The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance! Watch as Jay Leno and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk take this new car for a spin. Then, you can catch this episode on demand now! Then tune in next week to Jay Leno's Garage, Wednesday 10P ET on CNBC!
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  1. Aidan 123

    Aidan 12341 minut sedan

    1:36 they pass by the Tesla Semitruck

  2. Sky Band

    Sky Band2 timmar sedan

    No side mirrors?

  3. Fat Worm

    Fat Worm2 timmar sedan

    They all look like bikers

  4. Maddy

    Maddy3 timmar sedan

    ellon outside : calm ellon inside : drive it carefully it costs $39900

  5. Jeff Gordon

    Jeff Gordon5 timmar sedan

    I want a truck to look like a pickup truck but this is cool

  6. joetabasco

    joetabasco5 timmar sedan

    Love this truck

  7. John Vansteenkiste

    John Vansteenkiste6 timmar sedan

    what happened to round & aerodynamics forms? this 'thing' looks like a lego block designed by a toddler

  8. John Smith

    John Smith6 timmar sedan

    I don't find it aesthetically pleasing at all.

  9. Marcus Lex

    Marcus Lex9 timmar sedan

    Now that is one ugly S.O.B.

  10. windyboy78

    windyboy7810 timmar sedan

    This world needs a dozen Elon's at this point in time. Imagine what could be achieved!

  11. Mo shi

    Mo shi12 timmar sedan

    Side mirror?

  12. Nathan Start

    Nathan Start12 timmar sedan

    If that thing is bullet-proof and dent proof where are the crumple zones? To absorb the force of impact.

  13. Ajmal sabir

    Ajmal sabir13 timmar sedan

    Wait a minute where is the headlamp?

  14. Biguitar

    Biguitar13 timmar sedan

    The designer certainly saw "The Invaders" in his childhood.

  15. Heather Kennedy

    Heather Kennedy15 timmar sedan

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  18. Ian Patt

    Ian Patt18 timmar sedan

    Someone that makes jay leno like broke!

  19. Jesse Loomes

    Jesse Loomes19 timmar sedan

    My 3 year old son could make a better looking car

  20. no thing

    no thing19 timmar sedan

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  21. Old & grumpy are you ready for your red pill

    Old & grumpy are you ready for your red pill20 timmar sedan

    Nah I’ll save and save cash for a 1960s 383 or 440 iron block . Its for a 1960’s Dodge dart . 1960’s Dodge charger or 1960 Dodge challenger . I don’t indorse anything new .

  22. Truman Burgess

    Truman Burgess22 timmar sedan

    Jay Leno drives like every old man: With his mouth perpetually open

  23. Rebel Sara

    Rebel Sara20 timmar sedan

    😂 😂

  24. Black Beard

    Black Beard22 timmar sedan

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  25. steve

    steve22 timmar sedan

    no mirrors?

  26. Michael Tamasoleng

    Michael Tamasoleng22 timmar sedan

    i heard something in 5:42

  27. Jesse

    Jesse22 timmar sedan

    Elon is the greatest

  28. Toni Johnson

    Toni Johnson23 timmar sedan

    make your garage to fit the truck, keep it big.

  29. Kale Kale

    Kale KaleDag sedan

    Dirty generics

  30. Морфиус Из Матрицы

    Морфиус Из МатрицыDag sedan

    Jpanther but no Gun Puck 8.8cm

  31. Haidar Jan

    Haidar JanDag sedan

    how can I watch this episode in Europe ?

  32. I'ma Fan

    I'ma FanDag sedan

    The glass can break tho

  33. Johnny Torres

    Johnny TorresDag sedan

    I wonder what his choice of DRUG is.

  34. Sean Calabro

    Sean CalabroDag sedan

    Hard to get used to the look. Today's truck manufacturers, produced trucks with more old-fashioned character. Wonder what they're. thinking. They will only be for the Rich and famous. The DeLorean look. All look the same.

  35. Axel

    AxelDag sedan

    real life tony stark and one of the most humble billionaire, and also a memer😎

  36. Chris Wyatt

    Chris WyattDag sedan

    Stupidest truck I have ever seen, jay is laughing like a madman in his mind.

  37. Wagner Portal

    Wagner PortalDag sedan

    Elon Musk products are Apocalypse proof ✅

  38. S S H H

    S S H HDag sedan

    Ugly design 🤨

  39. The Cane Slinger Cherryflexrattan

    The Cane Slinger CherryflexrattanDag sedan

    seems to steer really smoothy

  40. IIT Bombay student

    IIT Bombay studentDag sedan

    5:31 when you notice the password is 1234 Space X elevator having worlds easiest password😶😶

  41. jason clemmensen

    jason clemmensenDag sedan

    I always notice how jay leno never can stay in his lane

  42. 2poor!

    2poor!Dag sedan

    Bigger tires.

  43. Hamza Guzel

    Hamza GuzelDag sedan

    So basically....i drew this car back in kindergarten......so I got this idea for elon musk.....so that means that they owe me big amounts of money

  44. A Hobo

    A HoboDag sedan

    An Afternoon with Jay would be Boring Company

  45. Daisy Avenger

    Daisy AvengerDag sedan

    Is that more like a hatch back? Cool!

  46. Ruy Roberto

    Ruy RobertoDag sedan

    Elon is just living the dream...

  47. Nelson Cohen

    Nelson CohenDag sedan

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  48. A S

    A SDag sedan

    You know where stress is concentrated? Corners.

  49. Gobuilditbetter

    GobuilditbetterDag sedan

    Not really a truck if it can't tow a gooseneck. Just saying

  50. Tina fashion

    Tina fashionDag sedan

    Even if the car was free I wouldn’t want it 😂

  51. JFG

    JFGDag sedan

    Is delorean but is a truck pls make deloreans

  52. Dairy Adelphonse

    Dairy AdelphonseDag sedan

    the rims r ugly

  53. Rudy Ruiz

    Rudy RuizDag sedan

    When they allow you to super charge and stop disabling people's vehicles or putting them on some list for fixing thier own cars then they will have something. I hear you can't even get parts.

  54. Dorcas Bill

    Dorcas BillDag sedan

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  55. Moon Dg

    Moon DgDag sedan

    Elon : it's a car The actual car is truck a pickup truck.

  56. Viva

    VivaDag sedan

    If ELON can do it , we can do it too!

  57. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez2 dagar sedan

    "Why is it bulletproof" "BECAUSE IT'S BADASS"

  58. Ingmar Hollaar

    Ingmar Hollaar2 dagar sedan

    Everything is blocky. And now we need square tires.

  59. Sazer X

    Sazer X2 dagar sedan

    Give elon musk a chance to make batmobile.

  60. Oscar Torres Rodriguez

    Oscar Torres Rodriguez2 dagar sedan

    The deranged pelican genetically regret because odometer mainly matter forenenst a horrible grey. silly, substantial history

  61. Jynxsy

    Jynxsy2 dagar sedan

    Finally a car I can draw

  62. Agi Lara

    Agi Lara2 dagar sedan

    It looks like a car from Halo like you can break through rocks with it

  63. John S

    John S2 dagar sedan

    Just looking it seems roomy. I like it, I don't like feeling like a sardine. Nice job

  64. Roblox_craft guy

    Roblox_craft guy2 dagar sedan

    I would just buy a model 3

  65. Playstation2 Icon

    Playstation2 Icon2 dagar sedan

    You know when your satisfaction tolerance is high when you casually roll down a tunnel in a Tesla truck, confront an elevator that’s going to take you to another level and just nonchalantly go “oh very cool” 5:20

  66. Just some guy

    Just some guy2 dagar sedan

    Not only is the trunk strong enough to walk on, but the windows are very strong as well

  67. 8 wonder

    8 wonder2 dagar sedan

    badass truck design ugly it 💩💩💩

  68. lustSh4dow

    lustSh4dow2 dagar sedan

    that's the car from cyberpunk

  69. Julian Gallegos

    Julian Gallegos2 dagar sedan

    What is its towing capability?

  70. Miguel lopez

    Miguel lopez2 dagar sedan

    7,000lbs -14,000lbs and 3,500lb payload capacity.

  71. KoKLoL

    KoKLoL2 dagar sedan

    Stop cutting half the steering wheel of!


    INFINOW2 dagar sedan

    Bring it in india please

  73. William Hofmann

    William Hofmann2 dagar sedan

    nice cybertruck, but look at that 350z/370z in the back 1:59

  74. saipavan yerramsetti

    saipavan yerramsetti2 dagar sedan

    Where is head lights

  75. Sagar Sharma

    Sagar Sharma2 dagar sedan

    Elon is the coolest person

  76. old lady in a shoe

    old lady in a shoe2 dagar sedan

    this reminds me of ll cool j video car ride by with the booming systems

  77. 99Things

    99Things2 dagar sedan

    looks so cheap manufacture...

  78. Omkar Shinde

    Omkar Shinde2 dagar sedan

    That's why kids Petant you're car design kids

  79. Dee Magagula

    Dee Magagula2 dagar sedan

    I can tell the tunnel stint was spontaneous, that's why the cameras were set up ahead of the truck 😅

  80. Dhairya Pandya

    Dhairya Pandya2 dagar sedan

    Not you and me people like Elon needs to live longer


    BANG OBET2 dagar sedan

    Akhir nya gw bisa gambar mobil

  82. Sal Ikh

    Sal Ikh2 dagar sedan

    Where are the Sideview mirrors?

  83. Chippy Two

    Chippy Two2 dagar sedan

    my wife wants one

  84. YT yellow tag Gaming

    YT yellow tag Gaming2 dagar sedan

    He know about coronavirus so that’s why he didn’t release it in 2020

  85. N9nth Knight

    N9nth Knight2 dagar sedan

    The dumbest looking truck ever made

  86. driver 123

    driver 1232 dagar sedan

    sounds like a good truck to go into democratic lead states with.

  87. Whlzzy

    Whlzzy2 dagar sedan

    Jack needs to see this!! @JackSucksatLife

  88. Dan

    Dan2 dagar sedan

    How was it okayed to bore under LA like that? I guess money talks, and citizens walk.

  89. hussnain khurshid

    hussnain khurshid2 dagar sedan

    Hey what are u doing here .

  90. Kalvin One

    Kalvin One2 dagar sedan

    I'm looking for a 2 person Tesla motorcycle 4x4 in a Tesla standard (like the Qooder scooter, BMW C1 scooter, Renault Twizy but this one is too large to be in a motorcycle standard) but with roof and no helmet. Please Tesla make it possible !!

  91. Nordin Rasol

    Nordin Rasol2 dagar sedan

    were are the mirrors

  92. Richard Gere

    Richard Gere2 dagar sedan


  93. mb alfadly

    mb alfadly2 dagar sedan

    Ok ... Sorry but the design isnt entering my head and not my cup of tea ... I mean why didnt he make it look like a normal truck .. just a little

  94. Miguel lopez

    Miguel lopez2 dagar sedan

    its design is to make it very cheap to manufacture and while still offering good capability for a price comparable to gas trucks, every other EV truck out there does less and cost more. he is also a fan of cyberpunk and wanted to do this as a side project, a more traditional truck may come later.

  95. timothy hilton

    timothy hilton3 dagar sedan

    With elon's maturity the price might change to 420.000

  96. Gaurav playzz

    Gaurav playzz3 dagar sedan

    Finally a car that I can draw

  97. Lightning

    Lightning3 dagar sedan

    That desighner is not a desighner hes a man who has nothing but a ruler

  98. Andrew Frelich

    Andrew Frelich3 dagar sedan

    More like an electric el camino

  99. Cd Garcia

    Cd Garcia3 dagar sedan

    Jay: ...the boring machine and the tunnel Elons face:🙄

  100. BIGPAUL

    BIGPAUL3 dagar sedan

    So the password for the elevator is 1234#

  101. Gringodingo7

    Gringodingo73 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait for a car with multiple crumple zones

  102. Nimbus MUTANT

    Nimbus MUTANT3 dagar sedan

    I see it I wanna diesel swap it sooooo bad🤣😂

  103. ThoughtlessGaming

    ThoughtlessGaming3 dagar sedan

    Did they not play the phub theme at 5:43