making imaginary cake - the Slav Souffle

follow your dreams. especially if they are cake related.
100g halva (sunflower seed preferred)
50g melted butter
100g sour cream (30% preferred)
160g soviet tea cookies (vanilla flavoured)
250g quark/cottage cheese
100g sour cream (30% preferred)
4tbsp sweetened condensed milk
some peel of lemon
half lemon's juice
some milk chocolate
mix together halva with sour cream. mix until blended.
add crushed cookies and melted butter. mix.
put into a cake tin and refrigerate.
mix tvorog, sour cream and condensed milk.
add shavings of lemon and lemon juice.
spread topping on the base evenly.
add shavings of milk chocolate on top.
let cool down in refrigerator.
eat. enjoy. stay cheeki breeki.

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  1. Akim Ji Khan

    Akim Ji Khan11 timmar sedan

    Is Boris trying to make cheese cake?

  2. INK! sans YouTube

    INK! sans YouTube2 dagar sedan

    I made it. It. Was.the best.

  3. DeadShotGaming321

    DeadShotGaming3213 dagar sedan

    Vadim strikes again.

  4. 8bit_Aviation

    8bit_Aviation3 dagar sedan

    Sooo boris make polish chocolate block bc you soviets make us polish eat brim and rations from polish cows so do

  5. Don Cavaloñ

    Don Cavaloñ5 dagar sedan

    лимон халва это имя я придумал sorry if i mispeled anything i'm still learning russian, and is took me 15 minutes to write this

  6. Shoryuken9k

    Shoryuken9k5 dagar sedan

    Is there a substitute for Halva? i live in america, so i dont think i can get any here.... ;-; also soviet tea cookies.

  7. DatRandomWott? eee

    DatRandomWott? eee6 dagar sedan

    call it the blyatcake

  8. WhereIsAlex ?

    WhereIsAlex ?7 dagar sedan

    Boris being able to analyse how a cake was made purely from remembering the texture and flavor shows actual chef skills. The fact that he remembered those things from a dream shows skills of a masterchef

  9. Bremen Fathan fachrudin

    Bremen Fathan fachrudin8 dagar sedan

    halva cheese cake

  10. Rhys Jenkins

    Rhys Jenkins10 dagar sedan

    The first one looks like a gypsy tart a English cake

  11. Aelar55

    Aelar5510 dagar sedan

    "if you do not start you cannot fail or succed" words of wisdom from the slav king

  12. ButterMilk -

    ButterMilk -10 dagar sedan

    Hmm Do you mean cheese cake and the factory is juniors cheesecake factory in Nyc?

  13. Karm P

    Karm P10 dagar sedan

    Late, but i submit thename: factory lunch dream

  14. Petr Říha

    Petr Říha11 dagar sedan

    Boris i wonder what history Is behind you And Slavtek Channel you mentioned? It has no videos And 40k subs Now

  15. Namikaze Sasuke

    Namikaze Sasuke11 dagar sedan

    If you don't start you cannot fail, or succeed. Okay that's deep

  16. Just a Payday2 Gang

    Just a Payday2 Gang11 dagar sedan


  17. E B

    E B12 dagar sedan

    I think Boris finally made babushka proud he has mastered all levels of cooking including food that doesn't even exist

  18. endlessmasks

    endlessmasks12 dagar sedan

    thank you for saying blender is for weak people i feel less bad about being too poor to afford one lol

  19. Harcos

    Harcos13 dagar sedan

    6:33 Japanese Boris.

  20. Al Imran

    Al Imran13 dagar sedan

    Cake does not taste like in the dream Boris: "Vadim blyat!!!"

  21. KGB

    KGB14 dagar sedan

    now that is every little soviet children's dreams

  22. RafusTeno

    RafusTeno15 dagar sedan

    "Can't go wrong with grated chocolate, pancake" -- Subtitles 2020

  23. BroadChest

    BroadChest15 dagar sedan

    Anybody know the beckground music ??

  24. Noob

    Noob16 dagar sedan

    The smell is problably vadim fart

  25. Vague Films

    Vague Films17 dagar sedan

    Boris cake

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  27. comrade American

    comrade American18 dagar sedan

    So basically you've made cheesecake

  28. Yoda?

    Yoda?18 dagar sedan

    He literally just dreamt this thing up.

  29. Dusk Moss

    Dusk Moss19 dagar sedan

    Those look like failed attempts at making key lime pie

  30. Dusk Moss

    Dusk Moss19 dagar sedan

    Look up cookie cake it is thin and if correct smooth it is common in America

  31. Dusk Moss

    Dusk Moss19 dagar sedan

    Sams club bakery

  32. Isaac Kessler

    Isaac Kessler20 dagar sedan

    Если товарищи интересуются, чем занимается Бабушка, то она на КВ-2 с русским Сырь Бориса.

  33. Marek Uram

    Marek Uram21 dag sedan

    Vadim blyaaaaaat.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. PiX911 Gaming

    PiX911 Gaming22 dagar sedan

    Boris? Wtf have you done? jk this is going in history. Well done тоаврищ!

  35. Darkyh Red

    Darkyh Red22 dagar sedan

    What halva and where do I get it

  36. Alyssa Schmitt

    Alyssa Schmitt22 dagar sedan

    If I'm not wrong this looks a lot like a no bake cheesecake. Like a lot.

  37. Edmund Jonathan

    Edmund Jonathan23 dagar sedan

    You can name it slav lot

  38. MM Studio

    MM Studio24 dagar sedan

    Estonian cockies

  39. ReactorNR.4

    ReactorNR.424 dagar sedan

    I hope in my lifetime Babish makes a episode about this cake (Yes I know that he only makes food from Film and TV but i can still dream)

  40. Mustang De Man

    Mustang De Man24 dagar sedan

    I declare this cake to go by the name of The Boris Chiffon!

  41. Feather_ Ace

    Feather_ Ace25 dagar sedan

    The perfect name the slavic cream cake

  42. Vokuno

    Vokuno25 dagar sedan


  43. Kilikus

    Kilikus25 dagar sedan

    When Russians take the proverb "Trust, but verify" so seriously they they do it to their dreams too.

  44. Alu Hasbar

    Alu Hasbar25 dagar sedan

    yeah I did this to, Dreaming of Waifu, might not wake forever

  45. Panchi El chido

    Panchi El chido25 dagar sedan

    2:34 "Mix like you know what month it is" Video was posted in November Boris is a man of culture

  46. pixelplayz34

    pixelplayz3425 dagar sedan

    Here's a little something for you We don't actually know for sure if the cake he made actually was the one he dreamed, but from his reaction it must be just as good

  47. Gubbels

    Gubbels26 dagar sedan

    This is exactly how I come up with my recipes. Babushka loves it when I get in the kitchen to make something like this.

  48. unknow unknown

    unknow unknown26 dagar sedan

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  51. Huntersphilbers36 Chen

    Huntersphilbers36 Chen29 dagar sedan

    You need to go with the American style of cake. Fluffy and light covered with frosting.

  52. Polska Irlandia

    Polska Irlandia29 dagar sedan

    0:41 Eueeeeghww Slav noise guide 101

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    BioGaming96Månad sedan

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    Leontin DiaconiucMånad sedan

    A true artist always uses Mauviel sauce pans!!!

  55. Viper 99

    Viper 99Månad sedan

    It is the literal cake of dreams!!!!

  56. The Tsar Of Salt

    The Tsar Of SaltMånad sedan

    Good to see he used the correct dream conversion of 1 dream cake = 1 real pie!

  57. Betty Oop

    Betty OopMånad sedan

    Put creamcheese in it instead of cottage cheese blin 👍 ( or mascarpone) you can call it “Borismu” Slavic Tiramisu.

  58. Annie H

    Annie HMånad sedan

    No-Bake Cheesecake. Good stuff!

  59. Elmojomo

    ElmojomoMånad sedan

    This the first Boris cooking video where he makes something (3 somethings) that look legit nasty. I wouldn't eat any of those 3 "cakes" for any amount of money. I lie. Send offers, we can talk.

  60. Mário Podolan

    Mário PodolanMånad sedan

    yeah.. good luck explaining tvaroh

  61. PizzaAndCats27

    PizzaAndCats27Månad sedan


  62. OneSaltyBruh

    OneSaltyBruhMånad sedan

    I’m still surprised that Boris didn’t think of using halva for the first cake

  63. Lockheed C-130 Hercules

    Lockheed C-130 Hercules28 dagar sedan

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    Raoul PersonaMånad sedan

    god he's great thank you boris

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    Niek SchramaMånad sedan

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    Nabilah zahraMånad sedan

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    Mantas DudaMånad sedan

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  72. Aljosa Antic

    Aljosa AnticMånad sedan

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  73. coolgamer 13

    coolgamer 13Månad sedan

    Cake of your dreams.

  74. Cristescu Stefan Cosmin

    Cristescu Stefan CosminMånad sedan

    Mid life crises wtf do you do if you followed your dreams and made them real Well guess this is the day that I die

  75. ninjadude1021

    ninjadude1021Månad sedan

    Boris, I am your American Counterpart

  76. Lucius Drăculea

    Lucius DrăculeaMånad sedan

    I think it should be called "Slav Dream Cake"... because honestly, what kinda slav doesn't like halva? lol

  77. anonymous 11

    anonymous 11Månad sedan

    Hey Boris, You're a SEtoos superstar in my book bro.

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  79. The Brotherhood

    The BrotherhoodMånad sedan

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  80. Rutkata Bg

    Rutkata BgMånad sedan

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    Sodkumagaras DODMånad sedan

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    NullexMånad sedan

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  89. Nullex

    NullexMånad sedan

    Hm- i want to make it cause it looks rather nice, yet the power to make halva and break my wallet to buy tons of sunflower seeds still beats me, YET i will make this someday blin

  90. iafozzac

    iafozzacMånad sedan

    If you were to add a couple egg yolks, the base would pretty much be like that of an Italian crostata

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    psychopathicMånad sedan

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    Coretta HaMånad sedan

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    Fiche MicroMånad sedan

    omg, in America we call that Icebox Cake, and it was served at school

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