Mountain of Extra Crispy Fried Chicken Challenge (13,500 Calories)

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Can I conquer the Mountian of Fried Chicken???
45pc of Extra Crispy Fried Chicken, weighing 12.5lbs (bone-in), and 13,500 Calories!!!

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  1. Charlie McKenzie

    Charlie McKenzieTimme sedan

    Man if I finished all of that, I’d be in the bathroom for the next 10 days 😂

  2. ศุภเชษฐ์ รุ่งรัชชานนท์

    ศุภเชษฐ์ รุ่งรัชชานนท์9 timmar sedan

    พอได้แล้ว matt

  3. Ken Nguyen

    Ken Nguyen11 timmar sedan

    0:10 moment of silence for his spelling

  4. the ice craft

    the ice craft13 timmar sedan

    The rest can feed a famely

  5. Bilal[DS]

    Bilal[DS]20 timmar sedan

    I’d like to see him eating a whole fried cow

  6. Shahnaz Bano

    Shahnaz Bano22 timmar sedan

    Hittem with that three piece extra crispy

  7. ahmad fikre

    ahmad fikre23 timmar sedan

    U eat no clean, i hate people eat not clean chicken

  8. joseph vlogging and gaming

    joseph vlogging and gamingDag sedan

    You where faster at the 2015 competition

  9. Rob Roy McNamara

    Rob Roy McNamaraDag sedan

    Fried grease. I want a piece, of chicken.

  10. eksine

    eksineDag sedan

    He got ripped off, 43 pieces

  11. Justin Dimeo

    Justin DimeoDag sedan

    I wonder how long he would be on the toilet for

  12. Absurd 72

    Absurd 72Dag sedan


  13. ayesha ihsan

    ayesha ihsanDag sedan

    Imagine a vegan watching this video 😂

  14. Hari Krishna Prasad

    Hari Krishna PrasadDag sedan

    3.05 when he says He is starving. Run & Hide the food 😂😂.

  15. Ahmet Tekin

    Ahmet TekinDag sedan

    Yeğ yeğ amin ogli

  16. Lord Blink

    Lord Blink2 dagar sedan


  17. Lord Blink

    Lord Blink2 dagar sedan


  18. 袁寳

    袁寳2 dagar sedan

    Man why do u left the crispy part !?!

  19. Toby Shane

    Toby Shane2 dagar sedan

    How do Matt not flood the toilet

  20. Azerty Unknow

    Azerty Unknow2 dagar sedan

    As my grandmother said, "it is better to invite him to the cinema rather than to the restaurant, this one" lmao 🤣

  21. Harry Hole

    Harry Hole2 dagar sedan

    Oh man, you don't have stomach..

  22. Mahad Burney

    Mahad Burney2 dagar sedan

    Nice Video

  23. Islam Zakirzhan

    Islam Zakirzhan2 dagar sedan

    Toilet: ouh yeah, come on baby

  24. Kenny Djebotaud

    Kenny Djebotaud2 dagar sedan

    C’est pas comme sa qu’on mange du poulet enfaîtes😬😌

  25. Junaid Ahmed

    Junaid Ahmed2 dagar sedan

    I'm sure Muslim brothers who are fasting are here..😶

  26. Nightwing

    Nightwing3 dagar sedan

    Who is fasting and binging Matt’s videos 😂😂😂😂


    ALEXIS THOMPSON3 dagar sedan

    meat is still on the bones

  28. zhia gacha

    zhia gacha3 dagar sedan

    i was so triggered he didnt eat all of the chicken on the bone, i literally leave no trace of chicken when i have wings

  29. MDK Films

    MDK Films3 dagar sedan

    The amount of chicken left can feed my family for the whole month

  30. Arda y

    Arda y3 dagar sedan

    How long your pou Biggs?

  31. Matthew L

    Matthew L3 dagar sedan


  32. Sayandeep Biswas

    Sayandeep Biswas3 dagar sedan

    *Colleague: "what's you plan for this weekend bro?"* *Matt: "nothing dude, just gonna be downing a dozen chicken or something"*

  33. Ward Nammas

    Ward Nammas3 dagar sedan

    Him: eating talking Me: TALK ALOT AND EAT

  34. Ward Nammas

    Ward Nammas3 dagar sedan

    Is anybody watching this in Ramadan?

  35. Adeeba Khan

    Adeeba Khan3 dagar sedan

    Eat properly you haiwaan🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. Hargun Bindra /

    Hargun Bindra /4 dagar sedan


  37. Elliott Carlton

    Elliott Carlton4 dagar sedan

    The crumbs,you need help to eat

  38. Keneetia Duhaney

    Keneetia Duhaney4 dagar sedan

    Lol it takes me 2 mins to eat one chicken

  39. bsa

    bsa4 dagar sedan

    I'm ill at the moment and I haven't eaten all day and that looks so good

  40. fakeman luis

    fakeman luis4 dagar sedan

    Fake edit

  41. Leigh Jansen

    Leigh Jansen5 dagar sedan

    I can't even finish one chicken :)

  42. Shema Harrell

    Shema Harrell5 dagar sedan

    This guy is a professional

  43. wowditto

    wowditto5 dagar sedan

    Dma you mat DAM YOU.... you are the reason i stopped in the middle of the video, drove to kfc got 2 16 piece buckets extra crispy and ate while watching your videos

  44. Yacob Abuseini

    Yacob Abuseini5 dagar sedan

    im not gonna lie he prolly has calcium flowin through his veins

  45. jonelut

    jonelut5 dagar sedan

    Them poor chickens bruh


    OFFICIAL CARTOON CAT ???5 dagar sedan


  47. Intihar Rahman

    Intihar Rahman5 dagar sedan

    People in Ramadan watching are abt to brake there fast

  48. FF Kozu

    FF Kozu2 dagar sedan


  49. kyle khan

    kyle khan5 dagar sedan

    Who’s watching this in ramdaan right now

  50. Walter the GOD

    Walter the GOD5 dagar sedan


  51. A strange Fellow

    A strange Fellow5 dagar sedan

    Me whose fasting 🥲

  52. Kylle Bañes

    Kylle Bañes6 dagar sedan


  53. rjflip100

    rjflip1006 dagar sedan

    I am on a diet and thanks to Mr. Stonie I can live bicuriously through you

  54. مؤمل ناظم حمادي م.ن.ج MH

    مؤمل ناظم حمادي م.ن.ج MH6 dagar sedan


  55. Temo Sadegi

    Temo Sadegi6 dagar sedan

    I love crispy fried chicken I think the last time I had it was like 3 years ago

  56. Peter Peter

    Peter Peter6 dagar sedan

    Joe biden: if you aint cleaning that cluck from the bones, you aint.......

  57. Sameer Joseph

    Sameer Joseph6 dagar sedan

    Really looks extra crispy 😂


    KYNG JAGUAR6 dagar sedan

    Custom to come back to this video

  59. volkan hepileri

    volkan hepileri6 dagar sedan

    Big smoke:finnaly a worthy a guy our battle will be legendary

  60. Mohammed Abu Miah

    Mohammed Abu Miah6 dagar sedan

    Why am i watching this during ramadan😩im so hungry but i cant eat since im fasting🤤

  61. Lucid Notfound

    Lucid Notfound16 timmar sedan


  62. najma raza

    najma raza2 dagar sedan

    same bro so hungry

  63. Mohammed Abu Miah

    Mohammed Abu Miah2 dagar sedan

    @Mohammad Javad Yeganeh Yes brother😊Thank you for the advice really appreciate it😇.

  64. Mohammad Javad Yeganeh

    Mohammad Javad Yeganeh2 dagar sedan

    Only watch these videos when you're eating brothers. It's just torture otherwise.

  65. TheGamer's World

    TheGamer's World2 dagar sedan


  66. Ward Nammas

    Ward Nammas6 dagar sedan

    Fun Fact: He Was Poor to buy that mountain of fried chicken he stole it and got to his home very quickly

  67. OP OMEGA

    OP OMEGA6 dagar sedan

    Sultanlar sultani padishai Cihan chicken conqueror sultan mattstonie.hazeltiri

  68. Eesa Sabri

    Eesa Sabri6 dagar sedan

    4:07 damn those crunches are satisfying

  69. Ibex IceyFN

    Ibex IceyFN6 dagar sedan

    Ramadan vibes

  70. Ahmad Sanjakdar

    Ahmad Sanjakdar6 dagar sedan


  71. BigTimmy25

    BigTimmy257 dagar sedan

    The sodium could kill a horse

  72. Saim Ali Ahmad

    Saim Ali Ahmad7 dagar sedan

    Chickens Want To Know Your Location!

  73. Nehan storm

    Nehan storm7 dagar sedan

    My dude got miscreated monster on his first day

  74. PDMS Films

    PDMS Films7 dagar sedan

    Foodie they : So slim Foodie me : 98 Kgs 😢


    CHRISTIAN JOSEPH7 dagar sedan

    what happend to all the cripsy parts that fell of the chicken.

  76. Sensei

    Sensei7 dagar sedan

    Yavaş ulan yavaş ölecen **

  77. gekyumeonfroyfanpage

    gekyumeonfroyfanpage7 dagar sedan

    Did he cheat because he used fast reverse

  78. m.ab_136

    m.ab_1367 dagar sedan

    I came here while looking up for KFC ASMR cuz I just ordered KFC and never imagined anyone can eat fried chicken this fast

  79. Bread Crumbs

    Bread Crumbs7 dagar sedan

    Bro the raid shadow legends ad has A FRICKING CURSOR HES USING A PHONEEEEE

  80. Jerry Last

    Jerry Last8 dagar sedan

    Waste of chicken! All that waste could feed a lot of homeless people! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  81. Dakota Clayton

    Dakota Clayton8 dagar sedan


  82. Amogh Shrivastava

    Amogh Shrivastava8 dagar sedan

    Why , I came hear to see him eat the bones

  83. Rianna Lucas

    Rianna Lucas9 dagar sedan


  84. Vinith Mendonca

    Vinith Mendonca9 dagar sedan

    He consumes loads of calories every single time .. but I'm really confused y is he still skinny?😅😂

  85. VangBill

    VangBill9 dagar sedan

    3000 calories was left on the bone.

  86. Ahmed Halil

    Ahmed Halil9 dagar sedan

    my man liar

  87. Bryan

    Bryan9 dagar sedan

    Thats gotta be at least 2 servings

  88. Cubing Gamer 101

    Cubing Gamer 10110 dagar sedan

    Vegans be mad

  89. Justin Chen

    Justin Chen10 dagar sedan

    I want to eat everything he eats every vid. 🍗🍗🍗🍟🍕🌮🌯🥗🥙🍔🥘🌮🌯🥪🥓

  90. Zahra Jaffar

    Zahra Jaffar10 dagar sedan


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    Yim sabrina10 dagar sedan

    I almsost eated my IPad 😭😭😭

  92. Eren Coşkun

    Eren Coşkun10 dagar sedan

    This is fake dont belive this video he say lie

  93. The Curious Confucian

    The Curious Confucian10 dagar sedan

    How many chickens did he just eat? (not pieces of chicken - I mean CHICKEN as in the singular noun, not collective noun) In any case, if this is what passes as sports in this day and age... The Spartans would be disgusted.


    31 6A ARKADEEP MUKHERJEE10 dagar sedan

    I just waana eat one chicken

  95. Scp 049

    Scp 04910 dagar sedan


  96. Kader Moco

    Kader Moco10 dagar sedan

    Aç göz adam

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    Aaron Daniel L. Isles10 dagar sedan

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  98. ZentaX

    ZentaX11 dagar sedan

    when your friend invites his fat friends to your birthday:

  99. Flaming Croatan

    Flaming Croatan11 dagar sedan

    Holy Shit

  100. Parham Nourbaksh

    Parham Nourbaksh11 dagar sedan

    How are u not fat it doesn’t make sense

  101. Sehajpal Singh Grewal

    Sehajpal Singh Grewal11 dagar sedan

    He wasn't eating them properly 😭😭

  102. krishnamurthi m

    krishnamurthi m11 dagar sedan


  103. Pubg King

    Pubg King11 dagar sedan


  104. [ chocøbiscuit ]

    [ chocøbiscuit ]11 dagar sedan

    I'm so mad to you, you didn't eat the last crispy parts after finishing chickens.

  105. Lucid Notfound

    Lucid Notfound16 timmar sedan

    @Uvc neymarrr helo neymerrr

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    Yahya_me1Dag sedan


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    Minal Miah3 dagar sedan


  108. AZB-rypc

    AZB-rypc4 dagar sedan

    but there fat and very oily

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    Uvc neymarrr5 dagar sedan

    O man🥴🤤🤤🤤🤤

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    iTyson XL12 dagar sedan

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  111. LourynBMarabe

    LourynBMarabe12 dagar sedan

    I love chicken give me one chicken