Zack Snyder's Justice League | Official Trailer | HBO Max

In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
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  1. Chris getoutflgbrnr

    Chris getoutflgbrnr13 minuter sedan

    The movie woulda been better like this

  2. Lester Myname

    Lester Myname15 minuter sedan

    I seriously am excited and I can’t wait, I love Zach Snyder!

  3. 1rdx

    1rdx45 minuter sedan

    Justice League 2 and 3. If possible ! 😇

  4. that.kid. jp.draws

    that.kid. jp.draws49 minuter sedan


  5. Quick Facts

    Quick Facts52 minuter sedan

    If you guy want Henry Cavill as Superman then let's create a Petition and pressure WB to keep him.

  6. CPM3

    CPM3Timme sedan

    Mein Superman trailer?

  7. General Pinocho

    General PinochoTimme sedan

    Hello guys 🙋🏻‍♂️, Im new in the DC community 🙈, Im having a great time even though some fellas are mean to me for some reason 🥺 maybe because Im new 😭 So I want to know what should I do to be accepted here as a DC fan like all of you 🥰

  8. Jonathan Müller

    Jonathan Müller15 minuter sedan

    You will *not* join us in the sun.

  9. CPM3

    CPM348 minuter sedan

    @Anmatrix General Pendejo.

  10. Anmatrix

    AnmatrixTimme sedan

    Bruh what is that. Do u think no one remember you. I saw hundred of your hate comments all over the trailer

  11. CPM3

    CPM3Timme sedan

    True DC fans accept Dark Knight Strikes Again a masterpiece. But you = troll and troll bad, fan good

  12. Jay MacEachern

    Jay MacEachernTimme sedan

    "You were sent here for a reason, and even if it takes you the rest of your life, find out what that reason is." Kevin Costner was the perfect choice for Clark's father.

  13. Hola Buenas Tardes

    Hola Buenas TardesTimme sedan

    Let’s made this the most viewed video in The HBO Max Channel!!!! We are too close from the first one, The Witches.

  14. Saša Vukotić

    Saša VukotićTimme sedan

    Our Superman #HenryCavillSuperman

  15. The INTROVERT guy

    The INTROVERT guyTimme sedan

    Bruce's Knightmare: Darkseid invading the Earth. DC fans knighare: 2017 Josstice League which is the most scariest?

  16. Hola Buenas Tardes

    Hola Buenas TardesTimme sedan

    Josstice League is the hell

  17. CPM3

    CPM3Timme sedan

    JOHNStice League

  18. Calm

    Calm2 timmar sedan

    Gracias HBOmax, por hacerlo posible.

  19. Calm

    Calm3 timmar sedan

    Quedan 13 días mierda, estoy muy emocionado

  20. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    This is gonna succ because it does not follow the critically acclaimed comic: The Dark Knight Strikes Again" Wait, Zack has SWAG! This is gonna be pure substance

  21. elivelton felipe

    elivelton felipe3 timmar sedan

    Alquem sabe o nome da musica que começa?

  22. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    Totem - Praxis Lisa Gerrard - Celon

  23. General Pinocho

    General Pinocho3 timmar sedan

    Oh is this the new parody of the Avengers? 🤭

  24. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix59 minuter sedan

    Hahahaha nice joke Everyone knows Avengers is a kids parody of justice league

  25. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix59 minuter sedan

    @General Pinocho we don't need u troll goodbye.

  26. CPM3

    CPM3Timme sedan

    @General Pinocho No, I don't think I will.. 😊

  27. General Pinocho

    General PinochoTimme sedan

    Please dont be so toxic and rude 🥺 we can be a nice community 😊

  28. CPM3

    CPM32 timmar sedan

    @RXTZ SleekZ Oof, he got roasted hard! Yea, even MCU fans are disappointed in their humor. Finale was decent tho.

  29. Cinema Hood

    Cinema Hood3 timmar sedan

    So Edgy

  30. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix57 minuter sedan

    @Cinema Hood haha Bollywood troll. only indians love marvel . U giya don't even know what's going on. Avengers is just a kids copy of justice league. Go home troll

  31. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    @Cinema Hood Bollywood Troll

  32. General Pinocho

    General Pinocho3 timmar sedan

    Bro #FACTS

  33. soy yo

    soy yo3 timmar sedan

    "Edgy" and "pretentious" are the only words the haters know

  34. Cinema Hood

    Cinema Hood3 timmar sedan

    @CPM3 Cry more

  35. mc_macapaca

    mc_macapaca3 timmar sedan

    We live in a society where the fans have to petition and fight for what they want. Let the audience decide: #HenryCavillSuperman #RestoreTheSnyderverse

  36. obiwon_ben

    obiwon_ben3 timmar sedan

    Jesus I cant wait to see this.

  37. AJ FILMS

    AJ FILMS4 timmar sedan

    Please release movie in 16:9 resolution

  38. Darwin Diaz

    Darwin Diaz3 timmar sedan

    You can crop/zoom and it will be the same as a 16:9 release tho

  39. AJ FILMS

    AJ FILMS4 timmar sedan

    Why 4:3 video resolution ?

  40. Yellow Devil

    Yellow Devil2 timmar sedan

    @AJ FILMS you dont like 4k resolution? damn... had to be 8k i guess.

  41. AJ FILMS

    AJ FILMS3 timmar sedan

    @Anmatrix ok

  42. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix3 timmar sedan

    It's imax 1:33:1 the best ratio. 16:9 doesn't show whole image

  43. Aditya Singh

    Aditya Singh4 timmar sedan

    I was shocked to see joker 🔥🔥🔥.

  44. subrat pradhan

    subrat pradhan4 timmar sedan

    This movie will not be impressive, the vfx is lousy

  45. Bobos

    Bobos3 timmar sedan

    CGI is the least important aspect of filmmaking. The Academy is thinking of scrapping the category. 🙄

  46. Cinema Hood

    Cinema Hood3 timmar sedan


  47. John Lee

    John Lee4 timmar sedan

    People praising and getting excited just because the released justice league sucks. As if BvS that sucked wasn’t made by Snyder.

  48. CPM3

    CPM3Timme sedan

    @RXTZ SleekZ I love BVS but the early drafts make it look like Batman and Robin. Like Wallace Keefe as Metallo.. damn boy! They should've used that one instead of impure Doomsday

  49. CPM3

    CPM3Timme sedan

    @RXTZ SleekZ Plz give me noodles and Wallace Keef as Metallo. Am poor plz

  50. RXTZ SleekZ

    RXTZ SleekZTimme sedan

    As someone said earlier in the comment section: "people who say this movie will suck like BvS, let me tell you something.. the BvS that people hated are NOT FULLY ZACK'S VISION. it was a compromised version. it was chopped off 30min of USEFUL footage and is released to the cinema. and then BvS ultimate edition came out and guess what, many people who hated BvS and trash talked zack for it, APOLOGIZED to him on the media because they didn't know that the theatrical release BvS was RUINED BY THE STUDIO. and guess what, BvS ultimate edition IS ZACK'S FULL VISION for the movie and people love it. so, zack snyder's justice league will also be zack's full vision with ZERO COMPROMISE. that's how we fans know this movie will NOT suck. just like BvS ultimate edition. people who say that it's trash are just ignorant, insecure, haters that just wants to see dceu get buried deep underground. but we won. the movement won. our voices were heard. we raised over half a million dollar for suicide prevention charity. has any other fandom do something like that? no right? so why are you haters say snyder's fans are 'toxic'?? that's because the haters are the toxic ones, damn right." -Just Some Guy Eating Noodles

  51. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    I fckin' love @General Pinocho

  52. General Pinocho

    General Pinocho3 timmar sedan

    @Anmatrix best superhero movie ever LMAOOO that movie has been trashed since the release 😂

  53. Mask Man

    Mask Man4 timmar sedan

    It’s a shame Joss Whedon couldn’t work the same magic with Justice League that he did with The Avengers. Problem was Snyder had already made a mess of JL so there’s very little Whedon could have done to save it. In a perfect world Whedon would have led the DC cinematic universe.

  54. NoirAngel777

    NoirAngel7773 timmar sedan

    @Mask Man He abused the cast and crew of Josstice League, Buffy, and Angel, but ok

  55. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    @Mask Man Ah, it's you Geoff!

  56. RXTZ SleekZ

    RXTZ SleekZ3 timmar sedan

    @Mask Man Snyder did nothing wrong. The problem was WB was so scared of getting backlash from Snyder Haters like you, that they took a JL film that wasn't a mess & made a mess of it. Whedon's version wouldn't have been better if he were on it from the start. Snyder runs circles around him.

  57. soy yo

    soy yo3 timmar sedan

    You like geoff johns and joss Whedon? I'm not even gonna waste more time with you

  58. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix3 timmar sedan

    @Mask Man well than why u here. U cant handle dark themes. Go back to marvel. Ignore the movie no need to spread hate. U don't understand these movies it's ur problem

  59. Haljordan4life

    Haljordan4life4 timmar sedan



    DARKSEID4 timmar sedan

    Can we all accept the fact that WB = Warner Butchers....😑

  61. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan


  62. Alex Moreno

    Alex Moreno4 timmar sedan

    13 days

  63. Infoting

    Infoting4 timmar sedan


  64. chrollo lucilfer

    chrollo lucilfer4 timmar sedan

    how i wish joker colab with lex luthor..gonna be madness for sure!

  65. Number Juan

    Number Juan4 timmar sedan

    13 days

  66. Matty Pamps

    Matty Pamps5 timmar sedan

    Wow will we see it in the Uk 😭

  67. K

    K5 timmar sedan

    jor-el: but out there, among the stars...he'll live. lex luthor: out in the dark, among the stars...the god is dead.

  68. Brent Lars

    Brent Lars5 timmar sedan

    Whoa damn this is cool

  69. Minara Akther

    Minara Akther6 timmar sedan

    Love u Zack Snyder 😘😘

  70. CPM3

    CPM36 timmar sedan

    The Crew are at Warpower. Soon, the enemy will fall in the Middle Mass.

  71. CPM3

    CPM36 timmar sedan

    This is gonna succ because it does not adapt the critically acclaimed comic: DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN. Mark my words, Hey, sorry! I had to beat an old man with a long nose to get this *[ZACK SNYDER'S DAREDEVIL]*

  72. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh6 timmar sedan

    Even though I did not know of Steppenwolf before DCEU movies, I have come to like him more than I've ever liked Batman or Superman. He looks more dominant than Darkseid or any other DCEU character. I want to see him fight and defeat Darkseid, then take his place. Also, I don't like the way Joker says "Batman", it seems overdone.

  73. CPM3

    CPM32 timmar sedan

    @Saad Sheikh Haha, Darkseid is accurate

  74. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh2 timmar sedan

    @soy yo They should have designed Darkseid better.

  75. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    @soy yo Darkseid sucks because he doesn't kill Superman. "The girl" said Darkseid calmly

  76. soy yo

    soy yo3 timmar sedan

    @Saad Sheikh hey i really like this new steppenwolf, but darkseid is the real deal

  77. Saad Sheikh

    Saad Sheikh3 timmar sedan

    @soy yo Well, hopefully things will change for Steppenwolf 🤷🏻‍♂️

  78. Nitesh Kumar Sahu

    Nitesh Kumar Sahu6 timmar sedan


  79. AlphaReturns

    AlphaReturns6 timmar sedan

    13 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!

  80. CPM3

    CPM36 timmar sedan

    *Clown-Bat In Josstice* A broken character, a clown in a batsuit. Overshadowed, And his back is bleeding. *Batman In Snyder* A man who is seeking the path of redemption, is helped by the one who he loathed him the most at the time, and he is a competent leader. *Neesonwolf in Josstice* The villain who can't survive without saying "MOTHER!" Underdesigned, uncharismatic and one dimesional. *Steppenwolf in Snyder* The villain who will have a purpose, and will hack everyone he sees.

  81. HahoYT

    HahoYT6 timmar sedan

    Where is shazam

  82. AlphaReturns

    AlphaReturns6 timmar sedan

    This takes place before shazam.

  83. CPM3

    CPM36 timmar sedan

    He's not even Shazam yet

  84. CPM3

    CPM37 timmar sedan

    This is February 14th 2017

  85. Sayesha Rajdutt

    Sayesha Rajdutt7 timmar sedan

    #HenryCavillSuperman Henry is the best Superman and no one can change my mind

  86. Omaewa Nani

    Omaewa Nani7 timmar sedan

    Jesus is coming B- basic I- instructions B- before L- leaving E- earth ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. Rambo

    Rambo3 timmar sedan

    @Omaewa Nani Bullshit!

  88. Omaewa Nani

    Omaewa Nani4 timmar sedan

    @Rambo Watch your mouth. God Bless you

  89. Rambo

    Rambo4 timmar sedan


  90. John Rupesh

    John Rupesh7 timmar sedan

    I was sure that Ben Affleck is the worst batman ever. Until Robert happened.

  91. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    @Anmatrix Ye, true that. Didn't know he was in Twilight

  92. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix3 timmar sedan

    @CPM3 ya actually excited for him too. But not as much as affleck but as per trailer he nailed it. A young Bruce awesome. Wanna see him break some bones

  93. CPM3

    CPM37 timmar sedan

    @Anmatrix Well, Robert gonna pull it off tho. EXCITED FOR BOTH

  94. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix7 timmar sedan

    That totally makes u a joke The only guy who looks like both Bruce and Batman and has the personality also is Affleck All others are simply bad Affleck first of all his size, he's dark brooding Batman The real one from the dark Knight Returns, arkham games and comics Bale wasn't good and Pattinson umm doesn't feel like bat. He somehow looks like Robin in front of batfleck. And u lie in minority. Almost everyone consider Affleck as greatest bat ever and cavill as greater supes. Bvs was best superhero movie much better than any marvel movie

  95. Halalisani Mbanjwa

    Halalisani Mbanjwa8 timmar sedan

    I'm so excited to Justice League It will be great to see Darkseid after Doomsday

  96. danny R

    danny R8 timmar sedan

    Cavill is the best superman !!!!!!!!! #HenryCavillSuperman

  97. Chandan Kr

    Chandan Kr9 timmar sedan

    India want to see in hindi language..

  98. CPM3

    CPM33 timmar sedan

    @Anmatrix It kind of works for anime, but I watched the entire DmC anime in Japanese. Vanilla is the best tho

  99. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix3 timmar sedan

    Nah. Dubbing makes movies worse

  100. ArKham KNIGHT

    ArKham KNIGHT6 timmar sedan


  101. Chandan Kr

    Chandan Kr9 timmar sedan

    Hindi language?

  102. CPM3

    CPM37 timmar sedan


  103. dr fate DC

    dr fate DC9 timmar sedan


  104. additional audit

    additional audit10 timmar sedan

    Superman henry cavil very polite

  105. Delanno de Lima

    Delanno de Lima10 timmar sedan

    Is this coming to HBO Max UK on the same date? Cheers

  106. AYzazz

    AYzazz8 timmar sedan

    Streaming Service = Other Day = Same

  107. Chrizz

    Chrizz10 timmar sedan

    If only they did this the first time they could have had something like Infinity War and Endgame

  108. loic stephan

    loic stephan10 timmar sedan

    1:46 Imagine this was a *live* wallpaper.

  109. Mighty

    Mighty11 timmar sedan

    Hindi trailer want

  110. Dad

    Dad11 timmar sedan

    Zack Snyder is the real villain in the movie, Because "Snyder cut justice league"😂

  111. al MM

    al MM11 timmar sedan

    What's with so many dislike?

  112. J r Z C o V e R s

    J r Z C o V e R s3 timmar sedan

    Insecure haters

  113. Rose Q

    Rose Q8 timmar sedan

    Just people telling to us to move on from the snyder cut when they should be the one to move on

  114. Anmatrix

    Anmatrix10 timmar sedan

    Marvel turds who don't want jl to succeed Avengers as they know Avengers is a copy of jl

  115. blurry king

    blurry king11 timmar sedan

    Please please dub in hindi also. For indian....

  116. MokaTraitors

    MokaTraitors11 timmar sedan

    Henry Cavill is our Superman. The one and only #ZackSyndersCut #HenryCavillSuperman

  117. Casero Music

    Casero Music12 timmar sedan

    Ty Zack! Ty DC! Ty WB! #teambatfleck

  118. RA Creations

    RA Creations12 timmar sedan

    The dislikes are from the marvel bois who are scared of this new Batfleck...

  119. Arma Geddon

    Arma Geddon12 timmar sedan

    Diana: "...they said the age of heroes will never come again." Bruce: "It will... because I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't." Oops! sorry wrong universe 😂

  120. Direwolf Kai

    Direwolf Kai13 timmar sedan

    2021 will go 😎😎🤘

  121. Jamarious Hank

    Jamarious Hank13 timmar sedan

    4hrs2mins 👏🏽

  122. Pradeep Kumar

    Pradeep Kumar13 timmar sedan


  123. Shiv Soni

    Shiv Soni13 timmar sedan

    Beteeee moj kardi, tum to sach mein bade heavy director ho bhai.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  124. PureSparkles22

    PureSparkles2213 timmar sedan

    Remove Amber Heard

  125. AYzazz

    AYzazz13 timmar sedan

    They can't. Only 10 minutes. And reminding you that this was supposed to come out in 2017. By that time, you would have been okay. She shot these scenes in 2016. And besides, she's a great Mera and too small for us fans. Sucks that she's is not that from the inside.

  126. adith pradeep

    adith pradeep13 timmar sedan

    DC want to concentrate on there bgm .Marvel movies always give goosebumps throughout their movies which I didn't get that same feel in DC.

  127. adith pradeep

    adith pradeep2 timmar sedan

    @Bruce Wayne yeah.. Dark Knight and joker have separate fan base.... And the answer for why the hype around marvel is that it's a complete entertainer.

  128. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne2 timmar sedan

    I never understand the hype around marvel movies, they're just bland and forgettable, completely ruined by overused corny jokes. Atleast DC movies such as The dark Knight trilogy, Man of steel, BvS and watchmen always gave me goosebump

  129. adith pradeep

    adith pradeep5 timmar sedan

    @Rose Q 👋👋welcome

  130. adith pradeep

    adith pradeep8 timmar sedan

    @Anmatrix yeah OK.. May be it's because of the combo of visuals and bgms of marvel movies is far more better than DC.

  131. Rose Q

    Rose Q8 timmar sedan

    Ok bye

  132. Matthew Camacho

    Matthew Camacho13 timmar sedan

    2 weeks until we #releasethesnydercut

  133. Matthew Camacho

    Matthew Camacho13 timmar sedan

    2 and a half weeks later and this trailer still rocks my world.

  134. Echelon

    Echelon14 timmar sedan

    13 days to the snyder cut 🤩

  135. Romel Alexander

    Romel Alexander14 timmar sedan


  136. Paramvir Atwal

    Paramvir Atwal14 timmar sedan

    So fooking hyped.

  137. Advait Moré

    Advait Moré14 timmar sedan

    OooooomaaaaGAAAAAAWWWWDDDDD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  138. maximus decimuss

    maximus decimuss14 timmar sedan

    for the newbie dont expect marvel stuff from snydercut expect LOTR stuff

  139. dark naxs

    dark naxs14 timmar sedan

    i cant believe 20m views

  140. Mars Salvador

    Mars Salvador14 timmar sedan


  141. Igor Frazão

    Igor Frazão14 timmar sedan

    make a continuation of this film! #SnyderCutPart2

  142. Grilla Fiq-Xion

    Grilla Fiq-Xion14 timmar sedan

    I thought I would see A titan

  143. Rahul Mathew

    Rahul Mathew14 timmar sedan

    Give us comic accurate super man of steell 2 movie with Henry Cavil. If you cant even pull of Braniac or Lobo, then you are a disgrace to DC Animation Dviision. The reputation they build with animated series is being tarnished by incompetent management. Give the damn superman movie to Patty Jenkins.

  144. TheMuchSwagDoge

    TheMuchSwagDoge15 timmar sedan

    0:56 FREESMART: The Movie (not sorry)

  145. Antis Buster

    Antis Buster15 timmar sedan

    This will be the last piece of DC live action we have with Henry Cavill. I genuinely liked both Man of Steel and BatmanVSuperman. So glad to see it all end here in the way it was meant to end.

  146. Rose Q

    Rose Q8 timmar sedan

    We’ll see about that?

  147. Sangoku s

    Sangoku s14 timmar sedan

    It was meant to end in Justice League 3...


    DARK MATTER16 timmar sedan

    I’ve never seen a reboot release so close to the last one. Especially with parallel plots. We’re literally getting a second chance at loving, or hating _Justice League._ The trailer already seems like a much better execution by a fully committed _Zack Synder._

  149. Jadi_boy

    Jadi_boy16 timmar sedan

    Lo logramos gente Tenemos liga de la justicia

  150. Number Juan

    Number Juan16 timmar sedan

    14 days.

  151. Mark Joadd

    Mark Joadd17 timmar sedan

    Endgame left the group

  152. WhiteBeanieGuy

    WhiteBeanieGuy17 timmar sedan

    A must watch movie. Created an EDM for this. ☺️

  153. Ferrufino Numbela Joseph

    Ferrufino Numbela Joseph17 timmar sedan

    20 millones

  154. Jonathan Müller

    Jonathan Müller17 timmar sedan

    Anyone interesting on sharing an Hbo maxi account?

  155. DIV DIV Assassin

    DIV DIV Assassin17 timmar sedan

    0.05 me finding out about Superman reboot.

  156. Sandip Banik

    Sandip Banik17 timmar sedan

    I thought it will be a film

  157. Sergi Escubedo Pujol

    Sergi Escubedo Pujol17 timmar sedan

    Lets get to 21M views!

  158. Jonathan Müller

    Jonathan Müller17 timmar sedan

    Who's here after the scripts of JL2 and JL3? 👀🔥🔥🔥

  159. Rose Q

    Rose Q6 timmar sedan

    @Marco Antonio Félix Rivera Yes but i think they scrap it

  160. Marco Antonio Félix Rivera

    Marco Antonio Félix Rivera6 timmar sedan

    @Rose Q Lois lane AND Bruce Wayne relationship Is Real?

  161. Rose Q

    Rose Q8 timmar sedan

    He’s leaking the story board just like how peter jackson leak his LOTR script from harvey weinstein, I’m starting to see a parallel here

  162. Sangoku s

    Sangoku s14 timmar sedan


  163. Marco Antonio Félix Rivera

    Marco Antonio Félix Rivera16 timmar sedan

    Me too.

  164. Sam Bruh

    Sam Bruh18 timmar sedan

    Henry cavil is the best superman, dont swap him

  165. Nas TV 📺

    Nas TV 📺19 timmar sedan

    Guys I think this counts as a new trailer I'm serious check it out because it's footage from the Snyder cut we haven't seen yet

  166. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne2 timmar sedan


  167. AYzazz

    AYzazz13 timmar sedan

    Bruh, that was 2016.

  168. AZ Gabriel

    AZ Gabriel19 timmar sedan

    O mundo precisa da Liga da Justiça Parte 2...

  169. AZ Gabriel

    AZ Gabriel19 timmar sedan

    #HenryCavillSuperman #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

  170. mc_macapaca

    mc_macapaca19 timmar sedan

    #HenryCavillSuperman #RestoretheSnyderVerse

  171. Andrew Pierce

    Andrew Pierce19 timmar sedan

    So, they just make more money by releasing the same movie with slight differences? Smart.

  172. Brightburn

    Brightburn7 timmar sedan

    Marvel salty kid go watch your comedy childish marvel lmao

  173. AYzazz

    AYzazz13 timmar sedan

    Blind are you.

  174. Jadon Derby

    Jadon Derby19 timmar sedan

    @Jonathan Müller he's probably trolling no one is that blind

  175. Jonathan Müller

    Jonathan Müller19 timmar sedan

    You know you're being dishonest.