Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! 😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were tasked with picking their England squads for Euro 2020 and clashed over several selections during a fascinating discussion.
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  1. manny J

    manny J36 minuter sedan

    Magiure an issue for England if he got injured? He can barley cope in the Europa league and the league and has a serious lack of champions league experience.

  2. ivan kaloferov

    ivan kaloferov3 timmar sedan

    we saw Gary Neville in Valencia 🤣🥲

  3. nvn 0711

    nvn 071110 timmar sedan

    I may be late but facts : AWB 🕷🕸 >>> TAA

  4. WorldIsFilledB

    WorldIsFilledB20 timmar sedan

    No Reece James someone explain this one to me

  5. ChrisJHull

    ChrisJHull20 timmar sedan

    I think one of the biggest problems with the England squad every time is that we're always trying to planning a step ahead of where we are. What if this player gets injured? If we lose this we can play a weaker team next round. As Roy Keane always say, just focus on the next game entirely. Our mentality is completely wrong.

  6. Ethan McLaughlin

    Ethan McLaughlinDag sedan

    phil foden should be in the team, and im a united fan

  7. Michael Harvey

    Michael HarveyDag sedan

    They should have brought Roy in to see who he would have picked.

  8. Akram Ebrahim

    Akram EbrahimDag sedan

    Pmsl both these squads rubbish. Ward prowse over chamberlain?? Wtf

  9. Akram Ebrahim

    Akram EbrahimDag sedan

    Trent gomez stones shaw Hendo declan rice Graelish Fodden sterling Kane

  10. Akram Ebrahim

    Akram EbrahimDag sedan

    Harry kane best player in squad hahahahah u having a laugh

  11. Paul H

    Paul HDag sedan

    "Jamie went to a tournament and never played" Lol sly dig!

  12. Benjamin Oakden

    Benjamin OakdenDag sedan

    Stick to politics, Gary

  13. Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy2 dagar sedan

    Greenwood is a better finisher than DCL 🤦🏻‍♂️😆😆 no wonder you done so well at valencia gary 🤡🤫😆😆

  14. Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas2 dagar sedan

    Today's England team would beat the England euro 96 team. Having watched the replays, England could not string great passes together

  15. SportZ2Me

    SportZ2Me2 dagar sedan

    If there's an option to pickup another forward i would rather pickup bamford over Greenwood tbh

  16. Red Kop

    Red Kop2 dagar sedan

    Its coming home....................NOT.

  17. kurrrrr

    kurrrrr2 dagar sedan

    Instead of arguing, can we please enjoy the FIRST time in years where every player on the England squad is quality!

  18. Max

    Max2 dagar sedan

    Being German and getting to watch Sancho week in week out, it honestly bothers me that both of them wouldn't take him to the Euros. He's been one of the best wingers in the world last season and, despite having a weak start into the season, found his form back before his injury. Not taking him would be absolute madness.

  19. domagoj brkić

    domagoj brkić2 dagar sedan

    As always England has solid but totally unbalanced team. That midfield is beyond average. When i saw that transfermarkt value of overrated Rice is €60.00m i'm laughing, Mount and Foden are good in offense but there are no playmakers. And Kalvin Phillips..who tf is Kalvin Phillips???

  20. Эрик Шпеер

    Эрик Шпеер2 dagar sedan

    Англия при наличий таких талантливых футболистов!!!давно должны были выйграть 2-3раза чемпионат мира и европы!!!слишком давно не брали чемпионат мира и европы!!!Удачи Зборной Англий на чемпионате Европы!!!Гарет Соулгейт!!!настоящий солдат!!!

  21. Lewis Thomas

    Lewis Thomas3 dagar sedan


  22. Tomato Plant

    Tomato Plant3 dagar sedan

    I am not a Liverpool fan but I would happily choose Trent Alexander-Arnold over any other right backs anytime !

  23. Alf Martin

    Alf Martin3 dagar sedan

    Wan ??

  24. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni3 dagar sedan

    Carragher's reaction to the Maguire Kane issue was gold😂😂

  25. Vikz Mason

    Vikz Mason3 dagar sedan

    You will probably slaughter me but connar Gallagher has to go to the euros ... perfect for pressing and work rate boy is class...

  26. Lukas Sundberg

    Lukas Sundberg3 dagar sedan

    england has no chance to go far either way, why bother?

  27. Rich Alot

    Rich Alot3 dagar sedan

    Now the rest of the world gets a taste of what has been rotting America from the inside. A few wealthy people making rules the benefit only them.

  28. Robbie Chapman

    Robbie Chapman3 dagar sedan


  29. 빅트리

    빅트리3 dagar sedan

    What's the point if 75 percent of the players are banned from international matches 😂

  30. Honest Barca Guy

    Honest Barca Guy3 dagar sedan

    It won't come to that. FIFA will probably give in and allow it. Because they'll loose lots of money if the likes of messi and ronaldo to name a few aren't their.

  31. Scott Mitchell

    Scott Mitchell3 dagar sedan

    They could still have a half decent side

  32. grospipo20

    grospipo203 dagar sedan

    It doesn’t matter who they pick the English national is OVERRATED!!

  33. Ken Baba

    Ken Baba3 dagar sedan

    Carragher just doesn't has the ability to analyze critically as Neville does. He seem to be more emotional and less practical.

  34. Daniel Haslam

    Daniel Haslam3 dagar sedan

    Who's here after realising that Jordan Pickford and Declan Rice are probably the only 2 players in both lists that will end up playing in the Euros?

  35. Abigail Barfoot

    Abigail Barfoot3 dagar sedan

    I am everton I would put godfrey in over coady.

  36. Nathaniel Steel

    Nathaniel Steel3 dagar sedan

    Well England might not have half these players with the esl

  37. Akash Pradeep

    Akash Pradeep3 dagar sedan

    guys European super league sad status video link @

  38. Andy M

    Andy M3 dagar sedan

    Carra looks like Ming The Merciless in that thumbnail with that eyeliner.

  39. nothing

    nothing3 dagar sedan

    no AWB?

  40. Matthew Tomlinson

    Matthew Tomlinson4 dagar sedan

    No wan bissaka is madness. Dumb guys.

  41. Matthew Tomlinson

    Matthew Tomlinson4 dagar sedan

    Sterling is our worst forward end off.

  42. Declan Hewitt

    Declan Hewitt4 dagar sedan

    Why is nobody talking about Wan Bissaka? He is one of the best tacklers in the league and from a defensive standpoint better than Walker and TAA.

  43. Mercent_

    Mercent_4 dagar sedan

    Who's watching this after being told that the players from clubs in the Super League can't play in the Euros?

  44. Pritveer Singh

    Pritveer Singh4 dagar sedan

    Reece james rb

  45. shubh

    shubh4 dagar sedan

    Have been supporting Manu for over 15 years now but Unfollowing Manu stand and all manu related pages and channels. So long my friends... Will be switching to some better clubs now.

  46. Ludvic Ludzz

    Ludvic Ludzz4 dagar sedan

    Dude the guy is worries about maguire. ENGLAND where screwed the point Joe gomez got injured ;D

  47. Robert Scarrott

    Robert Scarrott4 dagar sedan

    Half that England squad won't play being members of this new ESL.....won't be eligible

  48. jamel

    jamel4 dagar sedan

    No sancho wuuuy

  49. Kxv

    Kxv4 dagar sedan

    a week later 95% of these players will get banned for playing in the super league

  50. Chase_View_Racing VR

    Chase_View_Racing VR4 dagar sedan

    Gary done so well in Spain and JC is a proven coach. I hope Southgate is watching this. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  51. Abraham Chinye

    Abraham Chinye4 dagar sedan

    The new team is Pope, Justin, Mings, Godfrey, Aarons, Rice, Bellingham, Maddison, Grealish, DCL, Barnes Honourable mentions: Eze, Phillips, Ings, Coady and maybe Vardy comes out of retirement

  52. Catrina Mcgill

    Catrina Mcgill4 dagar sedan

    Think Jamie carragher is an obnoxious prat he was disrespectful

  53. Krysta Green

    Krysta Green4 dagar sedan

    @Sky Sports Football - Now do one with all the players from the big 6 who will be excluded

  54. Oswaldo

    Oswaldo4 dagar sedan

    1:15 Carragher not having this bs

  55. Nathan Harrison

    Nathan Harrison4 dagar sedan

    Lot of talk about versatility and bringing in players who have something different, little bit bias but Conor Goldson miles above Mings and Dier and James Tavernier was enjoying a career making season prior to injury but should at least be in the convention

  56. David Lalor

    David Lalor4 dagar sedan

    ANYONE who is going to listen to a sky presenter as bad and as this plastic 3rd . sky bt bbc itv and the rest have RUINED football . For what its worth I think the time is right for the young Henderson should start . He is already better than pickford and the Burnley keeper .

  57. Parksie

    Parksie4 dagar sedan

    This didn’t age well

  58. Average Joe

    Average Joe4 dagar sedan

    This argument just became void

  59. AsianWarrior21

    AsianWarrior214 dagar sedan


  60. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty4 dagar sedan

    "I want Trent in, because..." "he's from Liverpool.." loooooooool

  61. Danelius

    Danelius4 dagar sedan

    You win by scoring goals.

  62. red

    red4 dagar sedan

    "so terry's a fraud..." - that is some bad-faith interpretation of what neville was saying at the end there. carragher can be such a prat

  63. malkayas1

    malkayas14 dagar sedan

    No saka the boy is on fire

  64. Dragz Shagz

    Dragz Shagz4 dagar sedan

    Gary Neville - "Harry Maguire would be a bigger loss than Harry Kane". I've heard it all.

  65. Murdock

    Murdock4 dagar sedan

    Rashford over Grealish Gary? Madness

  66. SpaceForceJom

    SpaceForceJom4 dagar sedan

    Kane, Sancho, foden, maddison, rice, reece james, stones, maguire, shaw, henderson

  67. callum 1991

    callum 19914 dagar sedan

    Neville comes up with some right shite 😂 Put maguire in a city shirt and he wouldn’t be saying that.

  68. Rhitam Bose

    Rhitam Bose4 dagar sedan

    Why just ignore Bamford....are you kiddin me...just because he plays for Leeds....

  69. Keith Williams

    Keith Williams4 dagar sedan

    Neville nearly got Valencia relegated enough said

  70. Zakaria Firin

    Zakaria Firin4 dagar sedan

    Stupid Gary ,.

  71. NoodlesTBograt

    NoodlesTBograt4 dagar sedan

    I would pick Foden or Mount ahead of Grealish

  72. Hakim Ziyech

    Hakim Ziyech5 dagar sedan

    The disrespect towards Reece James.

  73. Wallstreetbets

    Wallstreetbets5 dagar sedan

    Where's Sancho, Bellingham and Trippier, you really have bottled it, doesn't take a genius to know to pick the best players from the best clubs like Dortmund and Atletico

  74. jonathan - clancy

    jonathan - clancy5 dagar sedan

    Who is here still listening to this song in 2021?

  75. Big Dog

    Big Dog5 dagar sedan

    Maguire is overated asf

  76. LegendSkyZ

    LegendSkyZ5 dagar sedan

    No sancho, vardy or maddison? lol

  77. Mark King

    Mark King5 dagar sedan

    Greenwood is starting to build a perfect striker physique

  78. Stuart B

    Stuart B5 dagar sedan

    Grealish must start in the first 11 ! , when he has played for England he has been our best player. You have to play your best players. I like Gary , but here he is totally wrong. It would be interesting to see what the opinion would be if Grealish was a United , Chelsea or City player. It’s been a very long time since an English player has reminded me of the legend Paul Gascogne. Grealish reminds me of him, that’s about the best compliment I could give a player.

  79. billy jones

    billy jones5 dagar sedan

    Mason greenwood wtf he’s not a finsher

  80. Joseph Stanley

    Joseph Stanley5 dagar sedan

    Makes me sick how underrated rashford is

  81. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty4 dagar sedan

    Jamie:"are the players in the Croatian team even that good for us to say they'll be dominating the ball against us?" Modric, Kovacic, Orsic: "Hold our beers"

  82. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu5 dagar sedan

    "I want Trent in, because..." "he's from Liverpool.." loooooooool

  83. Quazzi

    Quazzi5 dagar sedan

    Front 3 needs to be Rashford Kane Sancho. Dunno why Sterling is apparently nailed on.

  84. Marc Duggins

    Marc Duggins5 dagar sedan

    Bellingham has to go for me. Future England captain. The boy is immense.

  85. adad

    adad5 dagar sedan

    Why are they discussing about England why not France or Germany or Portugal ?? Most of us don't even support England.

  86. A S

    A S5 dagar sedan

    Omg he so basked to united players. He annoying as fuk. Maguire is the worst defender we have!!!

  87. Samuel

    Samuel6 dagar sedan

    Rashford can play instead of kane no problem

  88. Jetin Dhinjal

    Jetin Dhinjal6 dagar sedan

    No Luke Ayling? His stats are remarkable.

  89. James Hornby

    James Hornby6 dagar sedan

    Good job these dickheads don't get chance to pick!!

  90. JJ Yoda

    JJ Yoda6 dagar sedan

    Smith Rowe needs to play for England! That boy is a workhorse!!

  91. Titan - Brawl Stars

    Titan - Brawl Stars6 dagar sedan

    To be honest, I didn’t come for the squads. I came for the arguments

  92. Aleister

    Aleister6 dagar sedan

    If England are struggling with CBs play a 3-5-2 with Maguire stones walker in the back use taa as a right winger sancho on the left rice & Henderson as holding midfielders Grealish kane foden for the last 3 spots on the front they can switch places during the game or you can use rashford as a 9 with kane mount can play n10 well too there are good options out there

  93. Carl Charles

    Carl Charles6 dagar sedan

    A batting order for each position the richness in depth . Wow

  94. Ga Wa

    Ga Wa6 dagar sedan

    " How are w going to win this tournament as England?", says Neville. You're not.

  95. ItsCooks

    ItsCooks6 dagar sedan

    Gary Neville knows twice as much as the other dude with the squeeky voice and its making me so happy

  96. Yaro._s

    Yaro._s6 dagar sedan


  97. Yaro._s

    Yaro._s6 dagar sedan

    Carragher is such a part like actually

  98. John Hitchen

    John Hitchen6 dagar sedan

    No mention of Saka apart from Foden has been one of the best English youngsters in premier league in last two years sorry but u can’t put greenwood ahead of Saka

  99. ac17 140

    ac17 1406 dagar sedan

    No team will ever win the PL with harry mcguire CB.

  100. Eamon Mac

    Eamon Mac6 dagar sedan

    Carragher is the classic scouse. Know's nothing about the game.

  101. Erik Alsgaard

    Erik Alsgaard6 dagar sedan

    The fact that Neville chose Kalvin Phillips over Jordan Henderson is laughable hahahahahah



    luke shaw best wing back

  103. Yung Slack

    Yung Slack6 dagar sedan

    Gary is such a crap manager man so negatively focused.

  104. Freddie Garnham

    Freddie Garnham6 dagar sedan

    Gary is a legend