SUB-ZERO MIXES EVERYONE! - Mortal Kombat 11: "Sub-Zero" Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford jeremymansford
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  1. Super

    SuperMånad sedan

    Leave a like on the video for sub zero!

  2. hunter plays

    hunter playsDag sedan

    I liked the video

  3. Royce Joe

    Royce Joe25 dagar sedan

    @Davion Zahir I am trying it out now. Looks great so far.

  4. Davion Zahir

    Davion Zahir25 dagar sedan

    not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Find it on google enjoy!

  5. D-Nice

    D-NiceMånad sedan

    @Murad Sultanov oh. You a big brain 🤣

  6. Murad Sultanov

    Murad SultanovMånad sedan

    @D-Nice it is a mystery that is up to you to solve Edit: Nah im joking, its probably because he uploaded the video 2 days ago and made the comment but he was keeping the video unlisted until 2 hours ago

  7. hunter plays

    hunter playsDag sedan

    And I have this subzero skin with new gear

  8. hunter plays

    hunter playsDag sedan

    I got mortal kombat 11 ultimate about 2 weeks ago.....

  9. XD MakoDeath

    XD MakoDeath5 dagar sedan


  10. Maury Arias

    Maury Arias6 dagar sedan

    Yo 11:11 was sick the counter uppercut as rain was doing a hook

  11. ChillStormtrooper 2003

    ChillStormtrooper 20037 dagar sedan

    I believe that sub costume is supposed to be the Night King from Game of Thrones

  12. Max the Random Builder

    Max the Random Builder8 dagar sedan

    I love MortalKombat

  13. Marlon Morales

    Marlon Morales10 dagar sedan

    If I zone Sub-Zero to avoid all his mix-ups does that me a scrub??

  14. David Rivas

    David Rivas15 dagar sedan

    18:24 quick move to super pro move well played.😁

  15. Domin3tion

    Domin3tion16 dagar sedan

    bruh u so skilled with sub the skin looks so sick btw goodjob on the video and keep it up sub is OG charecter keep it up

  16. Caino

    Caino19 dagar sedan

    Bro iant gon lie these nerds got better because I stopped playing realest nigga in mk11

  17. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha21 dag sedan

    Sub zero can and just freeze rain

  18. E E

    E E22 dagar sedan

    broke youtube notifications don’t tell me about a new super video

  19. Nico Rodriguez

    Nico Rodriguez22 dagar sedan

    how do you get that subzero outfit?

  20. RageQuitSchmitt

    RageQuitSchmitt24 dagar sedan

    My favorite part is you don’t only post wins

  21. Tristan Dreyer

    Tristan Dreyer25 dagar sedan

    You know your not that good with my boy subzero

  22. Axel Rene Suzuki

    Axel Rene Suzuki25 dagar sedan

    i love so much my personaje sub zero samuray blizard king cold nightmare the call the name but i love so much costume samuray i love that.

  23. SonTaLee Thong

    SonTaLee Thong26 dagar sedan

    Will this game do more dlc in the future?

  24. Christopher Muchabayiwa

    Christopher Muchabayiwa26 dagar sedan

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  25. red zillaman20

    red zillaman2027 dagar sedan

    No social media beggers

  26. _WolvesNR _

    _WolvesNR _28 dagar sedan

    Bro that rain needs to chillll

  27. Ross Rollinson

    Ross Rollinson28 dagar sedan

    You're awesome. Props to the Rain player though, he was great. Awesome matches to watch. Rains my guy too.Mileena is my other current favourite, so that was weird. Sub looks so "cool" that way. See what I did? I love how you respect other peoples play. That's wicked.

  28. BIG Tasty -

    BIG Tasty -29 dagar sedan

    Man Playstation players don't just get one win fatality and leave??? That's weird

  29. Mark star Gaza boss

    Mark star Gaza boss29 dagar sedan

  30. Nokia Fusion Reactor

    Nokia Fusion Reactor29 dagar sedan

    Why friends fish’s jinn!?

  31. Rafif

    RafifMånad sedan

    sub zero has serious drip

  32. Mr Allen

    Mr AllenMånad sedan

    Super why you using the analog stick and not D pad?😭

  33. AceSlayz

    AceSlayzMånad sedan

    Why sometimes your on ps5 but others your on xbox?

  34. Anthony Nieves

    Anthony NievesMånad sedan

    I hate this game with a passion....but watching these 2 fight at a high level with rain and sun zero actually looks pretty awsome

  35. Sub Zero

    Sub ZeroMånad sedan

    The skin is supposed to be the night king from game of thrones. That’s why the mask looked so weird.

  36. dead silence

    dead silenceMånad sedan

    Why don't u do crushing blows SOOO many miss opportunities in combo drops

  37. Marcell Henry

    Marcell HenryMånad sedan

    Lol bro, that Sub Zero skin is a reference to Game of Thrones. I’ve never watched it but that’s where it comes from

  38. Kevin Lezama

    Kevin LezamaMånad sedan

    Anyone have any tips on how to get better with rain

  39. Cody Blake

    Cody BlakeMånad sedan

    As soon as I saw you vs manny on rain I knew it was gonna be a great match

  40. El Demián

    El DemiánMånad sedan

    Hey man, would You record with @angelysaras he's a mk creator like u, from spain, would be a cool crossover Anda di que si hermano 😭

  41. Christopher

    ChristopherMånad sedan

    How is Sub-Zero not S tier 😂. Look at all this proof🤣.

  42. Jeremy Bennett

    Jeremy BennettMånad sedan

    for the bright lord

  43. cacoplayz

    cacoplayzMånad sedan

    Yo Super!! I would love to see your tier list of MK11 and MKX. Hope you make it possible!!

  44. Dopaminer

    DopaminerMånad sedan

    17:02 sweet 👍👍👍

  45. Mustafa Hamidzada

    Mustafa HamidzadaMånad sedan

    random question but i want to buy a dlc character, who should i get?

  46. Muhammed Yousuf

    Muhammed YousufMånad sedan

    That rain was clean as hell

  47. Liniczs

    LiniczsMånad sedan

    That subzero skin is so coool

  48. Sam Salar

    Sam SalarMånad sedan

    Nice man

  49. Tyree almeida

    Tyree almeidaMånad sedan

    His combo be bussin

  50. Nahim Ahmed

    Nahim AhmedMånad sedan

    I enjoyed the fatalities that sub zero did the blood the the kills everything that he did to the players was amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresMånad sedan

    Bro you got like a 5 iq

  52. Shazam Mythic

    Shazam MythicMånad sedan

    He already played that rain player in that other Kabal video he barley post lol

  53. Blake Castillo

    Blake CastilloMånad sedan

    Bro!! Its the "Game of Throwns" white walker skin. Trying to tell you kid

  54. Trevor Hubbard

    Trevor HubbardMånad sedan

    Dude that Amp slide miss is so dumb was teaching a lil homie the game and be kept doing it too late or something I tried to intentionally miss it to figure out why it happens but I couldn't do it

  55. Guido Pasquetto

    Guido PasquettoMånad sedan

    Is there any other way To get that sub Zero skin? I love it but i don't know how to get it

  56. Nappa Is The Saiyan hero we deserve

    Nappa Is The Saiyan hero we deserveMånad sedan

    Moar lord Lambert please

  57. Buster_WOLF Hopkins

    Buster_WOLF HopkinsMånad sedan

    This costume is a reference to Game of Thrones. Hes supposed to resemble the Night King

  58. RL Scar

    RL ScarMånad sedan

    Low key that rain skin is kinda lit

  59. Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse RodriguezMånad sedan

    Super sounds like a big kid " he blocked the overhead again"!😂

  60. ᴊᴏʏ ʀᴀᴊᴠᴏʀ

    ᴊᴏʏ ʀᴀᴊᴠᴏʀMånad sedan

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  61. Raheem edwards

    Raheem edwardsMånad sedan

    Im coming to vs you on a match on the first of the month you well take the challenge

  62. Raheem edwards

    Raheem edwardsMånad sedan

    Fujin all day

  63. J angelz

    J angelzMånad sedan

    Can you do a Skarlet vid please?

  64. Khalid Mohamed

    Khalid MohamedMånad sedan

    Almost at 1M subs!! 🥳🥳

  65. Arsle

    ArsleMånad sedan

    Everybody talking about the rain player lmao

  66. Krillin Jones

    Krillin JonesMånad sedan

    Supers intro is something else man mixing dragon ball z characters and mortal kombat characters and super as mob entering pyhsco mode that intro very creative i like it! Hahahah

  67. Jakov Lazarevic

    Jakov LazarevicMånad sedan

    Road to 1.0000

  68. Fluffy The Street Cat

    Fluffy The Street CatMånad sedan

    Super gotta watch some Game of Thrones to see who that skin is

  69. S P 4 W N E R

    S P 4 W N E RMånad sedan

    after u do forward 2 into rising ice try using back 3 2 ice ball. it works trust me

  70. ew filthy

    ew filthyMånad sedan

    I’ve been playing dbfz so much, I forgot how to play MK11. Lol I’d probably just hit down 1


    ATLASXI I IMånad sedan

    Thank you so much for still doing your thing! Stay safe, that aside ive FINALLY got 11 after a while and its been nothing but practice practice practice so now these vids take a whole new meaning

  72. Johhny Sins

    Johhny SinsMånad sedan

    Don't you know how to finish him? You always hit at the end, make him finish him, let our eyes see mortal kombat

  73. I’m Tired

    I’m TiredMånad sedan


  74. Todd elk shoulder

    Todd elk shoulderMånad sedan

    The last set was sick

  75. Nizzy Nick92

    Nizzy Nick92Månad sedan

    Nice 😎👍

  76. BlackPG

    BlackPGMånad sedan

    day 9 asking for another summoner Quan Chi video

  77. Alvaro Fernandez

    Alvaro Fernandez7 dagar sedan

    Bro his Quan Chi is goated !!!

  78. Interial-

    Interial-Månad sedan

    Idk what it is but I love watching rain play against supers characters

  79. Mom Cramer

    Mom CramerMånad sedan

    Undead doesn't that just mean alive

  80. josue nathan

    josue nathanMånad sedan

    I would really like to know who your favorite character is. Not who you are the best with but your favorite all around.

  81. Michael Pye

    Michael PyeMånad sedan

    Last round was cheesy

  82. Michael Pye

    Michael PyeMånad sedan

    There were a few times there that he was blocking low that you were able to still hit him.

  83. sistergrimm2099

    sistergrimm2099Månad sedan

    Can u bring back mirror match changle

  84. Lise Esper

    Lise EsperMånad sedan

    Every rain player has cracked movement

  85. Platinumking J

    Platinumking JMånad sedan

    That first match with that rain was epic not gonna lie.

  86. Platinumking J

    Platinumking J29 dagar sedan

    @Mista-J-Burnz yea, this rain obviously knows about sub zeros mix’s lol

  87. Mista-J-Burnz

    Mista-J-BurnzMånad sedan

    Ikr they was going at it but sub zero was gettin his ass beat

  88. latanya williams

    latanya williamsMånad sedan

    I don’t have non of those characters but the ones that we start with but I frost

  89. Trey Anderson

    Trey AndersonMånad sedan

    Super is a bot and a loser I would easily beat him🥱

  90. David Eason

    David EasonMånad sedan

    Water vs Ice Is The Best Match Up In The Game !

  91. TU PADRE

    TU PADREMånad sedan

    Can you play RoboCop?

  92. Carlos Allen

    Carlos AllenMånad sedan

    18:22 s0 mUch skiLL HeheheeHh 1,2 iceball fatal blow....sKilllllllll

  93. Racaillshin

    RacaillshinMånad sedan

    Whats the sub zero skin? And how can we got it?

  94. Carlos Allen

    Carlos AllenMånad sedan

    man. mk11 just doesn't take skill it's always that fatal blow saving people. yes even me ive woken up fatal blow so many times just to see if it works and it does. how does pressing two buttons and getting 30-35% skillful? i don't see where the skill is at for this game. Also: the fact that you can do down 1, 3, or 4 into something that's so unpunishable and it works is not skillful.

  95. GNINJA 1025

    GNINJA 1025Månad sedan

    Can u do a vid where you 1v1 fans?

  96. Vitor

    VitorMånad sedan

    Me, about to stop procrastinating. - Super uploads a video - Well shit

  97. Ben Wheeler

    Ben Wheeler6 dagar sedan

    It be like that lol🤣

  98. The Ballin Guatemalan

    The Ballin Guatemalan22 dagar sedan

    Lmao Fr! 😭

  99. B Gill

    B GillMånad sedan

    15:48 me: just chip him you fucking idiot Mileena player: leeroy JENKINS

  100. Slayter08

    Slayter08Månad sedan

    Look at the Night King from Game of Thrones, then look at Sub-Zero :) @Super

  101. Ryan

    RyanMånad sedan


  102. Bob Bob

    Bob BobMånad sedan


  103. Ronnie Murley

    Ronnie MurleyMånad sedan

    Check out this sweet war zone gameplay

  104. Josue Pineda

    Josue PinedaMånad sedan

    Play scorpion please!

  105. VincenzoCassano _

    VincenzoCassano _Månad sedan

    Best sub-zero custom off all time

  106. FlikM

    FlikMMånad sedan

    Do a sub zero for MKX

  107. jeremy hunter

    jeremy hunterMånad sedan

    Night King Sub Zero

  108. Gabriel Mathews

    Gabriel MathewsMånad sedan

    It the night king from GOT

  109. Riad -_-

    Riad -_-Månad sedan

    does sikander555 approve of this sub zero gameplay?

  110. agus simoncini

    agus simonciniMånad sedan

    Dude use your slide more often. If you see people blocking your overheads all the time, exploit the slide. They never ever see it coming, especially from far away where they expect you to throw an ice ball. And then when you get them used to blocking low, that's when you start going crazy with the overheads. Sub-Zero is all about screwing with your opponent's expectations

  111. Carlos Allen

    Carlos AllenMånad sedan

    And it's players like this that make the game boring and sweaty asf. Sub is S tier can't believe at the beginning people couldn't see it.

  112. agus simoncini

    agus simonciniMånad sedan

    @phase Exactly. The air axe isn't an overhead, so idk. I guess that Rain player was just really scared of Sub-Zero's forward 2.

  113. phase

    phaseMånad sedan

    unless that midair axe move is an overhead, why would u stand block against subzero? slide from near full screen probably ain’t the best option unless u expect them to throw a high projectile

  114. WERTY McDonald

    WERTY McDonaldMånad sedan

    I love the sub zero fit