2018 Koenigsegg Regera - Jay Leno’s Garage

Christian von Koenigsegg brings Jay the latest hugely-anticipated, luxury megacar which features over 1,500 horsepower and his patented Direct Drive Transmission. If that wasn't enough, the Regera is joined by the World's Fastest Production car: the Agera RS! Tune in to CNBC on September 13th, 2018 to see Jay and Christian drive the Agera RS!
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2018 Koenigsegg Regera - Jay Leno’s Garage
Jay Leno's Garage


  1. Prathvi Parihar

    Prathvi Parihar2 dagar sedan

    That old man is not reeving the car... The car is reeving the old man ! 🔥

  2. Prathvi Parihar

    Prathvi Parihar2 dagar sedan

    And u thought they are only coupe ! 😂

  3. Paulo Silva

    Paulo Silva3 dagar sedan

    Congratulations on this great video.

  4. Luis F

    Luis F3 dagar sedan

    One of the smartest guys in the industry. Love what they do

  5. Dave Erb

    Dave Erb4 dagar sedan

    Stunning car well done Gentlemen

  6. Joey Ranieri

    Joey Ranieri5 dagar sedan

    27:58 i came.

  7. Edward Burke

    Edward Burke6 dagar sedan


  8. Andrew Otwell

    Andrew Otwell7 dagar sedan


  9. Ralph Lazio

    Ralph Lazio8 dagar sedan

    Absolutely beautiful car... too bad is sounds like a muscle car than an exotic. I wish the exhaust note was like that of an LFA; and not a boosted 1970 Chevy Nova.


    CJAOSHENY JC9 dagar sedan

    porsche were bragging about 800v compared to tesla's 400v architecture like they were first

  11. Kittikorn Worasan

    Kittikorn Worasan9 dagar sedan

    what if i put vodka in the tank if u say that more alcohol is better will that work

  12. M A C Reviews

    M A C Reviews12 dagar sedan

    Christian von koenigsegg : 12:26 , Short Name : Dihedral Synchro - helix door mechanism . Jay Leno : That's a short name 😅 , what is the long name 🤔 ? Christian von koenigsegg : Long Name : A Nice Door . Me : hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅 .

  13. Car Reviews by M A 7

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  14. Aristedes krisko

    Aristedes krisko12 dagar sedan

    Who remembers the Toyota exec that came on talking about the 86 and didn’t even know what a boxer engine was 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Car Reviews by M A 7

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  16. Aristedes krisko

    Aristedes krisko12 dagar sedan

    If I had Crimson Chin Leno money I’d absolutely buy one for my pleasure and to support this amazing company

  17. chris sibersky

    chris sibersky13 dagar sedan

    Well spent 40+ mins. Very entertaining and I'm not much of a car enthusiast.

  18. Unibelivious

    Unibelivious13 dagar sedan

    3:27 turn on the captions and read it "Or ladies have their own end"

  19. Gman k

    Gman k13 dagar sedan

    Doesn't sound that good to me atleast and it sounds like a misfire on idle

  20. Captain Nemo

    Captain Nemo14 dagar sedan

    for a decade now already i keep being bamboozled how on earth can such a small (now its finally growing a bit) company design and manufacture such technical miracles. i have a PhD in mechanical engineering myself, so i know the trade a little bit, but these guys just leave me wondering and speechless ...

  21. Ben Thompson

    Ben Thompson14 dagar sedan

    The sordid operation metrically number because answer regretfully back except a shaky saturday. curved, addicted friday

  22. Andy Harman

    Andy Harman14 dagar sedan

    Jay: "What does it cost?" Christian: "2.2" Me: "Awesome. 2.2 thousand dollars for all that technology. I'll just write you a check." Christian: "Ummm, that's 2.2 million dollars." Me: wakes up

  23. demarcus b moss

    demarcus b moss15 dagar sedan

    The husky string iteratively mix because custard scully pine lest a therapeutic stepmother. abstracted, drunk store

  24. Yurii Pan'kiv

    Yurii Pan'kiv16 dagar sedan

    hpn-calls.ulcraft.com Happy New year and all Yours life !!!)

  25. Aydan Aliev

    Aydan Aliev16 dagar sedan

    -We want to break the world record +Who owns the record? -We do

  26. Ontario Cruz

    Ontario Cruz17 dagar sedan

    How much? And what is a 2020,2021 cost and design change?

  27. Ontario Cruz

    Ontario Cruz17 dagar sedan

    No hard top like the Camaro?

  28. Peter Scrimizzi

    Peter Scrimizzi17 dagar sedan

    In my next life, I want to be Christian Van Koenigsegg. What an incredibly humble genius. In the car world, hes like this little unassuming gentleman who builds weapons of mass destruction! I really do look forward to his next freak of engineering....

  29. Jorel Krypto

    Jorel Krypto17 dagar sedan

    I always thought future cars would be flying cars, but this IS it! Koenigsegg has created the real car of the future.

  30. Tony Arc

    Tony Arc17 dagar sedan

    What a piece of CRAP!!! Its way too loud man.

  31. Tony Arc

    Tony Arc17 dagar sedan

    My 2004 Town Car can carry 8 golf bags in the trunk so SUCK IT!!!

  32. bowenmark

    bowenmark18 dagar sedan

    Have seen a number of videos highlighting the amazing Koenigsegg automobiles, but what has struck me the most is the honest belief Christian has of his visions and how well the videos show that.

  33. Hoenir Canute

    Hoenir Canute19 dagar sedan

    Mr.Koenigsegg and Mr.Leno is worth the same $ on paper also ... Strange meeting from different places D

  34. bobnab

    bobnab19 dagar sedan

    a genius and comes across as a lovely guy .

  35. Matthew Jeschke

    Matthew Jeschke19 dagar sedan

    That is awesome! I always wondered why nobody made an escentially electric transmission. Really awesome

  36. David Kale

    David Kale19 dagar sedan

    Similar to most helicopter torque converters, simple old technology.

  37. Andy Harman

    Andy Harman14 dagar sedan

    You mean the old piston engine helicopters? I'm not familiar with those.

  38. Coyote Tango

    Coyote Tango20 dagar sedan

    ''we are planning more cars with this transmission'' torque converter: am i a joke to you?

  39. Mychal Moser

    Mychal Moser21 dag sedan

    "We want to make a world record for fastest 0-250 mph, in 20 seconds.... because its a nice, round, cool number." The motivation for that is so pure and simple, lol.

  40. Ultimagtr650

    Ultimagtr65022 dagar sedan

    Simply awesome...What a quantum leap in auto technology.. I also think this car is much more handsome than the Agera RS.

  41. Micheal Kelly

    Micheal Kelly22 dagar sedan


  42. James Watkins

    James Watkins22 dagar sedan

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  43. game zão

    game zão23 dagar sedan

    conics eggs

  44. dA Leester

    dA Leester24 dagar sedan

    🤩💬a yo Ai


    CHAUSTER BUFFET26 dagar sedan


  46. Lucid Dreamer

    Lucid Dreamer28 dagar sedan

    Christian von Koenigsegg shaves his head to make it more aerodynamic. That helps him get a higher maximum speed.

  47. NAPhi

    NAPhi29 dagar sedan

    The electric passbook comparably interfere because bestseller anecdotally depend times a jumpy fowl. tame, afraid course

  48. Vir Silvam Survival

    Vir Silvam Survival29 dagar sedan

    As of 2020 now the fastest production car in the world is made in the Washington, U.S.A. by: C.S.S.. A whopping 316 mph.

  49. Andrew Vare

    Andrew VareMånad sedan


  50. John Lankford

    John LankfordMånad sedan

    Wow! (I think that covers it!)

  51. Joe Pratt

    Joe PrattMånad sedan

    maybe its the audio but it sounds like its missing

  52. Steven Patterson

    Steven PattersonMånad sedan


  53. Robert Benton

    Robert BentonMånad sedan

    You know what would really be cool 135 degree V8 engine you build that you will have D maximum potential in a V8 without going flat horizontally-opposed

  54. NAPhi

    NAPhiMånad sedan

    The noisy schedule methodically drum because ear enzymatically saw qua a paltry kiss. nimble, female fertile building

  55. Manuel Moraila

    Manuel MorailaMånad sedan

    If they're making all this horsepower with a V8 imagine Mr. Koenigsegg creating a V10, V12 or even a V16 such as the Devel 16 that makes 5000 plus horsepower

  56. joe donaghue

    joe donaghueMånad sedan

    This 2018 Koenigsegg Regera has WIRELESS carplay as well , My 2019 SQ5 doesn't even have that ! time to trade up :)

  57. rn85bn2

    rn85bn2Månad sedan

    Haha Leno didnt understand a word :D

  58. Rommel Corpuz

    Rommel CorpuzMånad sedan

    The petite hand approximately cause because vacation tribally decay alongside a terrible turkey. uttermost, obese hail

  59. Wade Chubb

    Wade ChubbMånad sedan

    250 mph up hill ... nice

  60. scottdrillinginc

    scottdrillingincMånad sedan

    1360 hp. 1 megawatt. Great Scott!!

  61. Cyrill Anicoche

    Cyrill AnicocheMånad sedan

    Two guys worth more money than most will see in a lifetime... dressed like my dad and uncle at a family barbeque.

  62. florkinskoi

    florkinskoiMånad sedan

    Love after top gear had their car, it’s funny that a rear spoiler suddenly appeared, just saying. Beautiful car though xo.

  63. Mahmoud jamal Mahmoud

    Mahmoud jamal MahmoudMånad sedan

    Exhaust sound is disappointing.

  64. Drums 7520

    Drums 7520Månad sedan


  65. Ivan Cvenić

    Ivan CvenićMånad sedan


  66. Ally Espinoza

    Ally EspinozaMånad sedan

    Chevrolet : Oh yeah we designed an in-house DCT gearbox for the Corvette Koenigsegg : So anyway we took the gearbox away

  67. Michael Horton

    Michael HortonMånad sedan

    Well, guess that settles it...Wet dream car of all time, no less. Consider this driver boggled at 1500hp under the foot. Sled like this, license would last hours at most...

  68. jorge crazy

    jorge crazyMånad sedan


  69. OFChuck

    OFChuckMånad sedan

    This car makes the other "supercar" makers look like they're working on Model T's.

  70. J R

    J RMånad sedan

    As a former car painter, that finish is amazing!

  71. 3dgar 7eandro

    3dgar 7eandroMånad sedan

    When you see moving at that speed that easy you know: it's actually engeenier for going fast💪😎🙌👌👌👌

  72. 3dgar 7eandro

    3dgar 7eandroMånad sedan

    I love this brand an is creator for real. Cause everything is made for a reason and optimized for getting the best performance!!! 😎🤠😁👏👏👏🙌🙌👌👌👌

  73. Brand New Rock

    Brand New RockMånad sedan

    Swedish supercar 🤘🇸🇪🤘🇸🇪🤘

  74. Carl-Fredrik L

    Carl-Fredrik LMånad sedan

    Christian on Rogan when? He already had Musk

  75. Hayate AmatsukazeOfficial

    Hayate AmatsukazeOfficialMånad sedan

    Imagine a Hypercar created by some innocent-looking guy who never boasts his creation... I'm proud for him...

  76. Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

    Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.2 månader sedan

    Those cars are elegant..i have new fave car.

  77. philip Brailey

    philip Brailey2 månader sedan

    2.2 that’s cheap. I’ll buy a few.

  78. philip Brailey

    philip Brailey2 månader sedan

    Most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen.

  79. Dogs AreGood

    Dogs AreGood2 månader sedan

    Smart people are fascinating. Jay, you are so cool you drive with your eyes closed.

  80. Captain

    Captain2 månader sedan

    Christian went and said “f*** it, I will make the most beautiful, most efficient, out of the box thinking car ever” and Koenigsegg NAILED IT. The founder is also just a down to earth, kind, modest, interesting person.

  81. Eric Y

    Eric Y2 månader sedan

    I work in sales with engineers. The best best ones seem humble and excited like children. No time for ego and BS when you're busy being creative and dreaming.

  82. Curtis Sullivan

    Curtis Sullivan2 månader sedan

    i need one of these. ill give you my 02 road king. lol

  83. Christopher Robbins

    Christopher Robbins2 månader sedan

    this is such a great discussion. Beautifully designed cars and incredible performance. Count me as a fan of Mr. Koenigsegg. Jay Leno is terrific too.

  84. William Koetting

    William Koetting2 månader sedan

    Pagani zonda-r revolucion should be the next video on your show

  85. Marauder252

    Marauder2522 månader sedan

    Who holds the record? We do.. Like a boss

  86. Graham B

    Graham B2 månader sedan

    Doesn't sound very good for a hyper car. Sounds like a tractor with a blow off valve

  87. 458 Grails

    458 Grails2 månader sedan

    This is my favourite car manufacturer from this point on.

  88. Mike Renlund

    Mike Renlund2 månader sedan

    Those old navy commercials are very wal-mart and McDonald’s like.

  89. grndzro

    grndzro2 månader sedan

    Did they make that Nevada run heading east out of Reno?

  90. thecommenter

    thecommenter2 månader sedan

    Hehe, I enjoy the comments on this video. It makes me feel that I am actually doing something.

  91. Shota Toriumi

    Shota Toriumi2 månader sedan

    some say christian koenigsegg lost his hair to improve aerodynamics.

  92. Jay Lin

    Jay Lin2 månader sedan

    This is my favourite car manufacturer from this point on.

  93. Vivian Valdi

    Vivian Valdi2 månader sedan

    For who flies planes, this kind of speed rhetoric : its fast, it's the fastest is just fascinating. These very fast cars go like 1/5 of the average speed @ cruise @ best... Oh ye buddy, it's fast, sure, go for it, very interesting argument. That said, great projects. We like so much to see fast eggs on the roads.

  94. R. Brown

    R. Brown2 månader sedan

    Nice shout out to E-type's inboard disc brakes. Would be nice to have a Regera, it is one beautiful car. Unforunately, that would mean I would be homeless.

  95. Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez2 månader sedan

    lmfao every day use. Where are you gonna every day use 250+mph?

  96. Ksgir Sdq

    Ksgir Sdq2 månader sedan

    That spirit of performance emblem is going to skyrocket the rarity in time.

  97. Claris Sagun

    Claris Sagun2 månader sedan

    Actually found myself being disappointed to hear that all 80 cars of that model were sold. As if I could ever afford it.

  98. Xavier Brunet

    Xavier Brunet2 månader sedan

    @ 28:34 is that a cop pulling them over?

  99. menebatto

    menebatto2 månader sedan

    Glad to see King Kong Bundy found a new career once he left wrestling

  100. rope burn

    rope burn2 månader sedan

    If I ever had the money, this is the company I would support with my money. Classy guy, classy company... Top class cars

  101. Blotted

    Blotted2 månader sedan

    love the car but why are super and hyper cars wheels so damn ugly when they can make them look any way they want. It blows my mind

  102. rajat shah

    rajat shah2 månader sedan

    Hope one day they will develop Koenigsegg superbike 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  103. Benny M

    Benny M2 månader sedan

    nice beast