MK11 Pro Kompetition: EU East Week 6


  1. Ali Acar

    Ali Acar10 dagar sedan


  2. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon17 dagar sedan

    Another week and another awesome tourney.

  3. [TP] MyLun

    [TP] MyLun18 dagar sedan

    Pleaseeeee Mortal Kombat!! Please say that in the movie Mortal kombat II, Kuai Liang will with the earthrealm or at least he don’t die again 😭

  4. Forcerot

    Forcerot20 dagar sedan

    I missed Disarted 🥺🥺🥺

  5. Zeesensei

    Zeesensei22 dagar sedan

    how can i join

  6. Zamir Kahn

    Zamir Kahn26 dagar sedan

    I actually don't mind Zoning it's actually my favorite play style, in fact i main 4 zoners (Jade,Sindel,Cetrion,Skarlet)


    MARMUKUS PRODUCTİON26 dagar sedan

    İts been great seeing turkish players that likes this game and play at a competitive level blood eyez playing so fucking good

  8. MrThessalonikiman1

    MrThessalonikiman127 dagar sedan

    The morph and cancel by K-TOP was so sick.

  9. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon17 dagar sedan

    Indeed, that was fucking nuts dude

  10. Ayhan Rasimov

    Ayhan Rasimov28 dagar sedan

    Whatching EU tournament is cool but whatching SonicFox, NinjaKilla, Kombat and etc. in tournament is just Godlike 😄

  11. Joel Zurn

    Joel Zurn28 dagar sedan

    Can we have good players not use boring ass Jacqui, or a shitty Sheeva? I couldn't stand watching this boring shit and had to just skip to the end and of course one of the brothers won with a shit Sheeva. This was ALMOST as boring as the bracket with TitaniumTigerz and his trash stomp Sheeva.

  12. Крис Браян

    Крис Браян29 dagar sedan

    Kombat Pack 3!!!!!!!

  13. existed D

    existed DMånad sedan


  14. VaporLotus

    VaporLotusMånad sedan

    dude k top is just insane

  15. Roy Arkon

    Roy Arkon17 dagar sedan

    Yeah that morphing ending was sick dude

  16. MrThessalonikiman1

    MrThessalonikiman1Månad sedan

    Agree he is a beast. The most aggressive player in all eu

  17. faraaz ikram

    faraaz ikramMånad sedan

    Stop putting the entire final bracket in the thumbnail man, it makes it pointless to watch the tournament if you missed the stream

  18. Haedar Ayman

    Haedar AymanMånad sedan

    3:37:11 this is a tournament

  19. Noah

    NoahMånad sedan




    Look at these amazing sheeva and cetrion players true talent 👍

  21. MrThessalonikiman1

    MrThessalonikiman1Månad sedan

    You cannot win a tournament with shao khan or rambo which are low tier.its like driving a 60's mini cooper and your opponents driving a the offline tournament the majority of the players played sub-zero and cetrion.btw i have not seen a sheeva without stomps actually winning a pro competition tournament.have you?

  22. George Lyombo

    George LyomboMånad sedan

    Dragon stance goes brrrrrrrr

  23. George Lyombo

    George LyomboMånad sedan


  24. Marcelo Baptista

    Marcelo BaptistaMånad sedan

    Watching these Sheeva, Jacki, Cetrion players... I'm glad I stopped playing this game.

  25. Nayeli Garcia

    Nayeli GarciaMånad sedan

    Happy Easter Outstanding video blessings 🕊🎮🙏😇🙏🎮🕊

  26. Singh Sahab

    Singh SahabMånad sedan

    Anyone else noticed stream speed ?? Gameplay is not normal little bit fast ...

  27. vicious peach

    vicious peachMånad sedan

    Yes!! A superb showing from Sheeva! Also excellent Sindel and kotal action!

  28. Long Johnson

    Long Johnson20 dagar sedan

    @MrThessalonikiman1 Agreed.

  29. MrThessalonikiman1

    MrThessalonikiman120 dagar sedan

    @Long Johnson i think Mr Ramirez is good but not for top 4. We was carried by Sindel up to the final and is mu against sheeva was bad as well as his playstyle.But its not about Mr Ramirez H-DOPE was really good way better.The bros from Greece (K-TOP/H-DOPE) are one of the best players in EU and the community knows them from MKX , Injustice 2 and now MK11.

  30. Long Johnson

    Long Johnson20 dagar sedan

    MrRamirez played the final absolutely horribly. He deserved to get there, but he deserved to lose it. Watching him fail counterpicks and THEN fail the player matchup was horrible, mostly because I was rooting for him.

  31. vicious peach

    vicious peachMånad sedan

    @MrThessalonikiman1 oh, I understand! I agree 💯. I have used spinning dragon since day one, but I never see it used in tournaments until now. I also agree about Sindel, but unfortunately since I don't see too much of her, I have to be happy with what I get 😓

  32. MrThessalonikiman1

    MrThessalonikiman1Månad sedan

    @vicious peach my point is that the winner played a unique variation with sheeva (i havent seen that in any tournament) and he managed that by playing mu that are counter picks against sheeva.that made his effort even more eu east there are even better sindels that are carried by lag.offline sindel is not impressed.yolo fatal blow (rain vs sindel set) is no skill for me.

  33. Dmitriy Angeles

    Dmitriy AngelesMånad sedan

    MK11 developers, release the third KP please! And then really the meaning of the game is already lost, even from its online.

  34. Dmitriy Angeles

    Dmitriy AngelesMånad sedan

    Go kombat pack 3

  35. Ancient Origin

    Ancient OriginMånad sedan

    🌿I happy For A Greece player H-Dope. Because Greeks have Gods Like Our Indian DemiGods..We are Ancient Civilizations But We are Much Older.

  36. Wilmer Stålbrand

    Wilmer StålbrandMånad sedan

    Im the first coment

  37. Zwergz 112

    Zwergz 112Månad sedan


  38. OKC Celtics

    OKC CelticsMånad sedan

    As a Rain main, I think Sindel is a bad matchup for Rain. She just out spaces him, out zones him, can vet big damage off her 50/50s, hard to punish most of the time, etc.