Hackerman Boris masters western tech - CSS lesson with Boris

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  1. Mystican

    Mystican6 dagar sedan

    Would buy a course from Boris 100000% lol learned more in 10mins than 10 hours from an actual course haha

  2. Ozan Şimşeker

    Ozan Şimşeker6 dagar sedan

    This will be more useful than ever now thanks to a boom in myspace

  3. Little LucasX

    Little LucasX10 dagar sedan

    Minecraft is Blyat!

  4. Váradi Márk

    Váradi Márk13 dagar sedan

    8:43 unexpected like the spanish inquisition

  5. Uncle Tensed

    Uncle Tensed18 dagar sedan

    Ey wake up c'mon aahh! Aahhhhh! Oy debil...

  6. EasonTekReviews

    EasonTekReviews20 dagar sedan

    1:45 Linux fans: BTW I AM A LINUX FAN I use linux on my PC and I have MacOS and Linux on my laptop

  7. Andy Rajendra

    Andy Rajendra20 dagar sedan

    "Typical gaming laptop battery endurance in 2020," Hits too close

  8. Денис Гатин

    Денис Гатин22 dagar sedan

    Hello hackerman Boris


    THE CUBE23 dagar sedan

    0:38 thats definetly not a german keyboard. german keyboards have the QWERTZ layout. boris' keyboard has the QWERTY layout. but its possible that this in an german macbook, because american QWERTY layout keyboards are sold here too.

  10. Ioannis Fragias

    Ioannis Fragias24 dagar sedan

    Im actually learning this exact thing right now in Computers Class! Thank you Boris, you were a big help!

  11. Jenga 500

    Jenga 50027 dagar sedan

    I love the facthe didn'teven bother actually installing ubuntu

  12. Enkhjargalan Bilguudei

    Enkhjargalan Bilguudei28 dagar sedan

    Народ как называется песни на бакгроунде

  13. Aniki Kiwami

    Aniki Kiwami28 dagar sedan

    Thank you Boris!!!


    DIONISIO III DATILES29 dagar sedan

    But the calling body again with element is bad instead using body h1 you can simply use h1{} or put class or I'd selector on h1


    DIONISIO III DATILES29 dagar sedan

    Nice 😁css is cool

  16. BAD Nation

    BAD Nation29 dagar sedan

    Пхпхпх я угараю)))

  17. Juli_Daimond

    Juli_DaimondMånad sedan

    A Brazilian watching a video of a Russian who speaks English kkkkkkkkk that SEtoos recommending me a video like this because I have no idea what this guy is talking about but I'm going to subscribe to the channel because I thought it was funny ksksksksks

  18. Bảo Nguyễn

    Bảo NguyễnMånad sedan

    oi! Nice content!



    im learning russian and why is not=не and no= нет

  20. Novek

    NovekMånad sedan

    MacBook >> Fruit machine >> Book

  21. Karl-Heinz Rumenigge

    Karl-Heinz RumeniggeMånad sedan

    bruh kali is better than ubuntu

  22. Obi3107

    Obi3107Månad sedan


  23. Callum - カラム

    Callum - カラムMånad sedan

    @Karl-Heinz Rumenigge Ah true. I've personally never used Kali. Im more of an Arch Linux person.

  24. Karl-Heinz Rumenigge

    Karl-Heinz RumeniggeMånad sedan

    @Callum - カラム we got preinstalled hashcat and kali can run on wsl2

  25. Callum - カラム

    Callum - カラムMånad sedan


  26. Supreme Leader RO

    Supreme Leader ROMånad sedan

    you have good ushanka comrade

  27. Binkiklou

    BinkiklouMånad sedan

    This captures the feel of old tutorials so well

  28. imejrjjfjf nawiidjjsko

    imejrjjfjf nawiidjjskoMånad sedan

    Please make tutorial of blender

  29. Sean Williams

    Sean WilliamsMånad sedan

    Please dip this machine in cheese wax.

  30. scarface

    scarfaceMånad sedan

    Intro is just my experience with apple

  31. zerg the d3v

    zerg the d3vMånad sedan

    4:30 how to make website bsod



    Way over my head. My last formal computer education was in 1987 on an IBM 386.

  33. AQUR4T1X S0NG 2

    AQUR4T1X S0NG 2Månad sedan

    huh 9:44 who eyes WHAT

  34. Obi3107

    Obi3107Månad sedan

    What's the music that starts at 1:37

  35. CyberDwarf42

    CyberDwarf42Månad sedan

    This legitimately gave me a good place to start with my web development class.

  36. Soviet Reich

    Soviet ReichMånad sedan


  37. kapisrapi_1243

    kapisrapi_1243Månad sedan

    i thought css meant counter strike source and not some coding web stuff things

  38. kapisrapi_1243

    kapisrapi_1243Månad sedan

    the first 13 seconds actually made me feel emotions

  39. CrusaderHoodie

    CrusaderHoodieMånad sedan

    I feel like Boris is stuck in a time bubble between the time of the Soviet Union and modern day world

  40. Hamdan Abdullah

    Hamdan AbdullahMånad sedan

    When i hear his voice, it reminds me of Mack (mcQueen truck) from Cars

  41. Reezuleanu

    ReezuleanuMånad sedan

    So this is the hell people in gulags went through

  42. Ligrep

    LigrepMånad sedan

    I think all the russians was born whit the talent of hack

  43. X-Finity

    X-FinityMånad sedan

    Wow I learned more html here than in the country of beesechurgers this is straight proof Slavs are best

  44. embarkingolive

    embarkingoliveMånad sedan

    I like how in 25 minutes you were able to teach more HTML and CSS than what my professor was able to teach in half a semester.

  45. explose

    exploseMånad sedan

    Привет из Сербии

  46. The Teutonic Crusader of Holy Bread

    The Teutonic Crusader of Holy BreadMånad sedan

    This is Russia's new cyber force training video.

  47. Daniel Barrett

    Daniel BarrettMånad sedan

    I don't know why but the way he said cheese is giving me anxiety

  48. simikico977

    simikico977Månad sedan

    slavtop 10

  49. Pan Dequeso

    Pan DequesoMånad sedan

    haha coming here after burning my computer

  50. Muhammad Fahri

    Muhammad Fahri2 månader sedan

    In USA,teacher teach us,in USSR, *WE TEACH TEACHER*

  51. TimeKing 682

    TimeKing 6822 månader sedan

    0:10 what is that from

  52. WEEB 위브

    WEEB 위브2 månader sedan

    Thank you This really helped me to do basic css I payed 20$ a month to some guy on Fiverr but wasted it

  53. 12.7A

    12.7A2 månader sedan

    web like xxx🤩

  54. W҉h҉a҉t҉?҉

    W҉h҉a҉t҉?҉2 månader sedan

    Im curious. Why nord VPN? When you can use something like Vodafone? Instead of using random gas station internet,

  55. LixxlCraft

    LixxlCraft2 månader sedan

    Why does he have a german keyboard with qwerty layout?

  56. Obi3107

    Obi3107Månad sedan

    Germany uses QWERTZ, its not german

  57. Archie Rea

    Archie Rea2 månader sedan

    we need full length boris python course

  58. 1A2_08_EdenBoey

    1A2_08_EdenBoey2 månader sedan

    The indian guy on yt:finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

  59. Adidas Blyat

    Adidas Blyat2 månader sedan


  60. Madalin Constantin

    Madalin Constantin2 månader sedan

    I thought this was a Counter Strike Source tutorial

  61. Ayan Majumdar

    Ayan Majumdar2 månader sedan

    thank you boris this video help me study for computer exam lol

  62. MI, U And I

    MI, U And I2 månader sedan

    Boris isn't part of the Russian Cyber Army... He is the Russian Cyber Army...

  63. InevitableLuck

    InevitableLuck2 månader sedan

    Next video idea: Boris programs soyuz aircraft 😅

  64. Ynddiduedd

    Ynddiduedd2 månader sedan

    Javascript? That's gonna be one long video.

  65. Guy TECH

    Guy TECH2 månader sedan

    Battery Test

  66. Jason Ferro

    Jason Ferro2 månader sedan

    Is there actually cheese with purchase?


    LELKASA2 månader sedan

    0:48 xD as a owner of a gaming laptop , i can conform it

  68. charles o'shannassy

    charles o'shannassy2 månader sedan

    I saw this on a 2008 MacBook the same that Boris used

  69. PhillyCh3zSt3ak

    PhillyCh3zSt3ak2 månader sedan

    Now do Razor coding, that's a beast.

  70. Chubbybond007

    Chubbybond0072 månader sedan

    I like how he got a mysterious laptop and immediately switched to ubutnu and started coding

  71. TheU2bstud

    TheU2bstud2 månader sedan

    0:30 pretty sure this was a computer from a US military base in Germany

  72. Ember Roth

    Ember Roth2 månader sedan

    I learned this better from Boris than from my own sister

  73. BalticShipChannel

    BalticShipChannel2 månader sedan

    css is counter strike source

  74. FallenDanish

    FallenDanish2 månader sedan

    Being a software developer, content like this really is neat to see from the Boris. I think I remember you saying you went to college for programming of some sort? What was it again, Boris? If you feel so inclined to tell me, I'd appreciate it, because it was always cool to see someone like you making software as a "job" while also making some of the videos on this channel, because it's neat. Blyat.

  75. Lewin Schaedler

    Lewin Schaedler2 månader sedan

    nice now i can back all shool pc's

  76. Anonymous D•K•A

    Anonymous D•K•A2 månader sedan

    With out the subtitle i can't understand anything😂

  77. madara2drippy

    madara2drippy2 månader sedan

    Boris I try spread communism around the the streets of gta 5, right now it not so good I have multiple American spy on me

  78. EspurrTheMagnificent

    EspurrTheMagnificent2 månader sedan

    Instructions unclear, made a server with node.js instead

  79. Ben Warr

    Ben Warr2 månader sedan

    I see we dont talk about squarespace here

  80. Ethan Lan

    Ethan Lan2 månader sedan

    1:10 *My location has been compromised*

  81. A H

    A H2 månader sedan

    He's a better teacher then mine!

  82. Martin Eldredge

    Martin Eldredge2 månader sedan

    BASED linux user Boris

  83. xkaylan1

    xkaylan12 månader sedan

    Is there a JavaScript video coming soon?

  84. Evangelos Nikolopoulos

    Evangelos Nikolopoulos2 månader sedan

    So Boris is Estonian and has probably studied computer engineering. Correct me if I'm wrong

  85. Sythus

    Sythus2 månader sedan

    Me as a South African smiling at his NordVPN sponsorship.

  86. Mr. lordsith

    Mr. lordsith2 månader sedan

    1:00 Oi blin Me:Dont do youre mission in this control brat

  87. Chicken gaming Boy

    Chicken gaming Boy2 månader sedan


  88. Darian C.

    Darian C.2 månader sedan

    I learned more from Boris than I did in college.

  89. David Railfans

    David Railfans2 månader sedan

    Cheeki breeki blow it

  90. Mads Andersen

    Mads Andersen2 månader sedan

    01100011 01111001 01101011 01100001 00100000 01100010 01101100 01111001 01100001 01110100

  91. Soviet S3al

    Soviet S3al2 månader sedan

    i use css, can confirm i scream at fruit machine

  92. MyurrDurr

    MyurrDurr2 månader sedan

    I didn't expect to see linux! I'm happy

  93. black knight

    black knight2 månader sedan

    I hate the margin adjustment part of html for text and especially images. It sucks!!!!



    Instructions unclear:blew the motherland off the map with a tsar bomba.Boris,send help.



    Instructions unclear,blew the Motherland off the map with new and improved Tsar Bomba. Boris,pls help.

  96. ItsVaske

    ItsVaske2 månader sedan

    He connected to WiFi from MacOS , and doesn't want to connect from Linux. He doesn't want to be spied. What? You already are.

  97. Sniper no sniping

    Sniper no sniping2 månader sedan

    I feel like you and Brandon Herrera should do a video

  98. E

    E2 månader sedan

    i cannot be only one who expected boris to pirate counter strike source

  99. YuRi Maged

    YuRi Maged2 månader sedan

    Thank u comrade Boris

  100. Creeps, Freaks, and Scene Queen dreams

    Creeps, Freaks, and Scene Queen dreams2 månader sedan

    Fruit Machine

  101. beep boop

    beep boop2 månader sedan

    The computer is so ✨ crunchy✨

  102. Gabriela Vega

    Gabriela Vega2 månader sedan

    I sometimes think that Boris is a KGB hacker ._.

  103. Fred latin Medic

    Fred latin Medic2 månader sedan

    When he tested the batery life... that hit home because my laptop literally has that battery life, so much so that now i use it without a batery plugged in, just so i dony't hear the constant noises when the battery nicks in/starts charging (after every minute or so)

  104. Thors Oak

    Thors Oak2 månader sedan

    Boris get on bitchute! Not enough on SEtoos for me to check anymore and I don’t Want to miss your videos

  105. angry Wehraboos noises

    angry Wehraboos noises2 månader sedan

    Russians: make pogram Also russian: le hek