My 50 Cal Exploded

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In today’s video I explain my freak accident that occurred on April 9th 2021.
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  1. Kentucky Ballistics

    Kentucky Ballistics14 dagar sedan

    Hey everybody! I am doing great and I'm going to make a full recovery! God is good! Thank you for your support! Kentucky Ballistics is still going to keep rolling! I appreciate every single one of you!

  2. Been Washedup

    Been Washedup15 timmar sedan

    Check your weight of your bullet grain if it is grossiy over grain you'll know it's a hot load

  3. Paul Alejandro

    Paul Alejandro13 dagar sedan

    I'm glad you're okay, but I'm sorry I was laughing when you were explaining what happened. Hope you keep the videos coming though.

  4. theyetirulrs

    theyetirulrs13 dagar sedan

    That was scary as ****! Glad to see you pulled through! May God continue to bless both you and your family!

  5. Fanie Smit

    Fanie Smit14 dagar sedan

    Good job keeping cool! Wish you a speedy recovery

  6. Tim Meijerink

    Tim Meijerink14 dagar sedan

    We all wish you a speedy recovery. I love your videos and hope you be shooting again soon. Ps. Thanks to your dad for the quick response. Greetings from holland

  7. think panzer

    think panzerMinut sedan

    Glad you survived Scott son of Scott

  8. Carson M

    Carson M2 minuter sedan

    Luckily your credit card didn’t decline

  9. Christina Bullard

    Christina Bullard4 minuter sedan

    Sorry men😞😞😞😞😞

  10. Christina Bullard

    Christina Bullard3 minuter sedan


  11. Tflex

    Tflex4 minuter sedan

    U lost me at god

  12. Edel Santos

    Edel Santos7 minuter sedan

    Praise God that was a miracle !! God bless you brother & speed recovery

  13. Jason Simpkins

    Jason Simpkins7 minuter sedan

    You also tought a lot of lessons as well in this explanation. Hope people will take heed of all this.

  14. Kyler Matheny

    Kyler Matheny7 minuter sedan

    Wt**** dang at least u made it threw that sh*** looks crazy intense yo u lucky to be alive 😳

  15. DAGG kitty

    DAGG kitty7 minuter sedan

    At least you get that sick scar

  16. Dark Matter

    Dark Matter10 minuter sedan

    Sorry this happened to you. It could have been a lot worse. God bless

  17. Jason Simpkins

    Jason Simpkins14 minuter sedan

    Are you a little scared to shoot now? I know it's a freak thing for the most part but it's gotta be in the back of your mind when firing. (Well, not sure how much shooting you're able to do since then) But that may have my mind screwed. At least for awhile.

  18. Hynes57

    Hynes5715 minuter sedan


  19. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee16 minuter sedan

    So its bad ammo or bad condition of firearm can cause explosions...

  20. isaias zavala

    isaias zavala18 minuter sedan

    Respect my man! All the respect. Praise God. Im so glad your ok. I admire you and your dad for your bravery and courage

  21. Kurtis Price

    Kurtis Price24 minuter sedan

    I'm so glad you're okay bro, you are obviously a great guy on top of providing awesome information and entertainment for everybody losing you would have been a tremendous loss God bless you bro hope you make a speedy full recovery

  22. Ramiro Ponce

    Ramiro Ponce25 minuter sedan

    Glad you are question, and forgive me If I´m missing something, but what would be the cause, what triggered the explosion? the Barrel was extra hot?

  23. Mario

    Mario26 minuter sedan

    Thank you for this great video, I’m really glad that you survived. Wish you even faster recovery 🙂

  24. ed rage

    ed rage27 minuter sedan

    Im a complete ignorant about guns but if it was a regular barrett rifle would the chamber explode in the same scenario? I mean because the bullet is loaded inside the magazine. Because as i see this single shot rifle with a metal cap looks so dangerous.

  25. Low N Slow Xgen

    Low N Slow Xgen33 minuter sedan

    God is good! Your dad is a hero and smart

  26. Jordan lane

    Jordan lane34 minuter sedan

    Wow god bless man that’s gnarly

  27. Vinh Nguyen

    Vinh Nguyen34 minuter sedan

    No gun for me..too dangerous..your life w be taken away in 1 sec anytime

  28. Paul Beadle

    Paul Beadle36 minuter sedan

    Never seen this channel before but all I can say is I'm so pleased that you are here telling us about this please take care and stay safe Love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  29. Tokyo 420

    Tokyo 42037 minuter sedan

    What.. the.. f***. You're a good story teller. Holy macarony, friend, you're a trooper.

  30. Ed Daugherty

    Ed Daugherty37 minuter sedan

    They take this long needle and stick it in your rib cage...It just wasn't fun

  31. William Day

    William Day38 minuter sedan

    You legend mate

  32. Plasma Rexi

    Plasma Rexi40 minuter sedan

    This is an example of how amazing God is and just how much he does for every single one of you.😊😌

  33. archimedes hackerman

    archimedes hackerman32 minuter sedan

    why did he make the 50 cal explode then

  34. Miloslav Britovic

    Miloslav Britovic41 minut sedan

    “Our God is a God of salvation, and to God, the Lord, belong deliverances from death.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭68:20‬ ‭ Acts 17:28 Bruh.... He watched over your soul that day. Seriously nuts that you’re still here.

  35. Noah A

    Noah A41 minut sedan


  36. Temporarily Offline

    Temporarily Offline48 minuter sedan

    Glad you made it! Serious events!

  37. 123 321

    123 32149 minuter sedan

    Damn if it wasnt for the safety glasses that cap probably would have pureed your brain

  38. H. S

    H. S50 minuter sedan

    😭😭😭 recuperate Bro💪

  39. Duner250R

    Duner250R55 minuter sedan

    Nothing you did wrong and nothing against the manufacturer, Serbu.

  40. Mike Donovan

    Mike Donovan56 minuter sedan

    Dude, God's got you here for a reason. Thank Jesus!

  41. Giggidygiggidy12

    Giggidygiggidy12Timme sedan

    So basically that Serbu needs to be re engineered. Hot rounds or not that shouldn't have happened to you. I'll never use one of those for target practice, glad you survived also probably a good idea to start carrying a full on paramedic kit/surgical kit in the truck from now on if possible to stem bloodloss and wear a vest and helmet for any future vids

  42. The Flamin' Cheetoh

    The Flamin' CheetohTimme sedan

    Ordered a shirt, take care brotha!

  43. Peter Kassies

    Peter KassiesTimme sedan

    Lucky son of a gun?

  44. Burger Andy

    Burger AndyTimme sedan

    Now if something happens to my neck like that, I will remember my thumb.

  45. Devon Blanton

    Devon BlantonTimme sedan

    Dude I feel that I almost lost my hand completely when I woke up in the hospital all I wanted was a mt dew and a reese cup

  46. Hunter Hass

    Hunter HassTimme sedan

    Glad you're alright. I've never watched your channel before but is there anything to learn from this to reduce the chances of it happening in any other instance? You said it was older and rounds and them being too hot. Maybe avoid using them all together? I'm not a fan of firearms really but I do appreciate those that are fond of older collectibles. If there's no safe way to fire something I would just completely avoid it at all costs. Even if the probability is like. 001% I still wouldn't take the risk for something that is just considered a hobby. Like I said though glad you're okay. Stay positive

  47. No Thanks

    No ThanksTimme sedan

    I sure hope you take that as the blessing it was and never shoot old ammo again...

  48. Anthony Batres

    Anthony BatresTimme sedan

    The bullet could've been rigged. Unfortunately rigged bullets have been used as a cheap shot tactic in war and have inevitably been mixed in with the regular ones. Thank god you're okay dude

  49. William JOHNSON

    William JOHNSONTimme sedan

    You are the luckiest person on this planet!!!

  50. Joel Garcia

    Joel GarciaTimme sedan

    The threads don't need 85.000 psi to blow off it takes 165.000 psi, mark serbu did a video talking about it, also notice that the slap round doesn't have the cut outs on the sabo plastic, wich means those rounds where hand loaded and another thing for that preasure to build up, YOU NEED PISTOL POWDER ON A 50. BMG ROUND SHEESH, THATS NOT HOT THAS A BOMB HANDS DOWN... I need scot to see this comment because, I don't know where he boght those rounds but jesus christ...

  51. jedn

    jednTimme sedan

    if it wasn't for god ? you mean if it wasn't for the doctors and the hospital

  52. Roving Punster

    Roving PunsterTimme sedan

    Wow, yer Dad definitely saved your life. So glad you're ok. 🙏 Nothing like a close brush with death to put things in proper perspective, and add sweetness to all the little things in life. I've had several close calls over the years, of varying risk/severity, but nothing involving a firearm and a lacerated jugular. You win, brother, and not by a little. And props for showing the footage. "They take this long rod and poke it through your ribcage into your lung, and it ... wasn't fun." Understatement. 😂😖😱 Question: By "very hot" I assume that means it was a heavily overfilled hand loaded shell ?

  53. Delorean Rodríguez

    Delorean RodríguezTimme sedan

    owow atleast u wore the glasses

  54. Frank Ruiz

    Frank RuizTimme sedan

    Wow bro, I just hope you get a full nice great recovery, be safe please!!!

  55. Douglas Wynsma

    Douglas WynsmaTimme sedan

    That goes to show god can do miracles, God bless

  56. not1 just4words

    not1 just4wordsTimme sedan

    Praise God and pass the ammo!

  57. james lesperance

    james lesperanceTimme sedan

    Holy cow

  58. Chris. M

    Chris. MTimme sedan

    Glad your alive! You even made be a bit nervous after this story hahaha.

  59. Bean Biscuit

    Bean BiscuitTimme sedan

    You could have lost your eye if it weren’t for your safety glasses. This is why safety matters, people! I’m glad you’re okay, man.

  60. KrusherMike

    KrusherMikeTimme sedan

    Holy crap dude. 😬

  61. Hora de pesca

    Hora de pescaTimme sedan

    WOOW !! Tremendous experience, you were born again thanks to God, this is how training for the handling of firearms is so important, even more so if they are of such large caliber, I am still in shock. 😲😲

  62. jerry hoschouer

    jerry hoschouerTimme sedan

    God is Great !!! Continued Prayers and God Bless………..

  63. Ben Sutherland

    Ben SutherlandTimme sedan

    God still has something for you to do. Praise Him for your progress!

  64. Jacob White Quills

    Jacob White Quills2 timmar sedan

    Just came across your video. Happy your gonna make a full recovery, Iam a person who has suffered many injuries and recovery can be tough.


    JENSEN UHRIG2 timmar sedan

    We will all pray for you to get better. 💛💛💛

  66. Onkel _Balgert

    Onkel _Balgert2 timmar sedan

    Omg... This is horrible. But still lucky you survived ...

  67. dylan cabrera

    dylan cabrera2 timmar sedan

    Glory be to God! Dang that’s crazy

  68. Dr.Ostrich

    Dr.Ostrich2 timmar sedan


  69. Guesd It

    Guesd It2 timmar sedan

    I ain't trying to be mean but I'm watching this because of demo ranch saying he made a video for you so I checked it out then seen this video I'm glad your still here stranger hope you a quick recovery

  70. Bill Evans

    Bill Evans2 timmar sedan

    Thank you, God. Thank you, Shooting Glasses.

  71. JamesRandom

    JamesRandom2 timmar sedan

    Oh my! I’m glad you’re okay! That must have been scary. Good for you that you are going to continue doing what you love!

  72. Abigail Bracy

    Abigail Bracy2 timmar sedan

    Matt had mentioned you had an accident and I am glad you are doing alright. Make sure to not push yourself and kiss those babies! I am thankful that your background and your father's quick action helped you to survive this accident and I am glad to hear that this incident has not stopped you from from continuing to enjoy your passion. I hope you have a full recovery. ❤

  73. joaquin rosado

    joaquin rosado2 timmar sedan

    Glad you are getting better bro...

  74. Steve Horton

    Steve Horton2 timmar sedan

    I'm so glad ur ok if it wasn't for ur dad and God u wouldn't be alive brother God bless ur dad for saving ur life

  75. Commander Cross

    Commander Cross2 timmar sedan

    Look at this and tell me there isn't a god, also that shrapnel hit him and heard the damn C.O.D. juggernaut hit marker

  76. Brucer Ducer

    Brucer Ducer2 timmar sedan

    God bless you brother. I pray for your complete healing.

  77. TheCymbalProject

    TheCymbalProject2 timmar sedan

    Dammmmmm.... orbital bone.... ow ow ow owww!

  78. Shubham Kapur

    Shubham Kapur2 timmar sedan

    Get well soon.... And take rest.... :)

  79. Raw Blow

    Raw Blow2 timmar sedan

    New sub here. What a story and a bad one at that but i think you saw the power GOD can have in our lives. I was in a bad situation years ago and i hurt so bad physically, i didn’t care if i died or not, i closed my eyes and prayed to GOD to help me get thru the situation and i had something happen to me that has never happened before, my whole body started feeling cold and shiver and a calmness came over me, it calmed me thru my situation and i know that was the power of prayer, power of GOD helping me.

  80. Nightmare

    Nightmare2 timmar sedan

    Hearing stories like this make me realize how weak I am. Much respect

  81. General Generic Username

    General Generic Username2 timmar sedan

    Thank God

  82. Pieter allen Master Blue

    Pieter allen Master Blue2 timmar sedan

    PHEW !!! Enough said!

  83. Variety Khan

    Variety Khan2 timmar sedan

    Be watchful of old ammo next time !!!

  84. Kevin Meza

    Kevin Meza2 timmar sedan

    Glad you're ok brother

  85. Retired at 49

    Retired at 492 timmar sedan

    This says a lot about wearing safety glasses! They litterly saved your vision and life!! It also shows why nobody should be firing unknown rounds!

  86. Gab FMC

    Gab FMC2 timmar sedan

    That was a moving video, can't deny it made me tear up. Glad that your spirit is up. Thank GOD, for he has a plan for you bro!

  87. Rijan Shresthaa

    Rijan Shresthaa3 timmar sedan

    Get well soon brother You took it like a champ

  88. Brutus M.

    Brutus M.3 timmar sedan

    I was today years old when I learned the iphone has that function. What a story man, you are one lucky guy and thanks for sharing!

  89. Ken Davis

    Ken Davis3 timmar sedan

    Get well! God Bless!

  90. touch_master

    touch_master3 timmar sedan

    My GOD.... I feel so sorry for you ! But you are going to recover, you are fighter

  91. Jason Cruz

    Jason Cruz3 timmar sedan

    Miraculous story 🙏🏻 God is awesome !!!! glad you're still here Brother👍🏼

  92. Let's Quit

    Let's Quit3 timmar sedan

    let's quit

  93. Junior1020 Harvey

    Junior1020 Harvey3 timmar sedan

    1st problem is you knew that these rounds were "really really old" and you knew they weren't shooting properly, yet u kept shooting them. That's a mistake, a big and dangerous mistake. Glad you're okay though, lessons learned the hard way. Man you're so lucky to be alive, God definitely helped u out there. Hopefully you're done messing with old rounds. And btw I also know what it's like to have God throw you a bone. I was ran completely over by a taxi cab on my motorcycle with no helmet on and my head never touched the pavement. God is great!!

  94. You Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do

    You Don't Know As Much As You Think You Do3 timmar sedan

    I'm looking at buying a shirt right now. 😎👌 UPDATE: Was going to buy one but for a $25 shirt, it was going to cost me $58 after S&H. Any other way a guy from Alberta can order one other than through the link you've provided?

  95. Daniel A

    Daniel A3 timmar sedan

    Thank god you are ok and recovering Happy to here you are ok and will make a full recovery God bless.

  96. juan pablo Suarez

    juan pablo Suarez3 timmar sedan

    I hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  97. Tondach08

    Tondach083 timmar sedan

    Strong man

  98. Tim D

    Tim D3 timmar sedan

    4:28 You're welcome. Not worth watching, but that's it.

  99. Do Work

    Do Work3 timmar sedan

    Buy a Kevlar neck shield and also invest in a plexi glass protector shield.

  100. James Hamilton

    James Hamilton3 timmar sedan

    Glad you are still here man.

  101. Bill Kembo

    Bill Kembo3 timmar sedan

    Amen to your life... that explosion 💥 was God is good


    COOLxxBREEZE3 timmar sedan

    God is Good! Give Him praise

  103. Ditch Chicken

    Ditch Chicken3 timmar sedan

    Thank you for sharing this. I am so glad you are okay now and wish you a full recovery.

  104. marcos ortiz

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    Gene Galpin3 timmar sedan

    Real scary! Soo glad you made it through this!

  106. Rob C.

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    Madan Shrestha4 timmar sedan

    you are legend brother: God bless you!!