This Roblox game can steal your robux without you knowing...

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1st guy -
2nd guy -


  1. Afia Ahmad

    Afia Ahmad5 timmar sedan

    I had 831 robux as soon as I played islands, IT TOOK 20 BOBUX FROM ME :( say "bobux" to pay respect of no more 20 bobux

  2. Diego Soto

    Diego Soto6 timmar sedan

    7:12 even albert feels the guys pain

  3. Kieran Perry

    Kieran Perry6 timmar sedan

    if your poor and dont have robux then ez

  4. pØlina

    pØlina8 timmar sedan

    Jokes on you I have 2 robux

  5. Ikke

    Ikke12 timmar sedan


  6. All the usernames have been taken

    All the usernames have been taken18 timmar sedan

    Me: enters the game with no roboux* Me: you've been played

  7. lovehotdogs

    lovehotdogs20 timmar sedan

    not even money thats the funny thing is robox who cares if they get scam they deserve it to get scam is there fault anyway

  8. Elizabeth Phillips

    Elizabeth PhillipsDag sedan

    I have 2 bobux sooooooooooooooooooo i am safe I quess

  9. Vlad plays awesome Grand crossing HR

    Vlad plays awesome Grand crossing HRDag sedan

    I played the game and I had 45k robux then it gone to 23k this is A REAL MONEY SCAM

  10. EDM / •Emergency department•

    EDM / •Emergency department•Dag sedan

    I not even have robux lol

  11. Celestial glitch scrap

    Celestial glitch scrapDag sedan

    0:15 you guys look alike

  12. Dorina Altenor

    Dorina AltenorDag sedan

    People with no robux: yesssirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  13. RN Ni

    RN Ni2 dagar sedan

    me who never ever got robux: heh boi

  14. Sniip Wiip

    Sniip Wiip2 dagar sedan

    Wow that's so bad Roblox ist that good with banning scammers :

  15. PEPPArody

    PEPPArody2 dagar sedan

    Steals from a guy called Blooxer... His status: "Thanks for the cashout my guy Blooxer!"

  16. PEPPArody

    PEPPArody2 dagar sedan

    4:21 Who clicked on the "Skip ads" button? :D

  17. boby boi

    boby boi2 dagar sedan

    This is why im poor "YEAAAAHHH"

  18. retr0

    retr03 dagar sedan

    i know how they do it, they overload the actual gui which makes it invisible but lags a bit

  19. Chew zheng wei

    Chew zheng wei3 dagar sedan

    Me with no robux: I have no such weaknesses

  20. littleviet18

    littleviet183 dagar sedan

    This is my first time seeing flamingo being nice

  21. Ruby Benita

    Ruby Benita3 dagar sedan

    Congrats on 9mil!!!

  22. Kat

    Kat4 dagar sedan


  23. seth v

    seth v4 dagar sedan

    Ok thank you for letting me know about this. I will look into it and try to stop it. Thank you Flamingo.

  24. Parsely

    Parsely5 dagar sedan

    I think Roblox refused his refund.

  25. Mr Toucan

    Mr Toucan5 dagar sedan

    Roblox be like:Nah go to roblox. Support so u can ask me

  26. Econ

    Econ6 dagar sedan

    Can’t scam my robux if I don’t got any.

  27. Gacha Toons

    Gacha Toons6 dagar sedan


  28. Blue dream

    Blue dream6 dagar sedan


  29. HahaRodo

    HahaRodo7 dagar sedan

    Update: he indeed got his bobux bacc

  30. DigitalReality

    DigitalReality7 dagar sedan

    Day 3 of asking Albert to make a full earthworm sally theme song

  31. Hurricane Studios :3

    Hurricane Studios :37 dagar sedan

    Albert: How are you going to avoid that? Me: **Doesnt have robux** *Ive got some tricks of my own.*

  32. Angel’s Animations

    Angel’s Animations8 dagar sedan

    Feel bad for him, that scammer is a scum bag.

  33. Me!

    Me!8 dagar sedan

    * *Scammers are taking notes* *

  34. William C

    William C8 dagar sedan

    Omg I thought it was gonna happen to him 6:07

  35. Maria Catalina Castilla

    Maria Catalina Castilla8 dagar sedan

    EPIC intro!!

  36. • Rhea •

    • Rhea •9 dagar sedan

    If anyone asks u to do that, and u rly wanna join it, go make urself an alt (make sure it has no robucks) and check it out! It's simple.

  37. -_hzllokxtty_- eep

    -_hzllokxtty_- eep9 dagar sedan

    me who has 0 robux: 😀👍

  38. Internet Explorer 11

    Internet Explorer 119 dagar sedan

    I don`t scare of virus cuz i can make a working gun game with only offical models :P

  39. *— Walking On Clouds —*

    *— Walking On Clouds —*10 dagar sedan

    6:12 - you can see his face go to 🙂 to 😦

  40. C A

    C A10 dagar sedan

    wait thats actually so bad

  41. Anne CG

    Anne CG10 dagar sedan

    Bruh since u showed me this video I ligit get two robux carded and buy thing on my alt to see if it’s ok to buy it on my main lol

  42. ny ly

    ny ly10 dagar sedan

    jokes on them I have no robux

  43. HubertPlayz

    HubertPlayz11 dagar sedan

    When he said That's so messed up I remember I fell for a adopt me scam my account was imnotkindlykeyinyt now I have a new one named imnotkindlykeyinyt1

  44. Ayaat Mulla 2

    Ayaat Mulla 211 dagar sedan

    i hv no robux but i have sparks kilowatts outfit the girl from metaverse and if fell for it i could get my account stolen

  45. lupita jasso

    lupita jasso11 dagar sedan

    I been broke so I ok

  46. Cydamiic

    Cydamiic11 dagar sedan

    I wish Albert showed that dudes name. That's all.

  47. Kettei

    Kettei11 dagar sedan

    He 100% did not feel bad if he then put stuff like "thanks for the money lol" in his statuses and stuff. People like that lowkey need bad things to happen to them and I'll just leave it at that

  48. cybervanna

    cybervanna11 dagar sedan

    4:34 it gives you a leaderstat called “diamonds” and it gives you 25 everytime you touch it im pretty sure

  49. Goldbee music channel

    Goldbee music channel12 dagar sedan

    bro rip me i don't have Roblox 0

  50. zeonasi_st XD

    zeonasi_st XD12 dagar sedan

    Hah​ sucks​ on​ u​ I​ got​ no​ bobux​ to​ get​ scam

  51. Roblox

    Roblox12 dagar sedan

    R.I.P NitroNuke *You will be saved*

  52. Roblox Funny

    Roblox Funny12 dagar sedan

    E E E E

  53. {Cloudy Sky’s rblx}

    {Cloudy Sky’s rblx}12 dagar sedan

    Me with my 1 robuc left bc I spent it all: sure u can take my 1 robuc

  54. Silly Zeeke

    Silly Zeeke12 dagar sedan

    Lol I got a tonic scam ad on a Roblox scam video lol

  55. Sharkie VR *Ava*

    Sharkie VR *Ava*13 dagar sedan

    Im FINE... I have 3 robux lol

  56. Jasmin ;-;

    Jasmin ;-;13 dagar sedan


  57. FoxyCraftYT

    FoxyCraftYT13 dagar sedan

    4:16 u got rick roll

  58. adeegamer21

    adeegamer2113 dagar sedan


  59. Beth

    Beth13 dagar sedan

    "You got T R O L L E D"

  60. Zeke Aka Qwj1012 the Gamer-god

    Zeke Aka Qwj1012 the Gamer-god13 dagar sedan

    I can’t get over the intro add the intro to every video you make!🤯

  61. Aeris

    Aeris13 dagar sedan

    death isn’t my fear, this is my fear.🤠👍

  62. spoder mang

    spoder mang12 dagar sedan

    ah yes, losing virtual credits is way worse than losing your valuable life

  63. Captain Kage

    Captain Kage14 dagar sedan

    6:12 moment of realization “........oh”

  64. Tyler

    Tyler14 dagar sedan

    Jokes on you! I don’t have *ROBUX*!!

  65. Riley R

    Riley R14 dagar sedan

    6:10 my friend also made that kind of game ._.

  66. Zen Redacted

    Zen Redacted14 dagar sedan

    Life hack: don't have robux

  67. Angel Happy ツ

    Angel Happy ツ14 dagar sedan


  68. Patrick Schafer

    Patrick Schafer14 dagar sedan

    This makes me not wanna play another game on roblox again-

  69. paulina faith

    paulina faith15 dagar sedan

    I don't have robux this is not a problem to me

  70. luxki_

    luxki_15 dagar sedan

    *laughs in no bobux*

  71. Yu Hikaru3Dツ

    Yu Hikaru3Dツ15 dagar sedan

    I wanna do it to

  72. Poppie Blanchard

    Poppie Blanchard15 dagar sedan

    Whoever made that scam game i hope they step on a lego

  73. Knaphiz

    Knaphiz15 dagar sedan

    What if you had no boBux?

  74. GamerBoi

    GamerBoi15 dagar sedan

    Hyo my live yuo mmm aa gg yees fimgo bist

  75. Trevor Phillips

    Trevor Phillips15 dagar sedan

    Me watching getting ideas for my new scam game AND if you play my game called rebex YOU WILL HET FREE ROBU

  76. Justin Kwan

    Justin Kwan15 dagar sedan


  77. Swindler Akuduma Drive

    Swindler Akuduma Drive15 dagar sedan

    👁👄👁... uh oh...

  78. destiny Michael Booker 2009

    destiny Michael Booker 200915 dagar sedan


  79. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻15 dagar sedan


  80. NotGhast

    NotGhast15 dagar sedan

    1:24 he got so trolled lol

  81. Joan Wilkie

    Joan Wilkie15 dagar sedan

    My children love you but you scream a lot:real meh kid :0

  82. LBPEggzGirl

    LBPEggzGirl15 dagar sedan

    *eats chips* I wish I thought of that

  83. CycloneSweaty

    CycloneSweaty16 dagar sedan

    Flamingo: think they all kind of deserve their money back. Me: Bro they SHOULD get their money back.


    TTV_P3ST_EDIT S16 dagar sedan


  85. poggerssz

    poggerssz16 dagar sedan

    the end tho, i feel so bad for him! following him on twitch rn!!

  86. poggerssz

    poggerssz16 dagar sedan

    the dude who lost the robux looked like sapnap ngl

  87. ZSD

    ZSD16 dagar sedan

    this amount the game stole ( one million four hundred forty seven thousand five hundred ninety nine ) 1 447 599R$

  88. Clara

    Clara16 dagar sedan

    Well i dont have robux even tho i put a star code and still have 0 robux

  89. hangezoemylove

    hangezoemylove16 dagar sedan

    7:00 that is so sadddd noo

  90. #Galaxy Gaming

    #Galaxy Gaming16 dagar sedan

    5:57 Outrageous Trader

  91. Asta Žukevičienė

    Asta Žukevičienė16 dagar sedan

    bro.... that's so wrong

  92. Bling Skies

    Bling Skies16 dagar sedan

    Me: I hope I still play Roblox when I grow up My mom: You'll grow out of it. Flamingo, a 23 year old man playing Roblox almost everyday: *Am I a joke to you* 😃

  93. Shaylasks

    Shaylasks16 dagar sedan

    Creat a game for idiots only"

  94. Yogurt san

    Yogurt san16 dagar sedan

    That "bUy fLiM FlAm" gets me every time JSJSJSJSJ

  95. Crimson IV

    Crimson IV16 dagar sedan

    This is why roblox needs to ip ban

  96. Kenia Escoto

    Kenia Escoto16 dagar sedan

    5:35 look my favorite game Ben 10: Ultímate Ensemble

  97. Zachary Moore

    Zachary Moore16 dagar sedan

    Flamingo I got a plush of a flamingo 😃

  98. Annabella Christie

    Annabella Christie17 dagar sedan

    people just make these kind of games to scam people cause they think they need to have robux to be cool

  99. an imaginary world

    an imaginary world17 dagar sedan

    Oh man I almost forgot about the model virus incident

  100. Fraud 6k

    Fraud 6k17 dagar sedan

    Send me a link to the game i only have 7 robux

  101. Cucumber stick 849

    Cucumber stick 84917 dagar sedan

    Can’t get scammed when you don’t have robux 😎