Sony PlayStation 5 BLACK Edition...

Here it is... The Black PS5 you've been waiting for.
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  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy2 månader sedan

    Black or white PlayStation 5?

  2. Demetre Jakhaia

    Demetre Jakhaia9 dagar sedan

    almost last!

  3. Life as Bobby

    Life as BobbyMånad sedan


  4. Infamous360

    Infamous360Månad sedan

    How about one that's available. I love that version

  5. Noramen Andrew

    Noramen AndrewMånad sedan

    Either way I love it. One Love, Let's get it.

  6. r011ing_thunder

    r011ing_thunderMånad sedan



    ARMAAN BHARAT SINGH12 timmar sedan

    People in 2013: I want a white PS4 People in 2020: I want a black PS5

  8. Andrea Sidoti

    Andrea SidotiDag sedan

    too bad you are stil stuck with a white controller

  9. Samuel james Crispo

    Samuel james Crispo2 dagar sedan

    White-blue PS5 looks like a themed bmw i8

  10. Joe

    Joe2 dagar sedan

    I bought one.

  11. FN Boxy

    FN Boxy4 dagar sedan


  12. Melvin Huerta

    Melvin Huerta4 dagar sedan

    I’m saving for the ps5 not the black one

  13. Yassen Seleman

    Yassen Seleman4 dagar sedan

    I have the black ps5

  14. 橘かれん

    橘かれん5 dagar sedan


  15. Clark Juezan

    Clark Juezan5 dagar sedan

    Debating if i should buy one or paint my existing plates myself? HMMMM?

  16. Ti7Vk3y

    Ti7Vk3y5 dagar sedan

    I'd imagine this would look pretty fire next to a XSX and Switch now.

  17. Johnathan Stevens

    Johnathan Stevens6 dagar sedan

    How can I bye

  18. ShadowGT91

    ShadowGT916 dagar sedan

    Whenever I can get me a PS5, I'm going straight to Darkplates! Awesome video, Brother. God Bless 💖

  19. Shakiller

    Shakiller6 dagar sedan


  20. Venomvip

    Venomvip7 dagar sedan

    I just want a f$&king Ps5! They don’t want my money and I’m not the guy going to scalpers.

  21. adda plaster

    adda plaster7 dagar sedan

    🦇 man station......looks sick

  22. 🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈

    🌈♊🎮/\/🎮♊🌈7 dagar sedan

    *Unbox?* Therapy. *Matte?* Black. *PS?* 5. *Hotel?* I'mma let you finish... Trivago or 5-Star?


    CAPED CRUISADER8 dagar sedan

    Batman has joined the chat:

  24. Cuison Family

    Cuison Family8 dagar sedan

    Can i have 1 pls. For ky kids🙏☺️.

  25. kennybatman2

    kennybatman29 dagar sedan

    When are you gonna give me this?

  26. Psycho Kramberry

    Psycho Kramberry10 dagar sedan

    a batman playstation for a batman scenario

  27. Hepler Witbooi

    Hepler Witbooi10 dagar sedan

    i am still using a ps3 super slim.... being rich is cool... maybe after 6 years I will get a ps4

  28. Saucedog 0559

    Saucedog 055911 dagar sedan

    I personally enjoy the white it’s a good change from my black ps4.

  29. Luke Emery

    Luke Emery11 dagar sedan

    Ordered but website wasn’t straight forward told me after purchase it’s a preorder 🤔

  30. Manree

    Manree11 dagar sedan

    I have a dbrand skin case on my phone, but I don't have one in my ps5 tho _because I don't have a ps5 obviously_

  31. 3lectronic0

    3lectronic011 dagar sedan

    The PS has always been black, now it is a "novelty" that is black 🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. ComputerNerdInside

    ComputerNerdInside13 dagar sedan

    0:12 that bass drop tho....oh and sick console too.

  33. VJose32 the Ace of Playing Cards

    VJose32 the Ace of Playing Cards13 dagar sedan

    Yeah no, I kind of like it white, it’s different. Not sure why people want to change the colour.

  34. Demetre Jakhaia

    Demetre Jakhaia13 dagar sedan

    @VJose32 the Ace of Playing Cards ok, its an unusual warped melted plastic shape

  35. VJose32 the Ace of Playing Cards

    VJose32 the Ace of Playing Cards13 dagar sedan

    @Demetre Jakhaia It's not an ugly shape

  36. Demetre Jakhaia

    Demetre Jakhaia13 dagar sedan

    because its too fricking light!! PlayStations have always been black! also the black hides the ugly shape

  37. Avoiding Human Society

    Avoiding Human Society14 dagar sedan

    I got mine off eBay instead of paying for these overpriced ones and they are top quality and looks great. I did mine straight black as well.

  38. Arash T. Goodarzi

    Arash T. Goodarzi15 dagar sedan

    spends the entire video talking about Dbrand but the episode is brought to us by NordVPN!

  39. I Am The Marble

    I Am The Marble16 dagar sedan

    This dude is literally in Bruce Wayne’s armory

  40. Reggie N Happiness

    Reggie N Happiness16 dagar sedan

    But the controller still white

  41. Suman Das

    Suman Das19 dagar sedan


  42. Basque Grand

    Basque Grand19 dagar sedan

    I'd like to just get a God damn console

  43. VersionBest

    VersionBest20 dagar sedan

    Just use a permanent marker and color it whatever color you want.

  44. Demetre Jakhaia

    Demetre Jakhaia13 dagar sedan


  45. Hamza Bushir

    Hamza Bushir21 dag sedan

    Ugliest playstation console ever🤢🤮

  46. bob Wade

    bob Wade22 dagar sedan

    White looks better imo

  47. ChIrPllyMC-RBX

    ChIrPllyMC-RBX22 dagar sedan

    My eyes hurt looking at it. It looks cool

  48. abdi libaax

    abdi libaax22 dagar sedan

    Dare to sue means please don't sue us 🙏😢

  49. McCarter09

    McCarter0922 dagar sedan

    Who here is just getting a ps5 because of the scalper problem

  50. Larry Gall

    Larry Gall22 dagar sedan

    I'm just going to paint mine.

  51. Alucard Moon

    Alucard Moon24 dagar sedan

    This video should be rated XXX I'm definitely drooling I don't have anything 🤤😭 $200 for a 5-minute job nice

  52. The KroolSebbler

    The KroolSebbler24 dagar sedan

    I want a PS5 so bad it’s not even funny

  53. Clemente Ramirez

    Clemente Ramirez25 dagar sedan

    The white is not that bad.... my friend had to get the black plates cause he didn't like the whites one.

  54. PogD7

    PogD76 dagar sedan

    Black still looks nicer but I like white too

  55. foggy wet dog

    foggy wet dog25 dagar sedan

    By the time the PS5 is restocked, PS6 will be out.


    MISTAH BLAZE26 dagar sedan

    Hurry up and restock and take my money already damn 😡🤪😂🤣

  57. Bruh Boi

    Bruh Boi27 dagar sedan

    5:16 the w h a t so you mean sony purposefully made plates really easy to take off so we can get custom replacements?

  58. Disturbed One87

    Disturbed One8728 dagar sedan

    It looks like an Xbox

  59. الیاس نامدار

    الیاس نامدار28 dagar sedan

    wow i love that 😍😍😍🥺

  60. Domokos Pernitz

    Domokos Pernitz29 dagar sedan

    bruh can u giv dis 2 me? mine still not arrivd yet :(

  61. MrJustInsane

    MrJustInsane29 dagar sedan

    The BatStation

  62. Shez Bhayat

    Shez BhayatMånad sedan

    So sad

  63. Shez Bhayat

    Shez BhayatMånad sedan

    I only like really the white version and me who doesn’t have a ps5 yet

  64. Shez Bhayat

    Shez BhayatMånad sedan

    I don’t like at all the black ps5

  65. Mushini

    MushiniMånad sedan


  66. John Witt

    John WittMånad sedan

    “You know what else would be cool” - if we could get a ps5

  67. God, Comics, and Gaming

    God, Comics, and GamingMånad sedan

    I will probably get one in a few years, when it's finally on the store shelf sleeping, waiting for me to wake it up.

  68. Hector Salamanca

    Hector SalamancaMånad sedan

    PS5 Blacked

  69. Jazmine Gonzalez

    Jazmine GonzalezMånad sedan

    Ps5 resellers suck

  70. Biajou Orion

    Biajou OrionMånad sedan

    Lmao all you need to to do is legit take of the side panels and use some special spray paint and there you have it🤣🤣🤣. I got a guy who custom made rick and morty side panels for my ps5.

  71. PogD7

    PogD76 dagar sedan

    Ok but now I have the option to switch between black or white whenever I want

  72. •Abstractiox•

    •Abstractiox•Månad sedan

    White PST take it or leave it

  73. Taz 9616

    Taz 9616Månad sedan

    looks so cleeann. Just wished lew turned it on to see the blue LEDs. couldve turned the lights down with a spotlight or something. they should do one for the controller aswell

  74. Tim Weisgerber

    Tim WeisgerberMånad sedan

    Can't wait to look at this consol, and not think, "see you in 5 years, baby boy...5 years."

  75. Nightmare

    NightmareMånad sedan

    Black looks better than White


    B&N REACTIONMånad sedan



    B&N REACTIONMånad sedan

    Bro please me your playstation 4pro please

  78. DuudeWhatDoesMineSay

    DuudeWhatDoesMineSayMånad sedan

    Can't wait for my dark plates and matte skin to arrive in April.

  79. shif meister

    shif meisterMånad sedan

    Grey colour option would be great

  80. Sander Rebane

    Sander RebaneMånad sedan

    The soundtrack is just amazing!

  81. ethan 14

    ethan 14Månad sedan

    Here's a problem with this, if you're making your PlayStation 5 black, what are you gonna do about all the other accessories that are in that black and white style? Are you gonna have black and white headphones even with the black PS5? I don't think that will look very good and neither will any of the other accessories because there's no way to make them blacked out.

  82. DuckyTheGamer

    DuckyTheGamerMånad sedan

    I would want to keep the white version but buy a white matte sticker to achieve an all-white look.

  83. حمنديقه 78

    حمنديقه 78Månad sedan

    جعلك ما تتهنى فيه

  84. Blotted

    BlottedMånad sedan

    Sonys like, "Yeah, maybe we should have made it matte black or offered a black version, because if most people had a choice they would choose the matte black". Ive always hated the white ever since I saw it announced a hoped to fucking god they would offer a Black version. Thanks DBrand for doing what Sony should have did in the fucking first place. Sony "Hey, lets make a console that gets touched and a controller that gets held all the time "WHITE", yeah, yeah, thats a great idea!...." I get that they want to stand out this gen with a "artistic" style and be different from XBOX but the White imo is just bad. Matte Black all the way. No fingerprints, its stealthy, not invasive, etc.) We all dont live in a fucking Ultra Modern House with a white themed decor.

  85. Blotted

    BlottedMånad sedan

    50$ aint bad. I still think they could should have molded the center piece with matte plastic as well instead of a damn vinyl sticker. Replacing the center piece is a little more involved but not by much.

  86. CloudyToast

    CloudyToastMånad sedan

    Xbox gang | V

  87. Nate Cass

    Nate CassMånad sedan

    Is anyone else wondering if that's a green screen in the background, or straight up legit lair set up

  88. Zachary Ford

    Zachary FordMånad sedan

    No PS logo .. not a huge fan

  89. Austin D

    Austin DMånad sedan

    It’s 70 bucks lmao might as well get yourself set up with hydro dipping

  90. Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

    Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!Månad sedan

    I want wood paneling 😂

  91. Luke Woods

    Luke WoodsMånad sedan

    i watched this while sitting in a tornado shelter during a tornado with my entire family

  92. PiffyBeta

    PiffyBetaMånad sedan

    Soo u telling me he but a next ps5 for nth if you wanted a black ps5 so bad just but the fins and switch it😭

  93. 1984 PONTIAC

    1984 PONTIACMånad sedan

    Me who is poor and owns a umx phone and ps2

  94. Justice In Gaming_JIG

    Justice In Gaming_JIGMånad sedan

    Plastic black plates all cool, but those labels will start to come off in a few months (edges), the same was on ps3. Because all around edges are the vents and hot air will do the job quickly.

  95. Justice In Gaming_JIG

    Justice In Gaming_JIGMånad sedan

    100% Black. white is good for the showcase but in real life use white is the worst color, especially for plastic. Just check youre washing machine or any other device with white plastic . After a time it will get yellowish. (((

  96. Justice In Gaming_JIG

    Justice In Gaming_JIGMånad sedan

    I have one question - why Youre kinda room looks EXACTLY like the garage for Batman in Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy?! :D

  97. Killua

    KilluaMånad sedan

    I got a ps5 (white) because some dude put the wrong address

  98. KobraAtv1

    KobraAtv1Månad sedan

    I need this for mine! 🔥🔥

  99. Luke Lanigan

    Luke LaniganMånad sedan

    Personally I prefer the white. It feels more new compared to the ps4

  100. BIGDAWG 91331

    BIGDAWG 91331Månad sedan

    If he put the yellow it would still be a batman ps5

  101. Agha Gamer

    Agha GamerMånad sedan

    imagine he breaks a ps5 pulling a plate out

  102. blessing

    blessingMånad sedan

    cant wait for ps5 slim & ps5 pro

  103. zenvio

    zenvioMånad sedan

    **dark mode on**

  104. Kevin Grigoleit

    Kevin GrigoleitMånad sedan

    Looking great 😍 do they deliver to Germany? I would like to order one for my digital ps5

  105. fuck you

    fuck youMånad sedan

    Just back ordered this but with the triple black middle skin. It's lit

  106. Connor Kilgour

    Connor KilgourMånad sedan

    Just bought mine with the neon Yellow

  107. Jhoune Michael Olimba

    Jhoune Michael OlimbaMånad sedan

    Why didn't you turn it on? I want to see it turned on... C'mon Lu...

  108. Cameron McKin

    Cameron McKinMånad sedan

    Where can I buy a PS5?

  109. killachief187

    killachief187Månad sedan

    Im not that impressed with the ps5

  110. Busting Yewls

    Busting YewlsMånad sedan

    I prefer the white so much more. It’s so clean looking. I actually wish my series x was white but I like that my series x is black and my ps5 is white 🔥

  111. Sic Parvis Magna

    Sic Parvis MagnaMånad sedan

    How much money do you got ? A lot