CPAC Worships A Golden Idol While Gov. Cuomo Faces Calls To Resign

CPAC Worships A Golden Idol While Gov. Cuomo Faces Calls To Resign
Description: It was a big weekend for politicians on both sides of the aisle, as the former president spoke to a gathering of ultra-conservative Republicans in Florida and New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo faced calls for his resignation after two former staffers leveled allegations of sexual harassment against him.
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  1. Marguerite Hudsell

    Marguerite Hudsell9 timmar sedan

    I avoid politicians who sound like preachers. It's a Thing I have.

  2. Marques King

    Marques KingDag sedan

    Luv luv luv your work Stephen. You make me laugh, you inform and you lift me up. I especially enjoy how you seem to be ripening salaciously in that warm oaken vat like room, ever sweeter with age and the passing of times, your witty satire and nuanced takes slapping against the riveted and panel bolted sides that makes up your Late Show Life. We can wait to uncorked y-okay screw this I need to drink NOW. "I've taken it too far haven't I? Both repulsed and turned on - bad, BAD". *cries into hands* (what-av-I-done, what-av-I-done)

  3. Danny Puckett

    Danny Puckett2 dagar sedan

    How is he getting any attention from anyone??

  4. Katie Foote

    Katie Foote21 dag sedan

    The statue was made in China according to the artist.

  5. Katie Foote

    Katie Foote21 dag sedan

    Has ted cruz every actually seen Star Wars or Star Trek?

  6. Evelyn Singleton

    Evelyn Singleton23 dagar sedan

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  7. Marguerite Hudsell

    Marguerite Hudsell24 dagar sedan

    Slander! I've never played Strip Poker in my life!

  8. Marguerite Hudsell

    Marguerite Hudsell24 dagar sedan

    It's easy to tell Cruz is the Son of a Preacher Man. Press? Confess? Depress? Compress? Success? (I am misbehaving.)

  9. t j

    t j29 dagar sedan

    Why is Fat Teddy Cruz speaking?????? FREE BUFFET maybe !!!!

  10. Christopher Jones

    Christopher Jones29 dagar sedan

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  11. Night Fox

    Night FoxMånad sedan

    Cruz, keep Star Wars, Doctor Who, out of this. We democrats don't appreciate your references.

  12. Roxanne Leopold M

    Roxanne Leopold MMånad sedan

    Hands down Colbert is THE FUNNIEST host!

  13. russell lacy

    russell lacyMånad sedan

    Why would anyone in the United States of America, want to watch the two people denying the royal family but still wants to be supported by the Royal treasury. Just another bunch of bull shit from the people who believe that they're better than the others on the planet.

  14. The Duder

    The DuderMånad sedan

    We're going to need EVERYONE who blindly supported the pumpkin to resign from any and all positions held. Their ability to posses critical thought has been publicly proven to be an absolute impossibility no matter the cost.

  15. Lawrence Smith

    Lawrence SmithMånad sedan

    With Trump gone, reality is quickly setting in....

  16. Boar Zwid

    Boar ZwidMånad sedan

    Why don’t you talk about Como o that’s right Democrat’s are off limits . I wonder what potato heads Vice President says about that ,since she defended dr ford

  17. dantruss84

    dantruss84Månad sedan

    I truly can’t believe how many people buy into this crap that your election was fixed. Donald lost fair and square, because more people came out to vote this year (despite covid) to make sure a disgusting selfish douche bag wouldn’t get a 2nd term

  18. Wanda Baileyed

    Wanda BaileyedMånad sedan

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  19. Shirley E. Kremer

    Shirley E. KremerMånad sedan

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  20. Mark Williams

    Mark WilliamsMånad sedan

    Talk about being a Cuomosexual Colbert and the nursing home murders

  21. Gavin C

    Gavin CMånad sedan

    Didn’t Stephen Colbert say he was “Cuamo sexual” 🤔🤔

  22. Wanda Baileyed

    Wanda BaileyedMånad sedan

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  23. Derrick Cox

    Derrick CoxMånad sedan

    With twit-man Colbert it's..."stay poop" Remember when The Cuomo Brothers Ranked More Desirable Than The Jonas Brothers on Colbert's show?

  24. Mary kestell

    Mary kestellMånad sedan

    Made in China....golden Trump head

  25. Mary kestell

    Mary kestellMånad sedan

    Beware of false prophet wanna be's

  26. Nan Ealy

    Nan EalyMånad sedan

    Royals and Comos stories have become tiresome. Please no more I want to know about Republican corruption and what they actually are working on Do they work And on what. Is it for the American people or themselves?

  27. Scott Sparkman

    Scott SparkmanMånad sedan

    Did anyone else see the static jump between 10:30 and 10:45? It might be just my phone but I have to ask: why the hell would my digital smart phone have cable-age static jump happening... on SEtoos. For everyone to see.

  28. Max Maxim

    Max MaximMånad sedan

    Cuomo wrote: "At work somtimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny." Sounds like Colbert.

  29. Lois Dahl

    Lois DahlMånad sedan

    I’m committedt to ignoring trump now too!

  30. Brock Jamal

    Brock JamalMånad sedan

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  31. Solyndra Solyndra

    Solyndra SolyndraMånad sedan

    Truth of the Democrat propaganda shows

  32. Kathleen Bren

    Kathleen BrenMånad sedan

    Looks like the golden calf of the food corporation in the movie Dogma.

  33. InfernalSquirrel

    InfernalSquirrelMånad sedan

    Since when the hell are the rep the rebels? I think mr Cruz is going way to hard on the pipe or whatever he takes...

  34. Jay

    JayMånad sedan

    Can Ted cruz just.... go

  35. Andreí Torres

    Andreí TorresMånad sedan

    Such a waste of time, they receive a paycheck in order to provide a service and to look out of the people's best interest and here they are wasting money and quoting movie lines and comparing situations to alternative universes... shame

  36. Cardinal Hordriss

    Cardinal HordrissMånad sedan

    Why is Ted Cruz dissing the Empire? The Empire is what Republicans aspire to. No voting, no free press and no ethnic minorities. Atm they may be the First Order, the Empire in excile but like Darth Sideous they're working behind the scenes to destroy democracy and liberty.

  37. ellaAngel smith

    ellaAngel smithMånad sedan

    I feel like I should remind everyone that the overwhelming moral of starwars isn't fighting for freedom in the face of adversity Or that hope is worth holding onto *_it's killing fascists_*

  38. Hubert Tubbs

    Hubert TubbsMånad sedan

    The right-wing extreme religious cult are worshipping the golden calf of Donald Trump

  39. K Mc

    K McMånad sedan

    Yeah Ted cruise should never ever attempt stand up.

  40. johnson nosnm

    johnson nosnmMånad sedan

    True or False ? The golden statue is equipped with a Working Penis Pump.

  41. Rockstar 6900

    Rockstar 6900Månad sedan

    When is hunter Biden going to prison

  42. kensaiix

    kensaiixMånad sedan

    @Rockstar 6900 sorry, you are jumping topics too fast. if you mistrust judges, when was the last time you spectated a trial (not counting the last year) ? i mean physically sat in the court room (as an uninvolved third party), experiencing first hand if you allegations have merit? did you do that even once?

  43. Rockstar 6900

    Rockstar 6900Månad sedan

    @kensaiix I understand the difference between equal protection under the law versus the joke that we are seeing now. We are lucky if 10% of our judges are honest any more

  44. kensaiix

    kensaiixMånad sedan

    @Rockstar 6900 you do NOT understand the the difference between accusation/leak and conviction*.* (and i can not make the last full stop big enough) you let your buttons get pushed REALLY well, you are obviously emotionally triggered.

  45. Rockstar 6900

    Rockstar 6900Månad sedan

    @kensaiix do You understand the difference between a 12 year old girl and 18 year old girl because that’s what he’s fucking on his laptops you’re a real genius aren’t you

  46. kensaiix

    kensaiixMånad sedan

    @Rockstar 6900 do you comprehend the difference between a conviction and a leak?

  47. Mike picolo

    Mike picoloMånad sedan

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  48. john cao

    john caoMånad sedan

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  49. Ross Parlette

    Ross ParletteMånad sedan

    In some communities that's called Robbing the Cradle.

  50. Steven Urioste

    Steven UriosteMånad sedan

    This man actually said he was a cuomo sexual. Hypocrite

  51. Jun Acebedo

    Jun AcebedoMånad sedan

    From two, now it's five accuser versus Andrew "Gold standard" Coumo. The latter was such even to Stephen Colbert

  52. Aaron

    AaronMånad sedan

    The stage at cpac was actually designed by a democrat

  53. kensaiix

    kensaiixMånad sedan

    well, he is probably loling at them stupids now

  54. Susan Denker

    Susan DenkerMånad sedan

    The rebel alliance of the emperor and the borg! And you aren't Scottish!

  55. Thomas Srsich

    Thomas SrsichMånad sedan

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  56. D. Scott

    D. ScottMånad sedan

    Wonder when Colbert will be having Andrew Cuomo on again, so that Colbert can praise him.

  57. kensaiix

    kensaiixMånad sedan

    i wonder how people, especially those more rigth-wing oriented, put loyalty over morality, act bewildered when they see the opposite and at the same time praise their own high morality, that they just subordinated to bigotry a few moments before.

  58. Braden Scott

    Braden ScottMånad sedan

    I didn't think the answer was yes, but I hoped :(

  59. Kwen Paradiso

    Kwen ParadisoMånad sedan

    Cruz is a horrible storyteller and politician. 💯❤️✌🏿

  60. jon smile

    jon smileMånad sedan

    Man, both left and right comment sections are so toxic. Crazy that you guys think you're different.

  61. Elisabeth Seeger

    Elisabeth SeegerMånad sedan

    Why do we keep calling these people conservatives when they are actually extremists? It’s a slur on the name of decent conservative persons.

  62. Nikki Kickx

    Nikki KickxMånad sedan

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  63. Nikki Kickx

    Nikki KickxMånad sedan

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  64. end the lockdown !!!

    end the lockdown !!!Månad sedan

    Whats wrong, not a cuomosexual anymore?

  65. Matt Pops

    Matt PopsMånad sedan


  66. Allstair

    AllstairMånad sedan

    waterlogged corpse of the lepricorn was gold

  67. social3ngin33rin

    social3ngin33rinMånad sedan

    I heard Mexico made the statue for them lol

  68. bobi lambo

    bobi lamboMånad sedan

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  69. R. B.

    R. B.Månad sedan

    Just don't care about Meghan and Harry enough to watch a special on them.

  70. Erik Moreno

    Erik MorenoMånad sedan

    We should definitely treat Trump this way

  71. Martin Porter

    Martin PorterMånad sedan

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  72. Cat Von Done

    Cat Von DoneMånad sedan

    Wha.. rebel alliance?? Where are we getting inspirations from.. fiction..okay

  73. Terry Portis

    Terry PortisMånad sedan

    Ted Cruzzzz

  74. Mountain Goddess Love

    Mountain Goddess LoveMånad sedan

    That statue was supposed to be made by a Florida Artist & made as a joke, he was wearing a floral shirt, shorts, flipflops & holding a wand for God sakes, it was made to look laid back & funny, doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore? I mean, if it was a statue of Biden, it would have been him sleeping with a gag in his mouth to prevent him from speaking.

  75. Mr. Acker

    Mr. AckerMånad sedan

    It's such a shame that old norse symbolism and elder futhark runes are now associated with white supremacy.

  76. Mr. Grey

    Mr. GreyMånad sedan

    Feels weird hearing you complain about worshipping Trump when your entire run on the Late Show has been built on Trump. I am genuinely curious to see what happens when the stay of execution given to you by COVID ends.

  77. vcarter0723

    vcarter0723Månad sedan

    No, pretty sure the C stands for crazy, not conservative

  78. Ann Naylor

    Ann NaylorMånad sedan

    Great to see you and your family Steven / crew.

  79. a24396

    a24396Månad sedan

    The Republicans claim they are not the party of racism and white supremacy, but the racists and white supremacists sure think they are...

  80. Theresa Gaskin

    Theresa GaskinMånad sedan

    F you teddy

  81. Alan Smithee

    Alan SmitheeMånad sedan

    I think one of the unstated things the Republicans learned from Trump's reign was that their base is big on simple ideas that can be summed up in a few words, and short on substantive party ideas. Though they claim to be about the latter, I doubt their voters could even articulate them, hence the losses of Bob Dole, Mit Romney and Jeb Bush. Rush Limbaugh once said that words are more powerful if you express ideas in as few words as possible (as Ronald Reagan also did). Again, I think that's what the party will sound like from now on - big on emotional appeals; short on specifics about anything.

  82. MesonicShelf

    MesonicShelfMånad sedan

    Cruz takes after his Lord and Savior (DJT) in that he jumps from one thing to another, like a grasshopper on a windy day, and have you seen how windy it is, like that day during the blizzard, when I totally had no electricity at my house, but I was in Cancun and getting my white ass cheeks tanned...

  83. Hickory Dragon

    Hickory DragonMånad sedan

    It's kind of hard to Nazi it. Good one

  84. Jay Perry Blue Dream Dragon

    Jay Perry Blue Dream DragonMånad sedan

    The good guys don't have to work so hard to convince you that they are good.

  85. Musings of a Mystic

    Musings of a MysticMånad sedan

    I screamed

  86. Vokiman

    VokimanMånad sedan

    Honestly I really hate that nazis used the odal rune on their uniforms, because it's a very important symbol for still practicing pagans... then again, the same can be said for the swastika

  87. Jem Thirtysix

    Jem ThirtysixMånad sedan

    @stephenCoplbert and writers. ... . ffs you got the trump dialog so wrong, the biggest word he knows is "tremendous" and maybe "wheelbarrow", but where would he ever use wheelbarrow. The language you used was way too sophisticated. I didn't hear "mean" or "really really" once. its a fail and a thumbs down from me. boo ;)

  88. tom joe

    tom joeMånad sedan

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  89. Asad Marji

    Asad MarjiMånad sedan

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  90. Ka Chun Eugene Mak

    Ka Chun Eugene MakMånad sedan

    I saw the flicker

  91. tom joe

    tom joeMånad sedan

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  92. Karl Domingues

    Karl DominguesMånad sedan

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  93. ReiHinoSenshi

    ReiHinoSenshiMånad sedan

    Lol those lil animation jokes on the screen he interacts with should be a permanent part of the show

  94. pham lieu

    pham lieuMånad sedan

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  95. Jeffery Anderson

    Jeffery AndersonMånad sedan

    Yeah bill and mark should've paid me 4 years back instead.letting Trump run off with my game account

  96. Oengus Fearghas

    Oengus FearghasMånad sedan

    Right wingers being compared to the rebel alliance in Star Wars? Oh yes, I remember when the rebel alliance in Star Wars was fighting to take rights away from the various alien races... Wait, that's not right... Somehow I got the roles of the Empire and Rebel Alliance reversed.

  97. ccm

    ccmMånad sedan

    Frm President Trump is the best and the most brilliant President of the United States of America 🇺🇸 period!!

  98. Robert Neil

    Robert NeilMånad sedan

    Colbert looks like he’s aged 20 years in 2 months. The bigotry is eating his soul.

  99. Cameron Hubbard

    Cameron HubbardMånad sedan

    With the rebel tell Cruz said cult, cult,cult OMG.

  100. moonectar

    moonectarMånad sedan

    How is the trump golden calf any different from the trump baby ballon? Both seem like the designers were mocking the former president.

  101. Camela Antonela

    Camela AntonelaMånad sedan

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  102. Torikul Islam

    Torikul IslamMånad sedan

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  103. ecurb yhprum

    ecurb yhprumMånad sedan

    Hey Stephen why don't you talk about the things that matter like Hr1. Thank you for more fake news on the golden Trump.

  104. Michael Trimble

    Michael TrimbleMånad sedan

    Go Jon!!!!

  105. Michael Trimble

    Michael TrimbleMånad sedan

    I am tired of politicians illustrating people with fundamental differences in policy and perhaps religion as mortal, violent enemies. The symbolism: we are the brave good soldiers fighting against an oppressive empire dominates by evil and hellbent on galactic domination. We have to stop this. We have to stop creating monoliths of each other shaped like pure evil or we will never truly be “fellow Americans”.

  106. CARL Echevarria

    CARL EchevarriaMånad sedan

    If this interview goes south the only one that's going to be harmed is Oprah and I doubt that very much Harry and Megan are going to come out smelling like a rose.

  107. cannibalbananas

    cannibalbananasMånad sedan

    If only we could get rid of Trump that easily. I have a water sprayer