Reviewing Memes With KSI

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  1. Andrew The gamer

    Andrew The gamer21 minut sedan

    PewDiePie: Block flute Everywhere else: recorder 😐

  2. engineer gaming

    engineer gaming27 minuter sedan

    *J U A N*

  3. Jade May

    Jade MayTimme sedan

    They had me cracking up this whole video

  4. Rowdy Sutton

    Rowdy Sutton2 timmar sedan

    Demon slayer is the besssttttt

  5. Scott Childress

    Scott Childress4 timmar sedan

    High school DXD

  6. TheLand

    TheLand6 timmar sedan

    The crossover event

  7. D4 DiNo

    D4 DiNo11 timmar sedan

    made with kinemaster

  8. Normal Asian

    Normal Asian16 timmar sedan

    I just realised that t series are about to hit 200m

  9. bloop

    bloop19 timmar sedan

    i am British and when trying to read the siren head one, when 'schtewpid' came up, i sat for a good minute trying to figure out what it said.

  10. Blu

    Blu19 timmar sedan

    Hi, I am a 15 years old boy, european, and I didn t wear braces.

  11. Gold Runner1169

    Gold Runner11697 timmar sedan

    It was a meme

  12. _Xoctavio.sergioX_

    _Xoctavio.sergioX_Dag sedan

    Juan is the name of the horse here in Mexico Juan is a very popular and common name so actually is shitpost

  13. Love Anime

    Love AnimeDag sedan


  14. ALI SG

    ALI SGDag sedan

    All comments don't put emoji.😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  15. Meme Lord

    Meme LordDag sedan

    Bandicam is perfectly fineeeeeeeeeee

  16. Mic’s Animations

    Mic’s AnimationsDag sedan

    That intro tho 😂

  17. Joshua 1886

    Joshua 1886Dag sedan

    This the colab we needed.

  18. Ogyptio

    OgyptioDag sedan

    Love how KSI is talking about all the slang, but he's a private school kid lmao


    PDNBR PDNBRTimme sedan

    @Ogyptio how?

  20. Ogyptio

    Ogyptio5 timmar sedan

    @PDNBR PDNBR nah mate but he forces it for sure


    PDNBR PDNBR5 timmar sedan

    @Ogyptio literally everyone says those things. Do you think someone is in a gang when they say lol?

  22. Ogyptio

    Ogyptio7 timmar sedan

    @PDNBR PDNBR 5:02


    PDNBR PDNBR7 timmar sedan

    what slang was he using??

  24. Frlyii

    FrlyiiDag sedan

    weirdest collab on youtube

  25. Cold Pickles

    Cold PicklesDag sedan

    Bri’ish people be like ”raging ninja” when they are out of tea

  26. Arambh Khanderao

    Arambh KhanderaoDag sedan

    Wait... Dunno doesn't mean don't know?????

  27. Sub 2 Pewdiepie

    Sub 2 PewdiepieDag sedan


  28. Yash Vyas

    Yash VyasDag sedan

    I am confused....who edited this video SIVE or MO SYED !!!XD

  29. Ethan Hatfield

    Ethan HatfieldDag sedan

    Watching this post-copyright is... not the same

  30. Toady's Bizarre adventure

    Toady's Bizarre adventureDag sedan

    Siren head do be kinda pogchamp

  31. Oussama Nahim

    Oussama NahimDag sedan

    Ayo did they really change the part they played ?

  32. Shane Berry

    Shane BerryDag sedan

    the cocomelon intro thooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. MinatoAce

    MinatoAceDag sedan

    It sucks that some greedy corpo copyright claimed their epic duet part... -_-

  34. Riley Sollerud

    Riley SollerudDag sedan

    Pewds: Haha bri-ish! Haha Europe! Also pewds: is European and lives in the UK.

  35. MinatoAce

    MinatoAceDag sedan

    KSI legit seems to be dying inside at some

  36. MinatoAce

    MinatoAceDag sedan

    As It was started, No Dark Humour... though I wouldn't't mind some :))

  37. Angela Leifer

    Angela LeiferDag sedan

    Ha what's next racting to distracts with Morgan lol

  38. Jake Turner

    Jake TurnerDag sedan

    wait maybe that’s why his camera quality is still bad because he uses bandicam or whatever

  39. pro shooters

    pro shootersDag sedan

    That’s not how it works 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Adhitya Rajesh

    Adhitya Rajesh2 dagar sedan

    the black doctor looks like deji

  41. Sole wolf

    Sole wolf2 dagar sedan

    Sive did a very good job on the editing 👏

  42. EntrepreneurInTheMaking

    EntrepreneurInTheMaking2 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or does Felix just look not impressed with Ksi😂

  43. Aizzy777

    Aizzy7772 dagar sedan

    for next generation these 2 man are legend and meme god

  44. James Rushton

    James Rushton2 dagar sedan

    How tf does pewds not understand any of these memes when he lives in Brighton lmao

  45. Tiga -Gaming

    Tiga -Gaming2 dagar sedan

    We need more

  46. Sharks on Bii

    Sharks on Bii2 dagar sedan

    KSI be laughing at pewds for using bandicam for the guy who not activate windows

  47. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi2 dagar sedan

    How are Americans gonna take our language switch the words and say they right 💀

  48. Ziyan Faheem

    Ziyan Faheem16 timmar sedan

    exactly lmao

  49. X Danger

    X Danger2 dagar sedan

    Dunno? No duuunnoo😂

  50. bobbyj j

    bobbyj j2 dagar sedan

    Part 2?

  51. iiLemonjuie

    iiLemonjuie2 dagar sedan

    At least i dont get shot in math class

  52. iiLemonjuie

    iiLemonjuie2 dagar sedan

    Im not even british i could understand it

  53. Anna-Liisa Pais

    Anna-Liisa Pais2 dagar sedan durak (card game) that hand would be decent, but if hearts was the trump card and there were no more cards left in the deck to take, that hand would be a guaranteed win.

  54. Elle Poynton

    Elle Poynton2 dagar sedan

    KSI: “Next meme *clapclap*” Advert: “So anyway we lied.”

  55. Youngboy

    Youngboy2 dagar sedan


  56. xCurlyFry_TTV

    xCurlyFry_TTV2 dagar sedan

    We need more vids with KSI, I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Stop Bruh

    Stop Bruh2 dagar sedan


  58. Deathisafraid

    Deathisafraid2 dagar sedan

    9k dislikes are people who use bandicam😂

  59. Daniah

    Daniah2 dagar sedan

    KSI was screaming his lungs out

  60. pro shooters

    pro shootersDag sedan

    He does it all the time

  61. Patrick Griffin

    Patrick Griffin2 dagar sedan

    dude we DONT speak like that, neither do we drink tea all the time, like others dont drink what they are thought to drink everyday... its actually offensive

  62. Jordan Uzumaki

    Jordan Uzumaki2 dagar sedan

    I actually looked up Random Black dude and it showed up lmao

  63. Bonestock 323

    Bonestock 3232 dagar sedan

    Tfw pewds nor ksi understood the biscuits one

  64. Xiao sings

    Xiao sings2 dagar sedan

    Pewds: “meme review” *👏👏* KSI: “meme review” *👏👏👏*

  65. Divyansh Vaswani

    Divyansh Vaswani2 dagar sedan

    6:23 i think the meme is trying to tell they say biscuits instead of cookies

  66. Avirath

    Avirath2 dagar sedan

    11:35 Gold

  67. Prime plus

    Prime plus2 dagar sedan

    11:32 is what you came here for

  68. Elizabeth Brown

    Elizabeth Brown2 dagar sedan

    I thought the biscuit meme was talking about how in europe they call cookies biscuits. so instead of websites using cookies, they use biscuits. lmao

  69. cornflake

    cornflake2 dagar sedan

    It looks like someone pinched KSI in the center of his nose or between his eyes

  70. RyutoKenta

    RyutoKenta2 dagar sedan

    14:53 A lo que vinieron

  71. Tranq_

    Tranq_3 dagar sedan

    Fun fact: KSI owns the world record for most contagious laughter

  72. Akevo

    Akevo3 dagar sedan

    ksi is a legit boomer when he saw juan he was like a mom on face book he was like now honey I was scrolling through facebook and I saw this phot how did that horse get on the balconey?

  73. Sosa Flappy

    Sosa Flappy3 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure someone's already commented something similar but the "at least I dont get shawt in mafs claas when Im doing me skewl wok" meme was a school shooter joke.

  74. Kyubii Rain

    Kyubii Rain3 dagar sedan


  75. A Birjas

    A Birjas3 dagar sedan

    استغفراللہ :/

  76. Orochi Maru

    Orochi Maru3 dagar sedan

    Obamium looks like a cog from toontown

  77. Oliver Alquist

    Oliver Alquist3 dagar sedan

    Wait KSI is black¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

  78. pro shooters

    pro shootersDag sedan

    The amount of racist people fam🤦‍♂️

  79. Magic Matteo Gaminh

    Magic Matteo Gaminh3 dagar sedan

    Kai dying of laughter brings me joy 12:12

  80. Imiliano Aguilar

    Imiliano Aguilar3 dagar sedan

    In that Juan meme they just took a picture of a horse then put that horse on the balcony and added the name Juan to it.

  81. Marnar Mikal

    Marnar Mikal3 dagar sedan

    Hate how Americans refer Europe to a whole country

  82. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine3 dagar sedan


  83. Pixel Blob

    Pixel Blob3 dagar sedan

    To all small youtubers out there, I hope you succeed and reach your goals :). I upload Minecraft mod showcases and it would genuinely be a massive achievement if i hit 20 subs

  84. Trigger

    Trigger3 dagar sedan

    You should revieuw memes with other big youtubers to , this was hilarious

  85. Gabriel Torres

    Gabriel Torres3 dagar sedan

    2:54 British people making fun of American school shootings incase anyone didn’t get it because they didn’t get it! 😂😂😂

  86. Ameya Patibanda

    Ameya Patibanda3 dagar sedan

    The real ogs know at 30:28 it was the titanic song they were doing and had to be changed because of copyright 😂

  87. gokul siriah

    gokul siriah3 dagar sedan

    Its kinda wholesome to see these 2 together, even after the comments ksi made about marzia..

  88. bruh

    bruh6 timmar sedan

    and after pewdiepie said the n word

  89. giggitygiggitygiggitygoo

    giggitygiggitygiggitygoo6 timmar sedan

    what did he say tho

  90. LIL MAC

    LIL MAC3 dagar sedan

    Bandy cam, is perfectly fine!

  91. pro shooters

    pro shootersDag sedan

    Na fam

  92. Javier Ramirez

    Javier Ramirez3 dagar sedan

    Two weebs

  93. Gifty Smith

    Gifty Smith3 dagar sedan

    pewdie pie gets roasted in his own video

  94. Kirito

    Kirito3 dagar sedan

    it was posted on my bday

  95. håkon

    håkon3 dagar sedan

    lmaoo bandicam

  96. Annika liisu England

    Annika liisu England3 dagar sedan

    Lmao ksi clapped for the next meme and then a samsung ad came up

  97. Mech0p

    Mech0p3 dagar sedan

    Ksi didnt even get the biscuit joke lol. Im suprised because cookies pooped into my head immediately and he went to currency??? LOL

  98. Momo The Weeb

    Momo The Weeb3 dagar sedan

    I thought this was clickbait.. KSI is actually here? Damn

  99. Jacob Schroder

    Jacob Schroder3 dagar sedan


  100. Evan Harbisher

    Evan Harbisher3 dagar sedan

    Re-watching this for the 5th time, I finally understand the biscuits user thing

  101. pro shooters

    pro shootersDag sedan

    I got it the first second fam

  102. Loopy Playz

    Loopy Playz3 dagar sedan

    God you are slow

  103. venda India

    venda India3 dagar sedan

    ow'd Jay schtwingler is shetting hem sel'f proabebly roight nOw ;-;

  104. lindy

    lindy3 dagar sedan

    jj has a magical laugh

  105. Getting Verified Before 2022 Challenge

    Getting Verified Before 2022 Challenge3 dagar sedan

    fun fact: one hundred percent of people that drink water die.

  106. Zer0 yamata

    Zer0 yamata3 dagar sedan

    I love how they get along so well

  107. Loopy Playz

    Loopy Playz3 dagar sedan

    @Kunal agreed

  108. Kunal

    Kunal3 dagar sedan

    You're racist

  109. Tony Dean

    Tony Dean3 dagar sedan

    Didn't he call your wife the H-word?! I'M confused

  110. Jose Jalapeno

    Jose Jalapeno3 dagar sedan

    I love the frenemy relationship Americans and British have, Always wholesome and love in the end.

  111. mohammad al soufi

    mohammad al soufi4 dagar sedan

    6:24 uses biscuits as in opposite to uses cookies not biscuits the currency

  112. Loopy Playz

    Loopy Playz3 dagar sedan

    We all get it

  113. Trust

    Trust4 dagar sedan

    “I like dark humor memes” -KSI

  114. Achintya

    Achintya2 dagar sedan

    Jo mama

  115. J4 Kayden

    J4 Kayden4 dagar sedan

    Jack is green ksi is blue pewdiepie is red then what color is mark

  116. stefan nikolic

    stefan nikolic4 dagar sedan

    You copyright ©️ mudja

  117. YourDailySomeone.?

    YourDailySomeone.?4 dagar sedan

    Felix ur fkin' old

  118. CJ Hernandez

    CJ Hernandez4 dagar sedan

    20:38 KSI drops Acid

  119. Beakr Customs

    Beakr Customs4 dagar sedan

    Moving mad innit, anyways much luv to u lot

  120. dispirited

    dispirited4 dagar sedan

    Im kinda pissed about the british memes but atleast americans get hate all year round