was so good love it!

  11. ammu darling

    ammu darlingTimme sedan

    Tanu only two you four

  12. Julio Venegas

    Julio VenegasTimme sedan

    La mujer tenía 2 y el hombre 4 :v Ha ganado el patriarcado otra vez!! haha

  13. Ehtesham Hameed

    Ehtesham HameedTimme sedan


  14. River Torgeson

    River Torgeson2 timmar sedan

    The guy's cute.🙂

  15. ابراهيم البصراوي

    ابراهيم البصراوي2 timmar sedan

    ولله ودي اسوي 😂

  16. Christian Henderson

    Christian Henderson2 timmar sedan

    What is that I am very curious 🤨🧐

  17. Shuhrat Abdukarimov

    Shuhrat Abdukarimov2 timmar sedan

    Actually what is this?

  18. Aquarius 2301

    Aquarius 23012 timmar sedan

    Would this be at the big banana in Nambucca Heads by any chance?

  19. matt a

    matt a2 timmar sedan

    She did 2 he did 3. Tell me why they should get equal pay again?

  20. Alexandro Hernandez

    Alexandro Hernandez2 timmar sedan

    Do y'all ever count how many pieces y'all each have

  21. Mussafer Caramaner

    Mussafer Caramaner3 timmar sedan

    Que mierda es esto... jajaja...

  22. Kenny Skeie

    Kenny Skeie3 timmar sedan

    He’s doing four at a time, she, only two

  23. Владислав Арнаутов

    Владислав Арнаутов3 timmar sedan

    Вот почему они такие кривые получаются

  24. RZ

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    Boys should be good at this

  25. Salivantius 1

    Salivantius 13 timmar sedan

    But she only had two he had four

  26. Aziz Latiwala

    Aziz Latiwala4 timmar sedan

    So that's how shotgun ammo is made

  27. Steve Moyon

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    Elle c’est pas faire son taff elle est nul

  28. Weird Human

    Weird Human4 timmar sedan

    What is that?

  29. zeidon 41

    zeidon 414 timmar sedan

    They're not to big. Is she referring to something fellas?

  30. Austin S.

    Austin S.4 timmar sedan

    It's even funnier when you realize it's the guy who made that screaming sound lol. Dude was also shredding it for a few seconds pretty damn evenly but didn't want to smoke her I'm assuming

  31. Heon

    Heon5 timmar sedan

    That man has manners

  32. Khushabu Thakurain

    Khushabu Thakurain5 timmar sedan

    Kchhuaa or khrgosh ki khani to suni hi hogi aapne, ab mujhe sunane ko mt kehna.

  33. Rizkie Fhadillah

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    Kocokannya Mantap :v

  34. Tristan Basta

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    That's badass

  35. ADaddylicious

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    Adam wins by default.

  36. DoNi Afrianto.

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    Pretty girl

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    русские поймут почему она быстрее)))

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    I love this girl

  39. Ijan but B face

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    What is that?

  40. Vato Loco

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    That’s the jacking motion, no woman alive can or will ever beat a man at that motion with their hands. We men practice that just about every day, sometimes multiple times a day

  41. Mihkail Mærzin

    Mihkail Mærzin7 timmar sedan

    Why are people making these stupid videos?

  42. Samuel Biddison

    Samuel Biddison7 timmar sedan

    As you can clearly see they are making shotgun shells.

  43. not funny person

    not funny person7 timmar sedan

    He's the type of guy finish faster in 5 minutes

  44. Masterson Masters

    Masterson Masters7 timmar sedan

    The guy is the definition of work smarter not harder

  45. CrotchetRocket

    CrotchetRocket7 timmar sedan

    Now I’m not sure what this is exactly, but I’m sure there’s machines that do that?

  46. Conner Davis

    Conner Davis7 timmar sedan

    What are those

  47. Rahu Bbe

    Rahu Bbe7 timmar sedan

    What is this?

  48. Wong Chiou Shiong

    Wong Chiou Shiong7 timmar sedan

    Nah unfair

  49. •ᴄɪɴɴᴀᴍᴏɴ_シ_ᴍᴏᴄʜᴀ•

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    That candy looks so delicious. . .

  50. 진주영

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    what is this?

  51. noneof yourbusiness

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    I want this job! It will help you get your stress out!

  52. John W

    John W8 timmar sedan

    You can tell who practices this movement on a nightly basis.

  53. Loeafygaming

    Loeafygaming8 timmar sedan

    What are that cutting

  54. Diary of the bad kids Dream worlds

    Diary of the bad kids Dream worlds8 timmar sedan

    She’ll come in handy with that hand movement #1inchpunisher

  55. 낙지

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    Jonna yeah bbi ne sibal

  56. Thiago Ferraz

    Thiago Ferraz8 timmar sedan

    LER Wins

  57. corey fuller

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    What are those

  58. Сабухи Сабухи

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    Что это ?

  59. ぴっぴ

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  60. Mark Mucha

    Mark Mucha9 timmar sedan

    Wtf r they cutting. Idc r/wallstreetsilver

  61. The Blue Sea

    The Blue Sea9 timmar sedan

    What are they cutting ??

  62. Chris Durham

    Chris Durham9 timmar sedan

    And this is why women get paid less. Just kidding that's all bs they get paid more than we do because apparently being a female warrants more money 🤣🤣

  63. ninjarob256

    ninjarob2569 timmar sedan

    work smarter not harder

  64. Lucho Ignaszewski

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  65. Bvv Bbbb

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  66. Ezekiel Hawk

    Ezekiel Hawk9 timmar sedan

    What is the places name

  67. Jim Hammer

    Jim Hammer10 timmar sedan

    I read a book once where someone tricked kids into painting a fence. She needs a paint brush.

  68. Youtube TV

    Youtube TV10 timmar sedan

    The man finish it first

  69. 愛Masahiroツ

    愛Masahiroツ10 timmar sedan

    Aja y que es? 🤺

  70. I am F • 60 years ago

    I am F • 60 years ago10 timmar sedan

    *All men arises we know the secret of that speed*

  71. AJ

    AJ11 timmar sedan

    She's cute. He's definitely simping for her every shift

  72. Don't play bandit beaters you cheapskate Eh

    Don't play bandit beaters you cheapskate Eh11 timmar sedan

    The skill issue is real af

  73. Lynne

    Lynne11 timmar sedan

    so this is why that kinda candies sizes always uneven.. they r racing!!!

  74. Billie joe JK

    Billie joe JK11 timmar sedan

    It almost sounded like they're playing a lion dance drum

  75. Lupe Century

    Lupe Century11 timmar sedan

    He let her win let’s be honest

  76. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson11 timmar sedan

    Can anyone tell me what are they cutting?

  77. Artemis Luv

    Artemis Luv11 timmar sedan

    What are they cutting ?

  78. Colleen Kyle

    Colleen Kyle11 timmar sedan

    Y’all salty over a race that doesn’t fucking matter lmao

  79. AR Palico

    AR Palico12 timmar sedan

    What the hell are those?

  80. Big SMOKE

    Big SMOKE12 timmar sedan

    That's why men get more money that's guy do 5/6 in one time and do little bit more time slower and she do only 2

  81. Andreajuventino41

    Andreajuventino4112 timmar sedan

    Si vede che voleva farla vincere

  82. Marco Alonso

    Marco Alonso12 timmar sedan

    Omaigad guarisdat ????

  83. Tanjiro

    Tanjiro13 timmar sedan

    What are those?

  84. O A

    O A13 timmar sedan

    One day you’ll find a fingertip in your package of candy

  85. SquidWoomy

    SquidWoomy13 timmar sedan

    She's doing 2 he's doing 4 so basically She's free, dog water at the game, quit kid.

  86. Jose Carlos

    Jose Carlos13 timmar sedan

    Cadê os direitos iguais?

  87. Elijan Mikaelson

    Elijan Mikaelson13 timmar sedan

    Só eu que achei essa me cara de boné rosa parecido com o Dylan?

  88. Garcia Roger

    Garcia Roger13 timmar sedan

    Le deja ganar y no se da cuenta la chica

  89. MaybeBray

    MaybeBray14 timmar sedan

    the bloke is doing twice as much and only finishes a second or so after the woman

  90. Robert Bulls

    Robert Bulls14 timmar sedan

    Su pareja 👁👄👁

  91. Joshua Steed

    Joshua Steed14 timmar sedan

    What is that stuff

  92. Elexale

    Elexale14 timmar sedan

    Is that rock or rhubarb? Honestly can’t tell

  93. Reel Man

    Reel Man14 timmar sedan

    4 to 2

  94. ReShaud Hill

    ReShaud Hill14 timmar sedan

    What r those

  95. Jack Day

    Jack Day14 timmar sedan

    He was cutting 4 to her 2. So even if he lost by a few seconds he still wins.

  96. Ceejay ThizzLink Rigmaiden

    Ceejay ThizzLink Rigmaiden14 timmar sedan

    Ok but he kinda cute

  97. El Sher Man

    El Sher Man14 timmar sedan

    Que mierda es eso?🤨🤨🤨 que carajo están haciendo?

  98. Shariff Srisorayut

    Shariff Srisorayut14 timmar sedan

    Thats why I always get the incomplete one haha

  99. Dan Parantala

    Dan Parantala14 timmar sedan

    How do you do that what is that