$300,000 Influencer Trivia Tournament!

A trivia elimination tournament to see who is the smartest creator in the world! Last one standing receives $300,000 to give to their subscribers.
Addison Rae vs. GeorgeNotFound
KSI vs. Rosanna Pansino
Mark Rober vs. Gibi
Safiya Nygaard vs. Kwebbelkop
Charli & Dixie D'Amelio vs. Preston Arsement
Yes Theory vs. Bretman Rock
Typical Gamer vs. Lexi Rivera
Dream vs. MatPat & Steph
Alex Warren vs. Lazarbeam
Matt Stonie vs. Marques Brownlee
Laurenzside vs. ZHC
Swoozie vs. Jaiden Animations


  1. MrBeast

    MrBeastMånad sedan

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the event! To everyone saying things were unfair because I let multiple people compete on one team, tbh this was for fun and to bring the community together! Don’t overthink things and please be nice :)))

  2. Josie Tijerina

    Josie Tijerina13 dagar sedan

    Question who were the two overrated as hell sisters

  3. philip nolan

    philip nolan17 dagar sedan

    wow, thank you for including my most favourite forgettable and clickbaity SEtoosrs, thanks youtube!

  4. Strypezzz

    Strypezzz29 dagar sedan


  5. Graphic_ Shadow

    Graphic_ ShadowMånad sedan

    The damelios family shouldn’t have been there

  6. Moon Jae-In

    Moon Jae-InMånad sedan

    Do a Collab with Zack Hample!

  7. Dino Fun - Roblox

    Dino Fun - Roblox8 minuter sedan

    i heard the winners cheated

  8. marnie and coopers Family

    marnie and coopers Family38 minuter sedan

    i wanna see mr beast lazerbeam and pewdiepie colab

  9. Big Head music

    Big Head music40 minuter sedan

    You need a tv show

  10. wilmer cabezas

    wilmer cabezas45 minuter sedan

    I see poop

  11. Carly Buckley

    Carly BuckleyTimme sedan

    Haha how to kiss🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  12. Hetal Bhavsar

    Hetal BhavsarTimme sedan

    next time put unspeakable and DanTDM

  13. Orlando Mestre

    Orlando MestreTimme sedan

    Mr. beast for president

  14. Zenaida Lopez

    Zenaida LopezTimme sedan

    Nex tam you nid to kik dixifamily

  15. Tsuwuz Babiee

    Tsuwuz BabieeTimme sedan

    He’s been sponsored by the crudes two-

  16. CreeperXxMc Gaming

    CreeperXxMc Gaming2 timmar sedan

    Actually if you mix red and blue you get purple

  17. Tol Nidan

    Tol Nidan2 timmar sedan

    Cheater alert!!!!!!!!

  18. turn around

    turn around3 timmar sedan

    I only missed a few

  19. Udit Krishnasai

    Udit Krishnasai3 timmar sedan

    do you guys think the damelios cheated becuase i think so

  20. Udit Krishnasai

    Udit Krishnasai3 timmar sedan

    do you guys think the dameios cheated caused i think so

  21. Jarred

    Jarred3 timmar sedan

    Addison Rae is a fucking brick

  22. Icecreeper Plays

    Icecreeper Plays3 timmar sedan


  23. Maya Fernandez

    Maya Fernandez3 timmar sedan


  24. دحوم فلا

    دحوم فلا3 timmar sedan


  25. Remsonance_

    Remsonance_3 timmar sedan

    DREAM THREW SO HARD!!!!!!!!!

  26. Caleb Stikeleather

    Caleb Stikeleather4 timmar sedan

    D' Amelios cheated. There iq is so low they need 4 poeple.

  27. Tristyn Stone

    Tristyn Stone4 timmar sedan


  28. Reee kid the second

    Reee kid the second4 timmar sedan

    Mat pat

  29. Harjot Singh

    Harjot Singh4 timmar sedan

    Kwebblecops turtleneck won the math question

  30. why tho

    why tho4 timmar sedan


  31. Mozzie Main

    Mozzie Main5 timmar sedan

    In round 2 kwebbpekop literally has the picture of a mugshot lol

  32. PolandBall Mapping

    PolandBall Mapping5 timmar sedan

    Well done ZHC for winning!

  33. Kasper

    Kasper5 timmar sedan

    6 slices👎👎👎👎

  34. Alexis Sanchez

    Alexis Sanchez5 timmar sedan

    Damn, Addison Rae isn't very bright

  35. Argiris Avanidis

    Argiris Avanidis6 timmar sedan

    18:01 look the demilio dad

  36. Ethan Hunter

    Ethan Hunter6 timmar sedan

    The dandelions cheated because there were more of them

  37. Elias Nielsen

    Elias Nielsen6 timmar sedan

    Danmark is up side Down

  38. Eddie0802

    Eddie08026 timmar sedan

    7:30 I cried when dream lost ;(

  39. William Graf

    William Graf7 timmar sedan

    Wow, no way the 4 person team won!!

  40. Alfred Roesen

    Alfred Roesen7 timmar sedan

    that map of denmark wad upside down

  41. 1 second ago

    1 second ago7 timmar sedan

    The is for no likes

  42. Football Ratings

    Football Ratings8 timmar sedan


  43. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen8 timmar sedan


  44. T_ 0nio

    T_ 0nio8 timmar sedan

    MrBeast: Mark we get it, you're smart! Mark in the same match: L o s e s

  45. - EXILED

    - EXILED8 timmar sedan

    Dream didnt have his camera on and his still honest

  46. Aaron Astorino

    Aaron Astorino9 timmar sedan

    I’m your BIGGEST fan ty 4 entertainment

  47. Ali Baajour

    Ali Baajour9 timmar sedan

    MrBeast: What *country* is this? Lexi Rivera: *Asia*

  48. PolandBall Mapping

    PolandBall Mapping5 timmar sedan

    At that point I lost faith in humanity.

  49. sgt. john

    sgt. john9 timmar sedan

    Me a Danish person being offended by him flipping the map of denmark

  50. Emma Terkelsen

    Emma Terkelsen9 timmar sedan

    Me tooooo!,

  51. Naheel Hamdan

    Naheel Hamdan10 timmar sedan

    Cancel the damelios

  52. babygirl ari

    babygirl ari10 timmar sedan

    I only watch underrated youtubers that i discoverd

  53. Meghansh Sharmà

    Meghansh Sharmà10 timmar sedan

    Damileo family you are cheaters:(

  54. Benicio Martinez

    Benicio Martinez11 timmar sedan


  55. Golytical

    Golytical11 timmar sedan

    Im from denmark

  56. Siddharth Chankrola

    Siddharth Chankrola11 timmar sedan

    Wait... Did you just count Charlie and Addison as a content creator ???

  57. Kai Phan

    Kai Phan11 timmar sedan

    The D'amelio's obviously cheated and yet they didn't get any huge backlash and they didn't even give the 300,000 to the fans as Mrbeast instructed.

  58. Ziyad and Friends

    Ziyad and Friends12 timmar sedan


  59. koplays

    koplays12 timmar sedan

    no no no the smallest contrey is maldives you dum dum..s is maldives you cant even see it in space

  60. Creative Canary

    Creative Canary13 timmar sedan

    20:56 I only knew that one because of Hop 😂

  61. Leslie

    Leslie14 timmar sedan

    D'amelios don't deserve the money

  62. Spashy

    Spashy15 timmar sedan

    The denmark country have to be turned around

  63. thenascarkid21

    thenascarkid2115 timmar sedan

    18:26 Beast has an oopsie

  64. stick man

    stick man15 timmar sedan

    "Go to a childrens hospital and pay random peoples medical bills" copy to make it happen

  65. Reinan - Rblx

    Reinan - Rblx15 timmar sedan

    D amelio Just cheated bRuHHh

  66. Lenard Jon Cabanas

    Lenard Jon Cabanas16 timmar sedan

    Ok people they cheated

  67. Younesse El atife

    Younesse El atife16 timmar sedan

    Charlie demilio fam cheated

  68. Zatchbell

    Zatchbell17 timmar sedan

    jordi was answering well

  69. Anthony Allmond

    Anthony Allmond17 timmar sedan

    Ok I know people are going to ignore this but why did the d.millo keep looking of camera

  70. Pubg Legend

    Pubg Legend18 timmar sedan

    I have known go to my cookie still for six years😠

  71. Expand your Knowledge

    Expand your Knowledge19 timmar sedan

    Wow I answered most of then right

  72. Saxaren

    Saxaren19 timmar sedan

    Denmark was upside down..

  73. Liam Kilty

    Liam Kilty19 timmar sedan

    Lazed bea

  74. Nevaeh Lemalu

    Nevaeh Lemalu19 timmar sedan

    Australia use’s fornight ! It means 2 weeks ( also AUSTRALIA EDUCATION)

  75. Jaclyn Davies

    Jaclyn Davies20 timmar sedan

    I want James Charles to be in it

  76. FGCO Wriggly

    FGCO Wriggly20 timmar sedan

    The fact that they had to have their parents tell them answers is sad

  77. RunicIce

    RunicIce20 timmar sedan

    “He knows his UNO” Literally 2x more than his answer smh

  78. Dapper’s Funny Moments

    Dapper’s Funny Moments20 timmar sedan

    this could have been the dream face reveal....

  79. King D Roger

    King D Roger20 timmar sedan

    I wished jelly slogo or crainer was there as well

  80. nikolas mcqueen

    nikolas mcqueen21 timme sedan

    Other than Jimmy Karl is my new favorite

  81. Brooke Meeker

    Brooke Meeker21 timme sedan

    I wanted Brent

  82. Gio

    Gio21 timme sedan

    Demeilio family cheered the dad at the end was talking to someone they cheated

  83. keoma williams

    keoma williams21 timme sedan


  84. [2D10]柯瀚澤 KE HON CHAK

    [2D10]柯瀚澤 KE HON CHAK21 timme sedan


  85. JC GEH

    JC GEH21 timme sedan



    FUNCTION SANS21 timme sedan

    Demelios : *Cheated* Mrbeast : *blinde* Viewers : THEY CHEATED!!!!!! it's a 4 v 1 plus they won't give it to the people it needs instead of their own likings

  87. Aron

    Aron18 timmar sedan

    Ye they cheated someone is giving them answers thats why they kept on looking off the camera Cheaters

  88. Sher With An A

    Sher With An A21 timme sedan

    The demilios should have lost because of mat pat and steph Sry for my spelling

  89. Sher With An A

    Sher With An A21 timme sedan

    I’m just happy that jaiden was here

  90. Drago

    Drago21 timme sedan

    Im sorry but i know this much pi: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419

  91. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki22 timmar sedan

    When George put his answer as dream because he didn’t know it 😭😭

  92. Lanuola Tevaga

    Lanuola Tevaga22 timmar sedan

    Yo send me some 🍫

  93. midy zee

    midy zee23 timmar sedan

    The charlis cheated

  94. Angi3 its_raining_fr0gs

    Angi3 its_raining_fr0gs23 timmar sedan

    why am i able to get almost all of these questions right within 2 seconds? anybody else spend too long on yt to know all this? no? just me, okay :0

  95. Isaac Benitez

    Isaac Benitez23 timmar sedan


  96. Step Sisters

    Step Sisters23 timmar sedan


  97. Lotus_ Flower1707

    Lotus_ Flower170723 timmar sedan

    I loved Karl’s support for Dream and George he’s a good friend

  98. Team A

    Team ADag sedan

    8:30-how did you count all those tic-tacs?

  99. Carson Zaborowski

    Carson ZaborowskiDag sedan

    What’s up Mr. beasts

  100. Anthony Carrillo

    Anthony CarrilloDag sedan

    Bro the Damilios or whatever didnt deserve to win they needed there mommy and daddy how cute aswell as them missing the 5 for the pie chart

  101. ghos '

    ghos 'Dag sedan

    That is wrong as hell it's I wish we could turn back time to the good dope days check it

  102. Maou Sama

    Maou SamaDag sedan


  103. Golden dogs Rocky 18

    Golden dogs Rocky 18Dag sedan

    F Demilos I hope they see this

  104. L&H Squad

    L&H SquadDag sedan

    This is how it is spelled POSSUM

  105. ItzRamen

    ItzRamenDag sedan


  106. NotBurritoz

    NotBurritozDag sedan

    Mr and ksi both guessed 6 moons

  107. DynaDan7

    DynaDan7Dag sedan

    Beast the question about how many laps are in the Daytona 500 was wrong it’s actually 200 laps but 500 miles

  108. Michael Jen

    Michael JenDag sedan

    i knew the giraffe toungue answer cause i fed a giraffe at the age of 9