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World of Warships is a naval action MMO game developed by Wargaming. With over 300 ships to choose from, you never get bored. Click link to get free premium and credits. Only for new registered members on the Wargaming site.
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  1. Stan B

    Stan B5 dagar sedan

    Hey boris please play from the depths!

  2. dean mckellar

    dean mckellar12 dagar sedan

    Boris: You cannot attack Ship with plane! Royal Navy, US Navy and Japanese Navy: *Grins in Aircraft Carrier*

  3. Thomas

    Thomas15 dagar sedan

    Hmm think you should try the game again but play random battles as that’s against other players where coop is against ai

  4. Pleb Plays

    Pleb Plays15 dagar sedan

    Why do russian young adults look good

  5. olivetheguy

    olivetheguy15 dagar sedan

    the soviets actually tried to tow the german aircraft carrier to Leningrad (saint Petersburg)

  6. I am a hacker

    I am a hacker17 dagar sedan


  7. miew gaming pro 12

    miew gaming pro 1221 dag sedan

    Boris:"cruisers are light tanks and destroyers are medium tanks" Me: wait what

  8. loudbrian

    loudbrian21 dag sedan

    boris u need to make a clan xDD

  9. Mahendra Fajar

    Mahendra Fajar24 dagar sedan

    As a player myself, Boris saying Russian ships are the most fun to play is true.

  10. Foxy

    Foxy29 dagar sedan

    That flag on his ship in the beginning is the flag of the Russian navy

  11. tall cat

    tall catMånad sedan

    ja. This russian gamer is Good!

  12. General squirrel

    General squirrelMånad sedan

    I would see destroyer as tank destroyer Cruiser medium tank battleship as heavy tank Aircraftcarrier as sailing airfield

  13. Mike Wazowski

    Mike WazowskiMånad sedan

    You get boolets, you get boolets, and you get boolets! YOU ALL GET BOOLETS!

  14. Liam Henson

    Liam HensonMånad sedan

    2:10, I love how he says this just after showing the Graf Zeppelin

  15. mars

    marsMånad sedan

    4:16 the "what" sounds like sr pelo

  16. Dcr701

    Dcr701Månad sedan

    Wow pretty long ad...cant even skip it. SEtoos is sure getting aggressive.


    GAMER FEVERMånad sedan

    I love this friken dude lol

  18. Dat cat

    Dat catMånad sedan

    2:06 *HEAVY RUSSIAN BREATHING* ah we will get it back in a year or two.

  19. あかつきレヴィ

    あかつきレヴィMånad sedan

    Welcome to the seas my comrade

  20. Jeremy Sitorus

    Jeremy SitorusMånad sedan

    Since discovering that your ships can be, after being sunk, raised and repaired infinitely for free, Boris never knew greater freedom.

  21. Alloces11

    Alloces11Månad sedan

    the fact that Boris is playing T2 which nobody plays for video tells me how wargaming become greedy over time :P

  22. JohnBlund94

    JohnBlund94Månad sedan

    "This is a crusier, it's like a light tank" "And this is a destroyer, it's like a medium tank" wha...!`? I think you got that that wrong my comrade Boris x)

  23. CrusaderHoodie

    CrusaderHoodieMånad sedan

    How much of that ruble from the sponsor was spent on mayonez?

  24. Hffiy Ejjmal

    Hffiy EjjmalMånad sedan

    Ding ding, Boris is home Ding dong round 2, Boris comes for you

  25. Никола Тесла

    Никола ТеслаMånad sedan

    I actualy prefer German ships they are easier to maneuver

  26. Alejandro Olalde

    Alejandro OlaldeMånad sedan

    Those shots are so acurete

  27. Alejandro Olalde

    Alejandro OlaldeMånad sedan

    Oh no i am so seared of fighting boris

  28. Alejandro Olalde

    Alejandro OlaldeMånad sedan

    Hmmm yes a world playing a world in a wrold

  29. Alejandro Olalde

    Alejandro OlaldeMånad sedan


  30. идиот

    идиотMånad sedan

    Anyone know when anatoli will have a channel?

  31. G31M1

    G31M1Månad sedan

    I can’t describe why, but it’s always so funny when Anatoli text his answers

  32. Sidney Crosthwait

    Sidney CrosthwaitMånad sedan

    "I think I loaded rubber bullets again"

  33. Mikey's Rants

    Mikey's RantsMånad sedan

    Boris: Soviet Union is best Bismarck and Yamato had never seen such bullshit before

  34. Vim Alcel Naraga

    Vim Alcel NaragaMånad sedan

    I am asking, Where are the Anatoli simps?

  35. Matis Holt

    Matis HoltMånad sedan

    Where cheese

  36. Adidas Blyat

    Adidas BlyatMånad sedan

    лифе оф борис јљдоре цљ врљичент трес белле цхљине зоутубе сурволетер

  37. N0TATR0LL

    N0TATR0LLMånad sedan

    Komrade Boris can cook Doctor's Sausage only by screaming "CHEEKI BREEKI"

  38. Beamng Drive Mazda Miata

    Beamng Drive Mazda MiataMånad sedan

    i just got a world of warships advertisement when i started watching this .-.

  39. Ligrep

    Ligrep2 månader sedan


  40. Ethan Drought

    Ethan Drought2 månader sedan

    "what iz beepingg zound?" *Explodes*

  41. Pontus Gustafsson

    Pontus Gustafsson2 månader sedan

    I go for germany. Kriegsmarine blitzkrieg.

  42. ฯLUXE3TMฯ

    ฯLUXE3TMฯ2 månader sedan

    WHY anatoli don't have a youtube channel Its a mystery can ONLY resolver by anatoli

  43. ฯLUXE3TMฯ

    ฯLUXE3TMฯ2 månader sedan


  44. ฯLUXE3TMฯ

    ฯLUXE3TMฯ2 månader sedan

    I don't now

  45. filip_boucek

    filip_boucek2 månader sedan

    Anazoli: "i m s i n k" Boris: "naaah ur fine"

  46. Fat Man

    Fat Man2 månader sedan

    Boris please play among us or minecraft

  47. Gifting Geezer

    Gifting Geezer2 månader sedan

    Nobody: Me entering 2021:


    KOT ŻYWOPŁOT2 månader sedan

    Czemu on ma kamerzystę ma miniaturce

  49. creeper2323

    creeper23232 månader sedan

    Play minecraft kurwa

  50. -Frosty-

    -Frosty-2 månader sedan

    Hahaha when boris laughs he sounds like a gnome blin

  51. []

    []2 månader sedan

    Motorboat with guns attached.

  52. TheImperialspinosaurus

    TheImperialspinosaurus2 månader sedan

    Anatoli is working from home...

  53. The Gaming Scientist

    The Gaming Scientist2 månader sedan

    idk what this was doing in my recommendations, but I actually kinda like it. The guilty pleasure of gaming youtube

  54. Anarchic Blin

    Anarchic Blin2 månader sedan

    "then pick your favourite na- *Soviet union* " pffff YES

  55. Richard Montano

    Richard Montano2 månader sedan

    Well boris is life he brings fun to this world

  56. iSamYT Backup

    iSamYT Backup2 månader sedan

    I have a account already for world of tanks

  57. S O V I E T T O N K

    S O V I E T T O N K2 månader sedan

    I agree komrade

  58. Oaisis Gaming

    Oaisis Gaming2 månader sedan

    Качественный контент

  59. langit oren :v

    langit oren :v2 månader sedan

    Wot pls

  60. U Cup

    U Cup2 månader sedan

    This made me smile thanks boris

  61. Radu Cristea

    Radu Cristea2 månader sedan

    Light tank = cruiser Medium tank = destroyer Clearly boris had too much to drink

  62. Z

    Z2 månader sedan


  63. Manacros Gaming

    Manacros Gaming2 månader sedan

    do more war thunder papa blyat

  64. Oliver Hel

    Oliver Hel2 månader sedan

    Seriously. Go kick anatoli in the leg.. I found a thing... An important thing for the third time ..

  65. Oliver Hel

    Oliver Hel2 månader sedan

    Here hold this. What is this. My bourbon. Hand me that.. what. My bourbon

  66. Oliver Hel

    Oliver Hel2 månader sedan

    @2:30 "what Dutch carrier is doing in Baltic ocean I know knot. (Out maneuvering land based mechs that's what)

  67. Oliver Hel

    Oliver Hel2 månader sedan

    .. mech. Sims. Belt fed impact round Sims...

  68. Oliver Hel

    Oliver Hel2 månader sedan

    Best rudder wins. Also shit tonnes of hand grenades to repell borders

  69. -`Levi indie;

    -`Levi indie;2 månader sedan

    Pqp cadê legenda?

  70. Александр Томскоц

    Александр Томскоц2 månader sedan

    Нахуя я это смотрю??

  71. E Gg

    E Gg2 månader sedan

    Netflix:are you still watching? Someone’s daughter: 4:26

  72. alex houck

    alex houck2 månader sedan

    What is your gamer tag in World of warShip and world of tanks

  73. xlOffkilterlx

    xlOffkilterlx2 månader sedan

    A true Gopnik: He drifts even in a warship. Davai.

  74. Haris Surya Saputra

    Haris Surya Saputra2 månader sedan

    I have a dream, Boris plays Minecraft.

  75. Chernobyl Pone

    Chernobyl Pone2 månader sedan

    Boris ever played Girls Und Panzer dream team or World of Tanks with Girls Und Panzer skins.

  76. Christian Clark

    Christian Clark2 månader sedan

    He better have gotten a bonus from this ad, 12/10 ad

  77. Christian Clark

    Christian Clark2 månader sedan

    *am sink*

  78. realtommyvercetti9

    realtommyvercetti92 månader sedan

    I smell your Discord Server

  79. Zadic Zane

    Zadic Zane2 månader sedan

    Scientists before reactor 4 went critical 3:58

  80. Jimo Mihálik

    Jimo Mihálik2 månader sedan

  81. Kistănkh of Yădakk

    Kistănkh of Yădakk2 månader sedan

    One day Anatoli must come and show us how to train to join the army

  82. ezio the 3th ph

    ezio the 3th ph2 månader sedan

    Me when seeing a family member: COUSIN

  83. BammyQ

    BammyQ2 månader sedan

    "You cannot attack ship with plane!" 1940's Japan: are we a joke to you?

  84. Tovarish Sabaka

    Tovarish Sabaka2 månader sedan

    sea of thieves better ez

  85. FreeTacoz

    FreeTacoz2 månader sedan

    "Free" unless you want the good ships without spending a lifetime playing right?

  86. Isaac Hladky

    Isaac Hladky2 månader sedan

    what you mean "is winter"? *is ALWAYS winter, davai.*

  87. Isaac Hladky

    Isaac Hladky2 månader sedan

    Boris: =plays any game= Anatoli: =appears from ancient ritual= *разлад, блять*

  88. Sithichok Torprasitkun

    Sithichok Torprasitkun2 månader sedan

    2:03 what a german aircraft carrier is doing in saint peterburg german aircraft carrier : vacation

  89. Somebody you don't need to know

    Somebody you don't need to know2 månader sedan

    Ah! Who knew Hardbass and Naval Cannon barrage sounds better with each other

  90. dampmaky

    dampmaky2 månader sedan

    Why not put this vid on go pink gaming?

  91. Keith Natanael

    Keith Natanael2 månader sedan

    One of my friends said russian ships are shit boi how wrong he was

  92. BammyQ

    BammyQ2 månader sedan


  93. Melinda Moloney

    Melinda Moloney2 månader sedan

    Hey Boris will you be restocking your blyatiful Weslav hoodies soon?

  94. Alexander Wong

    Alexander Wong2 månader sedan

    slav guy gets paid by slav company to play slav warship in slav game

  95. XxRGAMExX

    XxRGAMExX2 månader sedan

    Boris if you love your Subscribers heart all comment

  96. Ficzd

    Ficzd2 månader sedan

    “Winter is here” *Russian Hardbass Intensifies in Berlin*

  97. Toad

    Toad2 månader sedan

    “Now I will show you how to start a battle”. “Start the game, and click the battle”

  98. Itz_Noobii

    Itz_Noobii2 månader sedan

    where is war thunder kontent my comrade

  99. Sancturios

    Sancturios2 månader sedan

    "You cant attack ship with planes." *laughs in japanese Aircrafts.*

  100. a_shr3xydud 2

    a_shr3xydud 22 månader sedan

    yooo why did i get a world of warships yt ad before this video about world of warships? coincidence? i think

  101. CEO of Luigi time

    CEO of Luigi time2 månader sedan

    6:09 I never felt more in danger in my life

  102. Captain_sandman0

    Captain_sandman02 månader sedan

    Another gopnik has joined the chat* (I learned that I am part slav last night)

  103. Abdul Gani

    Abdul Gani2 månader sedan

    Do a face reveal

  104. Simplicity !

    Simplicity !2 månader sedan

    The perfect way to sink Capitalist pigs comrade! У них не будет шансов, если ты адмирал нашего славного флота.