AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)

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Director : David Mallet
Producer : Dione Orrom
Set Design : Peter Bingemann
Lighting Designer : Steve Nolan
Camera Supervisor : Barrie Dodd


  1. Big Rich

    Big Rich9 minuter sedan

    Angus still duck walkin

  2. jssc crs

    jssc crs15 minuter sedan

    how the fuck does he still have the awesome vocals!!!!!!

  3. Eric Sanchez

    Eric Sanchez26 minuter sedan

    Still the greatest

  4. The Crimson Knight

    The Crimson Knight27 minuter sedan

    Dedicate this tune to my brothers in the U.S. Army 1st Armored Division "OLD IRON SIDES"

  5. Titori Aliano

    Titori Aliano30 minuter sedan

    Long live old man rock n roll

  6. Ezekiel Gonzales

    Ezekiel Gonzales37 minuter sedan

    S U V I V O R S E R I E S 2 0 2 0

  7. JGBY, Dono Da Noitosfera

    JGBY, Dono Da Noitosfera47 minuter sedan

    They are back

  8. The GamesYT

    The GamesYTTimme sedan

    song that they put in the fortnite event 🔥🔥

  9. Marinella Fernandez

    Marinella FernandezTimme sedan

    Won’t get tired listening to this!

  10. Michael Hungate

    Michael Hungate2 timmar sedan

    Move over youngins let Gramps show you how this shit's done!!!!

  11. LibertyEconomics

    LibertyEconomics2 timmar sedan

    My God. They haven't aged at all. I don't think anybody growing up during the 80s and 90s aged at all.

  12. landiv Games

    landiv Games3 timmar sedan

    wow very good, the best song of the 2020

  13. Hightower One

    Hightower One3 timmar sedan

    May we all have those knees! He does that the entire show btw. Or did!

  14. Joao Barros

    Joao Barros3 timmar sedan


  15. Kentucky Basketball

    Kentucky Basketball3 timmar sedan

    Bon Scott once said in a 1977 interview that they weren’t gonna change for nobody, he was right.

  16. Sassy Sasquatch

    Sassy Sasquatch4 timmar sedan

    Long Live Rock And Roll

  17. Rodrigo Ramirez

    Rodrigo Ramirez4 timmar sedan

    Van halen twiyer

  18. yisus el chido

    yisus el chido4 timmar sedan


  19. Raudo

    Raudo4 timmar sedan



    MAN OF MAYHEM4 timmar sedan

    Yeeeeeeaaahhh! 😎🎉🎊🎉🎊

  21. Bruh Bruh

    Bruh Bruh4 timmar sedan

    It’s the fortnite song

  22. CleaningDetergents

    CleaningDetergents2 timmar sedan

    @Gabe bass man Addison it was in some fortnite event

  23. Gabe bass man Addison

    Gabe bass man Addison4 timmar sedan

    What do you mean what does it have to do with fortnite?

  24. rock and roll babe

    rock and roll babe5 timmar sedan

    Wow this song is a bomb babe🎸🎸🎷🎧

  25. Bojan Tavželj

    Bojan Tavželj5 timmar sedan

    real deal....back to roots.....

  26. ᴘᴀssᴀʀᴏ

    ᴘᴀssᴀʀᴏ5 timmar sedan



    MUSTAFA ASSADI3 timmar sedan

    @Gabe bass man Addison have a good day :)

  28. Gabe bass man Addison

    Gabe bass man Addison3 timmar sedan

    @MUSTAFA ASSADI oh ok yeah I stopped playing that a long time ago so I had no idea


    MUSTAFA ASSADI3 timmar sedan

    @Gabe bass man Addison ok so there was a fortnite live event and well there was ac/dc music in the backround so yep thats why there freaking out

  30. Gabe bass man Addison

    Gabe bass man Addison4 timmar sedan

    What thing?

  31. Vinícius Silva Macena

    Vinícius Silva Macena5 timmar sedan

    ok i have to admmit. im here because of fortnite

  32. Александр Першин

    Александр Першин5 timmar sedan

    Эти парни знают толк в хорошей музыки😎🤟🤟

  33. Austin Lawler

    Austin Lawler6 timmar sedan

    Angus still hasnt lost his pep in his step, shit is crazy

  34. Vladimir Moreno

    Vladimir Moreno6 timmar sedan

    20 years ago, this was the music needed to get me drunk. Today I can travel 120km on my mountain Bike just listening to it.

  35. Jason Voorhees

    Jason Voorhees6 timmar sedan

    Something about Brian Johnson, that dude will still look tough as nails when he's 90. Kinda like Lemmy would have. RIP

  36. Alex 35

    Alex 357 timmar sedan

    What do you get when you play a new AC/DC album backwards?You get to hear every previous album they've made.Just kidding,this is a good album.Their music isn't complicated, it's just fun to listen to.

  37. Am I an idiot are you an idiot Official

    Am I an idiot are you an idiot Official7 timmar sedan

    Best comback OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Idk what to put here

    Idk what to put here8 timmar sedan

    I was with my dad sat in the car in a carpark and this came on the radio we were just vibing to it and my dad is proud of me for liking their music...I would be proud of my child if they liked it aswell 😌🤚

  39. SuperWow

    SuperWow8 timmar sedan

    Billie Eilish: i got famous because of my voice in my age. Brian Johnson: *hold my wheelchair*

  40. Nico Strobel

    Nico Strobel8 timmar sedan


  41. brinitt souza

    brinitt souza9 timmar sedan

    Aqui do Brasil acompanhando mais essa explosão sonora do AC/DC

  42. pinanti

    pinanti9 timmar sedan


  43. Roy 1776

    Roy 17769 timmar sedan

    For forty days and forty nights I've listened to this album and I aint tired yet 😄

  44. Andrew Hale

    Andrew Hale10 timmar sedan

    AC/DC ARE BACK!!!!! Who said 2020 was a shit year!! They just get better and better with every album and this is no exception. Malcolm would be so proud of this. Living proof that true music, written by true masters of the blues riff will live on for ever. C'mon Angus!!!

  45. Mark Waldron

    Mark Waldron10 timmar sedan

    Acdc rock on

  46. Amadeus190890

    Amadeus19089011 timmar sedan

    What! A new song? As Jim Breuer said, it's the same every time, but it rocks! When it comes to consistency, AC/DC are the most consistent.

  47. Tay-k musty

    Tay-k musty11 timmar sedan

    We like fortnite we like fortnite kill me

  48. Lungshenli

    Lungshenli11 timmar sedan

    mark my words. we will get ACDC Song well into the 2040s. if they have to sit in rocking chairs on stage so be it. These men will absolutely not stop to rock.

  49. alex Recalde

    alex Recalde11 timmar sedan


  50. Ultracritical

    Ultracritical12 timmar sedan

    The same old stuff... They never was able to innovate...

  51. Dani V

    Dani V12 timmar sedan

    😈🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🎸🥁😝 AC ⚡ DC Typical sound of all his songs. Greetings from Spain.

  52. Kim R.

    Kim R.13 timmar sedan

    Gosh I miss Malcolm Young

  53. Sanie X

    Sanie X13 timmar sedan

    Great to see you Guys back in the Game . Stay Healthy

  54. Holger Lilaj

    Holger Lilaj15 timmar sedan

    Me and my boys when we get older , hell yeah , rock and roll it baby🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💣❤

  55. Raúl Angulo

    Raúl Angulo15 timmar sedan

    The bass haté me still?Because i dont Pay the ticket concert,in Barcelona 🤔😂🐱😹🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Ricardo Lemos

    Ricardo Lemos16 timmar sedan

    AC/DC e Rolling Stones, ainda são as maiores bandas de rock n roll do planeta. E as últimas tb.

  57. Georges GuitarCovers

    Georges GuitarCovers16 timmar sedan LOve acdc forever :)

  58. Michael Alan

    Michael Alan17 timmar sedan

    These guys make me proud to be an Aussie

  59. Steve

    Steve18 timmar sedan

    This group and what they have accomplished up to now is mind blowing and truly admirable. They give me hope for the future!!!

  60. gundam6002

    gundam600218 timmar sedan

    แก่แต่ยังร๊อค 🤟🏻

  61. A tua difesa

    A tua difesa19 timmar sedan


  62. cranberryboy555

    cranberryboy55520 timmar sedan

    Nice to hear some rock for a change.

  63. Buddha

    Buddha20 timmar sedan

    ROCK still ROllin because rock n roll never dies

  64. Home Run

    Home Run21 timme sedan

    1:10-1:48 Brian Johnson is focused!! angus young always steals the show but Johnson giving him a run for his money just watch him and only through the video..

  65. Seth H

    Seth H21 timme sedan

    If they don't get at least nominated for a Grammy, that'll be a shame. And not a " awww, look at the old guys Grammy" either.

  66. Kumaraguru Sagadevan

    Kumaraguru Sagadevan21 timme sedan


  67. Scott Will

    Scott Will23 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: topps baseball cards were .25 in 1980. A corvette was 14000

  68. Matheus Nishida

    Matheus NishidaDag sedan


  69. shane rose

    shane roseDag sedan

    Just goes to show....great music and bands never die!! Bands like ac/dc , Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Def Leopard and Dokken just love what they's not about the money it's about the music and the fans!! ❤😊

  70. The Apocalypse Post News Channel

    The Apocalypse Post News ChannelDag sedan

    While you’re at it: theLASTradioStation.COM

  71. Travis h

    Travis hDag sedan

    Good beer drinking music 👍

  72. Renzo Contreras

    Renzo ContrerasDag sedan

    AC / DC had to return of his retire to show to this generation how to rock. Long life and respect for they!!

  73. Pedro Henrique de Lima

    Pedro Henrique de LimaDag sedan

    How the hell does Brian Johnson have this voice at 73? Amazing

  74. Bernardo Cofré Toro

    Bernardo Cofré ToroDag sedan

    Rock is not dead

  75. Malcolm Wilson

    Malcolm WilsonDag sedan

    ac/dc has been my favorite band since 1977 when i saw them with Bon Scott in memphis Tn. with Kiss. ive had each & every release (as many fans around the world have witout doubt). ive recently seen several youtube videos done by people (sometimes in sets of 3 , 2 & just 1 person but one thing stands out in each & every one of these videos ''that are rating each , every & all of the u.s. released ac/dc albums from worst to best but what im saying here is that ive ''never seen or heard'' of ''any of these'' people doing the ratings & wonder who gave them the title of ''ratings judge for all of ac/dc's releases besides their dumbass selves'')?? because a donkey walking backwards into a hornets nest could have judged the ratings 99.999% better than these no name fools that even possessed the stupidity of telling all the viewers that they themselves werent ac/dc fans!!! i ended up with a neck ache from shaking my head at the SHEER STUPIDNESS of these fools gathering up their balls in one bag & actually putting their stupidity out there for the world 2c!! their choices were absolute off the chart stupid so if-u-see-k (lol good one , thank u , no really thank you , THANK YE VER MUCH-''E.P. , Ill be here all week) so real stupid video reality dont say i didnt tell u so.. long story short tho , out of all the different ac/dc album ratings worst to best i watched yesterday by a host of dumbass' there happen 2B one guy (out of 16 runner up dildo dumbass' that i actually agreed with on ac/dc's absolute worst release & that happens 2B ''the newest release power up'' this is the very 1st time that people got to hear the full album b4 it was released (which was sooooo stupid on management's part because the ac/dc franchise had to ''and still are'' loosing millions on top of millions & millions more because everybody got to hear the dog shit that my favorite band in the world finally released. clearly that shows it can happen to anybody or any band if it happened to the biggest rock band on the planet or universe. o its such a pitiful release compared to what i wanted to hear. i was expecting this tho , not because of stevie being added because he's a good addition , its just simply because of ''new ideas / new hot riffs'' everything from the ''rock or bust'' forward was from their archives that Malcolm (RIP BRO) & Angus recorded many many moons ago & was stowed away for rainy years ahead which are upon them now since Malcolms passing. i hate to say this but since its the flat foot truth im going to lay it out there - Angus depended on his brother to come up with ''all'' the riffs , Angus just hasnt got the riff ''manufactoring'' machine mind that his brother did therefore all we will hear from them in future releases is archives written many many years ago than just doesnt bite the fans ears when you crank it up like it use to do back in the day like ''Back in Black'' (fyi ''then im exiting stage left outta here- the ac/dc sleeper release's that never got the radio play & boosting they should have received & one's that every real ac/dc true fan knows up/down & sideways & loves & one's that EVERYBODY should not only listen to but ''give a good ear'' (or listen to) is ''FLICK OF THE SWITCH / POWERAGE & HIGH VOLTAGE... every & i mean every single song one powerage is the neutron 💣 & you cant go wrong , i personally as a 44 year long fan like everything on HIGH VOLTAGE ''top to bottom'' but some pep's out there think a couple of the songs are like humorous & not worth taking serious but they are.. guns 4 hire , flick of the switch , & all he rest (as far as me likes all of flick o.t.switch but most dont like that release ''switch'' is why im menitioning it as a sleeper that should be given a chance & in my opinion ''rereleased'' (it didnt have phil rudd on it) one more mention then im gone- ive always been a huge phil rudd fan because he's not a show off , he's just straight meat & potatoes power drummer (im a 40 year drummer myself so i feel i can speak on this) but when he got in this last batch of trouble with the meth & contract killing bust & house arrest in new zealand at his house & ac/dc replaced him ''again'' i think that he thought that his days of ac/dc were finally over & he started the phil rudd band which ive heard better 10 year old boys in the garage sound 100x better than his band he put together (looked like a rehab band but sounded much worse) LOL BUT SERIOUSLY - ANYWAY IN AN INTERVIEW I SAW PHIL SAY SOMETHING MYSELF (SO ITS NOT SECOND HAND NEWS) THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING AS FAR AS ME BEING A HUGE PHILE RUDD FAN, AS A MATTER A FACT IM NO LONGER A FAN OF HIS WHAT SO EVER & WISHED NOW THAT AC/DC WOULDNT HAVE TOOK HIM BACK EVER AGAIN , JUST LET HIM KEEP ALL THAT HUGE MONEY HE MADE WITH THE BAND & FADE HIS SORRY ASS AWAY SOMEWHERE & NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING IN THE BIGGEST KNOW ROCK BAND PERIOD. I HEARD HIM & THAT SORRY ASS ''DINGO STARR'' SAY THE ALMOST EXACT SAME THING ABOUT THEMSELVES WHICH WAS ''& I QUOTE'' DINGO STARR SAID THAT '''HE WAS THE BEST DRUMMER THAT HAS EVER LIVED & THE BEST THAT WILL EVER LIVE''' (what a stupid fool , truth is that ''Dingo starr'' is the sorriest drummer to ever get into the bigtime , must have been one of those right places at the right time deals.. now phil rudd said - ''Im the best rock-n-roll drummer in the world'' (quote unquote) no humbleness what so ever just a a set of sponsored Sonor drum & paiste cymbols & a drum sound tech making him sound good is now all i have to say about phil rudd. phil rudd never ever has used a ride cymbol in any chorus on any song ''ever'' dont know why , dont care why , he probably cant ride a 22'' & keep time on his snare !!! 😆 ... THOSE ARE THE THOUGHTS OF A 44 YEAR LONG AC/DC FAN , BE EASY & RIDE ON / ROCK ON & LIVE LONG...

  76. Gary Dreyer

    Gary DreyerDag sedan

    Saw them in Detroit around 78,but I don't remember much.

  77. ogeid vassallo

    ogeid vassalloDag sedan


  78. Madelyn Taylor

    Madelyn TaylorDag sedan

    "A shot in the dark means a walk in the park yeah!" Metal af 🤘

  79. 1-22 Goat Games

    1-22 Goat GamesDag sedan

    They are a fine wine, THAT FUCKING ROCKS!!!

  80. Brody Patenaude

    Brody PatenaudeDag sedan

    2:16 anybody else notice his hat fall off?

  81. Wonko The clown

    Wonko The clownDag sedan

    Who else is glad that Brian’s back

  82. TaxuGames 204

    TaxuGames 204Dag sedan

    Best song of the decade

  83. rose mari

    rose mariDag sedan



    LUCAN WOLFDag sedan

    And with this song the proof that EDM, Rap and "Hip Hop" are absolutely fucking DEAD!

  85. Gaming geek

    Gaming geekDag sedan

    Wait are they still all together no way my dad’s favourite band but he passed away few years ago and he got me into there music and I don’t regret it at al 💯💯

  86. Mario Hoppe

    Mario HoppeDag sedan

    immer noch geile Mucke von Euch...weiter so

  87. Icesz

    IceszDag sedan

    The return of the king

  88. redhotchilifan98

    redhotchilifan98Dag sedan

    Never been a huge fan of this band but they are absolute legends its fuckin awesome to see them still Makin music

  89. Norfolk Southern Railfan

    Norfolk Southern RailfanDag sedan

    Wasn't a fan when Scott was with then but when Johnson came that all changed.

  90. l8tapex

    l8tapexDag sedan

    1981... some dudes learned the whole BiB album. They played in front their house on the street behind a big local Church Fair. We all heard them over the country crap.....turned into a giant block concert. Good weed, good locals and the Church Fair couldnt do anything cause everyone was buying its beer and food.... lol. Thanks ACDC

  91. Filbert Ginting

    Filbert GintingDag sedan

    Awesome !!!

  92. 2braindamage

    2braindamageDag sedan

    They still got it

  93. Chip Miller

    Chip MillerDag sedan

    The comeback we wasn't expecting, welcome back gents! My hat goes off to you, keep rocking!

  94. Norfolk Southern Railfan

    Norfolk Southern RailfanDag sedan

    The album debut at number one on the Billboard 200 this week, watch it fall a lot next week to around number 30, shame it it does though, great album.

  95. Mohamed saaber

    Mohamed saaberDag sedan

    Absolutely i have no word⚡⚡

  96. Rob

    RobDag sedan

    2020 needed this!!!

  97. Les hale

    Les haleDag sedan

    The best thing to happen in 2020!

  98. Leon Mayne

    Leon MayneDag sedan

    Guess who's back... Back again...

  99. Rickyboy Fulton

    Rickyboy FultonDag sedan

    Wilko people will just buy it because it’s AC/DC but it’s still crap

  100. drkimy

    drkimyDag sedan

    Is that Donald Trump singing??

  101. elvis thomas

    elvis thomasDag sedan

    Highway to hell

  102. Ian Grozier

    Ian GrozierDag sedan

    4.7 Thousand people require psychiatric evaluation immediately. Don't leave it too late now will you!!

  103. Sadman Alif

    Sadman AlifDag sedan

    I don't get why the so called critics are complaining about the sound THIS IS HOW ACDC SOUNDS AND THEY'LL KEEP SOUNDING LIKE THIS FOREVER WHY TF WOULD THEY CHANGE

  104. LUIS Br

    LUIS BrDag sedan

  105. Thomas Wilcox

    Thomas WilcoxDag sedan

    Man, I can’t get enough of this album! It’s just SO GOOD! Great tribute to Malcom!

  106. Cora Mullikin

    Cora MullikinDag sedan

    I am rocking

  107. Player Player

    Player PlayerDag sedan

    most of the bands try real hard to reach success by tuning to a modern sound,ACDC DON'T ! my neighbours have to listen that they still ROCK!

  108. Gerard Yadao

    Gerard YadaoDag sedan

    Pop Songs 2019: We are the best in the world Rock 2020: I'm a end this mans whole career