Top 25 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games of 2021

2021 looks likely to bring us plenty of amazing looking pixel art games for PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch and more. Here's the top 25 new upcoming pixel art games expected out in 2021 we are most looking forward to.
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Top 25 New Pixel Art Games of 2021
00:00 - Introduction
00:28 - 25: Garden Story:
01:03 - 24: Overloop:
01:40 - 23: Hell is Others:
02:00 - 22: No Place for Bravery:
02:31 - 21: Toodee and Topdee:
03:08 - 20: Kaze and the Wild Masks:
03:42 - 19: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion:
04:10 - 18: Bushiden:
04:46 - 17: Backbone:
05:26 - 16: Lunark:
06:07 - 15: Death Trash:
06:38 - 14: Jack Move:
07:02 - 13: Radio the Universe:
07:27 - 12: Gestalt Steam and Cinder:
08:03 - 11: Cleo - A Pirate’s Tale:
08:43 - 10: Smelter:
09:12 - 9: Chinatown Detective Agency:
09:52 - 8: Chained Echoes:
10:34 - 7: Eldest Souls:
11:13 - 6: Flynn Son of Crimson:
11:50 - 5: Nykra:
12:13 - 4: Mighty Goose:
12:49 - 3: Narita Boy:
13:32 - 2: Cloud Jumper:
14:02 - 1: Eastward:


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    @Dillon Mauricio wow! Took about 10 minutes but it actually worked!!

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    Hello there, can you talk about my game? Trap Japan, is in my channel, I need help to share it

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    Now I wanna play ALL of them

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    And it's done ! Congrats you guys deserve it, keep up the amazing work. Thank you a lot for everything you've made so far ! Glad you didn't stop

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    Nice Video! Still work in progress but that do you think of the pixel art in Rogue's Awakening?

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    Ready player one is not from the 80s. The book was written in 2011

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  10. Ali Rohman

    Ali Rohman5 dagar sedan

    Eastward is going to be so good especially cuz it's made by the creator of stardew valley

  11. Blue

    Blue5 dagar sedan

    Lunark seems to be highly inspired by Flashback.

  12. Get Indie Gaming

    Get Indie Gaming5 dagar sedan

    Yep, most certainly.

  13. Yuggh Ggyfg

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    Che grande cagata la pixeeart non esiste nel mondo del gaming. Pagliacci

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    This is a damn good list!

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    use laptop? play all bout pixel game

  17. tiger uppercut

    tiger uppercut9 dagar sedan

    what is wrong about giving a reference to another game? “a certain franchise which we won’t point out here” - sounds ridiculous. the developer is going to sue you for that?

  18. Umbigo Cometa

    Umbigo Cometa10 dagar sedan

    Lunark looks very similar to flashback and out of this world

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  21. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune14 dagar sedan

    garden story

  22. Zc says

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    no chef rpg eh??? hmmmmm

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    Whaaat, where is Sports Story? 😅

  24. Luana Santos

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    this channel is awesome

  25. khary shelton

    khary shelton19 dagar sedan

    Backbone and Dex look a lot alike, may have to check that one out. I was in the probably 3% of people who loved Dex. 😂

  26. Loky Stellaris

    Loky Stellaris20 dagar sedan

    No Lost Ruine ?? Strange !!

  27. Chicken Joe

    Chicken Joe24 dagar sedan

    No Place for Bravery reminds me a lot of Hyper Light Drifter, looks like a great time!

  28. Vũ Phạm

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    #22 Kratos and his son?

  29. Sakshi Patankar

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    Garden story Overloop

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    Truly Amazing List. Very Well Done.

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    Some of these look like real gems, thanks for making this video, got my eye on Turnip man and Backbone lol.

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  33. Roba che Spacca

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    Dark Souls cannot be mentioned, but Castlevania can...

  34. George Hovhannisian

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    5:39 What's the matter? Can't say "Flashback"?))

  35. IamJacksColon4

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    Finished Narita Boy, loved it. Looking forward to Eastward, it just looks amazing.

  36. Ridiculously Overpowered Super God King

    Ridiculously Overpowered Super God King29 dagar sedan

    Gestalt steam cinder is the one I want!

  37. Tetrahedragon2

    Tetrahedragon2Månad sedan

    If that game 'Smelter' doesn't have the sub title of "I hardly knew 'er' that's an unforgivable missed opportunity.

  38. Blair Whitley

    Blair WhitleyMånad sedan

    Backbone looks amazing!

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    It's "bushy den" (not bu shy den)

  41. Sherlock Holmes

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    Clickbait dude not cool

  42. Get Indie Gaming

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    Hi there. The thumb is taken from the cane at #1. All the best.

  43. Sherlock Holmes

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    @Get Indie Gaming I watched for the thumbnail but I couldn’t find the game in video

  44. Get Indie Gaming

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  45. Artifice

    ArtificeMånad sedan

    Seriously ... Roots of pacha not here? Okay

  46. Scan Gittman

    Scan GittmanMånad sedan

    Narita Boy is damn near perfect. The story is bonkers, the music is excellent, the animation is buttery smooth, and the artwork is definitely pleasing to look at. Kudos to the developer and staff that made that game. Truly a work of art.

  47. Get Indie Gaming

    Get Indie Gaming28 dagar sedan

    Yup. It’s a fab, fab game. Loved it.

  48. cyric2010

    cyric2010Månad sedan

    Im interested in Smelter. Female character designs with sex appeal are so rare nowadays.

  49. Nikolas Karampelas

    Nikolas KarampelasMånad sedan

    I don't even like pixel games, yet I added a handful from that video on my wishlist. I just wised more of them to be available at gog.

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  51. Hans Soloson

    Hans SolosonMånad sedan

    Boomer graphics, yuck

  52. Shin shichirin

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    Recommend me a YT channel dedicated to playing pixel art games.

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    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])

  54. GhostHuntinBun

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    I've been following one of the artists for garden story on twitter for a while so psyched to finally see it finished

  55. nowonmetube

    nowonmetubeMånad sedan

    Gosh, they look so good...

  56. Dave From accounting

    Dave From accountingMånad sedan

    Yo you should do a shout out of oddity

  57. Charley Weinhardt

    Charley WeinhardtMånad sedan

    my favorite looking thing here is the colors in this game 7:04 'radio the universe'

  58. Amy Wong

    Amy WongMånad sedan

    I'm so excited for BACKBONE. It's set in the more rundown part of the downtown in my city. They got A LOT of it so accurate and I love the dystopian style that was added.

  59. Dyeplay DOYOU

    Dyeplay DOYOUMånad sedan

    How about Lakeview-series? I truly recommend you check it out. Getting new stuff, very soon.

  60. EmberFlower

    EmberFlowerMånad sedan

    Woah, I haven't heard about any of this but at least 5 titles look appealing to me personally. Thanks!

  61. Jared J.

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  62. An Apple

    An AppleMånad sedan

    Eastward and backbone though 😳

  63. King Kench

    King KenchMånad sedan

    Dead Cells best game ever made

  64. Kamaboko Gonpachiro

    Kamaboko GonpachiroMånad sedan

    Whats the game in the thumbnail picture

  65. Get Indie Gaming

    Get Indie GamingMånad sedan

    Hi there. The thumb is taken from the Eastshade trailer.

  66. saccio유키

    saccio유키Månad sedan

    Chinatown Detective Agency and Backbone looking fire!! will definitely be playing them

  67. 95 McQueen

    95 McQueenMånad sedan

    Nintendo is really into pixel indie games

  68. Milan Stevic

    Milan StevicMånad sedan

    why can't you mention comparative games by name? namely Flashback and Dark Souls. I'm not aware of any legal reason that prohibits you to do so, so is it like a matter of taste?

  69. soft baddie

    soft baddieMånad sedan

    eastward and backbone is smth u play on a quiet rainy night im sold

  70. Matt X

    Matt XMånad sedan

    Lunark is like lower resolution Flashback from the Amiga.

  71. Marco Antonio Prado

    Marco Antonio PradoMånad sedan

    Is eastward really coming out this year?

  72. Sheep

    SheepMånad sedan

    Waiting for some continuation of katana zero

  73. xg223

    xg223Månad sedan

    Cloud Jumper isn't pixel art. It's just 3D at a low resolution. That's not what pixel art is.

  74. Aaron Murg

    Aaron MurgMånad sedan

    Gestalt looks pretty cool! And eastward. Thanks for posting man! I'm a new pixel artist and this gives me a lot of inspiration.

  75. I’m sorry if I offended anybody

    I’m sorry if I offended anybodyMånad sedan

    Eastward looks so good!!!

  76. Claymanfilms

    ClaymanfilmsMånad sedan

    Its funny that Eastward was supposed to release last fall now I'm just wondering when it will ever come out... Super exited for that one!

  77. soubor slov

    soubor slovMånad sedan

    Yay Backbone!

  78. Pascal Herr

    Pascal HerrMånad sedan

    Eldest Soul und No brave for braverys sind nice

  79. toransu

    toransuMånad sedan

    "Buh SHY den" Bro... learn how to fucking pronounce the names of these games ffs. It's "Boo-shi-den"

  80. GLUOS Studios

    GLUOS StudiosMånad sedan

    The goose had me

  81. frogman

    frogmanMånad sedan

    backbone looks SO GOOD. it also sounds amazing. that song in the trailer..... OH MAN.

  82. Marie Loiseau

    Marie LoiseauMånad sedan

    Is "indie" basically synonymous with pixelart now? I don't know how I feel about that...

  83. Åbe Algra

    Åbe AlgraMånad sedan

    Eastward looks amazing! Turnip boy and Backbone both also look very interesting and fun! I think Narita boy will turn out to be a bit like e.g. Hollow Knight, where speedrunners will get their money's worth.

  84. Sagida Syed

    Sagida SyedMånad sedan

    0:12 Plz tell me teh name of this game plz

  85. Aalksjw n sb A ji qnqhshb

    Aalksjw n sb A ji qnqhshbMånad sedan

    This reminds of old days

  86. MoeNine 53

    MoeNine 53Månad sedan

    9:36 Is it just me or this character looks kind of like brett from twosetviolin?

  87. Aleta Nook

    Aleta NookMånad sedan

    Eastward is most most anticipated game of the year. Soooo can't wait!

  88. 90s

    90sMånad sedan

    lunark = flashback 1992

  89. Get Indie Gaming

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  90. Joaquin Nievas

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    The Lunark guy moves exactly like old Prince of Persia

  91. applepiie

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    Ohh im rooting for the turnip boy and eastward 😆

  92. asdf

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    would be better if u just show the game instead of speaking...

  93. İnci

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    backbone demo was soo good

  94. Malem Yensenbam

    Malem YensenbamMånad sedan

    M all about goose 🤣😆💯💯

  95. Beck

    BeckMånad sedan

    Broforce is best of all and possibly will never be beaten. :D

  96. sa m

    sa mMånad sedan

    Backbone looks so good!

  97. Syahid Ulhaq

    Syahid UlhaqMånad sedan

    Is there any chance to play these on Android phone?

  98. Yumato

    YumatoMånad sedan

    A other upcoming Pixel Art Game I recommend is One Dreamer! It's cool!

  99. Kraken

    KrakenMånad sedan

    Is Eastwood getting a physical release on the Switch?

  100. Efraim

    EfraimMånad sedan

    Nykra and Narita Boy for me

  101. Ôkåÿgę Rēpłïêd

    Ôkåÿgę RēpłïêdMånad sedan

    Some people are going to call it "IT'S LIKE MINECRAFT" instead of "it's a pixel game!"

  102. Bijaya Pokharel

    Bijaya PokharelMånad sedan

    I hate myself for thinking that😢 but its just hit me ok

  103. Aysha Khatun

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  104. Justjasperr

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    I love seraphine

  105. Dumitru Postoronca

    Dumitru PostoroncaMånad sedan

    I think that Garden Story creators got inspired from Stardew valley

  106. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    Kaguya ŌtsutsukiMånad sedan

    I would like to see more pixel art games without violence, some life simulator.

  107. Chicken Nugget

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  108. Artifice

    ArtificeMånad sedan

    @Jackie Brown my fellow pachan 😇

  109. xTheReapersSpawn

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    life simulator is about to patch in violence.

  110. xg223

    xg223Månad sedan

    There's a metric shitton of those. Hell there's a huge supply of almost any sort of indie pixel art game you can imagine. Because everyone makes them.

  111. Tethloach1

    Tethloach1Månad sedan

    I think games that focus on story and puzzle solving and unique strategy that has replay value are great. The depth of the story, the replay value make me keep playing. Games are technically interactive stories, the greater the story the more time I can invest into playing it or if it has a lot of replay value. In the early 2000s people took risk making all kinds of games which were a lot of fun, and then mid 2000s companies started to play it safe and every game was copying others making the market saturated with clones, and now some people are making creative games worth playing. Usually if a game has played out it's concepts for the most part older gamers will have a hard time getting into it, but newer players will last for bit and have the same issue. This happens with pokemon, hopefully they will add significant changes to bring back older players.

  112. Dayangku Shahirah

    Dayangku ShahirahMånad sedan

    Garden story is cuutee

  113. Shuo Ye

    Shuo YeMånad sedan

    The very last one is my fav!

  114. vpn rockies

    vpn rockiesMånad sedan

    Nothing can beat dead cells

  115. Fabio Silva

    Fabio SilvaMånad sedan

    makes a pixel art video for mobile bro, we really need it 😫

  116. Rudi Dellama

    Rudi DellamaMånad sedan

    Wish more of theses game implemented Crt shaders (at least as a option) given that a good CRT are on expencive side specially where I live

  117. Alloniya

    AlloniyaMånad sedan

    still waiting some from 2019, so those be waiting till 25 guess

  118. Get Indie Gaming

    Get Indie GamingMånad sedan

    Or in some cases, from our showcases of 2017.

  119. Tristan

    TristanMånad sedan

    So hype about Eastward. Did you know there is a monster catching side game (Pokemon) in Eastward game ahah. 😁