Got a Money Dispute? Ask Kevin O'Leary (Webisode #3 & #4) | CNBC Prime

Broken podcast partnerships, asking your boss for a raise, and so much more! Kevin O’Leary is here to help answer your most pressing financial questions on another webisode of “Got a Money Dispute? Ask Kevin.”
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Got a Money Dispute? Ask Kevin O'Leary (Webisode #3 & #4) | CNBC Prime


  1. Tobias Graf

    Tobias Graf4 månader sedan

    Didn’t know much about you other then seeing you on shark tank. Great work helping people, it’s a great show!

  2. kristenlcox

    kristenlcox4 månader sedan

    Oh poor Dustin. Lol

  3. Richard Truesdale

    Richard Truesdale4 månader sedan

    Mr. Weirdo

  4. Colleen Quinn

    Colleen Quinn5 månader sedan

    I love Kevin, Mr. Wonderful! My three kids and I have been big fans of Shark Tank since they were young, and I love the show so much because it’s so far from anything in my skill set, I could never be a successful entrepreneur, that I love watching people reach their dreams this way. It’s so inspiring and makes me happy. Thank you!

  5. Crazy Tech & Puppets

    Crazy Tech & Puppets5 månader sedan

    Hey Uncle Kevin, I tried to see you live yesterday, but I think you were a recording, or an animatronic. (we like Disney, too). Sorry I missed the real you!😃

  6. HairlessFeline69

    HairlessFeline695 månader sedan

    4 hours later only 6 comments

  7. Joshua Walker

    Joshua Walker5 månader sedan

    Kevin, you're making money helping people with very difficult problems without charging them a dime. No wonder they call you Mr. Wonderful.

  8. Funny Times

    Funny Times5 månader sedan

    Podcasting is becoming yesterday news.

  9. xxsoulgirl0013

    xxsoulgirl00135 månader sedan

    Dispute Tank

  10. BSG1982

    BSG19825 månader sedan

    Kevin O’Leary president 2020✌️❤️🍊🌴🍊🇺🇸🗽

  11. Highlight King

    Highlight King5 månader sedan

    Wow i think this is the first time i can actually say that im the first comment