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  1. Chloe Hayes

    Chloe Hayes8 timmar sedan

    You should react to A silent voice

  2. Dothral_Joes

    Dothral_Joes15 timmar sedan

    Humans vs. Small Toys..... Small Soldiers exists. haha 😂

  3. Hannah Stinson

    Hannah Stinson21 timme sedan

    everytime i watch this i HAVE to watch toy story..... i have it on at the moment of posting

  4. Kay Johnson

    Kay Johnson22 timmar sedan

    Do the second toy story🙏

  5. Matt Babb

    Matt BabbDag sedan

    It's funny that he pointed out slinky dogs voice, I only recently realized he's played by Ernest p worrell

  6. hannah johnston

    hannah johnstonDag sedan

    Please commentate on picture this

  7. Oswald Endswald

    Oswald EndswaldDag sedan


  8. Neil Mehta

    Neil MehtaDag sedan

    btw Disney didn't make this movie, it was made by Pixar in 1995, and Disney bought Pixar in 2004 I believe

  9. Krystal Campbell

    Krystal CampbellDag sedan

    I love how Dylan is analysing the validity of the physics in this movie to see if it could make sense, meanwhile the toys are talking... the toys are alive Dylan 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Red Proletariat

    Red ProletariatDag sedan

    "I've went pretty hard on babies, in the past." out of context, that's were it happens, the baby related cancelling lol jk jk

  11. S.E. 18

    S.E. 18Dag sedan

    If that kid wasn't gonna murder people before, after this movie he most definitely will

  12. Yusur Kassem

    Yusur KassemDag sedan

    it would be a great idea to watch the movie Fred lol i feel like dylan would actually hate his life afterwards

  13. Hehe Its Me

    Hehe Its MeDag sedan

    I’m surprised that Dylan didn’t get the hooker joke at 17:12

  14. Plagg Harley out

    Plagg Harley out2 dagar sedan

    You singing you got a friend in me: me: shut up

  15. Aluralyn

    Aluralyn2 dagar sedan

    If it helps any, I talk to my car too. It beeps to warn me of things and I always pat the dashboard and tell it thanks 🤷🏼‍♀️

  16. Darlene Perez

    Darlene Perez2 dagar sedan

    Dylan has probably no idea that Sid grows up to be be a garbage man where they come in a truck and pick ups trash. Future Sid was actually in one of the future movies for like a second.

  17. Royce L

    Royce L2 dagar sedan

    Did you know that woody was the villain watch the forgotten script

  18. Kristina Trinidad

    Kristina Trinidad3 dagar sedan

    When will you react to how to train a dragon?? :

  19. Mia Hartman

    Mia Hartman3 dagar sedan

    please watch brother bear!! the animation is gorgeous and it's really funny. definitely an underrated disney movie

  20. Emma Coates

    Emma Coates3 dagar sedan

    Please do a commentary video on toy story 2&3

  21. verity

    verity4 dagar sedan

    Imagine if Dylan ever watched a kdrama...that would be HILARIOUS

  22. Sadie C

    Sadie C4 dagar sedan

    24:02 lol Buzz’ face 😅

  23. Capn 139

    Capn 1394 dagar sedan

    You should definitely do the sequels

  24. Yvonne1137

    Yvonne11374 dagar sedan

    It took me seeing the movie here again for me to realize how much this movie fucked me up

  25. Dejavu08

    Dejavu084 dagar sedan

    Man I haven't seen a dylan video in a while playing catch up

  26. klaus the hellspawn

    klaus the hellspawn5 dagar sedan

    Dylan being high-key pissed at the toys is hilarious

  27. Nathan R

    Nathan R5 dagar sedan

    If they believed buzz good fly surely getting pushed outta a window wouldn’t do much

  28. Nathan R

    Nathan R5 dagar sedan

    Acc a really sad depressing movie

  29. Nathan R

    Nathan R5 dagar sedan

    At least Sids’ creative I guess

  30. Nathan R

    Nathan R5 dagar sedan

    Shoutout to if you’ve been watching Dylan since he did each sour patch kids

  31. Grace E.

    Grace E.5 dagar sedan

    this honestly has to have been one of my favorite commentaries by you. 14:26 had to be one of my favorite moments edit: ok that and 23:26

  32. rose petal

    rose petal6 dagar sedan

    Adult themes are how the storyline for all the films are a metaphor for fame

  33. Katie Heap

    Katie Heap6 dagar sedan


  34. Sadie C

    Sadie C6 dagar sedan

    Pretty pleeeeease do the other toy story movies!!

  35. Sadie C

    Sadie C6 dagar sedan

    Can we all agree that Dylan’s commentary’s on children’s movies are the funniest

  36. Eve Gardullo

    Eve Gardullo6 dagar sedan

    This video explains Woody and Bo's relationship perfectly

  37. BubblyDayz

    BubblyDayz6 dagar sedan

    That part trying to figure out what slinky dog said about killed me lol

  38. Kayla Phichith

    Kayla Phichith7 dagar sedan

    plsss do ratatouille next!

  39. Marble Bloc

    Marble Bloc7 dagar sedan


  40. Mark Jhonsen Bognot

    Mark Jhonsen Bognot7 dagar sedan

    Watch Raya and The Last Dragon please

  41. Tjasa Kosir

    Tjasa Kosir7 dagar sedan


  42. Jager Baby

    Jager Baby7 dagar sedan

    Dylan: when people talk about best Disney soundtracks this ones gets left out Toy story: was made by Pixar Me: huh, I wonder why. (I know Disney owns Pixar now, but it wasnt actually made by Disney so its still Pixar to me)

  43. BreX419

    BreX4197 dagar sedan


  44. Irene Leonti

    Irene Leonti7 dagar sedan

    comment on the movie "it takes two" it was my fav movie when i was younger

  45. Megan Mcleod

    Megan Mcleod7 dagar sedan

    your clothing are making you lool like Shaggy from scooby doo it's the green shirt...

  46. Keya Advani

    Keya Advani8 dagar sedan

    Dylan, Sid is played by Erik von Detten the blond guy in The Princess Diaries the one who dates Mandy Moore in the film. :)

  47. Raven Vitale

    Raven Vitale8 dagar sedan

    If my cousin James ever crossed your path he’d prolly die bc he reminds me of Sid

  48. KeiththeChic

    KeiththeChic8 dagar sedan

    When he says that one human against a bunch of toys is an easy win.... has he not seen Small Soldiers? 😅

  49. DETECTIVE, detective?, DetEcTIve

    DETECTIVE, detective?, DetEcTIve8 dagar sedan

    17:17 it's a hooker 😂😂

  50. Melodi

    Melodi8 dagar sedan

    6:14 me trying to write a paper for script analysis 💀

  51. Hi

    Hi8 dagar sedan

    Wait was i the only one who thought Sid and Andy were the same kid till today

  52. Add Game

    Add Game9 dagar sedan

    after seeing the family guy parody, the song got ruined forever...

  53. Patty

    Patty9 dagar sedan

    Watch princess and the frog

  54. valentinechild

    valentinechild9 dagar sedan

    Please do a commentary of the first season of Shadow & Bone. ✨

  55. baya honorato

    baya honorato9 dagar sedan


  56. J money

    J money9 dagar sedan

    Dylan... Please do a commentary on A Babys day out!! I want to laugh cause you will hate it. 🤣🤣

  57. garbageboy stinkman

    garbageboy stinkman10 dagar sedan

    9:40 why he got so much beef with william jack poulter

  58. Shaleen Lee

    Shaleen Lee10 dagar sedan

    I would LOVE to watch you react to either "The Human Centipede" and/or "A Serbian Film". Can't wait!

  59. olivia figoli

    olivia figoli10 dagar sedan

    thats pixar not disney

  60. Didi Lee

    Didi Lee10 dagar sedan

    The way Dylan is having beef with a potato rn will never not be funny

  61. Evelina M

    Evelina M10 dagar sedan

    "Why is this dog smoking so many cigarettes? Has his voice always been raspy smoker?" Slinky Dog was played by Jim Varney, an actor most famous for portraying Ernest. He was a chain smoker and passed away from lung cancer shortly after the release of Toy Story 2.

  62. Lilly Brooks

    Lilly Brooks10 dagar sedan

    WATCH FEAR!!!!!!!!

  63. Caroline Balleza

    Caroline Balleza11 dagar sedan

    The horror movie Dollhouse and the woman who is murdered by a firing squad

  64. Jkraeg Productions

    Jkraeg Productions11 dagar sedan

    lawd i have the biggest crush on this stud.

  65. zoe dockstader

    zoe dockstader11 dagar sedan

    You should watch euphoria and share your commentary

  66. Natalie Mudra

    Natalie Mudra11 dagar sedan

    The movie: “there seems there seems to be no sign on intelligent life anywhere.” Dylan: *aggressively shoves sour patch kids into his mouth*

  67. Blakley Wright

    Blakley Wright11 dagar sedan

    I dont understand how u r 29, u look too good, plz stop.....

  68. pretty spectrum xxx

    pretty spectrum xxx11 dagar sedan

    I'm pretty sure the " We're not aiming for the truck" Is on our head because of that meme

  69. Sai Ledesma

    Sai Ledesma11 dagar sedan

    Move aside or there will be violence. Tiny Dylan: I choose violence.

  70. Phoebe Whisenant

    Phoebe Whisenant12 dagar sedan

    So a lot of Disney stories is based off of the Grimm Brothers fairytales. And although there wasn’t a joke on the bookshelf, there was a copy of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

  71. Lazy_Princess

    Lazy_Princess12 dagar sedan

    Is there any chance Dylan will do Toy Story 2 & 3?

  72. Charlie Chase

    Charlie Chase12 dagar sedan

    I love this movie so much. It’s funny that in the scene where woody is trap in the milk crate, the toolbox on top of the crate is a Binford Toolbox. Tim Allen worked for Binford on his show Home Improvement. Funny callback!

  73. Nat Cole

    Nat Cole12 dagar sedan

    You should see the Kung fu panda movies

  74. what's my name?

    what's my name?12 dagar sedan

    Dylan on the whole sid's taking toys apart and putting them together again in fucked ways, boi he's a straight up psychopath. Me: yup he's fucked, no sane person does that shit. seconds later: remembers Marzia exists 👀💦 oh no-

  75. Nikhita Kolloju

    Nikhita Kolloju12 dagar sedan

    I swear i need him to do a movie commentary on Raya and The Last Dragon xD

  76. Christiana Quintana

    Christiana Quintana12 dagar sedan

    Literally had a whole wtf thought for 10 minutes on how I didn't realize that Toy Story came out the year I was born. And then once that processed, then realizing I'm as old as Toy Story.

  77. Philip Canute

    Philip Canute13 dagar sedan

    *Eats expired candy* "🤢 what's happening to me?"

  78. Ms Perie

    Ms Perie13 dagar sedan

    Can you react to the movie Us and Ready or Not

  79. Jade Skye

    Jade Skye13 dagar sedan

    I hope this is followed up by toy story 2, which I will argue is better.

  80. Rose-Kella Seide

    Rose-Kella Seide13 dagar sedan

    I really like your commentaries, they crack me up. Please do Interstellar so i can rest in peace🙏🏾

  81. Jack Rodak the movie guy

    Jack Rodak the movie guy13 dagar sedan

    Your over here looking at a movie you call a childhood yet you keep cinemasinning it

  82. Marlin Otalvaro

    Marlin Otalvaro13 dagar sedan

    Theory: Buzz's fall was a suicide attempt if he could not make that jump,he was nothing and he couldn't live with that all of it was a lie *HE* was a lie he just wanted to die.

  83. Celina Gorzolka

    Celina Gorzolka13 dagar sedan

    Would you also comment on movies that are not American? I would love to see how you react to Bollywood movies, like 3 Idiots or Padmaavat.

  84. Rebecca Williamson

    Rebecca Williamson13 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: Dylan’s addiction to sour patch kids are edibles 😝

  85. Melodi

    Melodi14 dagar sedan

    11:32 yes they feel pain, but they're performers. They can't let their audience (humans) know. They have to be lifeless until they're alone

  86. Funky Dixie

    Funky Dixie14 dagar sedan

    Honestly who thought for years Jessy and Woody were and item?

  87. CheerUp2

    CheerUp214 dagar sedan

    Honestly I love the one with jessie the most!

  88. Emma Duncan

    Emma Duncan14 dagar sedan

    I’m so disappointed that Dylan didn’t find the hooker

  89. Nicholas Miller

    Nicholas Miller14 dagar sedan

    this is a prequel to Frankenstein just think about it sid puts parts of toys together to make a whole new toy and in the end they rebel

  90. Emma Gidlöf

    Emma Gidlöf14 dagar sedan

    Dylan you should watch a movie called Serial (Bad) Wedding or Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? wich is the original title. It is certainly...interesting.

  91. barbie k

    barbie k15 dagar sedan


  92. barbie k

    barbie k15 dagar sedan


  93. barbie k

    barbie k15 dagar sedan


  94. Giuliana G

    Giuliana G15 dagar sedan

    watch the first and last episode of miraculous ladybug

  95. Student Hudson

    Student Hudson15 dagar sedan

    U realizing the lights are the same lmaoooo

  96. Leslie Gonzalez

    Leslie Gonzalez15 dagar sedan

    Dylan your literally my comfort content creator thank you!!

  97. Isabelle Waldbillig

    Isabelle Waldbillig15 dagar sedan

    Woody more like animated Dylan

  98. Cookie Mocher

    Cookie Mocher15 dagar sedan

    Anyone else feel like your toys have feelings, it fucks with you

  99. Rachel K

    Rachel K15 dagar sedan

    Heart attack is your left arm, and is generally shooting pains, not numbness, as well as shooting pain in your left jaw. So there’s something else wrong with you lol.

  100. cassie Alexandre

    cassie Alexandre15 dagar sedan

    Can you do cheetah girls 1, 2 and 3