COOKING WITH BRICK - slav survival tips with Boris

Cooking with brick? OF COURSE. It was not really a challenge. But it is also not what I had planned. Turned out to be some solid forest survival tips.
Cooking with axe:
Cooking with chainsaw:
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  1. Sam Lawrence

    Sam Lawrence8 timmar sedan

    I love this guy! But Boris can you make cooking basics guide for us westerners who dont know anything?

  2. George Melitsis

    George MelitsisDag sedan


  3. Soup

    Soup2 dagar sedan

    cooking with sword next

  4. Kalutomia

    Kalutomia2 dagar sedan

    Cooking with T72.

  5. Mahkus

    Mahkus3 dagar sedan

    Finally done it

  6. Djordje Tasic

    Djordje Tasic3 dagar sedan

    Next: cocking with vodka

  7. Rave Coat

    Rave Coat3 dagar sedan

    Boris: or just throw brick at wall,you get same result! Kids named Wall: *;-;*

  8. 1994 Honda Civic GLi

    1994 Honda Civic GLi3 dagar sedan

    >Engine start/stop button >is a manual Ah, technology.

  9. Русская Деедс

    Русская Деедс4 dagar sedan

    бщом эаыаып эеещс чппд

  10. snaukball

    snaukball4 dagar sedan


  11. GamingUnicorn64

    GamingUnicorn644 dagar sedan

    Great! Now, cook with Kalashnikov!

  12. Vincent Paul Valmoris

    Vincent Paul Valmoris4 dagar sedan

    Yes you can cook a SALO wrapped around kalashnikov barrel comrade

  13. Jaxon Shively

    Jaxon Shively4 dagar sedan

    Dont worry, it's not his first time washing a brick

  14. Shar Karp

    Shar Karp5 dagar sedan


  15. Blizzard

    Blizzard5 dagar sedan

    Cook with a Kalashnikov

  16. Luka Dosen

    Luka Dosen5 dagar sedan

    Boris, I beg of you, do "Cooking with Kalashnikov". Just like a true solider would do it.

  17. Doomed To destroy

    Doomed To destroy6 dagar sedan

    Aminta mascura hallucinogenic but heavly poisonous to the mind do not recommend psilocybe cubensis is the route my slav friend

  18. Brooks McEvoy

    Brooks McEvoy6 dagar sedan

    “We need precision tools” *Pulls out chainsaw*

  19. Simon W.T. Cheung

    Simon W.T. Cheung7 dagar sedan

    I like how he calls eggs chicken produce

  20. FSBagentAK-74

    FSBagentAK-747 dagar sedan

    WHATS Next? Cooking with Kalashnikov? No Its Boris He cooks with his Dragunov

  21. Jusiq Gaming

    Jusiq Gaming8 dagar sedan

    Ah yes...the brick

  22. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen8 dagar sedan

    I think someone's been hitting the liquid potatoes.

  23. Ranger Stark 04

    Ranger Stark 048 dagar sedan

    Cooking with kalashnikov

  24. Joshua Sandretto

    Joshua Sandretto8 dagar sedan

    I see babuska has taught well.

  25. Theo Souris

    Theo Souris9 dagar sedan

    Before you make fun of cooking with Kalashnikov, remember that time Ted Cruz (an American senator) wrapped bacon around the muzzle of an AR15, and fired until it was cooked.

  26. Sebastian Maggart

    Sebastian Maggart9 dagar sedan

    2:20 salamander captain being appointed in a nutshell

  27. Sceptical German

    Sceptical German10 dagar sedan

    Do cooking with Kalashnikov :D

  28. Dj Zsemlemorzsa

    Dj Zsemlemorzsa10 dagar sedan


  29. Chi Thien Nguyen

    Chi Thien Nguyen11 dagar sedan

    face reaveal plss

  30. sam

    sam12 dagar sedan

    Some people will never understand the gravy granule and whole grain mustard sandwiches I eat

  31. Matěj Nový

    Matěj Nový12 dagar sedan

    Still waiting

  32. Владимир Ленин

    Владимир Ленин12 dagar sedan


  33. Darrion T Garcia

    Darrion T Garcia12 dagar sedan

    next video: cooking with amazon alexa

  34. Colin Francois

    Colin Francois12 dagar sedan

    💡 an idea! Cook with a kalashnikov!

  35. Aditya Hans

    Aditya Hans12 dagar sedan

    every supermarket in soviet russia when boris enters: let me guess potato, cheese, sosig, butter, onion and bread

  36. Tyler Cai

    Tyler Cai12 dagar sedan


  37. BrianLTU

    BrianLTU12 dagar sedan

    In us there is a fly in my soup. In russia there is soup in my fly. In ussr there is a brick in my soup.

  38. Drake Blackley

    Drake Blackley13 dagar sedan

    "We need precision tools for this!" (starts hammering on a live 7.62x51mmR round)

  39. UneRouquine Pale

    UneRouquine PaleDag sedan

    You're one of these people that everyone see on every comment section. Are you a sect of some kind or what. And please do not tell me that homestuck is actually a sect.

  40. Tixie

    Tixie14 dagar sedan

    when is cooking with kalasnikov blyat

  41. A Person

    A Person15 dagar sedan

    Boris: smacks back of high caliber bullet with mallet repeatedly Me: nervous sweating

  42. Sg08

    Sg0815 dagar sedan

    Now try to cook with a ROPE BLYAT

  43. Quadra

    Quadra15 dagar sedan

    How the fuck was this 5 months ago? It felt like it came out yesterday.

  44. Kyle Blake

    Kyle Blake15 dagar sedan

    What gun was that Boris? I know you used a brass chisel, but i saw a gun. I AM INTERESTED It was an AK-47 wasnt it?

  45. ch1ck3n

    ch1ck3n16 dagar sedan


  46. Duck Duckerson

    Duck Duckerson16 dagar sedan

    Boris: We Need precision tool for this. Also Boris: Brings up a gun

  47. Just Jesse

    Just Jesse16 dagar sedan

    That crazy son of a bitch, he did it.

  48. Lord Venomous

    Lord Venomous16 dagar sedan


  49. Panzerwagen YT

    Panzerwagen YT18 dagar sedan

    Comrade Boris pls cook with Kalashnikov

  50. NFS&P Barrister

    NFS&P Barrister18 dagar sedan

    Kamerad, cooking with kalasnikov, when? The fans politbiro has spoken!

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    Big Erik18 dagar sedan

    Kooking with boolet

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    maximumplayz18 dagar sedan

    cooking with kalashnikov

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    mo NO eye19 dagar sedan

    no Boris, cook with babushkas jar

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    Eric Doherty20 dagar sedan

    Cooking with kalashnikov? Oy mama now this I want to see

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    Joseph Andrews21 dag sedan

    cook with g u n

  56. QoutthePaul

    QoutthePaul21 dag sedan

    It's obviously staged, he didn't crafted Crafting Table

  57. Chubby Chicken

    Chubby Chicken21 dag sedan

    Does anyone noticed that he took a bullet out of a gun to break the brick... Im worried

  58. zorin 27

    zorin 2721 dag sedan

    Next part : cooking with angle grinder

  59. Dániel Jurcsák

    Dániel Jurcsák21 dag sedan


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    How to,s22 dagar sedan

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    Linda Diggs23 dagar sedan

    I like the hard bass at the beginning. DELET THIS NAHUI is good.

  62. An-22

    An-2224 dagar sedan

    Cooking with Kalashnikov

  63. Zero Cool

    Zero Cool24 dagar sedan

    Boris... those red and white spotted mushroom are powerful psychedelics. Think of it as a good sign.. I want them mushrooms!!

  64. Athan zhou

    Athan zhou24 dagar sedan

    How our grand parents say they cooked

  65. MM Studio

    MM Studio24 dagar sedan

    Slavistan aka Estonia?

  66. Ivan Fugas

    Ivan Fugas24 dagar sedan

    3:03 Note:this is not my first time cleaning a brick Is it weird if i want to know what happened the first tme for him to be cleaning a brick?

  67. snapnek

    snapnek24 dagar sedan

    cooking with Kalashnikov? Y E S

  68. Systemicglee ___5638

    Systemicglee ___563824 dagar sedan

    Next : Cooking with an Ak 47

  69. BronzeBlaster9090

    BronzeBlaster909024 dagar sedan

    Number 1 tip: if there is an apocalypse chose boris to be your teammate

  70. Kuba Bukry

    Kuba Bukry25 dagar sedan

    How is the Music that starts at 2:04 called???

  71. king of greece

    king of greece25 dagar sedan

    how about cooking in vadiums car

  72. Eric Summers

    Eric Summers26 dagar sedan


  73. MURFGAMING1228

    MURFGAMING122826 dagar sedan

    Well technically you could heat up Kalashnikov barrel and make kebab around it. Just stick meat on end and dump a few magazines. It'll probably work out.

  74. A R I A D N A

    A R I A D N A26 dagar sedan

    normal people: **cuts all the log with much patience** Boris: we don't do that in Mother Russia, let's put all the entire log, because why not (1:31 for the questions)

  75. Attila Abonyi

    Attila Abonyi26 dagar sedan

    "What is next cooking with kalashnikov"

  76. Jorge Dourado

    Jorge Dourado26 dagar sedan

    "We need precision tools" Pulls out the Ak-47

  77. Burhan Uddin Haider

    Burhan Uddin Haider26 dagar sedan

    2:28 lalalalala

  78. Robert Cross

    Robert Cross26 dagar sedan

    Now we need him decorating gingerbread while wearing boxing gloves

  79. Durian47

    Durian4727 dagar sedan

    damn, boris good at identifying poison

  80. Origin Point

    Origin Point27 dagar sedan

    How many?

  81. Jetkiler 111

    Jetkiler 11127 dagar sedan

    Boris:since this is Vadim car, we can do some of road racing Vadim:МЕРТВА ВАША МАТЕРИ

  82. DoodleTanki

    DoodleTanki27 dagar sedan

    I thought the chisel was a bullet and I panicked when he hit it with a hammer omfg lmaoo

  83. reinis z9

    reinis z927 dagar sedan

    0:42 all jokes aside that actualy is a poisines mushroom

  84. Filip Zdzieblo

    Filip Zdzieblo28 dagar sedan

    Whats next cooking with an ak 47?

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    Mos Man_9095Månad sedan

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    SCOUT FROMMånad sedan

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    SCOUT FROMMånad sedan

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    Krishna SujithMånad sedan

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    Georgy ZhukovMånad sedan

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    Georgy ZhukovMånad sedan

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    JMSGridIron56Månad sedan

    Beautiful location for recording this video. Would love to see more of your content in the woods.

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    tres fedaMånad sedan

    Imagine vadim finding his brick in the forest covered in egg

  101. BtČko SK

    BtČko SKMånad sedan

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