THE $130 ICE CREAM CONE | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich

This $130 ice cream cone is dipped in rare chocolate from Madagascar and bedazzled with edible gold pearls!
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THE $130 ICE CREAM CONE | Secret Lives Of The Super Rich


  1. Ultra Samy

    Ultra Samy21 dag sedan

    They get fooled so easily.. 😎😎

  2. CookingSingle

    CookingSingleMånad sedan

    It all goes down and out the same.

  3. Peter Smith

    Peter SmithMånad sedan

    Imagine if he dropped it 🤣

  4. Peaceful World2020

    Peaceful World2020Månad sedan

    Just like anything else you buy another one

  5. Prabesh Thapaliya

    Prabesh Thapaliya2 månader sedan

    Rather than that had she bought a education/skill development session, that kid would have learned something. Don't expect your kid to not be inconsiderate of society in future. You are destroying his life.

  6. Spa Splash

    Spa Splash3 månader sedan

    Imagine dropping it

  7. sergio tapia

    sergio tapia3 månader sedan

    Awww poor kid

  8. saipan420

    saipan4203 månader sedan

    Magic in the cone, so wonderful

  9. AA A

    AA A4 månader sedan

    Oh its claudia.equitation

  10. Mike R

    Mike R4 månader sedan

    I use the same salt on my nuts

  11. 👨🏻‍💻

    👨🏻‍💻4 månader sedan

    I want 2 minutes and 39 seconds of my life back, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen 🤦‍♂️

  12. Hofni Amwaalwa

    Hofni Amwaalwa4 månader sedan

    If you can afford it, its worth it imo...

  13. safeh oulleh

    safeh oulleh4 månader sedan

    If i would be them i feel very embarresd just of how rich we are eating ice cream expensive well others cant

  14. Isaac Thomas

    Isaac Thomas4 månader sedan

    “One of London’s poshest department stores” I can already hear GODNAT (Nat Smith) cracking up laughing 😂

  15. baldheadkid

    baldheadkid4 månader sedan

    Who the f is this lady?? Was she in Transformers?

  16. mattgotsskill

    mattgotsskill4 månader sedan

    imagine adding gold to your ice cream just to make it more expensive... zero benefit at all

  17. M LC

    M LC4 månader sedan


  18. LubiGee

    LubiGee4 månader sedan

    I wish every kid could have this smile on their face

  19. Tony Marlowe

    Tony Marlowe4 månader sedan

    Watching this while eating an Oreo cookie McFlurry

  20. Piyush Bhakat

    Piyush Bhakat2 månader sedan

    I've never had a McFlurry lol

  21. Faris Mustafa

    Faris Mustafa4 månader sedan

    this may cost 130$ but at the end of the day its just ice cream with gold flakes

  22. Golden Squatch

    Golden Squatch4 månader sedan

    Imagine dropping your Ice cream once you leave the shop. Lol

  23. Dodge Guy

    Dodge Guy4 månader sedan

    Be honest. How many of you who viewed this were hoping that the video ended with the kid dropping this on the floor before they could eat it?!

  24. Angel Bulldog

    Angel Bulldog4 månader sedan

    I really feel sorry for this child.

  25. safeh oulleh

    safeh oulleh4 månader sedan

    Feel bad for the kids who sont even have food

  26. safeh oulleh

    safeh oulleh4 månader sedan

    You shouldnt he lives a good good life

  27. Bill Gates

    Bill Gates4 månader sedan


  28. T Habits 760

    T Habits 7604 månader sedan

    Wouldn’t it be nice..

  29. Tod Perrier

    Tod Perrier4 månader sedan

    I prefer to keep my money rather than flush it down the toilet. Literally.

  30. Eduardo Lopez

    Eduardo Lopez2 månader sedan

    I wouldn't mind if it was delicious, but the thing is that this is one of those foods that is expensive just because it has gold in it and it is something to show off.

  31. Great Horned Owl

    Great Horned Owl4 månader sedan

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  32. Elainna

    Elainna4 månader sedan



    FILM VERT4 månader sedan

    That looks amazing!

  34. Atem S.

    Atem S.4 månader sedan

    Crazy.... Gonna have to try it!

  35. Easy Eagle

    Easy Eagle4 månader sedan

    Eat the rich, but first this ice-cream cone!

  36. jlf115

    jlf1154 månader sedan

    This is ridiculous and honestly the reason why people hate the rich.

  37. Jairo Herrera

    Jairo Herrera4 månader sedan

    I can never imagine Warrant Buffet spending this amount of money instead of going to Dairy Queen. This product is for people to show off their insecurities and give an appearance while remaining broke in reality. No one remains wealthy by blowing off their money. That's why lottery winners lose their fortune because of this expectation by society.

  38. Thomasreed

    ThomasreedMånad sedan

    @James Why you buy this ice cream every month though? I doubt it. "t's the same as when a rich person spends 500k on a watch, you and I wouldn't dream of spending that on a watch, but to the rich, that is like spending $50 on a watch." Only if you are a billionaire meaning miles beyond the normal definition of rich.

  39. Evan Alper

    Evan AlperMånad sedan

    @Harshal Verma he's a fraud though

  40. Harshal Verma

    Harshal Verma4 månader sedan

    Ever heard of Dan Bilzerian?...

  41. MoCountyMade

    MoCountyMade4 månader sedan

    @James You took what I type literally...what I was implying was cash vs assets...for example, Warren Buffet is worth over 70 Billion dollars, but that doesn't mean he has access to 70 billion dollars...

  42. James

    James4 månader sedan

    @MoCountyMade value is subjective paper or otherwise. Someone might think a painting is worth 10m, and I might think it's not worth £20.

  43. Financial Shinanigan

    Financial Shinanigan4 månader sedan

    Still ends up in the same sewage system as a $1 one.

  44. bry gar

    bry gar4 månader sedan

    Trust be told I wanna see how she gets her money

  45. DragonLords004 T

    DragonLords004 T4 månader sedan

    I wonder if the little boy understands that he is eating something really expansive for an ice cream.

  46. PSway 05

    PSway 054 månader sedan

    I want one because im first