I lost my best friend... - Minecraft Hardcore #7

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  1. Kittycat Neill

    Kittycat Neill9 minuter sedan

    Gives me PTSD of when my minecraft dogs drowned

  2. Manuel burgoz

    Manuel burgoz46 minuter sedan


  3. Grandmaster RAZR

    Grandmaster RAZR4 timmar sedan

    Pewdiepie.... You are my favorite youtuber and have been since 2012 for a reason. Every time I come from a long day at school or things are rough at home there is always one thing I could do that keeps me happy and its watching your videos. You make me laugh and forget about all my problems in the world. Your video's are funny and could keep me entertained for hours if jot days. Felix Kjelberg, thank you for everything. Sincerely-Your biggest fan

  4. gates mckechnie

    gates mckechnie4 timmar sedan

    Pbffft never got a beehive and managed to kill himself in a kid pool


    ADRENALIIN !6 timmar sedan



    STAR LORD6 timmar sedan

    Noooooo bdthhhhbdtgth

  7. Nathan Quimby

    Nathan Quimby8 timmar sedan

    Are you going to finish Doom 3

  8. Robert Maiatico

    Robert Maiatico15 timmar sedan

    exactually what im feeling i lost my best freind too

  9. Rishaan Pillai

    Rishaan Pillai16 timmar sedan

    3:57 he singing happy birthday to brrrrrrrrr at his funeral hahahahhahahahahha

  10. Dike Ojuwku

    Dike Ojuwku23 timmar sedan

    didn't he say if bftftbfvbfvgftfbtfvbt dies the series ends?

  11. Kendra Nell

    Kendra NellDag sedan

    “It’s always time to frick” -Pewds

  12. James E

    James EDag sedan

    Pffft classic celebrity suicide.

  13. Naifwasfound

    NaifwasfoundDag sedan


  14. Chief 3700

    Chief 3700Dag sedan

    RIP PFFFFFTT He will always be remembered

  15. Matteo Muendler

    Matteo MuendlerDag sedan

    Pbffft died in the pool because he drowned himself. He committed suicide because PewDiePie treated him badly off camera.

  16. Braxton

    BraxtonDag sedan

    i just realized i haven’t been liking bc i’ve j been going to the next 😿🤣

  17. Sam

    SamDag sedan

    To be fair, bees were the number one thing you'd find floating around in swimming pools

  18. Tracy Crow

    Tracy CrowDag sedan

    I think pbffffffffft wanted to be reenaimd

  19. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganDag sedan

    top 10 saddest anime deaths


    ELAK KOKAKAN13Dag sedan

    Petition to start calling us "Bros"! Like to sign.

  21. Daniel Parr

    Daniel ParrDag sedan

    I almost cried when bffffff died RIP bffffffff

  22. renzo sachio

    renzo sachio2 dagar sedan

    Its so funny when Felix acting shock when the bbffttt died

  23. Lara. mskr

    Lara. mskr2 dagar sedan

    R.I.P. bffft in memory to our leader.... *cries in bffft


    3160570 SATVIK VARMA GADIRAJU2 dagar sedan

    pbffffft I miss you

  25. ALPHA

    ALPHA2 dagar sedan

    Press F to pay respect for Pbbfffffttttttt :(

  26. Bruno DeCaro

    Bruno DeCaro3 dagar sedan

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why beee

  27. Enderfurz

    Enderfurz3 dagar sedan

    It broke my heart when pfff died

  28. Jr Jeronimoalejandroo

    Jr Jeronimoalejandroo3 dagar sedan

    R.I.P phff

  29. Stats 2020

    Stats 20203 dagar sedan

    No cap I almost cried

  30. Stats 2020

    Stats 20203 dagar sedan

    No cap I almost died

  31. Teeks

    Teeks3 dagar sedan

    Eyey Eyey Eyey

  32. Sergey

    Sergey3 dagar sedan

    Finally, after more than a year of playing minecraft he figured out half slabs

  33. aishath manha

    aishath manha3 dagar sedan


  34. SohovanJalaka

    SohovanJalaka3 dagar sedan

    I hate to say it but i think bffft had depression because he didn't have a bee hive and he killed himself

  35. Remember YNWA

    Remember YNWA3 dagar sedan

    why r gathered here today, to commerarate the life of bffffft.

  36. callum macsmith

    callum macsmith3 dagar sedan


  37. Emmett Hunsaker

    Emmett Hunsaker4 dagar sedan

    not pbffffft! noooooooo!!!

  38. ꧁Cake Pan꧂

    ꧁Cake Pan꧂4 dagar sedan

    Wait.........HES STILL IN 2020?!! HUHHH???

  39. Gravity

    Gravity4 dagar sedan


  40. Gavin McPhail

    Gavin McPhail4 dagar sedan

    Pay your respects to bffft

  41. D0Z0F

    D0Z0F5 dagar sedan

    3:52 PBFFFFF: having seizures is fun!

  42. HeroesOfTheStorm Murky

    HeroesOfTheStorm Murky5 dagar sedan

    0:38 *When trump sees Mexicans comin near the South*

  43. Brooke Brown

    Brooke Brown5 dagar sedan

    he said coronets were for cowards

  44. Brooke Brown

    Brooke Brown5 dagar sedan

    why pbffffft

  45. A S S H

    A S S H5 dagar sedan

    7:24 that's kinda gay Felix

  46. LUNA

    LUNA5 dagar sedan

    idk if anyone would get it but 17:44 hyunjin from loona

  47. LUNA

    LUNA5 dagar sedan

    14:09 nah i can watch a whole stream of pewds just housekeeping

  48. Samuel England

    Samuel England5 dagar sedan

    “He was my father...”

  49. Gamer Senpai カネキとヒロ

    Gamer Senpai カネキとヒロ6 dagar sedan


  50. Vanessa Ortega

    Vanessa Ortega6 dagar sedan

    I’m so sorry for your lost but although I’m the further u get sevn rember him

  51. Chloe Warf

    Chloe Warf6 dagar sedan

    crying in the club rn

  52. HyperxD

    HyperxD6 dagar sedan

    Twitch HypsterTIGER.... I Will Post this comment till Pewdiepie notice my Twitch ^^

  53. pey

    pey6 dagar sedan

    he didn't drown, bees take damage when they touch water :(

  54. Jihad Salama

    Jihad Salama6 dagar sedan

    Girls: boys dont have feelings the boys: when pfft died😔

  55. Corin Barnhart

    Corin Barnhart6 dagar sedan

    Sad song

  56. Lily Martin

    Lily Martin6 dagar sedan


  57. Pande Coco

    Pande Coco6 dagar sedan


  58. Golden BOI

    Golden BOI6 dagar sedan

    Bfft: *dies* Pewds: the series continues Me: *slams the table into two pieces*

  59. Anthony Mansi

    Anthony Mansi6 dagar sedan

    Another legend gone too soon. RIP Pffffft

  60. Vijay P

    Vijay P6 dagar sedan

    R.I.P to Pfftttt

  61. star legend

    star legend6 dagar sedan

    His your father and his your son that's make no sence

  62. Whale

    Whale6 dagar sedan

    Rip PFFT

  63. keshav gupta

    keshav gupta6 dagar sedan

    It's bfffffffft not pffffffffft and pffffft is alive

  64. Fernando Palomera

    Fernando Palomera6 dagar sedan

    Rip what ever his name is 🥺🥺

  65. atharva koli

    atharva koli6 dagar sedan

    He said he would end the series if bfffffff dies


    JINS TRIPLE HIGH NOTE7 dagar sedan

    didn't pewds say he was gonna end the series if pfffft dies ?

  67. Rocco Anderson

    Rocco Anderson7 dagar sedan

    Bupffffffff just killed himself nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! This is so sad

  68. Butch Hernandez

    Butch Hernandez7 dagar sedan


  69. GalacticGamerX7

    GalacticGamerX77 dagar sedan

    Boi afraid of mining a pressure plate? Hmf I thought your Swedish 👽🛸🥁

  70. Ethan Taylor

    Ethan Taylor7 dagar sedan

    R.I.P Pfffffffft 2020/2020

  71. --

    --7 dagar sedan

    6:42 that cut was very suspicious but i guess we're just not questioning that

  72. Ulley on Crack

    Ulley on Crack7 dagar sedan

    nooo pffft :(((

  73. Jacob Lodder

    Jacob Lodder7 dagar sedan

    R.I.P bffffffft you may Rest In Peace

  74. Mridul Bisht

    Mridul Bisht7 dagar sedan

    he commited not alive.

  75. Creeper

    Creeper7 dagar sedan

    Press F to Respect

  76. Creeper

    Creeper7 dagar sedan


  77. Aden J.

    Aden J.7 dagar sedan


  78. duudboyy

    duudboyy7 dagar sedan

    bpf, r.i.p, we will not forget you..

  79. Iakona Sisler

    Iakona Sisler8 dagar sedan

    Pbffft Dying was the funniest and saddest thing to happen so far

  80. Fancy Doughnut

    Fancy Doughnut8 dagar sedan

    "Who drowns in a kids pool" -Felix 2020

  81. 브롤정보채널BIC

    브롤정보채널BIC6 dagar sedan


  82. Charlie

    Charlie8 dagar sedan

    Pbfffft noooo 😭😢😢😢😢

  83. keshav gupta

    keshav gupta6 dagar sedan

    It's pfffffffft

  84. Crispy Scrpt

    Crispy Scrpt8 dagar sedan

    hey Felix do a time laps when you're building.

  85. Drae

    Drae8 dagar sedan

    funfact: you can put a lead on Pff

  86. boi 100

    boi 1008 dagar sedan

    Bruh meme

  87. Trace Goh

    Trace Goh8 dagar sedan

    R.I.P Brsfffsff

  88. P4ND3lol

    P4ND3lol8 dagar sedan

    I dont have a sheild. *opens inventory - 2 Sheilds*

  89. Mr Conners

    Mr Conners8 dagar sedan

    R.I.P Pffffft


    CALL FREEZY8 dagar sedan

    Rip 🥺💖

  91. Baen Cool Cartoon

    Baen Cool Cartoon8 dagar sedan

    ممكن تدعموني

  92. TJV

    TJV8 dagar sedan

    That's the saddest EA EA song that I've heard.

  93. Kayden Roux

    Kayden Roux9 dagar sedan


  94. striped karma

    striped karma9 dagar sedan

    A hero has fallen

  95. יואב קופלוביץ

    יואב קופלוביץ9 dagar sedan

    he literally committed suicide

  96. Phoenix Shields

    Phoenix Shields9 dagar sedan

    Minecraft Bees are weak to water idiot

  97. Phoenix Shields

    Phoenix Shields9 dagar sedan

    So sad

  98. Mauro Kramer

    Mauro Kramer9 dagar sedan

    6:33 gives me 'Wall E' vibes and i don't know why

  99. Mauro Kramer

    Mauro Kramer9 dagar sedan

    What was the song?

  100. Pre Face

    Pre Face9 dagar sedan

    Felix: "Who drowns in a kiddie pool!?" Me: Sinjin Like if you know who I mean xD

  101. Idan Boyar

    Idan Boyar9 dagar sedan

    *pftbbb dies* Ah shit, Here we go again

  102. サイ八代

    サイ八代9 dagar sedan

    This is ep was kinda sad:(

  103. Jack

    Jack10 dagar sedan

    what shaders does he use? they look so good

  104. Yan 30

    Yan 3010 dagar sedan

    22:01 "After rain comes sunshine". Good words of wisdom Felix. Don't worry, there's other bees in the world 😁

  105. chapmaek

    chapmaek10 dagar sedan

    Gabe itches

  106. Ezralemuelx

    Ezralemuelx10 dagar sedan

    "Stealing stuff is super good" -Pewdiepie 2020