The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on SEtoos or sign up for SEtoos Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out SEtoos Premium at: setoos.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at:
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits


  1. Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube

    Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube16 minuter sedan

    Her mom and sister....... horrible


    DAYNE MARCUSTimme sedan

    Paris Hilton doesn't need a divorce from her brand but if she wants to find peace it will need to evolve.

  3. tasha5308

    tasha5308Timme sedan

    Divorce the brand Paris! Truly be free!

  4. Kate Rhyne

    Kate RhyneTimme sedan

    ✨ *“I like animals more than people”* ✨ _Paris Hilton_ 🥺❤️

  5. dchait

    dchait4 timmar sedan

    Bravo Paris. You should know that you are wonderfully strong and incredibly talented and wise. And that you are loved. I don’t mean the Instagram likes I mean that love surrounds you. I have always found you fascinating your strength of presence and this documentary has made my respect for you grow and grow. Provo didn’t break you you will continue to grow and bloom 🙏🏻🙏🏻😉

  6. dchait

    dchait6 timmar sedan

    She is amazing

  7. Mark Segree

    Mark Segree6 timmar sedan

    Powerful delivery, very well made documentary. A girl deals with adversity every night and wakes up every morning and stick it. I don't feel any pity, I just wanna give her a huge hug for admiration of her persona and the role she plays in being a role model for the next generation. Well done Paris, job well done.

  8. bella2019

    bella20197 timmar sedan

    Don’t get a kid yet until you fix yourself a

  9. bella2019

    bella20197 timmar sedan

    So sad that she can’t even tell her mom on this

  10. bella2019

    bella20197 timmar sedan

    Her parents never addressed her issues so I hope they know now - was wondering why she picked wrong guys all the time -

  11. bella2019

    bella20197 timmar sedan

    Love you Paris - hope you find happiness but I don’t think you will - go to therapy - I think you are not close to your dad - it’s my sixth sense - esp if you have been molested as kid - your dad is your answer - to say it’s ok we love you no matter what - seems your father never on media and that’s why you love the attention cause your dad never said enough love - you have always been gracious with fans cause yku never felt enough love

  12. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin10 timmar sedan

    Paris I need to make a living off you like paparazzi

  13. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin10 timmar sedan

    Paris Paris based on true events

  14. Lidia Jr

    Lidia Jr11 timmar sedan

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  15. Shane Flores

    Shane Flores11 timmar sedan

    The reunion had me in tears because when Paris kept saying that she didn't have anyone that understands what she went through and these women showed her that they understand because they lived it with her, she saw she really was among those who understood the pain they carry.

  16. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin11 timmar sedan

    I love to have like a date with you and the brand

  17. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin11 timmar sedan

    I’ve spent decades trying to Find you

  18. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin11 timmar sedan

    Pair pair of earrings with diamond gold hoops for my party tomorrow

  19. Hyrul

    Hyrul12 timmar sedan

    Can we talk about how she skips to the door when someone calls. It’s kind of adorable

  20. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin12 timmar sedan

    You better not do anything illegal to my family Paris

  21. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin12 timmar sedan

    We don’t belong together as a couple trust me I love zylka lol

  22. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin12 timmar sedan

    The voice

  23. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin12 timmar sedan

    Shake your cellulite girl

  24. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin12 timmar sedan

    Palmdale regional medical Center is going to pay #Breakingcodesilence

  25. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin12 timmar sedan

    Court of law is about what happened to you and the allowance you request

  26. ChAnel seven Oberlin

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  27. ChAnel seven Oberlin

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    If anything mrs Hilton on trhobh

  28. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin13 timmar sedan

    How much does it cost to meet you at city walk

  29. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin13 timmar sedan

    It’s like a shield

  30. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin13 timmar sedan

    I need a favor Paris Hilton

  31. ChAnel seven Oberlin

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    These things are mine

  32. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven Oberlin13 timmar sedan

    It’s like a Disney child yet

  33. Krista W

    Krista W15 timmar sedan

    This just makes me so thankful for my boring, middle class life because it has been mostly free of abuse. I'm really lucky.

  34. Lolly Pop

    Lolly Pop17 timmar sedan

    I have a friend who is so similar to Paris, not in looks but character

  35. Stefano Figueiredo

    Stefano Figueiredo20 timmar sedan

    🤩😍🥰 esse documentário foi perfeito , me senti próximo a Paris , e como se já fossemos amigos de anos . ✌️

  36. Marie Prodöhl

    Marie Prodöhl20 timmar sedan

    I am so sorry for you. 😔

  37. blue jay

    blue jay21 timme sedan

    She dropped that rabbit as a young girl and her aunt didn't say anything?!?!

  38. Luiz Ladeira

    Luiz Ladeira22 timmar sedan

    Está Paris é o máximo! Sempre gostei dela e agora mais ainda! Mil bjs para você

  39. Sol May Valor

    Sol May Valor23 timmar sedan

    It’s funny because her mom said that she didn’t want her daughter kidnapped and hurt and all that, but by being the controlling mother she was and using these camps to try and “fix” her and lock her away she caused all of that herself. She put her daughter in harm. The thing she feared most. Isn’t that insane? Her mom saying she would have been there in a second isn’t enough and may never be. She should be ashamed of herself.

  40. Sunny PunsTV

    Sunny PunsTV23 timmar sedan


  41. Zainab Al-Qaraghuli

    Zainab Al-Qaraghuli23 timmar sedan

    She is Gorgeous 😍

  42. dolores tate

    dolores tateDag sedan

    Paris, if your parents would get out of their Ivory tower, and join the real 🌎 world, this never would of happened to you. Also, my advice. Paris to you is, start helping the helpless, poor and needy, you will start healing just like me and everyone else. Bless you 🙏.

  43. J Dub

    J DubDag sedan

    That’s not true. My parents were very much people “in the real world”, who worked and paid their bills and worried about saving for college, and who were involved in parenting, and it happened to me too. Paris and I are days apart in age.

  44. Austin Healey

    Austin HealeyDag sedan

    Great video! Thanks gorgeous! Lol 🤘😎🤘

  45. Teresa F. Gargano

    Teresa F. GarganoDag sedan

    Paris Hilton is a very beautiful soul.

  46. Chriss tholeh

    Chriss tholehDag sedan

    The fight @ #tomorrowland 😲

  47. Thom Drolet

    Thom DroletDag sedan

    This is the most vapid thing I have ever seen.

  48. Sophie L.

    Sophie L.Dag sedan

    wow that was very deep and touching. thank you for sharing this and showing people that there is much more beneath a person than a perfect, happy face.

  49. Lawbermudez

    LawbermudezDag sedan

    The misoginy of this family OMG

  50. Lawbermudez

    LawbermudezDag sedan

    The sister acting like she is the only mom in the world lol she is so jelous

  51. ChAnel seven Oberlin

    ChAnel seven OberlinDag sedan

    Buy me diamonds

  52. Melissa Dawn

    Melissa DawnDag sedan

    Girrrrrl money will not make you happy. Live your goals but dont do it for the money.

  53. Justine

    JustineDag sedan

    Preach! 💕

  54. Shopaholic

    ShopaholicDag sedan

    @Paris Hilton I love you, and I'm so sorry for what you had to endure. Your story hit home for me on so many fronts. If I was there, I would have given you a big bear hug. If only I knew you in real life. You're beautiful and have such a wonderful soul. -Your biggest fan

  55. L J

    L JDag sedan

    Paris chin up girl. This is the smartest and best thing you could have done in order to find your happy place. You do you girl. Your on the road to enlightenment. I know I was physically and sexually abused by my ex step dad and his brother from the age of 3. My light was taken away from me. It is only now I have stepped out of the darkness into the light at the age of 47. That's me in the pic. I'm from the UK. I have now started o write my story of fight, hurt, so much pain. Which is now turned into strength and love. You will be ok I promise.

  56. Randy Waage

    Randy WaageDag sedan

    This was really well done. Thank You!

  57. MyMindWentAWOL2006

    MyMindWentAWOL2006Dag sedan

    Great opening song.

  58. Christine Belouineau

    Christine BelouineauDag sedan

    C est 1 garçon paris

  59. Tonya Sue Meade Marcum

    Tonya Sue Meade MarcumDag sedan

    The definition of insanity is repetitive I 💯 know how this feels and sometimes it takes faceing your demon's to Realize the struggle . In my opinion It's so hard To be yourself and to Trust!!! our generation has allowed us to forget who we really are not to allow anyone to know our true character so not to expose The Truths therefore we will always be stuck In our own reality 😎💕 ..Thank you for making this video it helped me see my own realities. Lots of 💕😘 love 😎T

  60. angel angel

    angel angelDag sedan

    these things happen in rich families

  61. Billythachikk

    BillythachikkDag sedan

    Everyone hating on the sister need to remember that she too was the product of a toxic childhood. Her parents are her protectors. She will have understood the situation as punishedment for Paris for being a bad child and understanding that her own position was better because was not a bad child. It's not her fault. Also, sometimes when we talk about truly traumatic things, we put up walls because it's hard to come to terms with what we've done and what has happened to us. Chances are, she regrets all of it and feels shame too, and those are hard emotions to accept. So brushing off Paris' trauma will consequently be easier than accepting your own part in her misery. We are all human and most of us are not being terrible on purpose.

  62. Pman4cosmo

    Pman4cosmoDag sedan

    Opening up the traumatic past to her mom made me cry, wish her real luck for the future and better sleep.

  63. do I exist

    do I exist2 dagar sedan

    this documentary was absolutely beautiful paris. you are so SO strong, and you deserve all of the happiness love and hugs in the world

  64. Pman4cosmo

    Pman4cosmo2 dagar sedan

    Not a happy person, money is the real monster in her life.

  65. J Dub

    J Dub2 dagar sedan


  66. Nuran A.

    Nuran A.2 dagar sedan

    Turkish translation?????

  67. The Ropes of Renovation

    The Ropes of Renovation2 dagar sedan

    She's just going to get old like the rest of us.

  68. Vallene Sexton

    Vallene Sexton2 dagar sedan

    Paris is a very strong lady, as a lady we never know what challenge life will bring us but it makes us fight & be strong, keep it up gorgeous..

  69. Jesse Fig

    Jesse Fig2 dagar sedan

    I couldn’t imagine having my daughter taken in the middle of the night like that. 😔

  70. Style_ Avenue

    Style_ Avenue2 dagar sedan

    No it was not Paris who started the movement of the paparazzi following celebrities....Princesses Diana of Wales was the one who started this paparazzi Movement @Kim

  71. suzy2anyone

    suzy2anyone2 dagar sedan

    Thanx ❣️🎵💞

  72. suzy2anyone

    suzy2anyone2 dagar sedan

    🌈Just wanna hug you Paris, my heart breaks, I see sadness in your eyes. 💙💚😿 Much love Beautiful 🪐🌺

  73. Ms. Wilson

    Ms. Wilson2 dagar sedan

    I never grew up feeling like a child of a famous or wealthy person "had it all" and "should never complain". I have always had a discernment with kids that grew up in the industry and saw the wickedness that was being put on. BODY LANGUAGE MEANS EVERYTHING. Kids are afraid to speak up and parents need to read the body and heck even the room. If you walk into a room and it all of the sudden got silent, most likely something is wrong.....

  74. Ms. Wilson

    Ms. Wilson2 dagar sedan

    Honestly, how could ANYONE talk shizz about someone just because they grew up differently? Like of course she didn't know walmart, her family is a huge name and probably never even shopped places like that.

  75. Ms. Wilson

    Ms. Wilson2 dagar sedan

    The animation had me in tears

  76. Ms. Wilson

    Ms. Wilson2 dagar sedan

    What do you really expect from huge celeb kids? IMO they ALL get abused.

  77. B B

    B B2 dagar sedan

    I Wish parish all the best. It takes courage to share your pain with the world. This documentary was an eye opener for me. What I thought I knew was ALL wrong.

  78. Alejandra Tirado

    Alejandra Tirado2 dagar sedan

    Humana ! 💝

  79. taylor made

    taylor made2 dagar sedan

    And I hope that everyone realizes that all Abrahamic religions are satanic... Wake up world

  80. Natalie Zementbeisser

    Natalie Zementbeisser2 dagar sedan

    She is rich. She has 0 problems.

  81. Justine

    JustineDag sedan

    That’s not true at all. Hollywood can be the darkest and scariest place, I would much rather my life than Paris’s.

  82. taylor made

    taylor made2 dagar sedan

    Guess what Nikki you married a Rothschild... You know that evil sack of S*** family... And guess what your evil shows

  83. Johan Pradikta

    Johan Pradikta2 dagar sedan

    I'm lucky know you,and ever been together,with you paris hilton,and I like you cause you look like the woman at take that MV how deep is your love

  84. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    I don’t understand the concept of being super wealthy when that is really a shitty place to be for anyone, they are never happy or satisfied with anything.

  85. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    The amount of “like” vocabulary from these women,!!!!

  86. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    But lady you are 40 and still obsessed with a perfect filtered photo on social media.

  87. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    Wealthy parents never raise emotionally stable children. They pay these expansive programs to take over parenting when they fail. It’s mostly all about protecting the family name rather than addressing a child’s emotional being. I think I am fine being raised by middle class parents.

  88. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    I don’t think she is a legit DJ. Just a way for her to still be enjoying the party life and make money

  89. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    She did because even her best friend Kim did it too.

  90. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    Oh the irony of having Matt Lauer announcing Paris’ sex tape and then his downfall during the me too movement!

  91. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    She is not normal

  92. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    This is stupid! Being obsessed with being famous at any cost. The paparazzi thing is just stupid to me. I despise celebrities.

  93. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    What’s the purpose of such a lifestyle?

  94. Nancy Baranowski

    Nancy Baranowski2 dagar sedan

    The boyfriend is a fuckwit .. that’s the worst thing u could do... I feel for Paris she’s lovely and deserves the world

  95. Karen Meyer

    Karen Meyer2 dagar sedan

    This was a brilliant documentary. She’s beautiful, intelligent and insightful. I hope she finds some peace and closure with her trauma.

  96. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    The kim kardashian version of the Hilton family, so typical.

  97. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    Don’t we know how all these catholic school educated children end up?

  98. Beau33

    Beau332 dagar sedan

    The whole family was obsessed with fame

  99. Emerald Manning

    Emerald Manning2 dagar sedan

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  100. Justine

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  101. Poison N

    Poison N2 dagar sedan

    Her parents are absolutely disgusting... i feel like her mother either knew or didn't care at all. She was also struggling to care when Paris talked about it. They are stereotypical rich sociopaths. Honestly this explains so much about Paris makes me love her x1000 more

  102. Paris

    Paris3 dagar sedan

    I felt a shiver during the kidnapping scene. THE TRUMA!

  103. Paris

    Paris3 dagar sedan

    Paris actually opened my eyes. If you add up those hours together that is years of your life. I am now sad. 11 hours 40 minutes per day. Damn, I’m going to be more productive now.