Sacha Baron Cohen responds to Rudy Giuliani’s claims about ‘Borat’ scene l GMA

Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova, who plays his daughter in “Borat,” speak out on “GMA” about the movie’s headline-making scene featuring Giuliani.
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  1. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordTimme sedan

    I heard they're erecting a statue for Rudy's role in the new Borat movie. Even Rudy had a hand in on it.

  2. Rosie McCaw

    Rosie McCaw3 timmar sedan

    Hahahahahahahaha so hilarious to get him snapped out🤣🤣🤣

  3. phil johnson

    phil johnson17 timmar sedan

    Trump supporters be like " I Usually take my pants all the way off when tucking in my shirt"

  4. Karen Special_kstyles

    Karen Special_kstylesDag sedan

    That movie is HILARIOUS "What color is a racist family" lmao

  5. Rayon

    RayonDag sedan

    I hope they work together again in the future

  6. M CZL

    M CZL2 dagar sedan

    If its one thing Borat confirmed about Trumpers - they are all absolutely soulless, empty husks that only appear to human. The zombie invasion is here.

  7. dimitris Bam

    dimitris Bam2 dagar sedan

    The host is beautiful!! Who is she?

  8. KrystalroxX7

    KrystalroxX72 dagar sedan

    This movie sucked

  9. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    it sucks when its true han

  10. mark guthrie

    mark guthrie3 dagar sedan

    Sacha likes role playing because he’s into kids

  11. Lisa Simpson Rules

    Lisa Simpson Rules3 dagar sedan

    I like to have a serious interview with Sasha Baron Cohen. It is rare to see hee off-character.

  12. Rice Cooker

    Rice Cooker3 dagar sedan

    Guess who’s back, back again~

  13. hypatia of Alexandria

    hypatia of Alexandria3 dagar sedan

    a of age women comes on to a older man.. how is this a problem...?

  14. wm m

    wm m4 dagar sedan

    lol this is fake. if you watch the clip you can clearly see he was tucking in his shirt. if anyone acted inappropriate it was her sticking her hand in his pants to take the mic out.

  15. Matilda

    Matilda4 dagar sedan

    Wow Maria is really beautiful

  16. Old Gregg

    Old Gregg4 dagar sedan

    I can't believe that any of this isn't scripted and staged. It's too perfect, Sascha is a genius.

  17. Vangelis Films

    Vangelis Films4 dagar sedan

    MOVIE MAGIC. I'm a video editor and I spotted a LOT of dirty tricks. Here are some things you probably missed: - The insert shot of the book in "Rudy's" hands was likely shot at a different time with a stand-in actor. This obviously would have tipped him off. - Borat's "stick to marrying cousins" line was NOT shot with Rudy in the room. Notice Rudy is not in the shot, but the editor makes it look seamless within scene. - The shot of Tutar (blonde girl) walking towards camera is a continuation of the previous omitted scene where she confronts the disguised Borat and pushes him out of the room. That whole scene was shot at a different time without Rudy. Notice the difference in lighting. Also Rudy (or his people) would have clearly heard their argument. - "Shall we have a drink in the bedroom" - this line was clearly ADR, recorded in a soundbooth or at a different time. Not only is the sound quality/tone completely different, her face/mouth are covered by her hair (purposefully) so ANY dialogue could have been inserted there. Cheap trickery to imply Rudy was knowingly following her into the bedroom under sexual pretenses. - The dialogue in this ENTIRE scene was manipulated and was not the true audio recorded with the video. As Rudy is helping her with something seemingly caught on her sleeve, she clearly speaks but her audio is muted. Rudy also clearly says something a couple times before he sits on the bed, but his audio is muted as well. Before he sits on the bed, both of their audible dialogue is placed when their mouths aren't visible to the camera. When Rudy sits, his "phone number and address" line is placed when his back is to the camera. Why? They had a hidden camera covering his front, so it's obvious this line was pulled from some part of the interview and placed at that moment to make us think Rudy is being creepy by asking for her contact info. ALSO, the lighting in the room was clearly manipulated in post to appear dimly it. Shadows were added to their faces. There's too much light coming from the windows to have that much natural contrast. - Borat's off-camera line "Put down your chram" (lol) did not happen in real-time. It was recorded at a different time and placed there by the editor right before Rudy sat up to make it seem like he was caught. - The shot of Borat storming "into the room" and past camera was shot at a different time. Also, his "She 15. She too old for you" line was inserted there as well. If you watch closely, his mouth doesn't match the line in that shot...but we buy it since his mouth is moving slightly and it's such a quick shot. - Rudy sees Borat in lingerie. This is the only part of this sequence where what happened in real time is actually what is shown. A whole 6 seconds. Also, notice that Rudy is fully standing at the start of this shot, right by the doorway. When we last saw him 3 seconds earlier, he hadn't even fully sat up on the bed yet. He clearly didn't finish sitting up, stand, finish tucking his shirt in and walk to the doorway to respond to Borat in under 3 seconds. Manipulative editing of shots taken at different times stitched together to make it appear as a seamless timeline. - Her "I'm better than him" line up until her "I can...I would love to marry you" line is all ADR, recorded either in a soundbooth or at a different time. Notice all of them are facing away from the camera so we can only see their hand gestures and not their mouths moving. Also, if you listen carefully you will hear the sound quality/tone change when she says her "I can...I would love to marry you" line (which was actually recorded in real-time along with the rest of the scene). Conclusion: This editor is pretty good and Sacha Baron Cohen is a piece of shit.

  18. Lita L

    Lita L4 dagar sedan


  19. tz3

    tz34 dagar sedan

    What is the interviewers name?

  20. Deadly Queen

    Deadly Queen5 dagar sedan

    Giuliani scene debunked: If you listen and look closely at the Giuliani scene, the sound "I'll have your phone number and address" is spliced from a different scene. While he was tucking in his shirt and the girl was turning around, they actually switched the camera, spliced and looped the scene from an earlier point to make it seem longer. I have nothing to say about Giuliani patting her back while she was taking off his microphone, that was inappropriate, so they kind of got him there... But that can't be compared to Joe Biden touching kids, sniffing them and making inappropriate comments about them. I'd love to see Sacha make jokes about Biden on those topics. He probably wouldn't dare because Sacha is a tool for the democratic party and he wouldn't want to end up suiciding himself. The most effective proof that nothing really inappropriate happened is that Giuliani was about to leave: When he begins to get up, they seem to be adding a gasp sound from a different scene and they are also overlapping Sacha's voice, making it seem like it was Sacha that surprised him, but that's clearly not the case. After that Giuliani seemingly teleports on the other side of the bed, in front of Sacha. The fact that he teleported tells me that he was about to leave and Sacha tried to stop him on the way out. Nothing inappropriate happened. I hope not the entire Borat 2 movie is a politically charged against conservatives, because it sure looks like it. It looks biased.

  21. Stefanos Spanopoulos

    Stefanos Spanopoulos5 dagar sedan

    Racist and disrespectful homophobe Sacha Baron Cohen now supports the left. Says a lot about both.

  22. Stefanos Spanopoulos

    Stefanos Spanopoulos15 timmar sedan

    @Gui Adrião The solution for all racists is to start supporting the left!

  23. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    making a movie like this, shows hes more than redemed

  24. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie Mercury5 dagar sedan


  25. Albert **

    Albert **6 dagar sedan

    Oh...I thought they got a double to play that part? It was really Giulliani? Damn...

  26. Patrick Williams

    Patrick Williams7 dagar sedan

    More fake news

  27. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    truth sometimes is hard to swallow

  28. Patrick Williams

    Patrick Williams7 dagar sedan

    What a joke!!!

  29. H AH

    H AH7 dagar sedan

    never new that Sachs Baron Cohen is an English man,I thought he is a Brooklynite,his movies are very entertaining.Sacha is a Galaxy.

  30. Arminder batth

    Arminder batth7 dagar sedan

    The black lady was the only person to tell him selling his daughter was wrong. Everyone else went along with it smh great America lol

  31. Mason Baker

    Mason Baker7 dagar sedan

    I’m lost in the reporters eyes 🤤

  32. tfs202

    tfs2027 dagar sedan

    Why not expose all the Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking among the Left? Oh!!! Because its already been exposed, and now they can cover it all back up for 4 more years!!! When u are only allowed to think one way, and it has to be the same as everyone else around you, whats coming actually happens, unfortunately.

  33. Archangel Azrael

    Archangel Azrael8 dagar sedan

    Rudy Giuliani (an idiot) is advising another idiot (Trump)

  34. Lee Paxton

    Lee Paxton8 dagar sedan

    How much dis he pay for the girl

  35. Lee Paxton

    Lee Paxton8 dagar sedan

    What a liberal pos this guy is

  36. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow8 dagar sedan

    what do butchers do????

  37. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow8 dagar sedan

    soo this is why the system is fucked as well

  38. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow8 dagar sedan

    it was near it but it wasn't on it at all

  39. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow8 dagar sedan

    Manipulating and fabricating

  40. theflyingninja1

    theflyingninja19 dagar sedan

    Anything can be edited to look a certain way. Cohen is one of the worst things to come out of England, and we gave the world James Corden.

  41. Martin PK

    Martin PK9 dagar sedan

    You’re lucky this is SEtoos and downvotes don’t do anything

  42. Dylan Alexander

    Dylan Alexander10 dagar sedan

    Wow Sacha is such a good dude. The way he smiles while she talks.. just looks at her so proudly

  43. Veglord

    Veglord10 dagar sedan

    I used to like Sasha Baron Cohen, but man does he do every slimy trick in the book. I would be mostly ok with that if he wasn't so slimy and self-righteous about it afterwords like he is doing journalism and uncovering any true event instead of being upfront about the outrageous staging and editing for shits and giggles.

  44. adad

    adad10 dagar sedan

    Borat 1 was more real and funny. Borat 2 became commercial. They wanted to please the women.

  45. Furious_DC

    Furious_DC10 dagar sedan

    Sacha has such a dignified english accent in real life.

  46. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell11 dagar sedan

    Have no right to video him no say rights it wrong not funny would not do to my cousin Vinny

  47. Matthew Doty

    Matthew Doty11 dagar sedan

    I love it. I will be watching this on Thanks Giving day with the family.

  48. Mr Ginga

    Mr Ginga11 dagar sedan

    Off to watch in now

  49. David Cohen

    David Cohen11 dagar sedan

    Borat for president! :-)

  50. Badgerspvcoach ellis

    Badgerspvcoach ellis11 dagar sedan

    Well, I won’t be watching Sacha Cohens movies anymore. Cross another off the list for me. I loved Borat, loved Talladega nights. But turns out this guy is part of the woke, lying, cancel culture. Good riddance! Just take a look at the likes and dislikes

  51. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    ​@Badgerspvcoach ellis "I guess we will see how the right behaves over the next 4 years. ",,, ask the proud boys who are "manifesting" aka crying with their AK-47 on hand.

  52. Badgerspvcoach ellis

    Badgerspvcoach ellis8 dagar sedan

    @Parsa , no I agree with you. I’ve always been in the middle. But lately I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with the left, the lies, the cancel culture. I guess we will see how the right behaves over the next 4 years.

  53. Parsa

    Parsa8 dagar sedan

    @Badgerspvcoach ellis Welcome to the world, They are both corrupt, saying "I hate the left so the right must be the good ones" is just idiotic and you guys keep forgetting that

  54. Badgerspvcoach ellis

    Badgerspvcoach ellis9 dagar sedan

    @Parsa , I don’t give a crap. I’m not invested in Gulliani, and there is absolutely no proof. The left makes me stick to my stomach with the lord and the way they try and spin shit. And you dummies eat it up

  55. Parsa

    Parsa9 dagar sedan

    @Badgerspvcoach ellis You really wanna believe that Giuliani didn't do anything inappropriate, don't you? So much that you just shut your eyes even when there is evidence. You know it, you just hate admitting it. Sorry but even before all this, Giuliani gave me the creeps by just looking at his smile

  56. Omar SJ

    Omar SJ11 dagar sedan

    Why is she so beautiful

  57. radby

    radby11 dagar sedan

    The first Borat movie was ok, the 2nd one is total crap... cheaply made, no scene is believable, including the one with Giuliani. Total garbage that will be forgotten in a few weeks. Nobody talks about this movie GMA... stop pushing it because it's a total flop. Borat's not funny anymore.

  58. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight11 dagar sedan

    I'd do anything to watch this. Is it on Netflix? Where is it?

  59. Christopher Rada

    Christopher Rada12 dagar sedan

    This was a fantastic prank! On the audience, that is!

  60. Helen Morris

    Helen Morris12 dagar sedan

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  61. Parsa

    Parsa9 dagar sedan

    Let me guess , his method involves sharing this message to 10 other people on the internet?

  62. Steven Phelps

    Steven Phelps12 dagar sedan

    I definitely think Giuliani is in the wrong here, but it really hasn’t got anything to do with Trump.

  63. Obi Wan Shanobi

    Obi Wan Shanobi12 dagar sedan

    He is pretty creepy and low for doing that to anyone, I don't care who it is.

  64. youreallbrainwashed

    youreallbrainwashed13 dagar sedan

    She's nervous

  65. Thomas Pesci

    Thomas Pesci13 dagar sedan

    What's the scandal??? The man was removing the mic set up but who cares Rudy is a single man and this girl is 24 years of age. How was it okay for Bill Clinton? Sasha is funny but feel he's doing a bit of political activism with an agenda.

  66. Jack Robbins

    Jack Robbins13 dagar sedan

    No fan of RG but he can’t entrap someone and then blame them....entrapment isn’t permitted in most legal systems so....

  67. Jess Red

    Jess Red13 dagar sedan

    The number of dislikes says-it-all! He tucked in his shirt and they played the same second 3-4 times from 3-4 different camera angles. Maria booked the hotel and put his audio pack IN RUDYS PANTS!! TRUMP WON the press committed suicide ☠️ RELEASE THE KRAKEN 🦑

  68. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    @Jess Red keep watching trumps tweets with the fake information warning dumbass. KEEP rooting for a rapist who doesnt know how to lose properly.

  69. Jess Red

    Jess Red6 dagar sedan

    @claire tyler just KEEP WATCHING THE NEWS 🤣

  70. claire tyler

    claire tyler11 dagar sedan

    there’s 46k likes on this video... biden still won luv

  71. Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone13 dagar sedan

    Borat for President!

  72. Mina Aleksandrova

    Mina Aleksandrova13 dagar sedan

    As a fellow Bulgarian, I'm so proud to see a Bulgarian actress playing the lead role of a foreign movie, especially Borat (big fan). Keep up with the good work Maria. Страхотна! 🇧🇬 ❤️

  73. Pro Tzav

    Pro Tzav13 dagar sedan

    Rudy "I had to take off the electronic equipment......nooootttt"

  74. Marilyn Shelton

    Marilyn Shelton13 dagar sedan

    The President's lawyer is as dumb as he is himself. He expects the American public to believe anything. Including that Guliani isn't a fool who fools around.

  75. Don'tMeanToBragBut

    Don'tMeanToBragBut11 dagar sedan

    @44004sasha Translation “I know you are but what but what am I” grow up

  76. 44004sasha

    44004sasha11 dagar sedan

    Maybe they are both numb , but they are at least 20 times smarter than you.

  77. Lumibear

    Lumibear13 dagar sedan

    With any show where somebody is the ‘sex bait’ in a real situation, it really must be terrifying, so respect to her for managing to stay in character and stick to the plan.

  78. G

    G13 dagar sedan

    they could show the clip they're just being pussies and also cause kids could be watching

  79. SpikyJohn

    SpikyJohn13 dagar sedan

    We need a petition so she gets an Oscar. Totally deserved

  80. Andrew

    Andrew13 dagar sedan

    He dodges those questions like trump tho

  81. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    hes more interested in talking about whats important for him has producer

  82. YourNatureBoy27

    YourNatureBoy2714 dagar sedan

    Sacha really just makes fun of the U.S., anyway possible.

  83. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    theres a difference, in "making fun", and use humor to tell the truth

  84. Dan Nicolae

    Dan Nicolae14 dagar sedan

    No humour, just propaganda. Pushing the agenda.

  85. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    theres a difference, in "making fun", and use humor to tell the truth

  86. Jared Dauer

    Jared Dauer13 dagar sedan

    Uuuhhhmmm what? You think this was purposely edited and made to make guliani look like a creep? You don't think Rudy's actions on their own did that?

  87. Eggspipe

    Eggspipe14 dagar sedan

    Stitching Rudi up exposed which side Cohen is on, Rudi should’ve held up hands n said he’ll yeah. Do you drink the chrome Sacha?

  88. G P

    G P14 dagar sedan

    This people dont share the american values, they wanna take ur guns they wanna tKe our jobs and make us look like china or Russia . Open your eyes ! They are attacking our faith attacking our nation and our values. Who cares about this people that arent even american and talk about america??? We shouldn’t allow this. They spread fake news to hurt the American nation. They want only the benefit for THEIR countries. We need to support OUR nation not theirs

  89. G P

    G P14 dagar sedan

    Sasha is a disgusting guy paid by the liberals, you are lying and you know it

  90. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    thats u trying to justify truth, sry ur in denial

  91. G P

    G P14 dagar sedan

    Borat is a shitty movie made by some pedos in the Hollywood industry

  92. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    borat is a legendary reality movie, done WITH Humor to SHOW PEDOS IN CHARGE OF POLITICS. those are the pedos

  93. Jamie's Life

    Jamie's Life14 dagar sedan

    Omg I love him haaaa

  94. iSustain

    iSustain14 dagar sedan

    The film is such a revelation. Secret service are not as good as they're shown in most movies.

  95. Flwrfan1

    Flwrfan114 dagar sedan

    Maria Baklava should be nominated for an Oscar.

  96. gozxdesastros

    gozxdesastros14 dagar sedan

    Just watched the scene and im baffled by what dirty liars they all are. Incredible.

  97. Reinier van Ramshorst

    Reinier van Ramshorst14 dagar sedan

    I get the feeling sascha is sleeping with her

  98. Gui Adrião

    Gui Adrião21 timme sedan

    no, but rudy certanly would

  99. TheMiket273

    TheMiket27314 dagar sedan

    Sasha and Maria are charming in this interview. They kept attempting to tell very interesting stories and give thoughtful answers to the interviewers questions. Unfortunately the interviewer was absolutely horrible. She kept interrupting their commentary with non-sequiturs, never asking follow up questions after her interruptions. She didn't seem to hear them, show interest, or react to their answers or comments. She just asked her pre-written questions one by one, giving no indication she gave a fuck if they actually answered her, just kept plugging through her list of unrelated questions like an automaton. Terrible interviewer, excellent interviewees. I'd love to see the version of this interview where this tabloid reporter just shuts the fuck up and let guy interesting people speak

  100. Oscar Small

    Oscar Small14 dagar sedan

    Ah, that self doubt from Maria at 7:42- got awkward with the expectation on Sacha to save her, he fumbled a bit but then came won and saved the awkwardness of her saying she exists and then grimacing afterwards in regret

  101. Papa Rooster

    Papa Rooster14 dagar sedan

    Lol you tried to setup Rudy. And you failed. What a joke.

  102. Papa Rooster

    Papa Rooster18 timmar sedan

    @Bugger Lugs fake. Setup.

  103. Bugger Lugs

    Bugger Lugs14 dagar sedan

    Where did he fail? Giuliani was almost caught with his pants down. He's nothing but a dirty old man and a 'stone cold liar'

  104. Tony Beech

    Tony Beech14 dagar sedan

    Cant stand this idiot!

  105. jade aye

    jade aye15 dagar sedan


  106. Tammy Ho

    Tammy Ho15 dagar sedan

    Maria Bakalova is amazing!!! and of course YOU SACHA!!!

  107. Pat Riot

    Pat Riot15 dagar sedan

    Garbage in, garbage out...

  108. Richard Smart

    Richard Smart15 dagar sedan

    How, exactly, can unedited video be "a complete fabrication"? Creepy old bastard. Just saying...

  109. Malakir

    Malakir14 dagar sedan

    ask people below here. there are actually people defending that shit and making up more excuses than a flat earther about this shit, its insane

  110. L B

    L B15 dagar sedan

    Ms. Bakalova is an amazing talent! Brava!

  111. Steven Hocking

    Steven Hocking15 dagar sedan

    Maria seems so uncomfortable

  112. Ray Roc

    Ray Roc15 dagar sedan

    the fucking ads are becoming rife!

  113. Maya Stewart

    Maya Stewart15 dagar sedan

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  115. Dan M

    Dan M16 dagar sedan

    Cohen is a piece of crap.

  116. Ernest Cleveland

    Ernest Cleveland16 dagar sedan

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  117. MANSA Musa Nelson

    MANSA Musa Nelson16 dagar sedan

    Gosh the interviewer is Hot

  118. Shanobro

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  120. Billboard Playz

    Billboard Playz16 dagar sedan

    Rudy got fucking Exposed LOL

  121. Don Jiaye

    Don Jiaye16 dagar sedan

    Everything that Movie 🎥 said about Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 is a Lie and a Propaganda..

  122. GEN MUSIC

    GEN MUSIC16 dagar sedan

    What the F... Sasha an actor was dragged to make political opinions the word become insane 😳

  123. Bri Michelle

    Bri Michelle16 dagar sedan

    He legitimately looks at her like he's a proud father 😭😭

  124. Anthony Miller

    Anthony Miller15 dagar sedan

    He does!!! It’s such a beautiful thing

  125. m t

    m t16 dagar sedan

    What an annoying tv host..

  126. T Ghost

    T Ghost16 dagar sedan

    Ruddy and Trump go way back🤣

  127. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu17 dagar sedan

    was sharp and quick witted in the movie and easily kept up with Sacha. I can see her headlining her own movie.