Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends

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  1. Mary Joy Espina

    Mary Joy Espina3 timmar sedan

    You look like that doctor who accidentally incriminated the girl from jane the virgin

  2. mia frye

    mia frye3 timmar sedan

    wish i still had the picture of when i painted thug life on my nails with that font😩 took so much time

  3. grace shilpa

    grace shilpa4 timmar sedan

    can you do nail art wit only one nail polish bottle and a celo tape 😁

  4. kate aberdesme

    kate aberdesme5 timmar sedan

    you should do the LED light challenge that the beauty gurus were doing and apply it to nail art!!

  5. Camila Aguirre

    Camila Aguirre5 timmar sedan

    Oh no was I born this year and then travel back in time no I wasn’t Right You will never know 😜

  6. Camila Aguirre

    Camila Aguirre5 timmar sedan

    I have eczema

  7. Cindy Challender

    Cindy Challender5 timmar sedan

    Oh yeah, Lets use the 60's and 70' (ugly) colors. Like I really want to go through that time period again(not on your life. Once was enough!) That green reminds me of changing baby diapers after they eat peas.

  8. Toco Cat

    Toco Cat7 timmar sedan

    As a person who does calligraphy even I don’t know what it means 😅😅😅

  9. 56purple78

    56purple787 timmar sedan

    "when all else fails, paint your nails" i need that on a tshirt

  10. JukeBox Nailz

    JukeBox Nailz7 timmar sedan

    well said Kristine do as what you feel 😜👌✨🐱‍👤

  11. JukeBox Nailz

    JukeBox Nailz7 timmar sedan

    these had already been done serval times few years ago but hey play it again same LOL

  12. Ernest Luna

    Ernest Luna7 timmar sedan

    Be well Christine with no h. We are all going through something. 😶

  13. Hayden

    Hayden7 timmar sedan

    You need to do another troom troom video!

  14. bleh blah

    bleh blah8 timmar sedan

    I worked at Sally Beauty for awhile and all throughout 2020 there was a massive uptick in women buying press on nails. I don't know what it was like at other locations but where I was, that was definitely a thing over polish. Some women who had oily nails were gluing the press on nails to their natural nail in order for them to last longer. Not sure how I feel about that since it kinda destroys the natural nail, but they were doing it anyways. So long as salons remain closed or partially open, I imagine that more women will be using press ons and probably keep continuing to use them. Before the rona hit, I was noticing them being bought more for events, like weddings and what not, so they were already gaining popularity. I think people are really liking the temporariness of press ons and some of the designs coming out on them are pretty cute, ngl.

  15. Katie I don't have a last name :]

    Katie I don't have a last name :]8 timmar sedan

    That retro nail looks like snake skin

  16. Cece Rodz

    Cece Rodz9 timmar sedan

    Did you know they are closing a lot of locations of DavidsTea in Canada and the US?

  17. _.Mochii._

    _.Mochii._9 timmar sedan

    This is a random question but could you make a video testing top and base coats please and if you do can you try the Champneys base and top coat nail polish It would make me really happy and I love your videos 😊

  18. Hoan Nhi

    Hoan Nhi10 timmar sedan

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

  19. Tova Street

    Tova Street10 timmar sedan

    Hi Christine I was wondering how long have you known safyia naygard?

  20. Eli goes brr

    Eli goes brr11 timmar sedan

    8:36 i was peeling an Orange and literally STABBED the poor Orange with my nail- its pretty tasty ngl---

  21. kat_otaku

    kat_otaku13 timmar sedan

    yes she is a SIMP😶

  22. Far

    Far13 timmar sedan

    My nails are tools mate they only look good on the day of the event. They're decent in length for being tools though. No idea how theyre this strong

  23. Yourface 27times

    Yourface 27times16 timmar sedan

    My coisn loves your video so much that she bought your nail polish me I did today

  24. Abby Ford

    Abby Ford18 timmar sedan


  25. Grace L

    Grace L21 timme sedan

    Cristine- "I'm in Canada, not NY" Me in NY with my yard having 3 ft of snow 😅

  26. Jannah Rahman

    Jannah Rahman22 timmar sedan

    Who else realised she said ‘so I was on THE google’ instead of ‘so I was on google’? Just me?

  27. Lucenna Belseriön

    Lucenna Belseriön22 timmar sedan

    I love how christine sounds so happy, but at the same time, sounds so depressed, literally everybody in the pandemic rn. I'm actually kinda glad that my fiance from the czech republic (my birth country) came to stay with our daughter and I (she turned three yesterday), and we are currently staying in America with family, my daughter likes watching these videos with me, she's my little princess 👑❤

  28. The Therapist

    The Therapist23 timmar sedan

    I do nail art myself and I did a dark blue colour on my nails and on my pinky I did the perfect manicure!

  29. Lkc Toms

    Lkc Toms23 timmar sedan

    Yessssssss nail art

  30. FGH IJK

    FGH IJKDag sedan


  31. MeechnPeaches

    MeechnPeachesDag sedan

    Try as I might, it's rare when I can get a decent length of nail past the end of my finger. Has nothing to do with nail biting as I have never done that. I have thinner nails and smaller nail beds with too much skin at the end of my finger if my nail breaks all the way down to the nail bed. Not lucky to have long ones to where even when your nails are short with no length you can still paint them n they look good. I've tried everything for my nails and it's just genetics unfortunately that keep me from having long nice nails. Too thin to get a decent length as they snag on the corners and sides too easily n layers will peel up sometimes. Not all of us can be blessed with amazing nails like you. I've always been envious of girls with long nails and long nail beds. Both my mom n grandma have them but I got my dads nails unfortunately.

  32. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyDag sedan

    I love how she subtly calls out tik tokers going out parting and going to the Bahamas.....

  33. xeauix

    xeauixDag sedan


  34. Claudia Rowe

    Claudia RoweDag sedan

    cristine is proving she’s a simp today

  35. Kimi Johnson

    Kimi JohnsonDag sedan

    Love the video. I've been doing the diy press ons because my nails are super thin and just...shred. so that's a good reason! Some of us can't grow our nails very long (despite following your instructions, which are excellent).

  36. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyDag sedan

    It's not simply, its simp. you are a simp for nail polish.

  37. The Runaway Jacket

    The Runaway JacketDag sedan

    I'm growing my nails and trying so hard but they break with barely any force ;-; i put nail polish to try help and it doesn't RLLY work

  38. Artemis015

    Artemis015Dag sedan

    Cristine, you should totally do a video where you follow a Miss Pop tutorial from Instagram!

  39. Douglas Griffiths

    Douglas GriffithsDag sedan

    I have 4 fake nails---2 are toenails (big toe) because I had my natural big toenails removed, and 2 are metal pinkie nails I've had since the 80s. One is gold, the other silver. Press ons are OK I guess, but I really can't wear them being a machinist. (Jan Griffiths).

  40. Douglas Griffiths

    Douglas GriffithsDag sedan

    I paint my nails different colors all the time, and I don't stay in the color family. I'll use 10 different colors on my fingernails, and 8 different colors on toenails (the nails on my big toes were removed because of ingrowns, which kept returning). My fake big toenails get painted different too. I''ve been doing this for a long time, so it's really not something new. (Jan Griffiths).

  41. LadiiDenise

    LadiiDeniseDag sedan

    Is the holo taco easy to remove with nail polish remover???

  42. Alayna Morrison

    Alayna MorrisonDag sedan

    i love Cristine and Im not hating but i feel like her videos are less of her enjoying what she's doing and more of her trying to make videos that promote her products. It just feels like she recreated these to show off her products instead of just having fun as she used to. idk man maybe im just trippin.

  43. Toralya

    ToralyaDag sedan

    Thank you so much for being so positive towards COVID measures, I know it's not that much to ask, but the bar really is on the floor right now... like the floor, in hell. So Thank You! When you say 'wear a mask' and 'wash your hands' it means so much ;_;

  44. DangerousDoodle

    DangerousDoodleDag sedan

    Cristine doing nail art?? What in the 2016 is this??? Is she okay?? Is quarantine getting to her???

  45. M Ritchie

    M RitchieDag sedan

    Simply: Sometimes I just wish we could add a holo toco to everything and make it better, eh? Me: *Races to the White House, breaks thru security, and chucks a bottle of holo toco at Donald Trump* Jkkkk, I would never waist a bottle of holo toco like that 😇

  46. Nyx Mims

    Nyx Mims6 timmar sedan

    Heehee hes not president no more 😝

  47. Marissa Ley

    Marissa LeyDag sedan

    I don’t bite my nails. They snap or are super duper soft and bendy. No between.

  48. adalind schade

    adalind schadeDag sedan


  49. Jazzy Barrett

    Jazzy BarrettDag sedan

    Cristine should do a among us themed nail art

  50. M a k e n z i e

    M a k e n z i eDag sedan


  51. Catss Eighteen

    Catss EighteenDag sedan

    I loved the calligraphy nails. And the new pink creme is so beautiful!!

  52. Sugar Mouse

    Sugar MouseDag sedan

    It's not simply, its simp. you are a simp for nail polish.

  53. Sylveonex719 1

    Sylveonex719 1Dag sedan

    Hey Cristine what's your tea suggestions for someone who likes sweet teas

  54. VAS

    VASDag sedan

    Christine do a video painting among us characters

  55. jada g

    jada gDag sedan

    “the year of growing your nails” i did the opposite 💀 i used to keep my nails super long and everything but now i keep them short bc i picked up guitar :| but i like short nails now lmao

  56. Zarah Cohen

    Zarah CohenDag sedan

    "Feel good colours" literally hospital green 🤣

  57. Isabella Golden

    Isabella GoldenDag sedan

    i'm so sorry that i haven't been watching your videos for a whole year. sorry my queen.

  58. Ana Aranha

    Ana AranhaDag sedan

    Simply can you make a video about how to do mandalas nails.

  59. Tiffany Yeadon

    Tiffany YeadonDag sedan

    My four year old: Wow she has a lot of nail polish on those things. Why does she have so much? Does she got a lot of hands?

  60. Hirai Tokyo

    Hirai TokyoDag sedan

    I see her a bit tired or sad. Hope everything is okay

  61. ciipus

    ciipusDag sedan

    Do a 24h video of drinking tee

  62. Little Bear Games

    Little Bear GamesDag sedan

    Pro tip: for fake nails that you wanna pop off but stay stable at the same time with no damage to your nail, all you gotta do is put a layer of liquid latex (twinkle t is the one i used) then put the glue on the latex when its dry. I am a nub club resident so i use this all the time if i want to do nail art.

  63. Hannah René

    Hannah RenéDag sedan

    My nails are literally paper think theirs no way I could grow them out if I tried

  64. _Vìôlêt _

    _Vìôlêt _Dag sedan


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    Jacqueline SeDag sedan

    That silver holo🤩cant wait to get it

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    Ocean McKillopDag sedan

    her: writes simply my dyslexic self: oh it says simp

  67. crp07 wild life, art and photography

    crp07 wild life, art and photographyDag sedan

    I do a bit of calligraphy and it's fancy medevil looking writing

  68. Edwina Neña Marie Donoso

    Edwina Neña Marie DonosoDag sedan

    i haven't seen your videos for awhile :

  69. Shaila Shams

    Shaila ShamsDag sedan

    Wow umm painting ur nails different colors I started doin that 3yrs ago I'm way ahead of the trend 🔥🔥📈

  70. Devasri Chippada

    Devasri ChippadaDag sedan

    She used to curse so much in her old videos

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    Kelsey Jenifer2 dagar sedan

    S I M P

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    Sierra Lance2 dagar sedan

    I stopped biting them queen cristine

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    The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind

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    Dina S2 dagar sedan

    I'm older than Cristine and enjoy watching especially for the simplymomlogical and simplydadlogical parts of simplypodlogical. I enjoy how down to earth and practical she/they are and how many actually useful tidbits are mixed in with the rest. The world needs to hear this more often.

  78. Emilia Tinglöf

    Emilia Tinglöf2 dagar sedan

    Lol when you said that I should not bite my nails I felt like you spoke to me😂

  79. nakamoto yuta luv bot

    nakamoto yuta luv bot2 dagar sedan

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    PinkyPurpleGalaxy2 dagar sedan

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    Tess Palmer2 dagar sedan

    Fyi Allure is still an excellent magazine

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    ALEXANDRA2 dagar sedan

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    Sara Moha-2 dagar sedan

    Hey love your videos and I just got an idea you know that bag of your peel of nails in the bag why don’t you pick 3 random and do a new look with the 3 nails you picked I don’t know if you did this but if not we’ll here’s a video idea lol 😂 btw love you 🤍

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    jocelyn and the hermies me and em2 dagar sedan

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