Catch our Assess & Caress mashup featuring vehicles that are tough enough to get the job done! Between the massive 1952 Alfa Romeo AR 51 Matta to the 1959 Daimler Ferret, you don’t want to miss this one.
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  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel2 dagar sedan

    Outfit does not make people any more intelligent.

  2. MachSea

    MachSea3 dagar sedan

    Guy with the bowtie is awesome.

  3. radioguy1620

    radioguy16203 dagar sedan

    kinda doubt you could get a mint van 5 yrs ago for 2500. maybe in Calif

  4. I Am Maximus

    I Am Maximus4 dagar sedan

    Keep these shows up 🏍🏎

  5. Leon Maliniak

    Leon Maliniak4 dagar sedan

    This channel is obviously of interest to men and so is HAIR LOSS, so I post this important notice here because lucky JAY has a beautiful head of hair. Conventional medicine has FAILED to solve HAIR LOSS because it has focused only on blocking DHT. I cured my HAIR LOSS with a NEW method described at which explains why the MAIN cause of HAIR LOSS is not DHT but a reduction in the BLOOD FLOW to the scalp due to a tight lower scalp layer called the GALEA and shows how to cure hair loss with no drugs, no lotions and no surgery. Get the book and learn how to cure your hair cost almost nothing.

  6. recipioct

    recipioct7 dagar sedan

    Ferrets and anything in the family are pound for pound the most frightening animal in the kingdom.

  7. Gerry Freeman

    Gerry Freeman9 dagar sedan

    White wall tyres on a rally car' SAD

  8. Gerry Freeman

    Gerry Freeman9 dagar sedan

    Jay Has car man Taste . Regards from the UK Check out the Austin Champ Jay ' Porsche is excellent , Datsuns raced in the east African Rallye's and were very successfull

  9. Thomas LeMay

    Thomas LeMay9 dagar sedan

    Jay, Sears used the Allstate brand for vehicles.

  10. Yusuf Lubanga

    Yusuf Lubanga10 dagar sedan

    Greetings from Kenya,East Africa. We used to have the Safari Rally that everybody loved but sadly it was taken off the world chart at some point and things have never been the same since. The Classic East Africa Safari Rally came up and it has been a there for a while. I must say It is enjoyable for the old school nostalgic fans like me,such a delight to see some of my old racing heroes still actively racing. I believe that the course is much tougher than the Australian Outback,regardless there are so many entries from across the globe however Porsche and Ford Escort cars seem to dominate the rally. It is easy to imagine a rivalry between the Porsche drivers and Ford Escort driver.

  11. Greg Appelgren

    Greg Appelgren10 dagar sedan

    If I pulled up to that Alfa Romeo at a red light I’d have thought “Look at the Dum Dum who put an Alfa Romeo sticker on his Jeep”!

  12. libertarian45

    libertarian4510 dagar sedan

    Thankfully, no one called the Ferret a 'tank'. That drives me nuts.

  13. C L

    C L6 dagar sedan

    @libertarian45 @libertarian45 Yes, I'm glad you realized I was being facetious. Somewhere along the line Geordi LaForge did say something about reading being fundamental if I remember correctly. Well, as long as you keep your fellow Librarians calm, and the radical Left keeps calm, and the Right wing nutjob neos keep calm, maybe America will have a future. I've had more families I know leave the US over the past 3 years than I can count, and it's got nothing to do with the current orange baby occupying the House. New Zealand, northern Europe, certain Asian countries, etc. Not a bad life, if you can afford it. Canada hasn't been taking us for the past 15 years, and anywhere South is muito mal

  14. libertarian45

    libertarian459 dagar sedan

    @C L The handle is 'libertarian'' not 'librarian'. Reading is fundamental. But I'll answer anyway. The Ferret Scout Car is an Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle. A vehicle needs to meet the following criteria to be considered a 'tank': a. tracked; b. significantly armoured; and c. significantly armed ie a main gun capable of destroying other armoured vehicles and fighting other tanks.

  15. C L

    C L9 dagar sedan

    Well, since you're a Librarian, perhaps you can explain the difference?

  16. Hank Jay

    Hank Jay10 dagar sedan

    "don't laugh lady, your daughter's at the back" :D lol

  17. Kevin X

    Kevin X11 dagar sedan

    I met Donald Osborne at a car show in Oregon. He said, hello (smiling). Also, and I say this unconfirmed. I had been told a black gentleman designed the Captain America Harley from Easy Rider. But Arlene Ness got the credit. Unconfirmed. Tying that into the Corwin. I am not researching my rumored history. Better for twitter fights.

  18. Hank Jay

    Hank Jay10 dagar sedan

    Oh wow, I had no idea J.B. Smoove was so into cars.

  19. Robert Bardos

    Robert Bardos11 dagar sedan

    you guys make me laugh! thanks a million!!

  20. Drink Snapple

    Drink Snapple11 dagar sedan

    Alfa Romeo!!!!!!

  21. Kyle Phillips

    Kyle Phillips11 dagar sedan

    Donald lives for cars

  22. Randy Sullivan

    Randy Sullivan12 dagar sedan

    That porsche is worth 3million? I don't see it...

  23. Daniel Lawson

    Daniel Lawson12 dagar sedan

    I would love to have a Corwin. It's like a Fiero. Only way before the Fiero

  24. Andrea Negri

    Andrea Negri12 dagar sedan

    Alfa Romeo made a variety of car-based utility vehicle and some trucks too until the late 80's, mostly rebadged Fiat Ducato and Ivecos.


    BULLOCK12 dagar sedan

    This is a great show.. love it

  26. Max Thrust

    Max Thrust12 dagar sedan

    That Corwin is super cool, too bad there aren’t any more of those to be had. Someone should revive that project, I bet you could sell a few of these today.

  27. danam0228

    danam022813 dagar sedan

    solid gold

  28. Steeltoedboots 58

    Steeltoedboots 5813 dagar sedan

    To me Ferret says fierce and fast , I think it’s a good name.

  29. Richard Garcia

    Richard Garcia13 dagar sedan

    > help the cat escape (part 2) move in 1st pov (it's accurate this time) ______________ 🐱-> | ________ | | | | | ________ 🔑 | key | ______________|

  30. Marc Pavlik

    Marc Pavlik13 dagar sedan

    Who's with me here? Jay, can we get Mr Osborne and you both in more of the pandemic videos? His knowledge and sense of humor are spot on with the Leno standards and we the people love seeing genuine car guys. Great videos!

  31. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore13 dagar sedan

    the corwin is awesome a few tweaks and you could market it today

  32. Sockpoppet

    Sockpoppet13 dagar sedan

    That Alpha Romeo AR-51 is gorgeous.🧡 Cheers to Donald Osborne, always appraising beautiful and interesting machines.

  33. Lucky Baldwin

    Lucky Baldwin12 dagar sedan

    I thought that, too. I'd never seen one before Jay's Garage.

  34. David Pesek

    David Pesek14 dagar sedan

    "don't laugh lady, your daughter's at the back" :D lol

  35. moo moo

    moo moo14 dagar sedan

    It's good to know that Donald loves me.

  36. Jerry Marcum

    Jerry Marcum14 dagar sedan

    Jay and Donald are great together. Donald is an expert for sure and can pronounce all the German, French and Italian words perfectly. Jay’s love for cars and humor is wonderful.

  37. crusherbmx

    crusherbmx14 dagar sedan

    That Corwin looks like the 80's.....the name though....."Getaway"?

  38. Stunt Panda

    Stunt Panda14 dagar sedan

    Oh wow, I had no idea J.B. Smoove was so into cars.

  39. Jon Blondell

    Jon Blondell14 dagar sedan

    What an honor to get to drive that Corwin! I thought it would be 80s, not 60s!

  40. Jon Blondell

    Jon Blondell14 dagar sedan

    About 4 years ago, I could have bought a late 70s factory tricked up van for $1300. It was super clean, needed a tune up. I didn't buy it, stupid!!

  41. Jon Blondell

    Jon Blondell14 dagar sedan

    I haven't heard "Bayonne Bleeder" in forever!

  42. Chad Johnson

    Chad Johnson15 dagar sedan

    Thnxs 4 having him on!😀

  43. Joe Patel

    Joe Patel15 dagar sedan

    0:19 Omg this superbike, must see this

  44. thousand points of light

    thousand points of light15 dagar sedan

    what gets used in the engine when fuel is under combustion? answer, electrons. did you know you can run an engine on protons? how does an engine run on protons? implosion.

  45. Opera

    Opera15 dagar sedan

    Ok, one-of the better , actually BEST”, Car Show/Overview/Educational videos/ Shows I have seen..... ! Especially the Humor, and Donald’s “ realistic, or detailed, or Serious “ Evaluations of non -Realistic Cars!...... ( etc,:)).Makes a nice performance with Jay & DON alternating......Thank you.. oops, good laughs too.....

  46. paul gordon

    paul gordon15 dagar sedan

    Yep , I like both of these guys . Would like to meet them someday and maybe have a beer an talk cars for a bit .

  47. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams15 dagar sedan

    Always enjoy series with Mr. Osborne!

  48. Laura Stewart

    Laura Stewart15 dagar sedan

    It was delightful to hear Mr. Osborne speak Italian. You gents are fantastico.

  49. James Barisitz

    James Barisitz15 dagar sedan

    That Corwin couldn't cut it as a golf cart. Prototype. 👍 😃

  50. T. Howard

    T. Howard15 dagar sedan

    Forbes gifted a Münch to Liz Taylor? Omg that is beyond bizarre haha!

  51. Chris

    Chris15 dagar sedan

    *Donald Osborne needs to be back as a regular segment.* 💙👍

  52. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts15 dagar sedan

    1959 Ferret $ 2,800 = $ 25,140 in 2020 USD That seems too low , was the exchange rate that bad or the budget fudged? 1952 Alfa $ 7,000 = $ 68,781 in 2020 USD That seems too high, was the MSRP swapped with the Ferret or were kickbacks rolled into the contract? 1972 911 $ 8,975 = $ 58,718 in 2020 USD That seems just right.

  53. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts15 dagar sedan

    Concerning the Ferret. I've always wanted to drive one to work, stop at the guard shack and poke my badge out of the top of the turret using a stick.

  54. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts15 dagar sedan

    Donald Osborne, Rather than Mohammad Ali, I'm thinking Robin Leach on the " Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous "

  55. Matthew Kantar

    Matthew Kantar15 dagar sedan

    Cliff Hall passed this year, 94 years old.

  56. McMour 1967

    McMour 196715 dagar sedan

    I read the title of this as something completely different.....

  57. Krazyhorse

    Krazyhorse15 dagar sedan

    Anytime Donald is on I am glued to my set! And who doesn't love his voice and smile!

  58. C L

    C L9 dagar sedan

    @Bob Roberts Siri Siri says the woodcock is out of jirachi

  59. C L

    C L9 dagar sedan

    Who doesn't love his voice and smile? Many Don@ld Truump fans that's who, sadly.

  60. Bob Roberts

    Bob Roberts15 dagar sedan

    Donald Osborne, Rather than Mohammad Ali, I'm thinking Robin Leach on the " Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous "

  61. srreventon

    srreventon15 dagar sedan

    DONALD, please write an e book on the your road to becoming an expert... not only us would love to know your story but imagine all the kids Maybe even contact netflix and do a auto documentary of your self Always a pleasure to see you on action

  62. WryGrass100

    WryGrass10015 dagar sedan

    Another Covid homerun!

  63. Saul Moreno

    Saul Moreno15 dagar sedan

    I don't what it is, but I enjoy this very much!

  64. Saul Moreno

    Saul Moreno15 dagar sedan

    @Clay LoomisI only watch his SEtoos content so I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know!

  65. Clay Loomis

    Clay Loomis15 dagar sedan

    Jay's 1 hour show on CNBC has one of these Osbourne segments at the end of each show. They stuck a few together for this promo.

  66. John M

    John M16 dagar sedan

    Great job as always guys 👍👍

  67. George Pomonis

    George Pomonis16 dagar sedan

    You missed the ultimate 4x4 the land rover defender

  68. George Pomonis

    George Pomonis15 dagar sedan

    @rantonbro as its one of the greatest 4x4s of all time

  69. rantonbro

    rantonbro15 dagar sedan

    why would you want to rover the fender?

  70. Scuba Trucker

    Scuba Trucker16 dagar sedan

    I like watching these 2 together. LOL