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  1. devonmck

    devonmckTimme sedan

    David: 😁🤣😎😍 Maddison: 😊🤩😎😮 Jason: 😅🙄😉🙃 Natalie the entire video: 😶😶😶😶

  2. Jasmine Neal

    Jasmine Neal2 timmar sedan


  3. Journey Cruz

    Journey Cruz2 timmar sedan

    her hands freak me out I’m so sorry

  4. Alejandra Lopez

    Alejandra Lopez2 timmar sedan

    here before david gets cancelled by d'angelo wallace

  5. Xander Kim

    Xander Kim2 timmar sedan

    jason looked so hurt about the kite and david hit him with the sponsor lmao

  6. Danielle Angel Nieves

    Danielle Angel Nieves3 timmar sedan

    Uhmm so who's the shitter?

  7. Michael Kiley

    Michael Kiley3 timmar sedan

    Taht shitting Elizabeth

  8. serhat ayebe

    serhat ayebe3 timmar sedan

    Please someone tell Natalie to leave david alone


    LOCKDOWN4 timmar sedan

    Ask her about the black protest stunt she did

  10. Juan Ruiz

    Juan Ruiz4 timmar sedan

    David hairline is fucked

  11. Alvi AR

    Alvi AR5 timmar sedan

    I've been into Bewbs since I was born.

  12. Moegoe FN

    Moegoe FN5 timmar sedan

    Oh fuck its Sara

  13. 666flags

    666flags6 timmar sedan

    Such excellent time having wasSA’d

  14. Chey Smallz

    Chey Smallz6 timmar sedan

    34:50 I really felt that especially last night ...

  15. Chey Smallz

    Chey Smallz6 timmar sedan

    It’s freaking me out that she has her shoes on that type of couch 🥲

  16. Martin Afghahi

    Martin Afghahi6 timmar sedan

    Is it just me or does natalie look older and less attractive than before

  17. Danielle Angel Nieves

    Danielle Angel Nieves3 timmar sedan

    I think just in comparison to Madison she makes everyone around her look less attractive

  18. Kristina

    Kristina6 timmar sedan

    Madison trying to flirt and connect with David and David casually joking abt it to right it off bc he’s so clearly hung up on Liza🥺 Feel for both of them

  19. txllyz

    txllyz6 timmar sedan

    I had the best birthday gift.. born on feb 27 and got a whole album 😁

  20. PunkinKween

    PunkinKween7 timmar sedan

    Jason: "You can't get this on Fallon" 🤣😂🤣

  21. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy7 timmar sedan

    Madison - “I never wrote a lyric about you” David- turns to honey ad 😂

  22. Rhian Corcoran

    Rhian Corcoran7 timmar sedan

    Anxious about her shoes on the fresh cream chair all the way through 😅

  23. Oscar Aragon

    Oscar Aragon7 timmar sedan

    They’re deleting comments

  24. Sajjad The Spammer

    Sajjad The Spammer4 timmar sedan

    Damage control

  25. Sajjad The Spammer

    Sajjad The Spammer4 timmar sedan


  26. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy7 timmar sedan

    Welcmome tooo vIeWs

  27. James Hernandez

    James Hernandez7 timmar sedan

    alright, im really loving this host type thing davids doing. i can see this becoming a huge thing for his future.

  28. Ryan Twist

    Ryan Twist8 timmar sedan

    Anyone else see how Madison looks at David

  29. Brandon Kubota

    Brandon Kubota8 timmar sedan

    Bruh it’s crazy how David just turns her down but anyone would not do that if they were normal but David is David I guess it’s his choice.

  30. Taylor Marie

    Taylor Marie9 timmar sedan

    awww this makes me feel single

  31. João Francisco

    João Francisco9 timmar sedan

    I just started watching your videos today, how do i stop? i mean, i have a math test tomorrow...

  32. joshua kim

    joshua kim9 timmar sedan

    The utopian dentist sadly inject because interviewer disturbingly yell upon a waiting interactive. spiteful, plant taiwan

  33. Senpai_ Catracho

    Senpai_ Catracho10 timmar sedan

    David and Madison would look so cute together it’s killing me

  34. Jackie Borg

    Jackie Borg10 timmar sedan

    Own up to your shit

  35. lizzieblonde

    lizzieblonde10 timmar sedan

    Are you going to face up to all your bullying anytime soon David?

  36. Bassel Wassouf

    Bassel Wassouf10 timmar sedan

    A podcast is great to listen to but its pretty damn hard to not WATCH this when the cast is so fine. Been struggling to get work done with this on

  37. crybully

    crybully10 timmar sedan

    David preys on broken, vulnerable people.

  38. UnDeaD_c_718_ w

    UnDeaD_c_718_ w12 timmar sedan

    david and madison have mad chemistry

  39. ana banana

    ana banana13 timmar sedan

    petition for jason to be shown more on camera. come on david

  40. J

    J13 timmar sedan

    Why would he not date Madison Beer, he must be gay

  41. Robert McCreary

    Robert McCreary14 timmar sedan

    When shit hits the fan are yall still a fan?

  42. Bryan

    Bryan14 timmar sedan

    Welcmome tooo vIeWs

  43. Regino Pena

    Regino Pena16 timmar sedan

    Jason is a fuccing wing man 😭😭 my dawgg 😈

  44. Johnny Lema

    Johnny Lema17 timmar sedan

    The grumpy kettle spectacularly offend because pruner revealingly cycle past a jumbled aries. elastic, large tub

  45. Matthew Shaw

    Matthew Shaw17 timmar sedan

    Can they just shut up and date already ahha

  46. Arda Arda

    Arda Arda18 timmar sedan

    Davids shy lol

  47. J.A.K Lalu

    J.A.K Lalu18 timmar sedan

    Just Date Guys ????

  48. Jake Soldat

    Jake Soldat19 timmar sedan

    The statuesque hacksaw neatly signal because drink maternally realise save a mean reason. keen, dazzling router

  49. Connorjulian 69

    Connorjulian 6919 timmar sedan

    David really rejected madison beer

  50. Deeznutz :

    Deeznutz :20 timmar sedan

    Tr1$ha pay7a$

  51. Anthony Ight

    Anthony Ight21 timme sedan

    8:45 when my mom is telling me the reason that the school called

  52. GigaRex 800

    GigaRex 80021 timme sedan

    I'm only watching this cause it's the closest thing I have to David's vlogs

  53. Super girly gamer

    Super girly gamer23 timmar sedan

    Ummm I'm sorry.No...............

  54. Double D

    Double DDag sedan

    I feel like Natalie gets tired of David

  55. The Other Giraffe

    The Other GiraffeDag sedan

    23:48 And he still rejected u lmao


    VISIONS SKATE831Dag sedan

    David, she wants u😁

  57. Cs_cringe Boy

    Cs_cringe BoyDag sedan

    Oh ya that’s her friend amy

  58. kuristaja

    kuristajaDag sedan

    just be together ffs.

  59. Jordan Gamble

    Jordan GambleDag sedan

    Feel bad for ya brotha obviously in love with Natalie

  60. montana cady

    montana cadyDag sedan

    Is this the guy who abuses his employees?

  61. M5

    M54 timmar sedan

    @icedbannanas COVID Deniers? Or how about having a brain and realizing that COVID is no different then the flu you sheep. My fat overweight aunt who has been smoking cigarettes for 35 years got COVID. All she had was a cough. Maybe if you realized nobody is dying for COVID you wouldn't be such a clown?

  62. icedbannanas

    icedbannanas5 timmar sedan

    @Scott Bucher because...?

  63. icedbannanas

    icedbannanas5 timmar sedan

    @M5 Love it, covid deniers are part of David's fanbase. Makes sense tbh.

  64. M5

    M59 timmar sedan

    @icedbannanas Moron. Go where your mask LMFAO, remember "2 weeks to flatten the curve" HAHAAHAH

  65. Scott Bucher

    Scott Bucher10 timmar sedan

    @icedbannanas you're ignorant

  66. Ashlynn Streamland

    Ashlynn StreamlandDag sedan

    idk why the mics bother me..

  67. Johnson Patrick

    Johnson PatrickDag sedan

    1 year David career will fail. Finally always knew this guy was slimy, just by his fake smile.

  68. Johnson Patrick

    Johnson Patrick16 timmar sedan

    @hmm ? he tricked a guy to kiss a guy because he was black and knew he would get shit for it in his neighborhood. Also it’s just gross to trick someone into thinking they will kiss a girl but it’s actually a 40 year man.

  69. hmm ?

    hmm ?17 timmar sedan

    huh what are you talkin about, did he get exposed or sum

  70. Jacqueline Rodriguez

    Jacqueline RodriguezDag sedan

    David is disgusting

  71. Saanvi Jindal C3

    Saanvi Jindal C3Dag sedan


  72. Gabriel Torres

    Gabriel TorresDag sedan


  73. Miranda Panda

    Miranda PandaDag sedan

    Okay so the game they played is horrible and Madison’s shoe on David’s white chair is annoying me so much haha other than that I love them and ship them so hard!

  74. Daniel Cheeley

    Daniel CheeleyDag sedan

    date her buddy

  75. thisgurlxxo

    thisgurlxxoDag sedan

    Jason looks like a creepy old lady

  76. natalie b

    natalie bDag sedan

    madison is the megan fox of our generation

  77. Thaina Glassen

    Thaina GlassenDag sedan

    David, if you don't see how much you and Madison matches in so many areas.... it's insane!!!

  78. Luis Naula

    Luis NaulaDag sedan

    remember benny juice and david

  79. Kiley Rourke

    Kiley RourkeDag sedan

    Let’s talk about what you did to S E T H

  80. yeet meister

    yeet meisterDag sedan

    What he do

  81. Rocco Caves

    Rocco CavesDag sedan

    If we get this channel 2 point million subscribers you have to go on a date with Madison

  82. Doris Hernandez

    Doris HernandezDag sedan

    Foot soldiers! #thehatetour

  83. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

    배실반니 [basilbunny]Dag sedan

    S E X U A L A S S A U L T is not funny. Justice for Seth

  84. Roger Holmes

    Roger Holmes18 timmar sedan

    Why do u spell it like that does youtube censor it ?

  85. 배실반니 [basilbunny]

    배실반니 [basilbunny]Dag sedan

    @yeet meister he provided an inviroment in which s e x u a l a s s a u l t and r a c i s m were provided and normalized. Oh and the constant bullying 👍

  86. yeet meister

    yeet meisterDag sedan

    What he do

  87. NoluvEthan

    NoluvEthanDag sedan

    David go with Madison beer please

  88. J Sunsick

    J SunsickDag sedan


  89. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas JacksonDag sedan

    Stop deleting comments. Start bringing awareness about what you did to Seth

  90. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas JacksonDag sedan

    What you did to Seth was horrible.

  91. Hershey123 456

    Hershey123 456Dag sedan

    im rewatching this after the Charlie and dixie podcast and charlies sticker isn't there !?!??!

  92. Universal Alpha

    Universal AlphaDag sedan

    Pretty sure that was after this one? It was posted after

  93. realityreimagined.

    realityreimagined.Dag sedan

    PogO david. justice for seeth

  94. Rhett Bet

    Rhett BetDag sedan


  95. Pfil.odendron

    Pfil.odendronDag sedan


  96. Emir Veziroglu

    Emir VezirogluDag sedan

    The innate romania interspecifically question because flight universally try afore a flowery saudi arabia. alert, honorable soccer

  97. Tom Knowles

    Tom KnowlesDag sedan

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  98. Georgia Stott

    Georgia StottDag sedan


  99. SCARDtrash

    SCARDtrash15 timmar sedan


  100. Krishi G

    Krishi GDag sedan

    Madison is pure💎

  101. Andy Shaw

    Andy ShawDag sedan

    Surface level friends. She is going to remember that, I can tell.. ahh

  102. Loren M Phelan

    Loren M PhelanDag sedan

    um hair isn't a body part madison...

  103. ansley story

    ansley storyDag sedan


  104. simply lyssa

    simply lyssaDag sedan


  105. Scott Bucher

    Scott Bucher10 timmar sedan


  106. Dag sedan

    where the fuck are the vlogs :}

  107. Deli Ali

    Deli AliDag sedan

    There’s a fucking pandemic! No vlogs

  108. Destiny

    DestinyDag sedan

    Why is the podcast all over the place tho?? Haha I love it! But unfiltered is my fav

  109. Reflex

    ReflexDag sedan

    madison is pretty.....

  110. Ashlin Dalton

    Ashlin DaltonDag sedan

    why are there like 16 sponsorships in this video

  111. bethsie nila 101

    bethsie nila 101Dag sedan

    I don't ship Madison and David I don't know why but they just don't go together But I do SHIP liza AND david Cutest couple award goes to David and liza

  112. bethsie nila 101

    bethsie nila 101Dag sedan

    David and liza ❤🤗 Date again but only if you want too 😔❤

  113. CDisc

    CDiscDag sedan

    First time a girl got friend zoned

  114. bethsie nila 101

    bethsie nila 101Dag sedan

    Date liza again You guys are the cutest couple LIZA and DAVID shippers ❤🤗 Date liza pls again

  115. peasantsgalore

    peasantsgaloreDag sedan

    seth deserves better

  116. A Stake

    A StakeDag sedan

    Let’s talk about Seth

  117. ac 11

    ac 11Dag sedan


  118. ZEztec22

    ZEztec22Dag sedan


  119. ZEztec22

    ZEztec22Dag sedan


  120. Kent Louise Gojar

    Kent Louise Gojar33 minuter sedan

    Nah they're just creating this fake narrative that david delete comment to avoid the issue lol

  121. Hi

    Hi10 timmar sedan

    this may be a dumb question, but how do you know comments have been deleted? I'm just curious, how can you tell?

  122. Deeznutz :

    Deeznutz :20 timmar sedan

    LMAO Seems like it there’s only week old ones hmmm