This just got hard - Boris plays My summer car (Gopnik Gaming RE-UP)

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Welcome to My Summer Car 2019 limited edition. Where roads are ice and the physics don't matter.
This just got hard - Boris plays My summer car
This video is a re-upload from Boris gaming channel Gopnik Gaming. The channel is now closed.
Originally uploaded on Gopnik Gaming on: October 14th 2019
It had 546,038 views, 21,782 likes.
Migrated to Life of Boris on: February 15th 2021
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    ASSASSINLEGION3 dagar sedan

    Please make an Escape from Tarkov video!

  2. Terence

    Terence4 dagar sedan

    7:35 sorry babushka it's only business

  3. RaTcHeT302

    RaTcHeT3024 dagar sedan

    wait this game is still not finished?

  4. TP MAN

    TP MAN4 dagar sedan

    This game doesnt play on my pc 😔

  5. MzSyamil

    MzSyamil6 dagar sedan

    0:37 CYKA BLYA- oh never mind

  6. ELT4ZZ

    ELT4ZZ7 dagar sedan

    i am from finland lol


    GAIMER7 dagar sedan

    может ты посмотришь гаиды а потом соберёшь машину

  8. Mreye2 Mr

    Mreye2 Mr8 dagar sedan

    I love that he played the game

  9. Excrement Gaming EG

    Excrement Gaming EG9 dagar sedan

    It's tough living in the finnish countryside but you can always count on your beloved Suzuki pv

  10. Alphilsotopis

    Alphilsotopis11 dagar sedan

    This is at the gopnik gaming right?

  11. Chaziz

    Chaziz12 dagar sedan

    6:10 what type of mineral wat.... WOHOHOHOHO

  12. Redstonemág

    Redstonemág12 dagar sedan

    I love you, but I hate your Russian accent. aren't you from Russia, so why?

  13. Redstonemág

    Redstonemág10 dagar sedan

    @Cynical_ GinGer im from slav country too

  14. Cynical_ GinGer

    Cynical_ GinGer10 dagar sedan

    he is from a slav country? what are you talking about?

  15. Afan Kovacevic

    Afan Kovacevic12 dagar sedan

    That bus driver was Vadim blyat

  16. George Gabor Mercedes

    George Gabor Mercedes12 dagar sedan


  17. Gavin Plays

    Gavin Plays13 dagar sedan

    1 like = one heart for oksana

  18. Dimitris Andreou

    Dimitris Andreou13 dagar sedan

    Perkele blyat

  19. Goose

    Goose13 dagar sedan

    as somebody who is really good at this game, watching boris make the Satsuma hurts

  20. GamerBoiTee

    GamerBoiTee13 dagar sedan

    i tried pressing enter to skip the start of the game/video...smh

  21. RingereQQ

    RingereQQ13 dagar sedan

    Oiii perkele

  22. BlaXck

    BlaXck13 dagar sedan

    1:34 Who forgot their iron noodle in my garage BLYAY?

  23. YamiKisara

    YamiKisara13 dagar sedan

    5:00 is that an AoT reference?

  24. LEDDER

    LEDDER13 dagar sedan

    О, моя любимая игра, май Саммер кар

  25. bmxdude1337

    bmxdude133713 dagar sedan

    Boris you need to play DOOM pls

  26. Степан Палий [BURN]

    Степан Палий [BURN]13 dagar sedan

    Хотел тебе подсказать. Колеса находятся в старом особняке. Ты легко можешь найти их. В конце-концов есть готовые сохранения или MSC Wiki, а инструкция по сборке есть в сообществе Steam

  27. cheeki breeki man

    cheeki breeki man14 dagar sedan


  28. Gshama

    Gshama14 dagar sedan

    I love My Summer car. But wow, did it get unforgiving after the final update... Hey Boris. Could you do 'The Long Drive'....? I'd like to hear you comment on a long drive arcross a wasteland desert in some bust up Slav car. It is like a combination of My Summer Car and Jalopy. (Don't forget your inflatable company along the way, or your gun. In case you get attacked by creepy desert killer bunnies. Trust me...).

  29. Life TV

    Life TV14 dagar sedan


  30. Garin Ramadhan

    Garin Ramadhan14 dagar sedan

    Ahhhhh~ the perkele simulator

  31. Gang-RiderTV

    Gang-RiderTV15 dagar sedan

    10:19 YES YES YES! Need some tarkov! I hope you end up with a content creator item like a cheese grater,

  32. Gang-RiderTV

    Gang-RiderTV15 dagar sedan

    And go into Offline raids if you need a more controlled situation to film.

  33. ribul raicing garage

    ribul raicing garage15 dagar sedan

    finnish booze hit differnt


    IWOOMYNATY 1215 dagar sedan

  35. NewAlexGamer

    NewAlexGamer15 dagar sedan

    Me: i play boris' video SEtoos: get this adventure communist ad 🙃

  36. YszapHun

    YszapHun15 dagar sedan

    mechanical cheeki breeki

  37. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi16 dagar sedan

    Can you finish the car for once

  38. Waffel krieger

    Waffel krieger16 dagar sedan

    PLS watch a tuturial how to build the satzuma

  39. Dado

    Dado16 dagar sedan

    Game name?

  40. mindless feelings

    mindless feelings16 dagar sedan


  41. Slavmen Hardbass

    Slavmen Hardbass16 dagar sedan


  42. AquaDarkSkull

    AquaDarkSkull16 dagar sedan

    Does this game run on a TI-85 calculator? Don’t question why please...

  43. Master BGM

    Master BGM16 dagar sedan

    Boris ... Can you give me a Russian gas mask. I love that so much but in India it is not available ..😭 I want a super SLAV gas mask like BLIN

  44. alekpo2000

    alekpo200016 dagar sedan

    i remember playing this back when it came out, it was such a chore that it was way easy just to do it for real and that way at least i got a car to show.

  45. Litosciano UDS

    Litosciano UDS16 dagar sedan

    Love from indonesia 🤙

  46. Glorious Stalinium

    Glorious Stalinium16 dagar sedan

    Hey Boris! There is a new game from Gaijin. His name is Enlisted. Can you try it in your videos?

  47. Asad Farraj

    Asad Farraj16 dagar sedan

    I heard you're from the most depressing city on Earth. I saw your comment “That's where I'm from” on a four year old video titled “The most depressing city on Earth”.

  48. Moff Chron

    Moff Chron16 dagar sedan


  49. 100k with only a video

    100k with only a video16 dagar sedan

    Pls gimme 100k we're near! It's just a sub ;)

  50. Ante Knezz28

    Ante Knezz2816 dagar sedan

    Boris can you please try making Sarma or Burek

  51. peanut

    peanut16 dagar sedan

    1:14 when you are using literal unity physics

  52. solorum rum

    solorum rum16 dagar sedan

    Boris, do you like communist?

  53. Luftend12 Gaming

    Luftend12 Gaming16 dagar sedan

    No way boris is 45 years old

  54. sarajudith91

    sarajudith9116 dagar sedan

    ORDER TO WATCH: 1. Perkele simulator 5000 2. Hannes the hermit 3. Fast & Finnish 4. Trapped on a bus to nowhere 5. This just got hard

  55. Noodle Danger

    Noodle Danger16 dagar sedan

    Boris, be careful in russia rn, putin has poisoned the leaders of anti putin org

  56. Kacper Ossowski

    Kacper Ossowski16 dagar sedan


  57. Serek to nie jedzenie

    Serek to nie jedzenie16 dagar sedan

    Come back to the cheeki breeki taxi series plss

  58. The Dead Console

    The Dead Console16 dagar sedan

    600 fps????????

  59. Dulamjav Munkhuu

    Dulamjav Munkhuu16 dagar sedan

    hey boris play roblox it has slav game called town

  60. Patric Lazar

    Patric Lazar16 dagar sedan

    Boris, do you have Tania the girlfriend?

  61. Supportive Indian Guy

    Supportive Indian Guy16 dagar sedan

    I feel like I watched this before....

  62. Rasputin

    Rasputin16 dagar sedan

    Me and the 3rd Shock Army in the BT-5 but we only have 1 guy who is not dead or knocked out when it have a minor issue of shell exploded in driver's face.

  63. megabirb 鳥

    megabirb 鳥17 dagar sedan

    How have i just been blessed with this channel now??

  64. Mr Incredipolo

    Mr Incredipolo17 dagar sedan

    Lemme guess you live in Ukraine. Churnoble, Ukraine.

  65. Cynical_ GinGer

    Cynical_ GinGer10 dagar sedan

    you spelt chernobyl wrong and no has lived there for forty years.

  66. Farras 23

    Farras 2317 dagar sedan

    Wait this is old video

  67. Gadget1983 Productions and VLOGS

    Gadget1983 Productions and VLOGS17 dagar sedan

    Where are the Polish people?

  68. NewMexicoSharpShooter

    NewMexicoSharpShooter17 dagar sedan

    Not as fun as Summertime Saga.

  69. Swizz

    Swizz17 dagar sedan

    Torille, I guess... Otan mämmiä

  70. GAMER DOGE225

    GAMER DOGE22517 dagar sedan

    omg im playing my summer car now too

  71. TailoredNest482

    TailoredNest48217 dagar sedan

    BORIS if ur next video is not abt you cooking pelemeni im stealing all of your vodka and semeki stash

  72. Aleksander Paczoski

    Aleksander Paczoski17 dagar sedan

    Hint: you need to drink vodka while driveing lol

  73. Anna Herr

    Anna Herr17 dagar sedan

    And I listen to cheeki Breeki a ton

  74. Anna Herr

    Anna Herr17 dagar sedan

    I am westerner but I am half russian and my grandma is the daughter of the person who invented the heli in world war 1 for Russia

  75. Cynical_ GinGer

    Cynical_ GinGer10 dagar sedan

    i really doubt that.

  76. Gethin Jenks

    Gethin Jenks17 dagar sedan

    *Our summer car

  77. alex l

    alex l17 dagar sedan

    Is teaching me better then all other youtubers

  78. alex l

    alex l17 dagar sedan

    This man

  79. Scenarii Ecranizate cu Mateoiu Bogdan.

    Scenarii Ecranizate cu Mateoiu Bogdan.17 dagar sedan

    I miss this guy so much.

  80. Cynical_ GinGer

    Cynical_ GinGer10 dagar sedan

    @Scenarii Ecranizate cu Mateoiu Bogdan. no worries.

  81. Scenarii Ecranizate cu Mateoiu Bogdan.

    Scenarii Ecranizate cu Mateoiu Bogdan.10 dagar sedan

    Sorry my friend, i thought Boris stopped uploading! Blyat, i am stupid.

  82. Cynical_ GinGer

    Cynical_ GinGer10 dagar sedan

    what do you mean?

  83. Maj 1000

    Maj 100017 dagar sedan

    Boris plis at least once play CS:GO

  84. Alan Balicki

    Alan Balicki17 dagar sedan

    I thought he'd say as packed as Babushka's food cellar for the winter months but Moscow subway is okay

  85. ImRandomGuy

    ImRandomGuy17 dagar sedan

    Go on war thunder get the kv2000 and do the 100 german tanks vs kv2000

  86. Bojan Meško

    Bojan Meško17 dagar sedan


  87. Bojan Meško

    Bojan Meško17 dagar sedan


  88. 207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 207

    207 Nichakun Kit-a-nant 20717 dagar sedan

    1:14 How Russians put their beer in the fridge.

  89. Vedant Acharya

    Vedant Acharya17 dagar sedan

    Boris,please upload more videos,I watch your videos everyday before going to school for my Final exams,it works as a good luck charm

  90. ابوالفضل مکرمنیا

    ابوالفضل مکرمنیا17 dagar sedan

    Forgot about My Summer Car, S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 is coming.

  91. Vigilant

    Vigilant17 dagar sedan

    хелло мы комраде

  92. DCLE Productions

    DCLE Productions17 dagar sedan

    Make a C# 2d tutorial

  93. Youssof_Gamer

    Youssof_Gamer17 dagar sedan

    Hey boris I have question can kids be slav and gopniks

  94. hanunija

    hanunija17 dagar sedan

    The Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive one another and love one another! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ!

  95. BigFef

    BigFef17 dagar sedan

    Finland no steal game lore is u got drunk and disassembled car blin


    ŘØŁPŶ ŴØĽF17 dagar sedan

    Boris do you want to play tanks together?

  97. jen jen

    jen jen17 dagar sedan

    Is your shop still down?

  98. kardaani vägi

    kardaani vägi17 dagar sedan

    The hapless minute inherently stamp because burst comparably regret regarding a cool process. parallel, extra-large extra-small exuberant tailor

  99. Vadim Blyat

    Vadim Blyat17 dagar sedan

    Why is weslav still down or is it just for me?

  100. Julian II 'The Apostate' Constantinian

    Julian II 'The Apostate' Constantinian17 dagar sedan


  101. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor17 dagar sedan

    Tell anatoil to post a video


    PAULETTE FERNANDO18 dagar sedan

    Repost this is a repost

  103. Maj Karun

    Maj Karun18 dagar sedan

    You should make a video trying different vodkas from all over the world

  104. Alena Vláčilova

    Alena Vláčilova18 dagar sedan

    good videoo 🇷🇺♥️🇨🇳😎

  105. Ludvig Lagergren

    Ludvig Lagergren18 dagar sedan

    Is this a simulator about my Swedish town XD

  106. Edmond

    Edmond18 dagar sedan

    Don‘t Upload so much. Only 1 a week

  107. Miki Babic

    Miki Babic18 dagar sedan

    Boris, please help settle a dispute between me and my best friend. Do you wear boots with a tracksuit? Thank you in advance, and thank you for all the cheeky breeky

  108. wtf0tux

    wtf0tux18 dagar sedan

    Boris, don't get me wrong, the ultimate Finnish simulator is great stuff, but the famous Slavic Tekken just went into early access. Are you going to do something with that?

  109. AN _123

    AN _12318 dagar sedan

    stop swearing otherwise mama or papa hit u soo hard you forget first name