If Everything Was Like Among Us 3

Among us in real life guys. Guess who the imposter is and let us know if you guessed correctly. This is a part 3 to our If Everything Was Like Among Us vid. Which person do you relate to the most?
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    I like among gift and purple it’s so funny

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    How are you doing venting?

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    Imagine Black being the imposter.😂

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    Lol why are they so mad at Elijah he had fun with it

  11. Hai!y Jean

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    But you can't vote out to people you only But you can't vote out to people you only have to vote out 1 people Cause I played among us before It's not how you play

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    When I am an imposter and they say me I vote for me😭

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    Orange : I thought you did pretty good! Blue : Really!! Orange : No.

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    Keep making these beacause you will hit 2 million then

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    Greatest video ever

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    Guys who was thinking that who was black?

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    Who else want part 5 of among us

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    plague doctor was 100% not an impostor


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    Dark green its like me🌝✨

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    1:28 who noticed a extractor fan with no light on top the vent

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    If this map gets used again add a fix the fan task

  23. LW LW

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    Must be broken or something like that that

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    Why did you bote black out?

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    And didn’t finish

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    It is funny when they eject them haha 😂 (also my sister is named Shiloh)

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    Blue lmpostor

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    I just like your videos

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    Enes batur bunuda cal

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    Among us

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    00:46 Interrupt My Sleep & I�Ll Interrupt Your Breathing.

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    I like how red was sus this time

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    Why did shiloh high fived elijah if hes imposter

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    Sss iiiiiiii

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    does it hurt when u get voted out

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    2:14 - 2:16 Where In The World The Among Us Game Says Can Throw 2 People Out At Once?

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    Who was black.

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    orange always says red sus so i would not be red i wold be another colour

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    Happy Birthday 12th birth day shiloh

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    I like there hats especially that crow hat

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    Actually, it looks like a crow, but it's a mask that plague doctors wore.

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    It’s already out plus part five what you should be waiting on is part six which I’ve been begging to see ........ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It L O L LOL Laugh out loud Eker emojis on 😐😡🤐😨😵🤧😯😱😯😱😖😲🙄😡😱😪😯😓☹️🤠😪🙄🤬🥺😣🤠😲😯🤬🤠😣🤠😡🥱😯🤧😲😯😶🤧😢😡😶😯🤠😱😯😶🤧😈😢😱😶😯😈🤧😢😱🤗🥱😱🥱😶💩🤧🤬😱😶🤠😵😢😯😶😐🤧🤐😱🤗👽🤐🤗🥱😵☹️🥺🤡😡🤐😴🥺😡😴😶🤡🤧🥱🤗😶🤡🤐😢🥶🤧🥶😶🤧☠️🥶🤗😶🤠🤗😶😴🤡😡🥱😴🥺😡😴😶🤡🤧🥶🤗😶🤡🤧🤐🤗😶🤧🥶🤗😶👾😈👾😈🤢🤗🤬😦👾😈🥴🤢😓🤢🥴😈😴😓😈🥶😓😴😈🥶😶👽🥶😴🙄😥😡😥👽👽👽👽👽🤥👾😴🙄😴👽🙄🥶👽😥🥱👽🤫😴👽🥶🥱😶🥶🙄🥱🥶👽😥🙄😥🥱👽😱😶😱😓🤗🤗🤠🤧☹️😯🤗🤧🤐🥶🤗👽🤠😡🤗👽🤠🤡🤡👾🤠🤗🤐👽🤐😡👾💩🤬🤗💩😷🤗👾🤡🤧🤗😦🤡😷😱🥴💩😷😦👾🤡🤗😦🤐👾🤡🥴🤗🤬🤠🥴🤗💩🤠🥴🥴😱😦👾😷😓😹💩👽😴😱👾😱😈😓😴🤡🤒😓🤧🤡😓😸😴😓🤥👺☠️🥶🙄☠️☠️☠️☠️🤗🙄😸😷🤒😯🤡🤧🥶😡😹😓😷😹🤡😷🤒🤒😴🥶🤡😓🤒🥱🤡😷😓🥶👾😷🥴😶🥱👾🤡🥴😶🥱🥶🥱👾🥴👾🥶😯🤒😴💩🤠🥶🥴😈😡🥴😦🥶😡🤐👾😡🥶😯👾🤠😡🥶😦🤠🥴🥶😦🥶😷😯 Ya Lolololololololol Beepers Let’s subscribe and hit my notification bell on my channel ya. And when I start releasing my videos please hit the like button which that will happen next year I’ll start releasing my own videos in 2022 yeah

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    Red:coast is clear Her about to vent out when 3 people were in front of her

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