Scorpion - Klassic Tower On Very Hard (NO MATCHES LOST)


  1. Stephany Lopez

    Stephany Lopez23 minuter sedan

    Idiota que pendejo

  2. chee yung sheng

    chee yung sheng6 timmar sedan

    but i rather like mortal kombat 10 hanzo face

  3. kskinee

    kskinee17 timmar sedan

    He's playing on Very Hard but he didn't mention that his guy has Hella buffs.

  4. VeNoMz ProGaming

    VeNoMz ProGaming17 timmar sedan

    7:21 that was quick

  5. Ra0Ni

    Ra0NiDag sedan

    gotta admit this, your skill is impressive

  6. kenchi_exe

    kenchi_exeDag sedan

    I love the way he didn't do a finisher on Jacqui because she is the fiance of one of his clan members

  7. PROZZIN sx

    PROZZIN sxDag sedan

    You is Very good Men!!!

  8. Zarif Urdushov

    Zarif Urdushov2 dagar sedan

    Scorpion👎👎 Sub-Zero 💪💪

  9. sWiGgItY swooty I'm coming for that booty

    sWiGgItY swooty I'm coming for that booty2 dagar sedan

    14:03 look at the bot trynna cheese

  10. sWiGgItY swooty I'm coming for that booty

    sWiGgItY swooty I'm coming for that booty2 dagar sedan

    He really mercies jade just to sh😜t on her with a combo brutality

  11. Alan Jose Kho

    Alan Jose Kho2 dagar sedan

    No lost but you lost to sub zero in 1st round

  12. Willem Bielefeld

    Willem Bielefeld2 dagar sedan

    Then you participate in an online tournament and lose all matches :D It is crazy, how good the top players actually are. No comparison to very hard Ai.

  13. Liam Ali

    Liam Ali2 dagar sedan

    DO NOT MESS WITH THIS DUDE you are so good you ranked up for sure and when they block you don't grab them you is jump kick them

  14. Liam Ali

    Liam Ali2 dagar sedan

    You do fatalities and brutalities

  15. Kyle

    Kyle3 dagar sedan

    Hate the look of this Scorpion

  16. Ehud

    Ehud3 dagar sedan


  17. RandomGuy

    RandomGuy3 dagar sedan

    but he lost a round to sub zero

  18. JayR 5mitty

    JayR 5mitty3 dagar sedan

    Seriously dude, Scorpion is such a SSS Tier character. Why do I never see the top players use him. Would it be too cheap or something? 🤔

  19. Rafi Prayoga

    Rafi Prayoga4 dagar sedan

    So pro

  20. LIMóN kid

    LIMóN kid4 dagar sedan

    Scorpian vs. Radian Scorpian Wins OVERKILL

  21. Loody Moods

    Loody Moods6 dagar sedan

    Yo your a fckin monster with scorpion

  22. Noxus Reaper

    Noxus Reaper6 dagar sedan

    Sad scorpion keeps getting nerfed that 527 combo he does in the start of vid is now a 467 even my big combo is now a 487

  23. Jermaine Beckford

    Jermaine Beckford7 dagar sedan

    This person has God-Like reflexes.

  24. omar bustos

    omar bustos7 dagar sedan

    Caster: FINISH HIM This guy: nah I’m not done yet

  25. Monk

    Monk8 dagar sedan

    The ending seems a ripoff of God of War.

  26. Legoat James

    Legoat James8 dagar sedan

    Scorpion got the best stuff

  27. Kevin Codeço Play

    Kevin Codeço Play9 dagar sedan

    0:49 que combo monstro

  28. vtecx626

    vtecx6269 dagar sedan

    Me playing Scorpion: throw spear leg sweep throw spear leg sweep repeat.

  29. Daronai Hasashi

    Daronai Hasashi4 dagar sedan

    :( is our clan a joke to you

  30. Ricardo Abapo Jr.

    Ricardo Abapo Jr.10 dagar sedan

    Kronika’s such a weakling.


    LOVENS FREDERICK10 dagar sedan

    I’m happy because he know how to are you scorpion Schuylkill is my favorite character😎

  32. Minh Bu

    Minh Bu10 dagar sedan

    come this channel from MK 2021 movie ::Đ

  33. Kolache

    Kolache10 dagar sedan

    I always just uppercut, I win 90% of fights XD

  34. On 2 Play

    On 2 Play11 dagar sedan

    14:19 what did he say? Did he just say "SH..!"

  35. Twice

    Twice11 dagar sedan

    New voicer so bad xd

  36. coinbase member

    coinbase member12 dagar sedan

    Well played bro 👍

  37. nami HD

    nami HD12 dagar sedan

    here I am after watching the movie 4/24/2021

  38. Redzuan Hisham

    Redzuan Hisham12 dagar sedan

    2:35 So, Daft Punk seperated because one of them wants to join Mortal Kombat...

  39. XXXtentawrld999

    XXXtentawrld99912 dagar sedan

    Wtf died

  40. Alberto Agung

    Alberto Agung13 dagar sedan

    Look very easy instead of very hard 👍

  41. Thịnh Nguyễn Văn

    Thịnh Nguyễn Văn13 dagar sedan

    12:25 i love thisssss!!!!!!! You play Scorp so good!!!!

  42. Brex

    Brex13 dagar sedan

    The fight ive been waiting for scorpion and subzero 13:35

  43. Fifjd Dgyjjh

    Fifjd Dgyjjh13 dagar sedan


  44. S a d P e pe

    S a d P e pe14 dagar sedan

    I thought I was good...

  45. Michael Sanchez

    Michael Sanchez16 dagar sedan

    Mercy only to rip her head off 3 seconds later. LOL

  46. Oddiy Odam

    Oddiy Odam17 dagar sedan

    Ha bosa skorpion bose uyinda faqat sen zursaneee

  47. Snehasis Panda

    Snehasis Panda18 dagar sedan

    Awesome gameplay buddy

  48. Kenric Horton

    Kenric Horton18 dagar sedan

    Best player I’ve seen

  49. concept k

    concept k20 dagar sedan

    Now this I'll love to see!

  50. MJ T

    MJ T20 dagar sedan

    See if the ai can do the whole tower on very hard

  51. Thet Lwin Aung

    Thet Lwin Aung21 dag sedan

    Too smart

  52. Simranjit Singh

    Simranjit Singh22 dagar sedan

    0:49 if I do this same combo today, the damage is 469

  53. Станислав XXXL******SSS

    Станислав XXXL******SSS22 dagar sedan


  54. Lance Rackley

    Lance Rackley24 dagar sedan

    Im not even gonna lie. When I saw this title I thought, “no way in hell (no pun intended)” but that was some dope gameplay. Well done

  55. Maggs

    Maggs28 dagar sedan


  56. иван квочкин

    иван квочкинMånad sedan

    Урон слишком большои наносит читер так бы проиграл

  57. Konstantinos Papadopoulos

    Konstantinos PapadopoulosMånad sedan

    Why good players never interact? Its a bid damage that they never use

  58. Feliciano

    FelicianoMånad sedan

    If you played with scorpion in part 1 2 3 and 4 you never lost your skills if you think to pick up MK again.

  59. Noha 333

    Noha 333Månad sedan


  60. Alan Chiu Quintana

    Alan Chiu QuintanaMånad sedan

    Lol get all those wins without jumping attacks 😝 the computer don’t block jumps 😂⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ But Ggs.

  61. L

    LMånad sedan

    Hate to meet this guy online in a dark alley 😲

  62. Sifiso Quinton Mbele

    Sifiso Quinton MbeleMånad sedan

    That Death Spear Kombo Brutality is life.

  63. Fouzia Ghouri

    Fouzia GhouriMånad sedan

    Nice combos

  64. Austin Mune

    Austin MuneMånad sedan

    Yoo the fatality he gave Kabal tho


    DSN GAMERSMånad sedan


  66. budok foxcave

    budok foxcaveMånad sedan

    Fav hero mk .. scorpion

  67. ali2d

    ali2d2 månader sedan

    Nice bro

  68. Ay Ay

    Ay Ay2 månader sedan

    Some of these fatalies are redundant, chop in half, decapitate, finally the spear through the head mid air.

  69. RonTaps YT

    RonTaps YT2 månader sedan

    "get over here" is just iconic as ever

  70. The Jugg Boy

    The Jugg Boy2 månader sedan

    I bet if they give Scorpion Kronika's health, the game would literally be impossible to beat

  71. alema edmond

    alema edmond2 månader sedan

    MAN Bro you know how to fight, even I can't win/ beat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Napsiah nap

    Napsiah nap2 månader sedan

    Bang jago

  73. Derrick McTerry

    Derrick McTerry2 månader sedan

    Skarlet: is hellfire stronger than bloodmagic? Scorpion: face me and find out.😈 Scarlet: splendid idea.😮 Yeah that was a good idea lol

  74. Advocatus Diaboli

    Advocatus Diaboli2 månader sedan

    Female voice is so bad..

  75. Saeed 7613

    Saeed 76132 månader sedan

    I love classic skin of scorpion

  76. vanja stec

    vanja stec2 månader sedan

    720p hell yea

  77. CRISIS

    CRISIS3 månader sedan

    Soo at the end Scorpion basically become Kratos and starts killing gods lol

  78. Derrick McTerry

    Derrick McTerry3 månader sedan

    Dude scorpion is my jam dude

  79. The KH Gaming

    The KH Gaming3 månader sedan

    How can i play on pc

  80. XLRos R

    XLRos R3 månader sedan

    Noice vid

  81. Bryane Peeples

    Bryane Peeples3 månader sedan


  82. Βασίλης Ιωαννίδης

    Βασίλης Ιωαννίδης3 månader sedan

    How many years did you play scorpion

  83. Keondrei Ornopia

    Keondrei Ornopia3 månader sedan

    Scorpion is like a lion

  84. MiracceL

    MiracceL3 månader sedan


  85. Bruno Bucciarati

    Bruno Bucciarati3 månader sedan

    I really hate new MK

  86. eddie ES

    eddie ES3 månader sedan

    Scorpion wins

  87. TuLuuuS Gaming

    TuLuuuS Gaming3 månader sedan

    Scorpion best

  88. Мамат Маржанов

    Мамат Маржанов4 månader sedan

    He's good

  89. Мамат Маржанов

    Мамат Маржанов4 månader sedan


  90. Giuseppe Lopriore

    Giuseppe Lopriore4 månader sedan

    The combo al o.58:mimutes by 528.00 damage is more diffiicult , kombat league or make it on Line...... the combo , scorpion need always two metter bar do a great damaging.......thiis is the problem.....excuse me for my english

  91. Dan Danzelov

    Dan Danzelov4 månader sedan

    so bad quality

  92. Valentino godoy

    Valentino godoy4 månader sedan


  93. Rafa Akbari

    Rafa Akbari4 månader sedan

    Raiden: Im A paladin Of light Me: Your Lightning Was Red Boi How Was It Paladin Of Light :V

  94. vggukys

    vggukys4 månader sedan

    I don't have a xBox so, I love to watch gameplays...

  95. Jakub Košina

    Jakub Košina4 månader sedan

    Sub zero almost rekt you... 😁 👍

  96. shaolin Ghost

    shaolin Ghost4 månader sedan

    Fuck this guy is good!

  97. Giuseppe Lopriore

    Giuseppe Lopriore4 månader sedan

    With scorpion is complicated , to’ break defense enemy..........

  98. علیرضا پهنابی

    علیرضا پهنابی4 månader sedan

    I loved it ❤️

  99. Malachi Straiten

    Malachi Straiten4 månader sedan

    Instantly demonetized

  100. Random OGG

    Random OGG4 månader sedan

    Are you sure it's on very hard?

  101. Patrik

    Patrik5 månader sedan

    Scorpion is ruthless

  102. SHARK

    SHARK5 månader sedan

    I think he can defeat sonicfox

  103. PharmPhys

    PharmPhys5 månader sedan

    My favorite mk11 SEtoosr