Tusse - Voices - Sweden 🇸🇪 - Official Video - Eurovision 2021

Tusse will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song Voices.
Photo credit: SVT/Stina Stjernkvist
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  1. Eurovision Song Contest

    Eurovision Song ContestMånad sedan

    Add or download the song to your playlist: Eurovision.lnk.to/ESC2021ID Read more about Tusse’s victory of the National Final in Sweden here: eurovision.tv/story/sweden-melodifestivalen-2021

  2. Maryan Nuur

    Maryan Nuur3 timmar sedan


  3. Maryan Nuur

    Maryan Nuur3 timmar sedan


  4. Build You

    Build You8 dagar sedan

    @Ana M tack :)

  5. Build You

    Build You8 dagar sedan

    @Minsky's feedback Yianni because it's true and you also know it, it's predicted competion and based on rigged votes from jury, period.

  6. Minsky's feedback Yianni

    Minsky's feedback Yianni9 dagar sedan

    @Build You I will never understand why anyone who thinks so negatively about the Eurovision competition ("Eurovision Song Contest is rigged") wants to spend their precious time here speaking about it!!

  7. Aga

    Aga19 minuter sedan

    Winner ❤

  8. Maria Dini ESC Romania

    Maria Dini ESC Romania25 minuter sedan

    Sweeden have so good songs every year, she is a queeeeen

  9. Τάνια Κάρτα

    Τάνια ΚάρταTimme sedan

    Scars to your beautiful + Thunder + Run with the lions = Voices

  10. reka csuhai

    reka csuhaiTimme sedan

    12 point from hungary!!!!:)))))

  11. Yegor's club

    Yegor's club4 timmar sedan

    Sweden is 69% percents Muslim country

  12. THE AK 69 Banana

    THE AK 69 Banana2 timmar sedan

    Go back to school and start to educate yourself. Youre 100% misinformed

  13. OmegaX

    OmegaX5 timmar sedan

    Sweden did it again, an anthem for this ESC. Great Success from Germany 🇩🇪

  14. basix snipez

    basix snipez5 timmar sedan

    This song is so good hope you win 🇸🇪

  15. Valli Barda

    Valli Barda9 timmar sedan

    V. Nice... this is my favorite song. +++

  16. Mariusz Barcin

    Mariusz Barcin9 timmar sedan

    Is she originally from Kongo?

  17. Mariusz Barcin

    Mariusz Barcin2 timmar sedan

    @THE AK 69 Banana read where?

  18. THE AK 69 Banana

    THE AK 69 Banana2 timmar sedan

    Can you read?

  19. Paulo Afonso

    Paulo Afonso15 timmar sedan

    Best cover ever of "Starboy" - weeknd+daftpunk

  20. Orestis Ts

    Orestis Ts19 timmar sedan

    Ok I think is the winner of Jurys. Remember me

  21. Жанна Измайлова

    Жанна Измайлова19 timmar sedan

    слышно что голос есть, красивый, песня цепляет

  22. Dawidek Pieron

    Dawidek Pieron20 timmar sedan

    For me its quiet obvious : Sweden will win its 7th esc No matter odds, bookies .... switzerland and malta and anything else... See you here ⬇️ after the final 😉

  23. Lav Mazesik

    Lav Mazesik20 timmar sedan

    black swedish, chineese austria...whats next? blonde Somali and jewish saudi ?

  24. THE AK 69 Banana

    THE AK 69 Banana2 timmar sedan

    Sorry your racebiology is hurt. Next are humans


    RICCARDO VERDONE21 timme sedan

    Spedendo win eurovision song contest 2021

  26. Miroslav Coric

    Miroslav CoricDag sedan

    God, I am so sick of this country on ESC-I have even stopped the music and video while writing this post because I can't stand it, anymore...awful-do we have to like it just because it's Sweden?!?@So, what, god damn...

  27. Marie ᶘ oᴥoᶅ

    Marie ᶘ oᴥoᶅDag sedan

    Never have I wanted 10 countries to win eurovision so much

  28. Nestel Berg

    Nestel BergDag sedan

    This isn't going to win for Sweden, they've already won 6 times, and they know it.

  29. briabba123

    briabba123Dag sedan

    I totally love this song wish it were released in the US

  30. Belmiro Pimentel

    Belmiro PimentelDag sedan

    The chorus part is so similar to Malou Prytz - Ballerina... everytime I hear this song, and is a great song, it seem's that I already have heard this... Don't know how to explain... my opinion ;)

  31. Queen Bitch

    Queen BitchDag sedan

    Какой красивый голос, и песня 🔥 😍😍

  32. Jon Celayeta

    Jon CelayetaDag sedan

    Sorry... but with all my respect I don’t like this song at all. I think that “La Voix” and this song are the worst you’ve taken to Eurovision in the recent past. Good luck Sweden anyway!! I love your country and you always do well. All my love.😘😘

  33. kuboinvest

    kuboinvestDag sedan

    Good song. Androgenous. I like it.

  34. נדב כרסנטי

    נדב כרסנטיDag sedan

    Idk I feel it’s like a different version of a million voices from 2015. I like the song but I feel like it’s the same 😐

  35. basix snipez

    basix snipez2 dagar sedan

    Well done tusse let's go Sweden 🇸🇪

  36. Cut3 Bunny

    Cut3 Bunny2 dagar sedan

    OMG! I'd like this (✿ ♥‿♥)

  37. PauEL200 200

    PauEL200 2002 dagar sedan

    Como no gane me voy

  38. Amir Mistry

    Amir Mistry2 dagar sedan

    He is a next 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 of 2021 Eurovision Blessed ( BLACK LIVES MATTER )

  39. Павел Борисович

    Павел Борисович2 dagar sedan

    никогда бы не подумал.... просто плюсую, бо офигеннски!!!!!++++++++++++

  40. Raukh _

    Raukh _2 dagar sedan

    This song is so beautiful 😻

  41. Nazım Akçay

    Nazım Akçay2 dagar sedan

    How come he is a man ?

  42. Roman Elena

    Roman Elena2 dagar sedan

    A really good song. Greetings from Romania❤️❤️

  43. Marta Bonjardim

    Marta Bonjardim2 dagar sedan

    Fine, I'll say it. 12 points from Portugal ❤️🇵🇹

  44. Клавдия К

    Клавдия К2 dagar sedan

    good song

  45. Клавдия К

    Клавдия К2 dagar sedan

    good song

  46. Martin Lyubenov

    Martin Lyubenov2 dagar sedan

    I literally smashed the DISlike button

  47. Martin Lyubenov

    Martin Lyubenov2 dagar sedan

    Thisbis soooooo bad and this creature is so antipathic

  48. ᖴᗩITᕼ

    ᖴᗩITᕼ2 dagar sedan


  49. Martin Lyubenov

    Martin Lyubenov2 dagar sedan

    @Noop noop 😘😢😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Noop noop

    Noop noop2 dagar sedan

    Why are u talking like that to your self... its so sad :(

  51. Adriana Eskils

    Adriana Eskils3 dagar sedan

    I think this a clear winner. I take this a song about blacklivesmatter. I crying every time hearing about this. Btw he is only 19. And Sweden is going to go win this for sure.

  52. THE AK 69 Banana

    THE AK 69 Banana21 timme sedan

    @Giovanna Moretti Obviously you know nothing bout Sweden.

  53. Daisy hatingugol

    Daisy hatingugol2 dagar sedan

    @Giovanna Moretti what are you talking about?

  54. Giovanna Moretti

    Giovanna Moretti3 dagar sedan

    Blacks are most of the population. White only 10% of population

  55. Hej Jag heter JOOLZ Bosson

    Hej Jag heter JOOLZ Bosson3 dagar sedan


  56. Daisy hatingugol

    Daisy hatingugol3 dagar sedan


  57. ᖴᗩITᕼ

    ᖴᗩITᕼ2 dagar sedan

    @Daisy hatingugol or you probably hated it bcs it's Sweden's entry?

  58. Daisy hatingugol

    Daisy hatingugol2 dagar sedan

    @Noop noop I didn't like the rhythm, it sounded too slow. Idk what made my mind change idea

  59. Noop noop

    Noop noop2 dagar sedan

    reason to hating this?

  60. Lydia Kudryavtseva

    Lydia Kudryavtseva3 dagar sedan

    ♥️ from Russia

  61. Caxap0k ris

    Caxap0k ris3 dagar sedan

    Кто после Алёны блин?)) Песня хороша. Но наша лучше.

  62. svd

    svd3 dagar sedan

    I cannot handle one more winner from Sweden :D

  63. Ignasi Font

    Ignasi Font3 dagar sedan

    12 points

  64. Edmund Tory

    Edmund Tory3 dagar sedan

    Super. Not a winner but TOP 5 or TOP 10 as always for Sweden!

  65. Люба Синицина

    Люба Синицина3 dagar sedan

    Что стало в Полиной Гагариной?

  66. Dan L

    Dan L3 dagar sedan

    Greetings from Greece! This is my favourite song. Good luck Sweden!!!! 🇬🇷🇸🇪💪🏼

  67. Ali Arslan

    Ali Arslan3 dagar sedan

    Everything I will write has been written, fabolous song and performance, Sweden never hurts with unpleasant music 🥰

  68. Εύα Κ.

    Εύα Κ.3 dagar sedan

    12points from 🇬🇷💟💟💟💟

  69. PauEL200 200

    PauEL200 2003 dagar sedan

    12 points from Spain

  70. Kenny Hawking

    Kenny Hawking3 dagar sedan

    He is amazing! although- i was hoping for Clara kliningström- beautiful launguage... i hope Sweden soon send swedish song :) still 12 points to Tusse!!!

  71. Γιάννης Κατσιγιαννόπουλος

    Γιάννης Κατσιγιαννόπουλος3 dagar sedan

    Wowww!! Very good song Sweden! Good luck from Greece ❤❤

  72. vetyb

    vetyb3 dagar sedan

    Полина Гагарина: непонел 😑😑😑

  73. Chief Keef

    Chief Keef4 dagar sedan

    Hello from Russia. 12 points Sweden😍

  74. Josipa Pravdic

    Josipa Pravdic4 dagar sedan

    Tusse, you're the best, and I hope Sweden wins🇭🇷🇸🇪

  75. Sender

    Sender4 dagar sedan


  76. THE AK 69 Banana

    THE AK 69 Banana21 timme sedan

    Not in the contest Im afraid

  77. frank Venom

    frank Venom4 dagar sedan

    Bra låt men Malta er best i år helt sikker ❤️

  78. Wild Child

    Wild Child4 dagar sedan

    Can you hear, a MILION VOICES (to Sweden)? Yes, I hear.

  79. MH

    MH4 dagar sedan

    I was surprised about Tusse's gender, I don't mean this in a bad way. Great singing voice anyway 🌷

  80. Kyriakos Vlachos

    Kyriakos Vlachos4 dagar sedan

    The intro is okay, but the rest is boring

  81. Nhaeras Gaelv

    Nhaeras Gaelv4 dagar sedan

    greetings from Turkey! you guys are awesome! go go go!

  82. Amit Zakay

    Amit Zakay4 dagar sedan

    Very similar to Coldplay - “Princess of China”

  83. jumnian Barisee

    jumnian Barisee5 dagar sedan

    The best song😉👍

  84. Nel bcn

    Nel bcn5 dagar sedan

    In top 5!!

  85. Andrej Dimov

    Andrej Dimov5 dagar sedan


  86. Mika Grönroos

    Mika Grönroos5 dagar sedan

    Awful to death. But so sweden, you must be proud aren't you!

  87. helin fırat

    helin fırat5 dagar sedan

    ıf you listen carefully you can remember the Star Boy

  88. Ian P.

    Ian P.5 dagar sedan

    I’m sorry, I really am, but I’ve never ever heared that the great Swedish nation send such a boring song to the esc...well her dance is kinda „hypnotical“ but if you ask me, a deaf person would show her the fastest way to the loo after watching this performance. 😣

  89. Ian P.

    Ian P.2 dagar sedan

    @Åsa S I have to disagree there. I just said what I think and I definitely feel sorry for such a strange song coming from Sweden this year. The performance is also anything but great in my eyes. As a person who likes Sweden and the Swedish ppl, I personally feel very upset about this. In the last couple of years Sweden showed us amazing music and breathtaking performances...and in my eyes, this here is none. That’s about it. And if you can’t take another ones opinion and feel upset, it’s not on me. Besides after what I’ve seen and listened to I was unable to figure out what gender the performer is, and in fact it doesn’t matter if the person is m/f/trans or whatever, it doesn’t change my opinion about the song and the performance.

  90. Åsa S

    Åsa S4 dagar sedan

    *him, not "her". In my experience. People who start their sentences with "I’m sorry, I really am, but..." aren´t really sorry. Not at all. They just dishonest and want to insult someone or something, while pretending to sound nice to begin with. You´re not sorry, about what you just said, not one bit.

  91. yaboi raza

    yaboi raza5 dagar sedan

    I can see this winning its so fire i love it send him some love

  92. MustafaBochumMustafa

    MustafaBochumMustafa5 dagar sedan

    Switzerland 2016 - this sport moves haha

  93. Stephanie

    Stephanie3 dagar sedan

    @MustafaBochumMustafa 😂 I can't even remember that preselection, but considering this, it's even more strange.

  94. MustafaBochumMustafa

    MustafaBochumMustafa3 dagar sedan

    @Stephanie Haha yes, Rykka and Tusse look like they didn't go to toilet before going on stage. I hope he will do this not in Rotterdam. It is hard to watch this. And Rykka didn't it at your preselection in 2016 but in Stockholm. I don't understood why the changed it.

  95. Stephanie

    Stephanie4 dagar sedan

    Haha, I thought the same thing. And I even am from Switzerland, so no offence here.. . It's so awkward to look at, why would you want to move like you had a bad pain in your stomach?

  96. Mohamed Marfouk

    Mohamed Marfouk5 dagar sedan

    Omg, there is another word. I totally love tge song and the content. Best of luck Sweden 🇸🇪 from Morocco 🇲🇦

  97. Fatme Eminova

    Fatme Eminova5 dagar sedan

    Lyrics: VOICES There’s fire in the rain But we’ll get up again We’re thousand miles apart But we’ll overcome I’ll never let you down World is turning us around But I feel it in my heart Let’s make a brand new start Can’t stop us now forget the haters Get up and live and make it matter There’s more to life so go ahead and sing it out Can you hear a million voices Calling out in the rain You know we got a million choices So go get out and let it rain A million voices voices A million voices voices A million voices voices A million voices There’s fire in the rain And I can feel your pain Painting all the scars in The colours of change Don’t let them hold you down Don’t let them hold you down Go shooting like a star The star you are Can’t stop us now forget the haters Get up and live and make it matter There’s more to life so go ahead and sing it out Can you hear a million voices Calling out in the rain You know we got a million choices So go get out and let it rain Can you hear them A million voices voices Can you hear them A million voices voices Can you hear them A million voices voices Can you hear them A million voices Can you hear them? Can you hear them? Can you hear a million voices Calling out in the rain You know we got a million choices So go get out and let it rain Can you hear them A million voices voices Can you hear them A million voices voices Can you hear them A million voices voices Can you hear them A million voices

  98. Overlife

    Overlife5 dagar sedan

    It's just fire. It is very cool, so far my favorite.👍❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥I do not understand why everyone pays attention to all sorts of beauties, it's Eurovision and the voice is important.

  99. Finland1965

    Finland19656 dagar sedan

    Arvingarna var fan så bättre

  100. Hauntedwhispers

    Hauntedwhispers6 dagar sedan

    This is gonna win for sure. X

  101. Hannah Barley

    Hannah Barley6 dagar sedan

    Is what Sweden says every year apparently

  102. Athena Kioulli

    Athena Kioulli6 dagar sedan

    It reminds me songs from other years of Eurovision

  103. Luca Cortabarría

    Luca Cortabarría6 dagar sedan

    Just a reminder: ✨haiting on Sweden's song isn't a personality trait✨

  104. CaTaTo

    CaTaTo3 dagar sedan

    @D Gray We sent three women last year, but thanks to covid, they never got to perform at eurovision

  105. Eva Sterling

    Eva Sterling4 dagar sedan

    @D Gray Malta has been sending females as long as Sweden has been sending male artists, why isn’t anyone commenting on that?

  106. D Gray

    D Gray6 dagar sedan

    Sweden has been sending a male pop artist with a upbeat pop song since 2015 -_- their last female entry was 2014 and that was also the last time they sent something else than a pop song. This again won't win. Not haiting on the artist he's good. But this is getting old.

  107. Sheridan Hillman

    Sheridan Hillman6 dagar sedan

    12 points from Australia!!!!!

  108. Thibault

    Thibault6 dagar sedan

    He was far from my favorite but I must admit that his song is easily listened to top 5 and another possible victory!

  109. Åsa S

    Åsa S6 dagar sedan

    ​@D Gray No, I´m not fixating on the end table or they jury vote. You are. Don´t project that on me. I´m just talking about the _televotes_ . Being in the top 10 (again _in the televotes_ ) isn´t something you get if "people don´t vote" for the song. You realize that, right? There were only 8 songs that did better. 32 song did worse. I repeat... beating 32 songs. In the televote. But you´re not saying that those "fell flat on it´s behind with the public vote" and that "people don´t vote for this type of song" of those songs do you? Just Sweden. Of course. It´s the same thing year after year. Some people some how want to beat in this false narrative that Sweden has been doing bad in the televote, while the truth is that Sweden has been doing way better in the televote than most countries for the last years. Norway has been in the top in the televote...once. Take a look at this comparison: Top 10 in *the televotes* 2014-2019: Sweden: 4 times Russia: 4 times Italy: 3 times Ukraine: 3 times Australia : 3 times Netherlands : 2 times France: 2 times Norway:1 time Cyprus: 1 time Azerbaijan: 1 time

  110. D Gray

    D Gray6 dagar sedan

    @Åsa S 9th and you call that good? They were beaten by a landslide. Only 91 points. That isn't even close. 5 countries had over 200. You are fixating on the end table while the song without jury vote would not even be top 3. There was extreme jury bias in favor of macedonia and sweden. And this always seems to happen. Btw it isn't about the artist but the songwriters. Who belong to a select few insiders in the music world. Lobbying with countries to have their song picked for eurovision. Btw the country that got screwed over was Norway. Who had over 290 televotes. The jury didn't even give it a descent score.

  111. Åsa S

    Åsa S6 dagar sedan

    @D Gray I wouldn´t call being top 10 in the televote to "falling flat on it´s behind"... You don´t get 9th place in the televote with a song "people don´t vote for"... The song in 2019 beat over 30 other songs _in the televote_ , so people were definitely voting for it!

  112. D Gray

    D Gray6 dagar sedan

    Not happening, it is the same sauce they sent in 2019 and that song fell flat on its behind with the public vote. People don't vote for this type of song.

  113. Роман Жуков

    Роман Жуков6 dagar sedan

    black viking

  114. Elisabeth Lindqvist

    Elisabeth Lindqvist6 dagar sedan

    Beautiful black Viking for sure!

  115. Облепиховый Морс

    Облепиховый Морс6 dagar sedan

    From the first beat I felt it. Vote from Russia 🇷🇺

  116. Michelle Fernandez

    Michelle Fernandez6 dagar sedan

    People who keep saying "this is too boring" back off, especially when you can't even vote! Like seriously, let the kid make his dream come true and don't reflect your own boring life in someone else's.

  117. Tantra Calj

    Tantra Calj6 dagar sedan

    I have read about his refugee story on internet and i must say he is an inspiration to look for

  118. TSB

    TSB6 dagar sedan

    boring and overrated...

  119. Allan Robinson

    Allan Robinson7 dagar sedan

    Excellent! Could this be the winner?? It could be.

  120. Allan Robinson

    Allan Robinson4 dagar sedan

    @Hannah Barley That's true it would. Lots don't like Britain or don't vote for us. I wonder if Brexit has any effect this year? The way things are going there may not be a UK for much longer. Mostly due to that incompetent, lying article ABdePJ 🤬

  121. Hannah Barley

    Hannah Barley6 dagar sedan

    I personally don’t see it as a winner it’s just too generic Sweden will get into the top ten because it’s Sweden Imagine if the uk sent this then it would be a different story all together

  122. Allan Robinson

    Allan Robinson6 dagar sedan

    @How Way Thanks. Hope you have a great weekend. Take care.

  123. How Way

    How Way6 dagar sedan

    @Allan Robinson true I think the judge gives it in the 1st and voted maybe 5th or 6th. But if the performance is incredible like Russia usually then it has real potential to win. But have a great day

  124. Allan Robinson

    Allan Robinson6 dagar sedan

    @How Way That's true. Sweden usually do well anyway.

  125. Dóra Szurovcsák

    Dóra Szurovcsák7 dagar sedan

    Unpopular opinion: why does the "Can you hear?" part of the song makes me remember the part with the "Oh I hear" in Rainmaker? Or am I imagining things... it makes me sing that song xd still a good song though

  126. Рита Кульманова

    Рита Кульманова7 dagar sedan

    Класс, мне нравится

  127. LETSPLAYgame

    LETSPLAYgame7 dagar sedan

    Извините, но лучше чем у Полины Гагарин, никто не споёт) I'm sorry, but better than Polina Gagarina, no one will sing)

  128. GregoryUkraine

    GregoryUkraine6 dagar sedan

    Даже ABBA? :)))

  129. Shadii

    Shadii7 dagar sedan

    Votes from Poland

  130. Momo

    Momo7 dagar sedan

    Коренной житель Швеции.

  131. Lilly

    Lilly7 dagar sedan

    How beautiful it sounds, so emotional. 🥰

  132. Rightback At you

    Rightback At you7 dagar sedan

    ”How not to win a contest”

  133. Ulices Briones

    Ulices Briones7 dagar sedan

    I honestly didn't like the Swedish entry when he won but it has grown on me

  134. Alexandre Knell

    Alexandre Knell7 dagar sedan

    Bro, this song is SO GONNA WIN!

  135. Я - who ?

    Я - who ?5 dagar sedan

    I would love for this to win. I have some songs above it but it is so good ! Go Sverige !!! Grab that 7th win !!!

  136. Even Svensson Aaen

    Even Svensson Aaen6 dagar sedan

    I think Norway is bettet

  137. Egemen Şentin

    Egemen Şentin7 dagar sedan

    So instead of The Weeknd, Sweden is sending The Bank Holidy

  138. Гульмира Бек

    Гульмира Бек7 dagar sedan

    Понравилось как спел

  139. Гульмира Бек

    Гульмира Бек7 dagar sedan

    Не пойму это парень с женским украшением?

  140. Рита Кульманова

    Рита Кульманова7 dagar sedan


  141. Iro Solomou

    Iro Solomou7 dagar sedan

    Starboy The weeknd

  142. I J

    I J7 dagar sedan

    ..✍0:16_0:17_0:23_0:28 _0:32_0:38_0:46 ..0:50_0:56_1:08 ..😉 0:28_0:38_1:06 1:30_1:38_1:51_1:55 2:11_2:23 (2:28 2:43