Arsenal vs Benfica | Watch Along Live

Arsenal vs Benfica | Watch Along Live
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  1. Joe Jackson

    Joe JacksonMånad sedan


  2. Zak Zaky

    Zak ZakyMånad sedan

    Real supporters ❤️🔴⚪️

  3. _yxngting_21_ _yxngting_21

    _yxngting_21_ _yxngting_21Månad sedan

    53:23 try’s rlly asking WILLY SALIBA to put it in

  4. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonMånad sedan

    This felt like an early final,hope to see Arsenal liftin the trophy in the end🙌

  5. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytMånad sedan

    Cr7 to the camp nou: 1:56:01

  6. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiMånad sedan

    Olympiakos knock us out at the Emirates last season, Arsenal progress at their ground this season 🤩

  7. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonMånad sedan

    Watching Robby swear was so weird

  8. alain mbock

    alain mbockMånad sedan

    Champions of benfica

  9. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeMånad sedan


  10. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiMånad sedan

    1:53:35. Robbie let out a huge 1

  11. ita fahey

    ita faheyMånad sedan

    Weldome ceabaois

  12. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guytMånad sedan


  13. Og_slicer

    Og_slicerMånad sedan

    Aftv is dead after troopz left

  14. TA

    TAMånad sedan

    Don Robbie didn’t even move a muscle when Tierney scored😂😂

  15. F1GURE_ONE

    F1GURE_ONEMånad sedan


  16. F1GURE_ONE

    F1GURE_ONEMånad sedan

    @yuoop noke subscribe to me

  17. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeMånad sedan

    Arsenal wining the champions league

  18. K.ALI

    K.ALIMånad sedan

    Mans actually stressing over dead Cup against dead teams lol while we United fans don't stress about this crap cup we won under Jose

  19. 돈이지

    돈이지Månad sedan

    That free kick was incredible, hurts to say but we got the win😅

  20. 돈이지

    돈이지Månad sedan

    @seiom jvony huh? What does being good at free kicks have to do with the whole team? And seems you’re a bit salty so get off the comment section

  21. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyMånad sedan

    It's only Benfica 😂🤣😭😂🤣😭

  22. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyMånad sedan

    1:55:06 DTs son is on the floor it’s legit on his Twitter

  23. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyMånad sedan

    He lost it ahahah

  24. jojo sims

    jojo simsMånad sedan

    This is why fans should not be allowed back in the stadium. What a bunch of whinging negative no nothings, shouting moronic instructions

  25. Jacob Brown

    Jacob BrownMånad sedan

    1:31:34 Lee storms out

  26. Emre

    EmreMånad sedan

    The way they celebrate over normal goals in europa 🤣🤣🤣 imagine if arsenal ever won something

  27. seiom jvony

    seiom jvonyMånad sedan

    2:05:03 daym Charlene got curvature

  28. Signals927

    Signals927Månad sedan


  29. Ajs 1988

    Ajs 1988Månad sedan

    Flip flops

  30. Jim West

    Jim WestMånad sedan

    Lee is Paul Whitehouse

  31. Kady M

    Kady MMånad sedan

    Watching Robby swear was so weird

  32. SZGamingHD

    SZGamingHDMånad sedan


  33. Emman Deleo

    Emman DeleoMånad sedan

    1:53:35. Robbie let out a huge 1

  34. netweed09

    netweed09Månad sedan

    6:25 Pipa closely examining the stitching on Ty's hat. Calm before the storm, haha

  35. 4737Carlin

    4737CarlinMånad sedan

    I think Pippa should be more aware of the black stitching onn her jeans when she''s sitting down when her hands are by her side

  36. sorry

    sorryMånad sedan

    Arsenal wining the champions league

  37. Donna Majiedt

    Donna MajiedtMånad sedan

    Cr7 to the camp nou: 1:56:01

  38. George_ Lad04

    George_ Lad04Månad sedan

    He lost it ahahah

  39. The 10th

    The 10thMånad sedan

    It's only Benfica 😂🤣😭😂🤣😭

  40. Jason Freshwater

    Jason FreshwaterMånad sedan

    I know we got through but Im loosing faith in the manager a bit. Why are we never pumped up for these games. Played at a snail's pace!!!

  41. Astro Athletic Fifa Clips

    Astro Athletic Fifa ClipsMånad sedan

    Everyone spamming Arteta out and small club as we have scored the winner shows the delay of the chat and the amount of people that just troll 😂, like I wanna watch it go away 😂🤣

  42. momandbro8

    momandbro8Månad sedan


  43. Alonzo Harris

    Alonzo HarrisMånad sedan

    2:05:03 daym Charlene got curvature

  44. Harry B

    Harry BMånad sedan

    prime example of VAR ruining celebrations

  45. Núñez J

    Núñez JMånad sedan

    Robbie can play cb for arsenal !! Singh him !

  46. Núñez J

    Núñez JMånad sedan

    This game was crazy !!

  47. rcastellon55

    rcastellon55Månad sedan

    Ima pray for arsenal to draw united or tottenham ... want to see fan bases go to war on each other for the europa crown😂.

  48. Boxing Legend

    Boxing LegendMånad sedan

    Lee is a fair weather fan

  49. anjou brown

    anjou brownMånad sedan

    good to see Robbie calling players shyte when they not playing well but never Auba.Faur play to Auba today

  50. anjou brown

    anjou brownMånad sedan

    this cast has no football knowledge

  51. Alonzo Harris

    Alonzo HarrisMånad sedan

    Hmm Pippa is quite alright

  52. Emily Johnson

    Emily JohnsonMånad sedan

    arteta is the only man that could make headphones stop clapping. That willian sub had me dyinggg 1:30:23

  53. Arun J

    Arun JMånad sedan

    I don't care how long lee has been to stadium, technology has changed things and he actually wanted arsenal to lose because he was behaving like an arse in front of the whole world and he didnt want to be embarrassed. He couldnt believe arsenal was winning after all the effing rant, and then he has the usual easier thing to do which is say credit where its due.

  54. Jordan Williams

    Jordan WilliamsMånad sedan

    Robbie wanted to rip ceballos head off hahahaha

  55. pjmcann29

    pjmcann29Månad sedan

    Bad when robbie is swearing 😂😂

  56. Frank Maka

    Frank MakaMånad sedan

    1:54:56 I love the dialog. "Thats a ball---!" "YEAAHHHH!!!!!"

  57. Notorious MiGZ

    Notorious MiGZMånad sedan

    Don Robbie: "Maybe Willian will do somefing" 10 seconds later he gets an assist.

  58. duncan lewis

    duncan lewisMånad sedan


  59. Notorious MiGZ

    Notorious MiGZMånad sedan

    I think after Benfica 2nd goal Robbie swore more in the next 2 mins then he has ever in the history of AFTV

  60. David Barrock

    David BarrockMånad sedan

    Why Tyre’s mouth open after the 3rd goal

  61. Luel Moges

    Luel MogesMånad sedan

    bring back dt

  62. StylistecS

    StylistecSMånad sedan

    The moment when they were happy Partey was coming and literally a half a second later, they threw up their hands when they saw Willian😅

  63. Bobby Khan

    Bobby KhanMånad sedan

    Guy at the front left, the only one who just keeps believing, hoping, supporting. Everyone else just cussing out our players (understandably tbf), moaning, complaining... But this guy seems to just keep the faith, encourages any passages of play, looks with a hope in his eyes that has perhaps not been earnt but is still great to see.. We might both be deluded, but that is the guy I'd want to watch a match with.

  64. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

    Glen Kightley - Everything ArsenalMånad sedan

    2:01:05 Can't blame you Robbie 😂😂😂 I was telling everyone in the neighborhood to sit down as well

  65. Chris Mckenna

    Chris MckennaMånad sedan

    Bunch of wannabe gangsters talking shite

  66. Jabril04

    Jabril04Månad sedan

    @Chris Mckenna stfu Chris

  67. Chris Mckenna

    Chris MckennaMånad sedan

    @Jabril04 I’m not wrong tho am eye !

  68. Jabril04

    Jabril04Månad sedan

    Stfu Chris

  69. Un Stoppable

    Un StoppableMånad sedan

    How come DT isn’t in the watch along anymore

  70. Tyler Sly

    Tyler SlyMånad sedan

    Woman in the black coat and woman behind the camera talk so much bollocks no wonder Arsenal fans have a bad name

  71. Freedelivery 85

    Freedelivery 85Månad sedan


  72. reno van roth

    reno van rothMånad sedan

    Moral of the story: Always wait until 90 minutes over😅

  73. Hayden Eden

    Hayden EdenMånad sedan

    We need a skull thug video of this

  74. richard anayiotos

    richard anayiotosMånad sedan

    If leno is in the box he has more of an opportunity to do something than if he is in no mans land

  75. Spinksy

    SpinksyMånad sedan

    Nah as a liverpool fan I really miss this type of feeling

  76. Spinksy

    SpinksyMånad sedan

    @Sir Charm mate when we're gone down a goal this season we'd end up losing the game?

  77. Sir Charm

    Sir CharmMånad sedan

    Seriously?you won the league and champions league? What are you talking about?

  78. Hayden Eden

    Hayden EdenMånad sedan

    This is intense to watch back knowing what happens

  79. bunc89

    bunc89Månad sedan

    Since Auba has been up front he's been banging goals keep him up front PLEASE!!!!!

  80. Yasser Ben • 28 years ago

    Yasser Ben • 28 years agoMånad sedan

    Rivals are crying because arsenal won 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  81. ParaDoxxed 888

    ParaDoxxed 888Månad sedan

    Love watching the chat go from taking the piss out of Arsenal to begging the goal to be offside 😂😂😂

  82. michaelFIFA #NoToEuropeanSuperLeague

    michaelFIFA #NoToEuropeanSuperLeagueMånad sedan

    😂😂😭 they're just obsessed

  83. Anderson

    AndersonMånad sedan


  84. Danny Hensey

    Danny HenseyMånad sedan

    What a comeback! Showed fight & spirit. Tierney for captain he has the passion required to be a an Arsenal player. Blood and guts type player love him. How can I get on AFTV Robbie would love to give my opinion on the club I love on your channel

  85. Me Only

    Me OnlyMånad sedan

    Lee is a knobhead

  86. Jake R

    Jake RMånad sedan

    No one wants to see Kenya u12s talk about the english man's game so why so many women and wheres the diversity

  87. Darren Reynolds

    Darren ReynoldsMånad sedan

    Boy at 2-1 down I thought we was going OUT

  88. Asa A.

    Asa A.Månad sedan

    This watch along was so entertaining

  89. roronoa zoro

    roronoa zoroMånad sedan

    robbie was angry today because he betted on one of his islands

  90. Jamie Whitworth

    Jamie WhitworthMånad sedan

    Everyone listen to arcadianhaze on SEtoos thank me later

  91. Morality Speaks

    Morality SpeaksMånad sedan

    These guys gave up straight away before Tierney's goal 😂😂

  92. KLZ

    KLZMånad sedan

    voldemort lost his shoe after second goal

  93. Harrybog RMA

    Harrybog RMAMånad sedan

    I can hear DT man 😂😂 1:55:16

  94. Short Tom

    Short TomMånad sedan

    @Brandon 224 Ik that now read my last comment

  95. Brandon 224

    Brandon 224Månad sedan

    @Short Tom Tf are u onabout? It’s troopz who’s in New York not DT

  96. TyClips

    TyClipsMånad sedan

    @Short Tom DT is still in the UK, just not going to the watchalongs because of his health conditions, Troopz is in New York not DT aswell.

  97. Is-Haaq Sarwar

    Is-Haaq SarwarMånad sedan

    @Short Tom same as troopz

  98. Is-Haaq Sarwar

    Is-Haaq SarwarMånad sedan

    @Short Tom where is he now ??


    CALL OF DUTY SCRIMSMånad sedan

    Lee is a idiot. Simple as that. Defo got something against Leno.

  100. Luis Mejia

    Luis MejiaMånad sedan

    Nothings better than seeing arsenal struggle in the round of 32 of the Europa league on a Thursday night

  101. michaelFIFA #NoToEuropeanSuperLeague

    michaelFIFA #NoToEuropeanSuperLeagueMånad sedan

    nothings like reading hundreds of salty comments after we win the tie in the last few minutes

  102. Stanley Chibuzo

    Stanley ChibuzoMånad sedan

    Great gunners family

  103. D.I.Y Ninja

    D.I.Y NinjaMånad sedan

    I don't always agree with Lee, but he was absolutely spot on with with his point about Leno coming out. Was an absolutely terrible decision to come out, and then make no challenge whatsoever ?!! What's the point of coming out then?? Stay on your line.. might aswel have just moved out the way completely and let the guy score ! Which is what he basically did.. anyway.. we got away with it.. COYG !!

  104. MrMessyb

    MrMessybMånad sedan

    @D.I.Y Ninja again you clearly didn’t read what I said about Leno being off his line. If Ceballos didn’t do that stupid header, you wouldn’t even be talking about Leno being off his line. In today’s game, keepers are often off of their line to retrieve the ball and start attacks quicker. Leno did that plenty times. It’s only cos it led to a goal you are questioning him.

  105. Me Only

    Me OnlyMånad sedan

    Rubbish Lee can't play football neither can you

  106. D.I.Y Ninja

    D.I.Y NinjaMånad sedan

    @MrMessyb definitely was ultimately Ceballos' error, not contesting that.. but still poor decision making from Leno where he could have salvaged us by staying on the line and not leaving an empty net for the attacker to tap the ball into.

  107. MrMessyb

    MrMessybMånad sedan

    Ultimately it was still Ceballos’a fault! He tried to header it back from the bloody halfway line!!! I’m glad Leno didn’t make a stupid challenge and get a red card or give away a penalty. Keepers are often off their lines, especially in today’s game. They are sweepers and restart play quicker. He did it plenty of times this game. He wasn’t expecting such an awful header from Ceballos! I don’t blame Leno at all.

  108. Eoin Mordaunt

    Eoin MordauntMånad sedan

    Tierney is are saviour. If it wasnt for him we wouldnt have won. Obviously aubameyang too but if it wasnt for Tierney it wouldnt have happened.

  109. Pepperoni Pizza • 12 years ago

    Pepperoni Pizza • 12 years agoMånad sedan

    Tierney, Auba, Saka and Leno are the only ones carrying Arsenal to where they are now

  110. ot0304

    ot0304Månad sedan

    Kelechi with the creps

  111. FireX300

    FireX300Månad sedan

    1:02:28 Robbie baited again! Even DT spot it Thank me later!

  112. Q Breezy

    Q BreezyMånad sedan


  113. Gerdog

    GerdogMånad sedan


  114. simplythebest286

    simplythebest286Månad sedan

    hahahaha robbie is so pure minded and innocent !!!

  115. James Tuffnel

    James TuffnelMånad sedan

    You beat benfica so what 😂if you come against united youl get knocked out 🙉😂

  116. James Tuffnel

    James TuffnelMånad sedan


  117. James Tuffnel

    James TuffnelMånad sedan

    @DLG Reppin it's literally happens you berk 😅 look where your team is

  118. DLG Reppin

    DLG ReppinMånad sedan

    @James Tuffnel You see what you want to see Lol

  119. James Tuffnel

    James TuffnelMånad sedan

    @DLG Reppin no I'm a devils fan who sees what I see 😂🙌and I see your league position .. I see ours you really think your gonna catch us ? 😂🏃, If we draw you berks Rashford , Martial , Fred , Fernandes are much more quality than your players for a star 😂😂🙉

  120. DLG Reppin

    DLG ReppinMånad sedan

    @James Tuffnel Are you another man utd whonwants to hear what you want to hear ?

  121. Patrick O’Halloran

    Patrick O’HalloranMånad sedan

    Kelechi such a clout chaser

  122. Bentl Blac

    Bentl BlacMånad sedan

    Jay Henry u are joking. Arsenal are NOT ”small club”. Do NOT ”have to leave”

  123. Pranesh Medilall

    Pranesh MedilallMånad sedan

    When Robbie swears you know this is serious stuff!!!!!

  124. Abdul Kalam

    Abdul KalamMånad sedan

    1:55:06 Ragnbones son is on the floor

  125. Akbar

    AkbarMånad sedan

    Robbie was ona mad one hahah

  126. Tupac Devil

    Tupac DevilMånad sedan

    In this match the difference appeared between a coach who has distinguished players who makes them disabled (Arteta) And between a coach who has regular players who makes them special (Jesus)

  127. Dash22

    Dash22Månad sedan

    You are so wrong Jesus is doing everything but that

  128. Ryan Newman

    Ryan NewmanMånad sedan

    Stop doing the black power salute ffs this kid was dropped on his head as a child, hope these melts get us in the cup one day! That’s if they even turn up at to the den

  129. MrMessyb

    MrMessybMånad sedan

    “Turn up at to the den”? Is this English?

  130. ChillySnowman 44

    ChillySnowman 44Månad sedan


  131. David Chiarletti

    David ChiarlettiMånad sedan

    The teacher in class never give headphones his milk WTF GWORN! Cfc Gate13 crew

  132. syed hassan

    syed hassanMånad sedan

    Jesus Christ, benfica pushed us to the limit without even creating any decent chances

  133. Dash22

    Dash22Månad sedan

    Benfica are the worst they've been for a decade as well

  134. Petar Zijic

    Petar ZijicMånad sedan

    Were where we are in the league for a reason. Arsenal are not a good team

  135. Bruno Fernandes

    Bruno FernandesMånad sedan

    Lucky bastards

  136. Gorilla Singh

    Gorilla SinghMånad sedan

    Penandes overrated clown not even close to de bruyne

  137. one luffy

    one luffyMånad sedan

    1:53:35 fart noise

  138. Serpent

    SerpentMånad sedan

    why do we always get banter no matter the result

  139. binga del feruzi

    binga del feruziMånad sedan

    One of the best watch along live this season 👌 🙌 👏 👍 😍 👌

  140. Owen Gosling

    Owen GoslingMånad sedan

    Lee is so reactionary, if Arsenal are winning then the players are amazing, when Arsenal are losing then they're awful and "there needs to be change" 😂

  141. john craig

    john craigMånad sedan

    @Andrew Dake his standards havent dropped like most of the arsenal fans

  142. Andrew Dake

    Andrew DakeMånad sedan

    he is not reactionary, you lot are reactionary getting hyped about a win whenever we have clear mistakes every single game, lee knows what the problems are. he never ups the players when they win their first game in a while.

  143. Gooner

    GoonerMånad sedan

    Most fans are like that tbf

  144. 我スカ精神

    我スカ精神Månad sedan


  145. Invincieblez Music

    Invincieblez MusicMånad sedan

    Never seen Robbie that pissed (on the second goal) and I felt the exact same way