Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay18 dagar sedan

    Favorite line: "Bob's gonna die". If you' enjoyed this video and want to help me make more like it, the best way is to support on Patreon. I will send you a Smarter Every Day / Rocket City Trash Pandas baseball. I ship one to literally everyone who supports as a Patron. Here's that link if you're interested: Thank you so much for watching this video! Destin

  2. HowToRandom كيف تصنع

    HowToRandom كيف تصنع6 dagar sedan

    Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human

  3. ThoracJunaut

    ThoracJunaut10 dagar sedan

    idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball

  4. Abraham Perez

    Abraham Perez10 dagar sedan

    Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥

  5. Sakonema

    Sakonema13 dagar sedan

    Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.

  6. Douglas Parkinson

    Douglas Parkinson16 dagar sedan


  7. Cherry Dragon

    Cherry Dragon7 minuter sedan

    This is quite insane... seeing as of something the size of a baseball can cause so much destruction. Only shows how powerfull and piercing a bullet actualy is. I wonder how a football will hold up in terms of speed. Is it even possible to get it to Mach 1? Due to its size in surface and air friction

  8. shadowimagery

    shadowimagery49 minuter sedan

    I'd also like to see an unopened can of soda, and/or a roll of coins being fired at that barrier with this kind of equipment. Both of those would be quite explosive and entertaining to see. :D

  9. Ahmed Afilal

    Ahmed Afilal54 minuter sedan


  10. zagorith14

    zagorith14Timme sedan

    Not gonna lie. Bob took that ball like a champ. Didn't even flinch. RIP Bob.

  11. MO

    MOTimme sedan

    What if...Pro baseball player try to hit MK1 Super Sonic baseball ball? or Demonstrate this canon at opening of baseball match at every state. Epic. Enjoyable content as always Destin.

  12. sirenia

    sireniaTimme sedan

    whats the point of that, you cant use it in baseball can you

  13. FoggyNoggin

    FoggyNoggin2 timmar sedan

    Things to test: -Tensile strength of glove / force required to pull (or push) a baseball through it, stated as weight of baseball at gravity -Whether snapping/yanking/pulling a glove apart at hiiigh speed will cause flash fire, and why. Or... -Whether leather against leather at high enough speed (mad batter with a leather strap!?!?) will cause flash fire -What the heck this baseball would do to a car, or stadium lights (fan of The Natural here)

  14. William Valentine

    William Valentine3 timmar sedan

    Looks like it would liquify dudes hand with a palm catch with a net catch it would still mangle the wrist and maybe snap the forearm like a twig. The multi glove was awesome! Wrap the lether in 1/2 cm thick of kevlar or woven carbon fiber around the leather

  15. William Valentine

    William Valentine3 timmar sedan

    Sell that to the govt for executing terrorists by nutshot... 😆😆

  16. William Valentine

    William Valentine3 timmar sedan

    The ball center went through. You could use either air or liquied hydraulics powered recoil or make the pad out of a hexagonal arrangement at both ends of a copper coil or tube of earth magnets and a copper tube then the metal wont flex

  17. Jack Chen

    Jack Chen3 timmar sedan

    Bob ! stay with me !

  18. richard hall

    richard hall3 timmar sedan

    Weird Explorer sent me.

  19. Gowtham Kishore

    Gowtham Kishore4 timmar sedan

    Hi destin, In practical terms, when we catch the ball we use our arm to decelerate the ball and make it stop, so now the ball comes out from cannon(machine) u need some kind of robotic arm(machine) to catch it, which will decelerate the ball and make it stop. keep the thrower(cannon) and catcher(robotic arm with glove) at the same distance as the real game and try to catch the ball without damaging the ball or glove.

  20. Gowtham Kishore

    Gowtham Kishore4 timmar sedan

    Reinforced gloves would be better.

  21. Hangming Sheng

    Hangming Sheng4 timmar sedan

    11:33 theoretically, that means that if two cows collided at supersonic speed, they could potentially cook themselves on impact

  22. Rajkumar Behra

    Rajkumar Behra4 timmar sedan

    What is all that gas after the ball shoots ???

  23. Jordan Ladely

    Jordan Ladely4 timmar sedan

    Real life fireballs nice!

  24. Sam

    Sam5 timmar sedan

    Try shoot it to sky

  25. Leina D

    Leina D5 timmar sedan

    I see goro shigeno pitch like that..!

  26. Cambodian River Pig

    Cambodian River Pig5 timmar sedan

    Trevor Bauer at home furiously taking notes.

  27. Billy

    Billy6 timmar sedan

    I would watch a whole channel just about shooting random stuff with this thing.

  28. Dekz

    Dekz7 timmar sedan

    when i found out the sounds during slow mo are fake they just make me uncomfortable to listen to

  29. AlphaYowVlogs

    AlphaYowVlogs7 timmar sedan

    I hope they build a supersonic glove catcher

  30. Crazy_ Adventures

    Crazy_ Adventures7 timmar sedan

    Grate, now to get it to make a cannon to shoot a ball at lightspeed

  31. Bobofet241

    Bobofet2417 timmar sedan

    Not Smart, smart would be saving the money spent on the stunt knowing what physics would do anyway.

  32. brandon Galante

    brandon Galante7 timmar sedan

    Do a bat! Can you hit a sound breaking fast ball

  33. Edgardo Muñoz

    Edgardo Muñoz8 timmar sedan

    Physics problems liked by profesors.

  34. Christoper H

    Christoper H8 timmar sedan

    I wonder if the six million dollar man can put a hole in a glove?

  35. This Mane Craziiee !!

    This Mane Craziiee !!8 timmar sedan

    Nigguh who is Jeremy

  36. Big Papi

    Big Papi9 timmar sedan

    Put the gloves at a shorter distance and put one more glove

  37. Jackson on yt

    Jackson on yt9 timmar sedan

    Why you flick the viewers off👿

  38. Jackson on yt

    Jackson on yt9 timmar sedan

    When you were pointing lol

  39. KhaosZombie JS

    KhaosZombie JS9 timmar sedan

    You should try and add as much spiral and speed to a football

  40. Zakwani Hughes

    Zakwani Hughes9 timmar sedan

    What do u think it will do to a human ?

  41. Alejandro

    Alejandro9 timmar sedan


  42. Junito Ocasio

    Junito Ocasio10 timmar sedan


  43. Constantine A

    Constantine A10 timmar sedan

    Now you have to shoot the baseball at the spinning bat machine you guys made. Obvious next step! 😂

  44. Essie Garcia

    Essie Garcia10 timmar sedan

    There’s fire!

  45. Vaqif Qurbanov

    Vaqif Qurbanov10 timmar sedan

    Try it with metal ball

  46. William Fabiano

    William Fabiano10 timmar sedan

    13:54 is the coolest thing I have ever seen on SEtoos.

  47. Black Elvis Presley

    Black Elvis Presley11 timmar sedan

    Nobody honest man smiles that much. Only people trying to pull something over on you.

  48. Black Elvis Presley

    Black Elvis Presley12 timmar sedan

    Imagine standing a plane on its tail with nose pointing straight up in the air, and a steel covered sky scraper falling onto the nose of the plane... do you think the plane’s flimsy nose with cut thru steel bldg like butter? No way

  49. Fajar Astanaprima

    Fajar Astanaprima12 timmar sedan

    6:23 look at the ball

  50. Hot_cheetos_fam _

    Hot_cheetos_fam _12 timmar sedan

    So is it possible to make it go up instead of forward? like building one that go up in the sky

  51. SBDScott

    SBDScott12 timmar sedan

    Do it with a Wilson "A2000," or a Rawlings "Heart of the Hide" catchers mitt. It would be cool to know if a professional grade glove will catch it, and not tear through.

  52. Maki Harukawa

    Maki Harukawa12 timmar sedan

    4:46 One word 11037

  53. Treasure Hunters

    Treasure Hunters12 timmar sedan

    Great video, because you are smart could you tell me if what I found is a petrified goat hoof ( video on my channel)

  54. xKenis

    xKenis12 timmar sedan

    Reminds me of that one episode of Tom and Jerry...

  55. Hicham Agb

    Hicham Agb13 timmar sedan

    Hi, can you do a slow motion about a drop of water falling on a very hot surface some thing happening to it phesycaly before it evaporate so pls I like to see what happened in slow motion.

  56. Desoy

    Desoy13 timmar sedan

    5:24 his face 💀💀💀 "real man's dont show their pain"

  57. Guriqbal Singh

    Guriqbal Singh13 timmar sedan

    Bob is the most tough guy I've ever seen. Not even an expression

  58. Joe Roscoe

    Joe Roscoe14 timmar sedan

    Yeah, but can it throw a slider

  59. kyle smith

    kyle smith14 timmar sedan

    Guys •́ ‿ ,•̀ I'm in heaven now •́ ‿ ,•̀

  60. GuitarxWolf

    GuitarxWolf14 timmar sedan

    A ball club would need to hire 3,000 extra catchers and MLB would need 3,000 extra home plate Umpires if there was a pitcher who pitched 1,000 MPH.

  61. Jayd Hyper

    Jayd Hyper14 timmar sedan

    ca you do the baseball launcher vs the 250 mph bat longes homerun

  62. Abuzer Kılkuyruk

    Abuzer Kılkuyruk14 timmar sedan

    R.I.P Bob ....

  63. Anthony Walker

    Anthony Walker14 timmar sedan

    Me smoking blunt : " Imagine a baseball moving so fast it creates a condensation ring around it like a fighter jet breaking the sound barrier" ... Smarter every day : " hold my pneumatic mass accelerator". ..

  64. drew smith

    drew smith14 timmar sedan

    Can u try to shoot it at a downward angle at a deep reconstruction of the earth and see what would happen in a simulated meatier strike it would be interesting and why I thought of this was because when astroids hit the earth the explode because of kinetic energy like your baseball

  65. Monika Srivastava

    Monika Srivastava15 timmar sedan


  66. Daniel Michel

    Daniel Michel15 timmar sedan

    250 MPH bat vs 1000MPH ball?

  67. David Sanders

    David Sanders15 timmar sedan

    I would like to know how far that ball would travel. And would you be able to catch it at the end of travel?

  68. Barbod Zadeh

    Barbod Zadeh15 timmar sedan

    for the next vid can you please shoot it at the sky

  69. Neil Perry

    Neil Perry15 timmar sedan

    The glove on the rail but on a set of wheels like a roller coaster carriage. That way the ball will slow down with the glove?

  70. nathan rodriguez

    nathan rodriguez15 timmar sedan

    Put a steel ball in there see what it can destroy 💯

  71. Delivas Santoro

    Delivas Santoro16 timmar sedan

    Ok, for science, you need to fire this thing at a whole (butchered for roasting) pig. PLEASE, I mean, it's for science and will give a better comparison of what will happen if you shoot someone with it as opposed to a foam filled boxing dummy.

  72. Tuna ÇERKO

    Tuna ÇERKO16 timmar sedan

    I don't wanna be here

  73. MaCi3k51

    MaCi3k5116 timmar sedan

    AHOJ NETOPERKU you look like Jelenie Jaja

  74. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide17 timmar sedan

    Internet in quarantine: "Do something fun. like a DIY project!" SmarterEveryDay: Builds a freaking baseball cannon

  75. - CheapRemix -

    - CheapRemix -17 timmar sedan

    If you wanna know if it travels faster than sound, just listen.

  76. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide17 timmar sedan

    No imagine it whith a metal ball

  77. OldFartUK

    OldFartUK17 timmar sedan

    lt got a sonic boom around ball too

  78. Frederick Drenning

    Frederick Drenning18 timmar sedan

    Get any defense contracts yet?

  79. Tiffany Page

    Tiffany Page18 timmar sedan

    I cant describe the level of entertainment quality this has provided me. Carry ON. I am aware you are busy as a rocket scientist but all of you have outdone yourselves FROM THE MACH

  80. Marianne Frost

    Marianne Frost18 timmar sedan

    In my pretend world, I've built a MACH 5 SUPERSONIC BASEBALL CANNON

  81. Scott

    Scott18 timmar sedan

    "don't stop pedaling, don't stop pedaling, you can do this, don't stop pedaling". LOVE her little mantra!

  82. Seth G Hahn

    Seth G Hahn18 timmar sedan

    It’s like a field gun that shoots baseballs

  83. chew6647

    chew664718 timmar sedan

    thats my fastball 😈😈😈

  84. Jaime Duncan

    Jaime Duncan18 timmar sedan

    Match II supersonic baseball cannon should be next. ;) 4 Times the kinetic energy.

  85. Iamgamerken

    Iamgamerken19 timmar sedan

    Idea: put a car in front of it

  86. creekfinds

    creekfinds19 timmar sedan

    Did oils in the gloves contribute to the fire?

  87. Brendan Fogel

    Brendan Fogel20 timmar sedan

    “Bobs gonna die”🤣

  88. Kalka

    Kalka20 timmar sedan

    Thanks, I'm now scared of baseballs hitting my stomach.

  89. sqerton

    sqerton20 timmar sedan

    know what? it's was 11037

  90. charly chaplins

    charly chaplins21 timme sedan

    Me and da boyz doin' sum schieunch

  91. Marcus F.

    Marcus F.21 timme sedan

    Looks like a flame surrounding the ball. Obviously he's the kid that got the blue ribbon in the science fair. Cool..

  92. MemeLord Crusader

    MemeLord Crusader22 timmar sedan

    No imagine it whith a metal ball

  93. Stanley Goh

    Stanley Goh22 timmar sedan

    If it was a metal ball...its just like a big air minute you know its going to be manufactured for the army...

  94. Toti Roni

    Toti Roni22 timmar sedan


  95. GB Nepali

    GB Nepali23 timmar sedan

    looks like someones gonna get fired. Bad Drone boy.

  96. Scott Olesen

    Scott Olesen23 timmar sedan

    Internet in quarantine: "Do something fun. like a DIY project!" SmarterEveryDay: Builds a freaking baseball cannon

  97. Rich Tomeyer

    Rich Tomeyer23 timmar sedan

    Hey dad, throw me a pop up......

  98. Chris Jarram

    Chris JarramDag sedan

    This is why I was banned from pitching

  99. alfred borden

    alfred bordenDag sedan

    Dude. That was absolutely bonkers. Can’t believe Trent was right at the end.

  100. GNU-ish

    GNU-ishDag sedan

    you've got smart enough

  101. Eric Lee

    Eric LeeDag sedan


  102. Hamza Playz

    Hamza PlayzDag sedan

    BoB be like : *AM I A JOKE TO YOU?*

  103. Ryan Powell

    Ryan PowellDag sedan

    You guys should load a copper plated steel projectile and see how many trees it goes through... In slow motion.

  104. adam wainwright

    adam wainwrightDag sedan

    G'day mate, slo mo guys sent me here 👍 said you always help them out, I should check you out and subscribe..

  105. Lander

    LanderDag sedan

    Father will be coming for you for hurting Bob.

  106. layla aker

    layla akerDag sedan

    11:33 theoretically, that means that if two cows collided at supersonic speed, they could potentially cook themselves on impact

  107. Einezweioctopi

    EinezweioctopiDag sedan

    Yeah....After seeing this, I'll take "Don't Stand Behind the Glove" for $400, Alex.

  108. Mike YT

    Mike YTDag sedan

    Imagine If You Get Hit In The Head By That.... Edit: What If It Reaches Mach 6? :o