Oh No.... 😂

Got myself into a sticky situation there 😂


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    To the “early people” you’re a legend and adorable also a true “fan” God bless you

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    @Bafoonior true

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    lol wth

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    @LkokamiLP eui

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    I am very worried that SEtoos is slowly transforming into a degenerate cringe tiktok platform please help spread the word

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    Go to description and look at the music in the video

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    Wowwww !!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!

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    Huh the tape was still on I watched that several time and I still didn't get it THE TAPE WAS STILL ON?!!?!?!!?!?!? am I blind did I miss something?!


    SARANYA A/P SOMASUNDARAM Moe2 dagar sedan

    how how how how how impossible it's cheating show me how if not your cheater how

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    Me how are you doing that it’s literally taped up how

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    Dan is always clapping his hands when he's done ✅

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    Check out Britain’s got talent because this guy is in got talent

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    I am confused

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    That gay acting is what made you popular be proud on your gay acting.

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    I know how to do the thumb is not really firmly glued

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    so cool bro

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    Oh No

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    He’s the type of guy to like his own “he’s the type of guy” comment, just so that other people can see it, just to find out that people will forget about it in 2 seconds... I liked this comment

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    Bro this has so much views

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    Your cool man I will subscribe you

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    107 million views!?!

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    I had to replay the video 3 times to see how he got the scissors on his thumb 😂

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    Praying inner peace😌🤲


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    You Hacker 😂👌

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    How did you do that

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    This is the best magic trick.

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    I was studying all the tricks you show

  39. Gaming Vlog

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    You are in Britain got talent.

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    Pure cringe content

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    That freaking song

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    How? I can't get

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    Can u again explain


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    Lol visa dig potato crane

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    Si heskej

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    I watched it carefully so simple

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    He has somethin on his pulgars nail so he can slide the fingef

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    Oh no i think this not the good idea 😮

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    Like actually how did you do that?

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    107 million views...

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    I love you videos!!!😆

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    So nice

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    oh no

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    oh no

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    i like him his the best all of you too!🙂🙂🙂🙂

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    Thanks for 50 ab 100 krwa do please 😘❤️

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    Fastest brother 🐱

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    Wait a minute how can you do that?!

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    Are we just going to ignore his acting!? He is overacting a lot

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    Prank man

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    المقاس كان مقسور

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    Acho que sou a única brasileira aq 🤔

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    Cómo le hico no manches

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    طلعا ب ايدك الثاني هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههۃ

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    How is he gonna take that off😂😂😂

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    How'd this get 100million veiws wtf

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    Yeah wthh

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    How this get so many comments?!

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    I don't get how u did it

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    He is making stacks off of you guys calling him cringe

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    Stop that counting sound. I have to always look for muting your videos.

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    Eres un mentiroso

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    Aca esta el comentario en español que buscabas 🙂

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    EVAN 7 •• FILM OUT IS ART11 dagar sedan


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    Öhhhhh wie

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    Oh wat ever

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    The scissor is cute

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    We are not fool like you

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    Kese howa ye

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    Wait -- how?? That was good magic!

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    He’s the type of guy that would eat cereal with a spork.

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    He's the type of a guy who just waste my time watching this

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    Why he say shhh for?

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    Me: 👁️👄👁️

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    Have some shame and stop posting videos

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    He’s the type of guy that as a kid was obsessed with Minecraft with the creeper hoodie and stuff idk no hate

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    I hate people like this so much my god