Here’s a skit of a kid arguing with his teacher saying he’s to smart for his grade #Shorts


  1. Noya San

    Noya San35 minuter sedan

    The smile for me

  2. Sylvia Parker

    Sylvia Parker37 minuter sedan

    He has really yellow teeth

  3. eyepatch_k

    eyepatch_kTimme sedan

    Give his degree bruh*

  4. Random Crap

    Random Crap2 timmar sedan

    This is sorta a dirty minded test because when I gave him this he answered all correctly but inappropriately

  5. king fam king

    king fam king3 timmar sedan

    Me: what does he mean??? Me: 5 seconds later Me: *realize*

  6. Alfred Udekwelu

    Alfred Udekwelu3 timmar sedan

    Teacher: What starts with f and ends with k. Student: Firetruck Me: I thought you were going to say f**k

  7. uhoh

    uhoh4 timmar sedan

    I felt my brain cells dying

  8. Your Local Weeb :3

    Your Local Weeb :34 timmar sedan

    I really thought this dude was gonna be dirty haha... Well done child you are now pUrE

  9. Leonna Plays

    Leonna Plays5 timmar sedan


  10. YoSaturn

    YoSaturn5 timmar sedan

    Another question to add: Why don’t you brush your teeth

  11. Kian Jazzel Carillo

    Kian Jazzel Carillo5 timmar sedan

    *what does your pants have that i dont have* Me: 😂😳😳😳

  12. ToastiDemon_

    ToastiDemon_5 timmar sedan

    I mean what else did you think..? Like bruh If u swore I swear to god

  13. Tyler Canada

    Tyler Canada6 timmar sedan

    Teacher: what do you have in your pants that I don’t? Me: peni.... Him:pockets! Me:oh shit

  14. Immerse Grafx

    Immerse Grafx6 timmar sedan


  15. Baller Hot

    Baller Hot6 timmar sedan

    Finally second shitty I’ve seen of this guy that has comments enabled

  16. Baller Hot

    Baller Hot6 timmar sedan

    Commenter here

  17. Laiba Irfan

    Laiba Irfan6 timmar sedan

    Well I loved it this guy is smart

  18. Even the Steven

    Even the Steven6 timmar sedan

    Instead of fire truck I'll probably would have answered funk

  19. Marko Bogović

    Marko Bogović6 timmar sedan

    Tik tok is infecting SEtoos

  20. GetGood69

    GetGood697 timmar sedan

    Brush yo teeth

  21. haha go brr

    haha go brr7 timmar sedan

    whats the song

  22. KingBushPupa Gaming

    KingBushPupa Gaming7 timmar sedan


  23. OneTortle

    OneTortle7 timmar sedan

    Surely he must know that nobody likes this shit right??? Right??

  24. Vanessa Walsh

    Vanessa Walsh8 timmar sedan


  25. BlocksAndMines 507

    BlocksAndMines 5079 timmar sedan

    A Principle will never do that.

  26. Hunor.

    Hunor.9 timmar sedan

    I love that this place isnt filled wih drama or charlie fans

  27. Jillian Y

    Jillian Y9 timmar sedan

    In his pants...? Infront of the principal?

  28. Jade games

    Jade games9 timmar sedan

    My oh my can someone brain wash me 👁️👄👁️

  29. Fancy Roxxi

    Fancy Roxxi9 timmar sedan

    Principal: What starts with F and ends with K Me thinking: F!Ck Disclaimer I don’t mean this exactly

  30. Dominique Abejuela

    Dominique Abejuela11 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: I didnt get it

  31. Primrose Shyla Werner-Scalf

    Primrose Shyla Werner-Scalf11 timmar sedan

    The real test is if he can answer all his “mothers “ questions correctly

  32. sänduu :D

    sänduu :D12 timmar sedan


  33. Silmi Kyuudツ

    Silmi Kyuudツ12 timmar sedan

    The last questions the principal probably thinks of the f-

  34. fairyTAE's Wifeu

    fairyTAE's Wifeu12 timmar sedan

    I've read this somewhere on social media for like 5 years ago

  35. Hazzmatt_dude Animations

    Hazzmatt_dude Animations13 timmar sedan

    "What do you have in your pants that I dont have?" I expected this to go much differently..

  36. Fâtal Mißtake

    Fâtal Mißtake13 timmar sedan

    Principle is too pp

  37. Nolan Hicks

    Nolan Hicks14 timmar sedan

    You are the reason people are deaf

  38. elxyian

    elxyian14 timmar sedan

    Who heard dirty questions

  39. Mr Detective

    Mr Detective14 timmar sedan

    POV: the only word u came up with was f*Ck

  40. Juliet Goto

    Juliet Goto18 timmar sedan


  41. CoPaKa

    CoPaKa18 timmar sedan

    Im reporting this for terrorism XD

  42. Battleblock dude: the return

    Battleblock dude: the return19 timmar sedan

    My mans moves like he was programmed with 5 animations

  43. 레노아Rhennoa

    레노아Rhennoa19 timmar sedan

    who studied multiplication when were just grade 1??

  44. Ferry Muhammad Nur

    Ferry Muhammad Nur20 timmar sedan

    First guy: "i'm smarter than a Third grade" Me: "but your mental and attitude isn't quite ready yet"

  45. nyxny

    nyxny20 timmar sedan

    the last question was like 🥴

  46. HastyPopcorn

    HastyPopcorn22 timmar sedan

    where is the funny?

  47. Nightmare

    Nightmare22 timmar sedan

    Comedy isn't for everyone guys

  48. Bluely Clues

    Bluely Clues23 timmar sedan

    "what do you have in your pants that I don't have "🙄 don't you dare say that

  49. Euphoria

    Euphoria23 timmar sedan

    So not being dirty minded means youre smart-

  50. James

    James23 timmar sedan

    This... a little cringy

  51. Branon Howard

    Branon Howard23 timmar sedan

    that kid should go into a lifestyle that whenever somebody tries to cuss he blocks them off and says something like fire truck

  52. ғᴇᴀʀʟᴇss

    ғᴇᴀʀʟᴇssDag sedan


  53. Michelle Adanna

    Michelle AdannaDag sedan

    I just sent this message to see how to edit lol😂 I T W O R K S

  54. Uzair Akram

    Uzair AkramDag sedan

    That smile at the end

  55. Royale Siah

    Royale SiahDag sedan

    Back then in my second grade, Someone was smart as him in the video to.

  56. Aspexx _

    Aspexx _Dag sedan

    Brush yo teeth bro 😭

  57. Alicia Ward

    Alicia WardDag sedan

    I had completely different answers for what the teacher asked

  58. Seanomatic

    SeanomaticDag sedan

    Man makes Lele pons look like the best comedian

  59. Huh, that's interesting

    Huh, that's interestingDag sedan

    Wtf is this. How did straight tiktok end up on SEtoos.

  60. JoJo Reference

    JoJo ReferenceDag sedan

    Oh forgot the link

  61. andonis moraitis

    andonis moraitisDag sedan

    He wrote principal wrong

  62. IsaacHutty

    IsaacHuttyDag sedan

    I’m smarter THeN her too! Bruh you can’t even properly use the English language... lol

  63. TherealestQueen 2020

    TherealestQueen 2020Dag sedan

    I- you spelt *principle* wrong

  64. Ali F Khalil

    Ali F KhalilDag sedan

    The curtain behind him is useless?

  65. •єlιzαвєтн αfтøи•

    •єlιzαвєтн αfтøи•Dag sedan


  66. my gaming logic

    my gaming logicDag sedan

    I missed the funny part

  67. hello there

    hello thereDag sedan

    That face makes me belive that he likes kids

  68. Collin Galey

    Collin GaleyDag sedan

    What starts with f and ends with k? The f word -_-

  69. Hance Arenajo

    Hance ArenajoDag sedan


  70. 14vidit

    14viditDag sedan

    Teacher: What starts with 'F' and ends with 'K' ? Me: Oh F*** Wait that's the word, say it Luke Luke: F i R e T r U c K Me: I think I am not in a good company

  71. Sawant Studios

    Sawant StudiosDag sedan

    This is hilarious

  72. distraught

    distraughtDag sedan

    oh wow. this is so funny. i forgot to laugh.

  73. Madeline Vega

    Madeline VegaDag sedan

    He said he got the last four wrong that means he didint know fk

  74. Rxtro Vibez

    Rxtro VibezDag sedan

    Imagine Being In bed rn and In the comments Couldn’t be you, yeah you

  75. Lorans God

    Lorans GodDag sedan

    Wash your teeth may dude

  76. Tired_watermellon Fed boi

    Tired_watermellon Fed boiDag sedan

    He’s got all the swag

  77. Malohn

    MalohnDag sedan

    This guy is too young to be this much of a boomer.

  78. Adyson Carmichael

    Adyson CarmichaelDag sedan

    My dad got moved from grade one two grade to because he would learn what his brother was doing because he was interested but then in like grade seven he got held back I don’t know why tho.

  79. Mike Smith

    Mike SmithDag sedan

    What the heck is this Lameness?

  80. saint lolgotem

    saint lolgotemDag sedan

    Man used the wrong “than”

  81. fat boi l

    fat boi lDag sedan

    His face at the end I'm dead☠💀

  82. Fox lobe

    Fox lobeDag sedan

    Everyone: This dude smart! Me: I'm so dirty minded. 😳

  83. dylan the ultimate gamer

    dylan the ultimate gamerDag sedan

    Bruh his teeth look more yellow then the yellow brick road.

  84. MirageToTactical

    MirageToTacticalDag sedan

    Damn the 1st question was hard

  85. Shanaly

    ShanalyDag sedan

    Loving that they spelt principal wrong

  86. Paul Inparadise

    Paul InparadiseDag sedan

    What do you have in your pans that I don’t have. xD

  87. drippin luv

    drippin luv2 dagar sedan

    Where's funny also wash ur teeth

  88. Luke Renner

    Luke Renner2 dagar sedan

    Bruh I could’ve skipped school if I wasn’t socially awkward at school ._.

  89. Alex Montes

    Alex Montes2 dagar sedan

    bro ending up every sentence like😃

  90. Melo Dellacca

    Melo Dellacca2 dagar sedan

    Dirty minds be like: oh sh!t

  91. puffer fish

    puffer fish2 dagar sedan

    Why does this have so many likes

  92. Richyrusti 2.0

    Richyrusti 2.02 dagar sedan

    When she said : What begins with F and ends with K I thought of the word Fu*k 🤣🤣🤣

  93. jnikittyplays Genre All!

    jnikittyplays Genre All!2 dagar sedan


  94. MissNoName

    MissNoName2 dagar sedan

    “What do you have in your pants that I don’t have?” “Pockets” It do be true tho- Why don’t girls get to have pockets? T^T

  95. Tyler Canada

    Tyler Canada6 timmar sedan

    I thought he meant something else 😏

  96. Geo Rychel

    Geo Rychel2 dagar sedan

    I can see were this was going, luckily it didn’t turn that way 🤣🤣

  97. Doggo

    Doggo2 dagar sedan

    when the impostor is SUS!! 😵😳

  98. brain damaged banana

    brain damaged banana2 dagar sedan

    This is real on the first grade i scored so high that my teacher contactes the ministry of learning and requested a special exam so i can skip some grades to reach a fair tests with older kids and they gave me it i was supposed to get promoted to 5th grade but my parents declined in fear that i will get bullied

  99. V

    V2 dagar sedan

    I really was out heere saying “eyes” when they asked the cow question 💀

  100. Isabelle Stanley

    Isabelle Stanley2 dagar sedan

    Cows have 4 eyes. 👀 👄 👀 🐄

  101. Boris Bobbington

    Boris Bobbington2 dagar sedan

    These videos are engineered to be so awful that the human brain watches them with fascinated disgust, and wants to see how bad the next one is, explaining his “popularity”

  102. Bester Jester

    Bester Jester2 dagar sedan

    so this is humor now,,,