Editor's note: This video was filmed a year ago when Dan Bilzerian rented the mansion for $65M under a "lease to buy" arrangement. The lease was being paid for by Bilzerian's company. He has since left. The owner at the time of filming is now still the current owner.
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  1. opensauce

    opensauce10 timmar sedan

    0:40 no he didn'

  2. Joseph Byedon

    Joseph Byedon11 timmar sedan

    Fvcking moron

  3. Roger Speede

    Roger SpeedeDag sedan

    Well, this aged well.

  4. Jeff Dickson

    Jeff DicksonDag sedan

    you would think that CNBC and/or Kevin O'Leary would do a little due diligence on their interview subjects. There must be someone in the research department that can use google.

  5. Good Fella

    Good FellaDag sedan


  6. Lu

    LuDag sedan

    When he said he wanted to be president, I just thought he was the new age Trump. Same exact.

  7. musicluv80

    musicluv80Dag sedan

    I think Kevin knew something was not right while interviewing him.

  8. Gator '

    Gator '2 dagar sedan

    LMAO. He didn't even rent it, his company did and paid for his entire lifestyle

  9. Yvon Fiset

    Yvon Fiset2 dagar sedan

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    JUMP GAMING3 dagar sedan

    All that muscle no legs

  11. industry auto

    industry auto5 dagar sedan

    I'm sick of long shorts. If this men's shorts above the knee thing is coming back, I'm all for it.

  12. Death b4 Bondage

    Death b4 Bondage4 dagar sedan

    dude hes literally rocking boxer briefs as shorts. shut up

  13. Silva Sly

    Silva Sly5 dagar sedan

    Even before this video was changed to "Rented" mansion, the minute he mentioned (3:16) he nearly had half a billion Instagram followers in one week, I knew this guy was all talk...and if he's all talk, things aren't always what they seem. I'm surprised Kevin didn't burst out laughing at that ridiculous statement...heck, The Rock is now the most followed IG personality, and he's at the 200M+ level.

  14. Gian Oliver

    Gian Oliver7 dagar sedan

    Love that they have headies featured

  15. derrick tiovandi

    derrick tiovandi8 dagar sedan

    Its that kevin o leary aka mr wonderfull shark tank

  16. Shimeih

    Shimeih8 dagar sedan

    It's them changing the video title 😂😂😂

  17. Angelchildxx

    Angelchildxx8 dagar sedan

    *VOTE THIS COMMENT AND MOVE IT TO THE TOP* NOV 2020 - His company is now on the edge of bankrupt, and for scary reasons:

  18. Jay B

    Jay B9 dagar sedan

    Ok I never heard of this dude wow I’m n wrong business

  19. jsandrew_kim

    jsandrew_kim10 dagar sedan

    LOL rented it hahahahaha im dead

  20. bktruong

    bktruong10 dagar sedan

    Contradicts at 2:52 and 4:22

  21. Cristian.T.S

    Cristian.T.S10 dagar sedan

    really rented? lol

  22. Foster's stubby ASMR

    Foster's stubby ASMR10 dagar sedan

    “Become president” ahahahahahaahhhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahah

  23. Engelsburg

    Engelsburg11 dagar sedan

    Us decline

  24. Lisa K

    Lisa K11 dagar sedan


  25. Tech CT

    Tech CT11 dagar sedan

    President, sure America can afford one more joker

  26. M7MD

    M7MD11 dagar sedan

    What a loser!

  27. jones chad

    jones chad11 dagar sedan

    Did they also remove the part in the video where he says he paid 65mill!??

  28. The Great One

    The Great One13 dagar sedan

    The owner probably lives in a modest house and rents this out to the idiots.

  29. SimonPhoenix

    SimonPhoenix8 dagar sedan


  30. flaame

    flaame13 dagar sedan

    i wouldn’t be suprised if he becomes president

  31. thabs83

    thabs8314 dagar sedan

    This guy is a joke.

  32. fightingblindly

    fightingblindly16 dagar sedan

    A 50 million dollar mall lol

  33. Riko Kendall TV

    Riko Kendall TV17 dagar sedan

    he’s lie

  34. Filipino Black

    Filipino Black17 dagar sedan

    Rumours is he spent $65 Million on a house. The Reality is that he Rented this Mansion 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤣😂

  35. Kiki Riki

    Kiki Riki18 dagar sedan

    Imagine how much money you only need to heat up or cool down this villa

  36. Kiki Riki

    Kiki Riki18 dagar sedan

    This guy has already had 3 heart attacks

  37. Intensiti

    Intensiti18 dagar sedan

    When he said he wants to be a president 🤦🏻‍♂️


    MARY CYNTHIA OKONKWO18 dagar sedan

    it's quite hearty to hear a trading success story after so daunting losses, kudos to you for not giving up

  39. sokodad

    sokodad19 dagar sedan

    Honestly had never heard of the dude until a video popped up on my SEtoos feed. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock or maybe I’ve been to busy living my own life.

  40. Stock762

    Stock76219 dagar sedan

    No one would vote you as president bro lol. You think just because you have millions of followers people would trust you as president? We saw your Las Vegas shooting video lying that you were a cop trying desperately to look cool with an AR at the scene. What a joke.

  41. Hamza Bell

    Hamza Bell19 dagar sedan

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  42. Abdullahi Sabuwa

    Abdullahi Sabuwa19 dagar sedan

    Mrs Lisa is one of the best account managers i can actually vouch for as being honest!!!

  43. Red

    Red19 dagar sedan

    How can someone keep all of this clean ?

  44. Chad Mulligan

    Chad Mulligan19 dagar sedan

    The losses are the illegal activity! Read on. Dan is using this loss to launder money for his dad and his partners. We all know his "gambling money" was the money his dad stole. These new "losses" are vaporware. His 1120s forms will show his expenditures, and this is precise point where corps lauder money. He did not actually buy/spend the things he is reporting. This is all a charade. Its a very common practice with... well... everyone with money! A good indicator is looking at the 1120s for the corporation and their 926's. A good IRS investigation will find that the services have not actually been rendered by the escort service, hired models, vendors, catering companies etc. At this point we usually can through a mid-level I.T. forensic search,, find that the services were: A: never rendered (servers were never at the scheduled time of service, which can be found through social media details and locations. B: the consumables for the evens were never procured. The catering companies inventories do not reflect 100k worth of goods and services leaving their inventories. Their records could be cooked to account for this, but their replacement orders will not reflect the consumption. It's fantastic that people are calling him out for this but its been a little frustrating that they are reporting ad nauseum the fact that he is loosing money, and not revealing the true purpose of WHY. His dad is in hot water, this is the final act that will free and clear the money he has stolen.

  45. Calvin Cooley

    Calvin Cooley19 dagar sedan

    ....that Ignite rented for him.

  46. Vivian Van Der Merwe

    Vivian Van Der Merwe20 dagar sedan

    Not trying to hate, but anybody who just blindly invests in this company are either very stupid or doesn't know how business works. Dan doesn't seem to know the basics of running a company, all he knows is how to spend money recklessly... I do however think he is marketable but an investor who comes in will need to be in control of the money unfortunately. If you leave that to Dan it will disappear like mist before the sun

  47. Paul Jorge

    Paul Jorge18 dagar sedan

    And that’s why he’s losing it all lol

  48. Albus Dumbledong

    Albus Dumbledong20 dagar sedan

    They changed the title😂😂😂😂

  49. stephen Taylor

    stephen Taylor20 dagar sedan

    Quite sad really.

  50. True Alpha

    True Alpha21 dag sedan

    Ladies and gentlemen this is what they call bad cap.

  51. SoCalFreelance

    SoCalFreelance21 dag sedan

    I got an STD watching this

  52. trip trip

    trip trip21 dag sedan

    I thought it was me

  53. cammed c6 life.

    cammed c6 life.21 dag sedan

    Dan I was almost a Navy

  54. Anderson Ingeniería SSA

    Anderson Ingeniería SSA22 dagar sedan

    one of the biggest fraud since Fire Festival. BTW he pay the girls to be there playing and chilling

  55. Johnny10gunz

    Johnny10gunz22 dagar sedan

    It goes to show how big networks can get duped.

  56. Behind the Brand

    Behind the Brand22 dagar sedan

    Yikes Kevin, what are you doing to your brand? Your credibility is falling out faster than your hair. First Cameo shout outs to businesses you don’t know, now Dan the con man. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  57. chode-i-dis

    chode-i-dis21 dag sedan

    He didn't know lmao


    GET_IN_THE_VAN23 dagar sedan

    At least they changed the title

  59. Dead Ends93

    Dead Ends9323 dagar sedan

    The upkeep on a mansion like that must be incredible expensive, you never really stop paying for it all you did was make a down payment

  60. A Wolff

    A Wolff26 dagar sedan

    oh you mean the house he's renting for 200k a month lol and the house is listed for sale for 75mil common mr. wonderful didnt you any research on thos guy before the interview? It would be hilarious if Kevin invested with him 🤣

  61. Olman Rojas

    Olman Rojas26 dagar sedan

    Hahaha Poor loser

  62. testalways

    testalways27 dagar sedan

    Dan Bilzerian and his fiancée Anna Kasparian

  63. Mr. Vtec

    Mr. Vtec27 dagar sedan

    Rented. .. .>> ... .>. .... LOL

  64. Mr. Vtec

    Mr. Vtec27 dagar sedan

    This guy is like that Indian scammer from Microsoft calling you about a virus on your MacBook

  65. Mr. Vtec

    Mr. Vtec27 dagar sedan

    Dan Ballzanalarian?

  66. Youtubers Behaving Badly

    Youtubers Behaving Badly28 dagar sedan

    King of the simps

  67. Pranks Club

    Pranks Club28 dagar sedan

  68. Zee bass

    Zee bass28 dagar sedan

    Hahaha.. rented ... LOL

  69. Sourish Saha

    Sourish Saha28 dagar sedan

    Lol. He rented it

  70. MR Amiro

    MR Amiro28 dagar sedan

    Stupido story

  71. I'm Gust

    I'm GustMånad sedan

    Dan Bilzerian the meme of fraud

  72. Capone 1394

    Capone 1394Månad sedan

    The fact that anyone actually believed anything this guy said, especially that he made $50 mill in one year playing poker, is mind boggling

  73. Andrew G

    Andrew GMånad sedan

    Must be hard when you spend daddy's money...what a wanker

  74. Okie TC

    Okie TCMånad sedan

    Dude bought fake cobra

  75. MrPrimiR

    MrPrimiRMånad sedan

    Tom Nash sends his regards. :P

  76. Jeremy Brown

    Jeremy BrownMånad sedan

    Is this guy that delusional? He is a complete con!

  77. MCP2461

    MCP2461Månad sedan

    A fraudster that promotes his illegal business. Go figure.

  78. tyler ziemer

    tyler ziemerMånad sedan

    I'm a conservative and after watching this I'm now a socialist all these resources wasted to one man

  79. Ron Mecham

    Ron MechamMånad sedan

    Good for Dan. He has worked hard and is living the good life off his.... oh wait, the house is rented, his ponzu scheme is falling apart

  80. Madhuri Tripathi

    Madhuri TripathiMånad sedan

  81. BW T

    BW TMånad sedan

    I only want this house coz it's Covid Wave 2 so my kids can run throughout the house (I live in a crime ridden neighborhood), I can use the gym and pool coz gyms are all closed up here in Canada. And I'll take the movie theater because my eyes are bugged out watching SEtoos on my phone.

  82. GaroMax777

    GaroMax777Månad sedan

    Who going to buy this house now. It like a curse house it have sting attached to it.

  83. HTUBEM

    HTUBEMMånad sedan

    Life is a joke

  84. Geoff Kirk

    Geoff KirkMånad sedan

    Rent is dear ask him lol

  85. Tim R

    Tim RMånad sedan

    " Or will they be pipedreams that go up in smoke ?" Couldn't of said it better Kevin

  86. Marc Bonavia

    Marc BonaviaMånad sedan

    This is the Lance Armstrong of Social Media.

  87. Mark Holloway

    Mark HollowayMånad sedan

    We now know Dan paid RealWeb $25,000 a month to create his fake Instagram followers to attract investors. Bad timing for CNBC. Everything out of Dan’s mouth is a lie.

  88. STS

    STSMånad sedan

    the outtakes of this footage is going to be amazing on "American Greed" when that airs after he has fled the country and taken up refuge on one of his daddy's islands. LMAO

  89. Parker Coyle

    Parker CoyleMånad sedan

    I feel like they edited the title “rented”

  90. Oscar Ochoa

    Oscar OchoaMånad sedan

    No duh🙄😂🤣

  91. George S

    George SMånad sedan

    In depth reporting I'd expect from cnbc 😂

  92. John Smith

    John SmithMånad sedan


  93. Braulio Ramirez

    Braulio RamirezMånad sedan

    Lmao this vid has aged like dans roid belly

  94. Youtube Board

    Youtube BoardMånad sedan

    From hero to zero. Big fraud this guy

  95. Dead Inside

    Dead InsideMånad sedan

    He wants to be a the President 😁😁😁

  96. Tobey Maguire

    Tobey MaguireMånad sedan

    Kevin should interview the true owner of that house, that’s the true businessman. Milking 200k a month from dan just to make him act like a Buffoon in his house. The smart ones like to hide

  97. Harry F

    Harry FMånad sedan

    Haha rented. Whos a bigger tool dan or kevin oleary

  98. Nike Dri-Fit

    Nike Dri-FitMånad sedan

    Dan Bilzerian is Donald Trump. Cut from the same fabric.

  99. Barty Crouch

    Barty CrouchMånad sedan

    They are pipe dreams that will go in smoke XD

  100. Jesse Rodriguez

    Jesse RodriguezMånad sedan

    Beard of Bees

  101. johnnypk1963

    johnnypk1963Månad sedan

    Lolol Kevin u got played son

  102. Little Billy

    Little BillyMånad sedan

    I’d rather be broke than this dumb

  103. Sammy AG

    Sammy AGMånad sedan

    If Trump did it, why wouldn't he?

  104. J Wee

    J WeeMånad sedan

    Dan doesn’t even use an Illadelph. That’s how you know he’s a fake smoker

  105. early owls

    early owlsMånad sedan

    3 dinning rooms 😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️oh god just delete this video😂👽

  106. Rocco Baro

    Rocco BaroMånad sedan

    Be a president 😂😂