The Day Before - Exclusive Official Gameplay Trailer

Check out 13 straight minutes of gameplay from The Day Before, a new open-world MMO survival set in a deadly, post-pandemic America overrun by flesh-hungry infected and survivors killing each other for food, weapons, and cars.
Looking like a cross between The Last of Us and The Division, The Day Before is an open world survival game coming to PC with elements of PvP and PvE, putting you against other players and the game's take on zombies called infected.


  1. FD GOD

    FD GOD2 timmar sedan

    The whole thing reminds me of Days gone

  2. Daniel Fuller

    Daniel Fuller2 timmar sedan

    Soooooo...... Days gone but now you drive a car?

  3. dirty47

    dirty477 timmar sedan

    More zombies..........zzzzzzz

  4. Justanotherdude

    Justanotherdude16 timmar sedan


  5. Johnny Five

    Johnny Five20 timmar sedan

    The walking sounds are interesting.

  6. Pissed Zeal

    Pissed Zeal23 timmar sedan

    5:09 what you came for

  7. Travis Slayton

    Travis SlaytonDag sedan

    Release date? PS5??

  8. Shanu Potluri

    Shanu PotluriDag sedan

    IGN cannot hire a gamer to make these videos so sad

  9. Face Diaper Psyop!

    Face Diaper Psyop!Dag sedan

    Hit Boxes look awful to nonexistent.

  10. Pablo Beat

    Pablo BeatDag sedan

    12:26 es mi idea o la sirena de la policia es la misma que la del gta san andreas 😯

  11. Ansu 24-8

    Ansu 24-8Dag sedan

    It doesn’t look like another OverKill’s The Walking Dead so far so that’s a plus

  12. Yoje

    YojeDag sedan

    inventory space seems a bit too small

  13. Michael Oquendo

    Michael OquendoDag sedan

    Looks like days gone 😕

  14. Lobo Blanco

    Lobo BlancoDag sedan

    No va a salir en consolas ? Esta poca madre

  15. DJ Figliola

    DJ Figliola2 dagar sedan

    I’d rather have days gone 2 or even better Division 3 we don’t need some day z over shoulder zombie game

  16. Dr WGA Labriskagni

    Dr WGA Labriskagni9 timmar sedan


  17. Colby R

    Colby R2 dagar sedan

    I’m not falling for this.

  18. connor pace

    connor pace2 dagar sedan

    20 bullets to kill a zombie

  19. Sylok, The Defiled

    Sylok, The Defiled2 dagar sedan

    26 rounds to kill one dead 'un. That's a big oof right there.

  20. Le LouBar

    Le LouBar3 dagar sedan

    C'est quoi se shoot mdrr on dirait un enfant de 5 ans qui joue 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Xamplelife

    Xamplelife3 dagar sedan

    looks like it needs to be refined quite a bit more.

  22. Mohammad Aydin

    Mohammad Aydin3 dagar sedan

    A worse version of Days Gone .. wow 😂

  23. UsserError

    UsserError3 dagar sedan

    Lame speach at the beginning.

  24. A C

    A C3 dagar sedan

    it seem that most of the zombie is deaf - Car - Music box - Gun shot - Alarm - Siren all these sound but you get like 8-10 zombies in a zombie apocalypse yeahhh

  25. Tekdrake

    Tekdrake3 dagar sedan

    ANOTHER zombie game set in the countryside! What will they think of next!!??

  26. Nicolas Gaona

    Nicolas Gaona3 dagar sedan

    que pajaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hermano

  27. Michael Stamps

    Michael Stamps3 dagar sedan

    So is this days gone mixed with all those phone zombie game ads?

  28. Carmine De luca

    Carmine De luca4 dagar sedan


  29. Craig Olson

    Craig Olson4 dagar sedan

    No thanks


    HAPPY BOOM4 dagar sedan


  31. Ryan Scott

    Ryan Scott4 dagar sedan

    This looks and plays like days gone

  32. MK4VLI S

    MK4VLI S4 dagar sedan

    Give us Days Gone 2

  33. JeR1k0

    JeR1k04 dagar sedan

    КРАЙНЕ ТУПО в мире где на каждый шорох сбегаются кучи зомби ездить с сиреной!!! За мусормами просто орды зомби должны бежать!!!! Не хватает пьяного медведя на велосипеде с балалайкой это вписалось бы на много органичнее чем сирена!!!!

  34. Josh Meisner

    Josh Meisner4 dagar sedan

    This just looks like an upgraded version of The State of Decay 2.

  35. DestinyツLord lol

    DestinyツLord lol4 dagar sedan

    Unturned HD

  36. Vishal Bora XXXVII

    Vishal Bora XXXVII4 dagar sedan

    Shitty aim the one behind the controls..

  37. Andre Gaviria

    Andre Gaviria4 dagar sedan

    Is it me or the size of the characters is a little bit too small compared to the cars?

  38. Iza Nazir

    Iza Nazir4 dagar sedan


  39. LamaGott

    LamaGott5 dagar sedan

    Dude the gore animations are so bad dude please do like left 4 death 2

  40. Gali

    Gali5 dagar sedan

    תעשו גם לפלייסטיישן

  41. AllusiveGore62

    AllusiveGore625 dagar sedan

    This guy musta been playing with a Nintendo power glove

  42. xHDz 7

    xHDz 75 dagar sedan

    This game’s animations looks just like conflict desert storm/global terror from the ps2 is this made by edios

  43. Sam Lim

    Sam Lim5 dagar sedan

    Is day before same as days gone?

  44. Jo L

    Jo L5 dagar sedan

    Love the detail in this game

  45. Praetor stan

    Praetor stan5 dagar sedan

    They running out of names apocalyptic games

  46. GAMER Ewan Sean

    GAMER Ewan Sean5 dagar sedan


  47. Derin Yurdakul

    Derin Yurdakul5 dagar sedan

    this game is going to be a mess

  48. Conal Fawcett

    Conal Fawcett5 dagar sedan

    What's with the police siren, were they herding?

  49. Heavy 786

    Heavy 7865 dagar sedan

    is this game available on ps4 or ps5

  50. StinkyPinky 098

    StinkyPinky 0986 dagar sedan

    Damn, with the way that the truck drives through the mud makes me wish this is what Snowrunner looked like

  51. Devern Barrett

    Devern Barrett6 dagar sedan

    This was painful to watch, is buddy playing with his feet?

  52. potato7

    potato76 dagar sedan

    Its nice

  53. recep soysal

    recep soysal6 dagar sedan

    inceden bi last uf us havası sezdim sanki guzel :)

  54. recep soysal

    recep soysal6 dagar sedan

    dostum bu oyun bi harika! çıksada oynasak

  55. Vash TS

    Vash TS6 dagar sedan

    This console newbie level of aim is just annoying to watch.

  56. chtmcg

    chtmcg6 dagar sedan

    These likes are definitely botted. You saw his aim?

  57. La1zy

    La1zy6 dagar sedan


  58. MinuteMaidMyles

    MinuteMaidMyles7 dagar sedan

    Why are so many people hating on this game I’m personally excited for jt

  59. Aidan Penner

    Aidan Penner7 dagar sedan

    Is this a prequel to days gone or something?

  60. T M

    T M7 dagar sedan

    Wow. Your aim.


    EFENDI FIREFOX7 dagar sedan

    Trailer awal2 sama kayak punya life after.. 😂😂😂

  62. Hayden Nicholls

    Hayden Nicholls7 dagar sedan

    What is that aim

  63. Find it

    Find it7 dagar sedan

    he wasted an entire meg on one zombie

  64. Console Authority

    Console Authority7 dagar sedan

    Could have made peace with days gone 2

  65. Saberfon

    Saberfon7 dagar sedan

    Наконец-то Российские парни в игроиндустрии)

  66. Nim GamePlays

    Nim GamePlays7 dagar sedan

    3:35 of Spintires: MudRunner gameplay.

  67. jpmd88

    jpmd887 dagar sedan

    Potato aim wtf

  68. Smo0thCriminal4

    Smo0thCriminal47 dagar sedan

    Fell asleep watching this.

  69. Creedleader 55

    Creedleader 558 dagar sedan

    Came for the trailer, stayed for the comments

  70. Ants Prism

    Ants Prism8 dagar sedan

    4:23 They have NPC's

  71. DanielBee

    DanielBee8 dagar sedan

    Geiler Trailer aber wie aggressiv es mich macht das der Typ nicht zielen kann 🤯

  72. Christian Caicedo

    Christian Caicedo8 dagar sedan

    day after and now day before lol wth

  73. Antonio Palacios

    Antonio Palacios8 dagar sedan

    Meh 😒

  74. Robin Hood

    Robin Hood8 dagar sedan

    Oh yay another zombie game that will die within the first year or two

  75. Empire Gaming

    Empire Gaming9 dagar sedan

    Pray for this man’s aim y’all🙏🏾😂

  76. Nate DeLand

    Nate DeLand9 dagar sedan

    infinitely more time was put into the driving mechanics than anything else lol

  77. Becoming Dauntless

    Becoming Dauntless9 dagar sedan

    This guy's aim is worse than that of a storm trooper.

  78. RPSH Uncut

    RPSH Uncut9 dagar sedan

    how can he not realize that he should quit firing with the rifle and only stick to pistol

  79. Christian Cage

    Christian Cage9 dagar sedan

    Days Gone Kopie


    SKILLED PLAYER 2319 dagar sedan

    So its just another day z?

  81. Cmajorseven

    Cmajorseven9 dagar sedan

    This game is like a mixture of Days Gone, The Division, PUBG, and the Last of Us. The game looks hella fun, but animations and shooting effects need some tweaks though. And the lack of concerns for making noises in this game breaks realism imo.

  82. PA- PYRO

    PA- PYRO9 dagar sedan

    This looks fun

  83. Kazuki Katsuhito

    Kazuki Katsuhito9 dagar sedan

    Noooo console??

  84. Mark7com

    Mark7com9 dagar sedan

    Wtf is this? Is it same as bf3 ? Or same as mafia 3 and gta5 (open world game)?

  85. Thane Vakarian

    Thane Vakarian9 dagar sedan

    What a waste of a cool idea.

  86. supergrendel

    supergrendel9 dagar sedan

    Why can't these companies figure out body shot physics? It looks like he's shooting a mattress.

  87. Ksk Corp

    Ksk Corp9 dagar sedan

    Throw zomething new at us...I am fed up of this zombi obsession 😒


    REGXIFER9 dagar sedan

    Next game to be ruled by cheaters .

  89. entyce66

    entyce669 dagar sedan

    The one who’s playing this game is making my neck itch with that wasting bullets and shooting with wack aim 😕

  90. Hoan Tran

    Hoan Tran9 dagar sedan

    boy... that jeep game play is on point. and the players - absolute ninjas

  91. Anna Griffiths

    Anna Griffiths9 dagar sedan

    aw man didn't realise they made Days Gone part 2

  92. Le Chen

    Le Chen9 dagar sedan

    wtf is this insane game

  93. Mukesh pandey003

    Mukesh pandey0039 dagar sedan

    Game lunch date batiya

  94. Павел Коваленко

    Павел Коваленко9 dagar sedan

    Когда уже выйдет то... лежит в желаемых в стиме уже месяц) Надеюсь, что это реальные кадры из игры, анимация хорошая, главное чтобы было игроков на сервере 50-100, если карта большая и возможность делать убежище например в квартире, ставить кодовый замок и складывать лут (куда лучше всяких дурацкий огромных баз), а для тех у кого авто будет, сельский домик с амбаром вместо гаража для авто или загородный дом с гаражом. Вообщем ждем релиза и покупаем)

  95. Alex Arseneau

    Alex Arseneau9 dagar sedan

    The pistol seems to have 100x’s more stopping power..

  96. SirKomaToast

    SirKomaToast9 dagar sedan

    Every house/convenient store you go in to will more than likely be modeled EXACTLY the same as the ones in here.

  97. Buckshot Gaming

    Buckshot Gaming9 dagar sedan

    What the industry needs is a totally new concept. A survival crafting base builder with zombies that is pvp and battle royal only. That would be a original concept and super popular.YAWN

  98. Max

    Max10 dagar sedan

    Getting kinda sick of zombie games tbh

  99. The Batmantech

    The Batmantech10 dagar sedan

    bro.... why would you kill a zombie with an AR with 14 rounds to the chest... and then make noise for more.

  100. Andrew Wibel

    Andrew Wibel10 dagar sedan

    The sound in this is just wrong.

  101. Dezley van Mourik

    Dezley van Mourik10 dagar sedan


  102. Cue Anon

    Cue Anon10 dagar sedan

    Still do not believe it is real. WTF is up with this persons aim???