Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)

Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


  1. StrangerXX ThingsXX

    StrangerXX ThingsXX2 minuter sedan

    Lana will always give me flashbacks of memory’s I never had

  2. Eva Lange

    Eva Lange4 minuter sedan

    Ldr: "They've waited long enough. It's time I did one for the furries."

  3. Cool Gadgets

    Cool Gadgets10 minuter sedan

    I love you, I love your voice and style....

  4. Mutiara Tanjung

    Mutiara Tanjung18 minuter sedan

    Mantap I love this song.

  5. postertape

    postertape23 minuter sedan

    Jesus, was the whole concept of this video to invoke as many migraines as possible?

  6. killer vaporwave

    killer vaporwave58 minuter sedan


  7. moth order

    moth orderTimme sedan

    so white. i am azealia banks.

  8. Skyla Swirls

    Skyla SwirlsTimme sedan

    I want to dance with my lover to this song

  9. Rahel Bruszt

    Rahel BrusztTimme sedan


  10. Alicia Buckner

    Alicia BucknerTimme sedan


  11. B TS

    B TSTimme sedan 🎶🍀

  12. B TS

    B TSTimme sedan ♥️🍀🎶🌹💐♥️🍀🎶

  13. RustyBolts

    RustyBoltsTimme sedan

    Lana urgent message: You are not alone, don't dare think you are alone. Something happened, what maters not, I AM WHO I AM and I am coming after you. Hell will fail this night... You will not fail.. Take my hand I am with you feel me with you now forever. Gift yourself the power and your have it. Its all in your mind ultimately anyway which means you have the ultimate power already, all you need to do is know it and take it, just take it and its yours dear darling, now and forever dear one... Forever one... I am with you now... Hell hath no power over you, just feel that and its yours, forever....forever...forever...forever loves you forever...Don't dare think your alone. Ever ever ever. Kick that crap out of your park... Your mind is your park and only yours so take it back!!! NOW...

  14. B TS

    B TSTimme sedan 🍀🎶

  15. Ciao Carlo

    Ciao CarloTimme sedan

    I just don’t know that this will be as good as NFR

  16. Van Pedrera

    Van PedreraTimme sedan

    Underrated as fuck 😒

  17. Emily’s Kamkhan

    Emily’s Kamkhan2 timmar sedan

    Lana managed to tuck my two childhood- into-adulthood recurring nightmare themes....tornadoes and vampires....into this lovely new video without scaring or scarring me one bit✨✨✨

  18. theGemini

    theGemini2 timmar sedan

    Ngl, but I don't think her face mask works...

  19. Allison Basili

    Allison Basili2 timmar sedan

    this is not a sad song - why is this an unpopular opinion???

  20. Allison Basili

    Allison Basili2 timmar sedan

    This is my favorite aesthetic omg

  21. 51Dss

    51Dss2 timmar sedan


  22. Ernan Eloi

    Ernan Eloi2 timmar sedan


  23. Zachary Gaus

    Zachary Gaus2 timmar sedan

    Even just the title shows that everyone know about how they are killing us purposely with kemptrails, blocking the rays of the sun we need. And the country club thing is a whole other thing to get into. People they are trying to kill us. PLEASE im begging everyone to get unslaved and help humanity from being extinct. The fight that has been prophesied in all the ancient texts is here. Judgment is upon us. If anyone wants to help please get in contact,we need to as a people plan our next moves. We are to divided right now, and if it keeps going we are only gonna be in a civil war fighting eachother when we should be fighting the actual demons... and if a civil war happens the UN and/or china will become our new life. Im not for trump he turned on us and sure as hell not for biden the only way to win is to put a stop to all this. But who is gonna step up with me??

  24. D N

    D N3 timmar sedan

    It’s 2021 she’s still so vintage i love this

  25. ReactKing

    ReactKing3 timmar sedan

    Hey guys! I did a reaction to this song, now I've been a lana stan since 2014 so it's the only song of hers (released) that I can react to so far. Hope yall check it out ^_^ but once the album comes out maybe I can do to an album reaction.

  26. B TS

    B TSTimme sedan 🎶🍀

  27. Merl Whiteface

    Merl Whiteface3 timmar sedan

    Lana is incapable of NOT getting better with time! Wow- blown away!

  28. ReactKing

    ReactKing3 timmar sedan

    Omg, I read that wrong and I was about to say something lol. She's a queen

  29. Jose Federico Juárez

    Jose Federico Juárez3 timmar sedan

    OMG ❤️❤️🥰

  30. TJsalami

    TJsalami3 timmar sedan

    I'm not sure Fauci would approve of that facemask...

  31. Ivan Iraheta

    Ivan Iraheta34 minuter sedan

    Fauci approved

  32. Fidha Sakeer

    Fidha Sakeer3 timmar sedan

    i wasn't a lana del rey fan but when i heard this song somewhere i found this really soothing. and now i'm constantly listening to her songs🙌

  33. ReactKing

    ReactKing3 timmar sedan

    Welcome to the Fandom! Get ready to be addicted to her lol.

  34. Taliya Toddy

    Taliya Toddy3 timmar sedan

    bro i come back to this song 10 times a day, its so good my goodness thank u for this masterpiece lana :(

  35. Delia Delight

    Delia Delight3 timmar sedan

    I love you Lana!! You're my favorite singer in so long ♥

  36. micaela gonzález

    micaela gonzález3 timmar sedan

    u are magic and art

  37. CattyKayden

    CattyKayden3 timmar sedan

    Lana is like fine wine, just keeps getting better with age.

  38. Josefina Martínez

    Josefina Martínez3 timmar sedan

    i just love you

  39. Happy Meal

    Happy Meal4 timmar sedan

    rockefeller story when he was poisening nation with chemtrails virus

  40. Julian Thomas

    Julian Thomas4 timmar sedan

    The EdiTiNg 0N ThiS VidE0 iS ReALLy SuMThiN 🎬 !!!

  41. Tonio Del Rey

    Tonio Del Rey4 timmar sedan

    Queen did it again💕 Slayed as usual.

  42. Opinionated Azzhole

    Opinionated Azzhole4 timmar sedan

    Chemtrails...yall BOTS better research.

  43. ReactKing

    ReactKing2 timmar sedan

    We've been known. Maybe you should try reading between the lines and etc.

  44. Raneem is typing

    Raneem is typing4 timmar sedan

    she's even wearing the mesh mask here, i dont think im ever going to support her

  45. Roo

    Roo3 timmar sedan

    its lined with plastic, shes talked about it before. at 1:29 you can see the mask puff out, it wouldnt do that if it wasnt holding air in.

  46. xoala

    xoala4 timmar sedan

    Lana has been my biggest inspiration for years - I know this comment will probably get lost, but even if one person out there checks out my channel (with my original music), I’ll appreciate it so much 💙💙💙

  47. ravian ravladi

    ravian ravladi4 timmar sedan

    Why is this the best Lana Del Rey’s music video?

  48. Living Soule

    Living Soule4 timmar sedan

    When the first 900 comments ignore the words and think she’s just being artistic.

  49. Natalia Tv

    Natalia Tv4 timmar sedan


  50. Danyelle Thompson

    Danyelle Thompson4 timmar sedan

    excited for this era 🤪🤪🤪

  51. Bao Lg

    Bao Lg4 timmar sedan

    this is Arte'

  52. stupidcatgirl

    stupidcatgirl4 timmar sedan


  53. nicolas gonzalez peña

    nicolas gonzalez peña5 timmar sedan

    chemtrails son quimicos que expulsan los aviones ella debe ser mk ultra

  54. ReactKing

    ReactKing2 timmar sedan

    The opposite.

  55. Zxq Ji

    Zxq Ji5 timmar sedan





  57. Sam It

    Sam It5 timmar sedan

    This is lana's world. We're just allowed to live in it

  58. Aishah Bostani

    Aishah Bostani5 timmar sedan

    the first half is about her cancer sun ( “my moon is leo, my cancer is sun”) which is why it’s cutsie, sunny, and happy with the beach and water (cancer is a water sign) and the second half is about her leo moon (“my sun is cancer, my leo is moon”) which is why it’s at night under a full moon with a howling wolf and fire and it’s sexier (leo= fire sign)

  59. Kori Bwrs

    Kori Bwrs5 timmar sedan


  60. ReactKing

    ReactKing2 timmar sedan


  61. Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube

    Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube5 timmar sedan

    Lana saved my life

  62. chipika achumi

    chipika achumi5 timmar sedan

    Her voice😍

  63. Angelia Fuentes

    Angelia Fuentes5 timmar sedan

    YessI love with this song so much 🔥🔥😍😍😍

  64. Bromley Corona

    Bromley Corona6 timmar sedan


  65. Bromley Corona

    Bromley Corona6 timmar sedan

    biggest flex is that lana and i have the same sun sign😎

  66. Gilvan Narciso

    Gilvan Narciso6 timmar sedan


  67. Johanson Topór

    Johanson Topór6 timmar sedan


  68. Maggie

    Maggie6 timmar sedan

    This is beautiful 💕 absolutely stunning 👏🏾

  69. Aline

    Aline6 timmar sedan


  70. Aline

    Aline6 timmar sedan


  71. Jaxsonnn N

    Jaxsonnn N6 timmar sedan

    she’s so good

  72. Mr S

    Mr S7 timmar sedan

    So no ones gonna mention the dead bird Shes showering with !? ...🥴

  73. ReactKing

    ReactKing2 timmar sedan

    Chemtrails killed it.

  74. Víctor Manuel Quinto Pimentel

    Víctor Manuel Quinto Pimentel7 timmar sedan


  75. Carol Gomez Sanchez

    Carol Gomez Sanchez7 timmar sedan


  76. Como Cantar

    Como Cantar7 timmar sedan

    Brasileiros? Onde???

  77. M.B O

    M.B O7 timmar sedan

    Fucking Rad, Lana! Balla! XxoO


    SILVER SPADES7 timmar sedan

    Who else wants to live in this music video?

  79. Living Soule

    Living Soule4 timmar sedan

    You do. That’s kind of the point

  80. Natalie Red

    Natalie Red7 timmar sedan

    her songs never disappoint :')

  81. Katelyn Marie

    Katelyn Marie7 timmar sedan

    conspiracy theory, but make it "classic"

  82. Nimrah Khan

    Nimrah Khan7 timmar sedan

    Her mask--

  83. Стелла Андреева

    Стелла Андреева8 timmar sedan

    Наша королева волков🥰 ауф☝️

  84. Marco byku

    Marco byku8 timmar sedan

    To tylko choroba...

  85. cai PB

    cai PB8 timmar sedan

    I miss her old music videos. The ones who where actually a piece of art.

  86. Emerson Riley

    Emerson Riley8 timmar sedan

    Back again

  87. nina moraes

    nina moraes8 timmar sedan

    Fucking QUEEN

  88. M!STER X

    M!STER X8 timmar sedan

    Lana is the new Cruella De Vil!

  89. Ivan Iraheta

    Ivan Iraheta32 minuter sedan


  90. Sergio Ferraro

    Sergio Ferraro8 timmar sedan

    Chemtrails: conspiracy plot. Nobody?

  91. Sergio Ferraro

    Sergio Ferraro5 timmar sedan

    @siouxperb5570 It's a pretty disturbing theory. They literally spray the sky with chemicals that alter human behavior. Lana and the others are transformed perhaps for that reason. It is a poetic license, Lana does not use the subject in a controversial way. Prince once reference this and the interviewer showed no empathy with him, concluding the show. Regards.

  92. siouxperb5570

    siouxperb55705 timmar sedan

    @Sergio Ferraro Well, except that 'chemtrails' are proven to be a mathematically impossible hoax.

  93. siouxperb5570

    siouxperb55706 timmar sedan

    What about it? She clearly referenced it.

  94. BOSTAN

    BOSTAN8 timmar sedan

    Classic Women❤

  95. Ruben Ayala

    Ruben Ayala8 timmar sedan


  96. Esteban Cherry

    Esteban Cherry8 timmar sedan

    The only god is Lana del Rey

  97. Tracy James

    Tracy James8 timmar sedan

    Why am I thinking of The Great Gatsby?

  98. Samara Vasko

    Samara Vasko8 timmar sedan

    Carai q viagem

  99. لولو العراقيه

    لولو العراقيه9 timmar sedan

  100. Felipe Braga

    Felipe Braga9 timmar sedan

    Lana, the greatest!

  101. Devin Reading

    Devin Reading9 timmar sedan

    shes a gemini actually

  102. Engin Denizler Engin'den İzler

    Engin Denizler Engin'den İzler9 timmar sedan


  103. malikedenizcan dizdar

    malikedenizcan dizdar9 timmar sedan

    Myrkur-Ulvinde music video thank me later

  104. ReactKing

    ReactKing2 timmar sedan

    She's trying to get people to wake up! Listen to her other song The Greatest. That song was out before covid.

  105. Barbi bb

    Barbi bb9 timmar sedan

    I love lana💜💜💜

  106. Elwood Blues

    Elwood Blues9 timmar sedan

    When i get to heaven I hope all angels sound like her

  107. Jesam Butal

    Jesam Butal9 timmar sedan

    I miss you my queen ❤️

  108. Cristian Feliciano

    Cristian Feliciano9 timmar sedan

    Mesh mask is back😍😍😍

  109. Kitty Foreman

    Kitty Foreman7 timmar sedan

    It had plastic under it😍😍😍

  110. Shay Hernandez

    Shay Hernandez9 timmar sedan

    this is the best thing i have ever seen

  111. Bismak Souza

    Bismak Souza9 timmar sedan


  112. xmakenzie x

    xmakenzie x9 timmar sedan

    ty lana.

  113. Ilyes Zatla

    Ilyes Zatla9 timmar sedan

    i'm in the WIND i'm in the WATER...nobody's SON nobody's DAUGHTER........Fav part.

  114. Valentina

    Valentina9 timmar sedan


  115. Joao Zuta

    Joao Zuta9 timmar sedan

    Lana del rey parece aquelas viuvas de milionarios que passou a vida toda esperando o marido morrer pra ficar com a herança e quando ele morre ela não sabe oque fazer com o dinheiro e torra tudo em cirurgias plasticas e bebidas alcoolicas

  116. Astrid Weatherstone

    Astrid Weatherstone10 timmar sedan

    She is the only person I will allow to wear a mesh face mask.

  117. Osvaldo Martinez

    Osvaldo Martinez10 timmar sedan

    Lana es mi religión