She is Miley Cyrus (Documentary Film)

She is Miley Cyrus: a fan-made life story about Miley Cyrus -a philanthropist, singer, songwriter, actress and probably anything else you can imagine. "She is Miley Cyrus" is the name of a scrapped musical project by Miley but the title felt very fitting *a poet* Sit back & enjoy.
I own none of the videos or music, all rights to the people who deserve rights! woo.
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  1. Alyson Teer

    Alyson Teer24 minuter sedan

    Beautiful work and you were able to capture so much of her that we grew up alongside with her and it brings back as much if not more joy than it did the first time. I think that's because when Miley Cyrus says trust in the process to her self she unknowingly spread that type of energy to the rest of us and this is why she is and always will be my idol she's a true gift and does so much good with her talent. Selfless and unconditional love and support is what she provides along with a bad ass rockstar life for the entertainment its just the perks! 💚💜✌️🥰

  2. Tori Kayy

    Tori Kayy8 timmar sedan

    I knew when she came out with "Pumpin up the Party" we would one-day get a bomb ass hit to follow our adult years... That hit was born with "We Can't Stop" 😜🤘💖!! Then of course after we done matured, we have "Slide Away" 👏👏. Well done Miley 😘


    ANTONY SDag sedan

    Miley Cyrus eres una DIOSA!!! 😍😍

  4. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    It’s sad their are homeless kids everywhere but parents actually abandon their child bec they say they are gay it’s sad that’s your child no matter who they live or want to be son behold your mother mother behold your son!! And she also helping wolves from being slaughtered I love her even more just pray nothing but the best for her

  5. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    People called her a slut when she was with the same guy scence a teenager she remade herself she had everyone talking ❤️

  6. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    She did it all right !! I agree I’ve lost my mom dad grandparents and my dogs and it hurts it all rips you apart

  7. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    She got engaged to her first love no wonder any girl that breaks up or the guy breaks up with them they will go a little wild go Miley !! Love her her hair looked great I loved her music and I can’t believe he was unfaithful

  8. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    Lol is a good movie too

  9. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    I honestly think all the stuff that she went through after breaking up weed all that she was growing up that was her wild stage and honesty she is and turned into a beautiful woman so ! Honestly people thought she fall but nope she is very strong mentally inside you just can see that ! Having her parents their also helped

  10. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    I love that movie the last song

  11. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan

    I never trusted Disney

  12. Natalie Fiorini

    Natalie Fiorini2 dagar sedan

    This must have taken a LOT of work. Thank you for putting this together. Really enjoyable to watch!

  13. Erica Buehler

    Erica BuehlerDag sedan

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. COUNTLESS Melanin !

    COUNTLESS Melanin !3 dagar sedan

    this made me wanna listen to Hannah Montana lol which i do already off and on.

  15. Synnalang khar thang maw s khar thang maw

    Synnalang khar thang maw s khar thang maw3 dagar sedan

    I always love you Miley Cyrus congrats for your success everything in your life, powerful enough u have it perfect 👌

  16. DINA1966

    DINA19663 dagar sedan

    I’m 54 years old and I love you Miley Cyrus! I wish I had you as my best friend growing up. I’m always in awe of you. You are real. You kind hearted. You are probably every girls dream of being the girl you were growing up. I know I wish I lived your same life. I know it wasn’t always easy but you conquered all obstacles. I’m a proud old lady fan. Lol. Growing up I was always insecure and I could have used you as my side kick. Thank you for being you.. YOU, Are a rockstar!! 💜

  17. Margarita Serna

    Margarita Serna3 dagar sedan

    That was really good! Fucking killed it! Learned a lot about her that I didn’t know!

  18. Jasmine Anciso

    Jasmine Anciso4 dagar sedan

    Omg I love her lol

  19. Kamilė Kaz

    Kamilė Kaz5 dagar sedan

    I’m so happy I grew up watching Hannah Montana and later listening to Miley Cyrus songs, she’s still one of my favourite artists❤️

  20. Atherton X

    Atherton X5 dagar sedan

    I'm not going to do Hannah Montana....she was murdered. Why did I laugh? Miley is a natural comedian.

  21. Destiny C.

    Destiny C.5 dagar sedan

    What’s with all celebrities documentaries coming out around at same time 🧐 Billie Ellish , Miley , Demi . What if it’s to distract us from what’s going on people! Wake up!

  22. nary so

    nary so6 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for making this 🥲 this is the closest thing we smiler can get to documentary from miley so sad but true xD

  23. Tina Marie

    Tina Marie6 dagar sedan

    Such a beautiful human 💕 I wish everyone were more like her 💕

  24. Alice Alexandra

    Alice Alexandra6 dagar sedan

    Miley saved my life when she did Bangerz and introduced me to the Flaming Lips, I finally quit heroin right before her concert I didn’t want to be sick at. Ive been clean ever since and that is thanks to them.

  25. Lynnie

    Lynnie6 dagar sedan

    Pretty sure that Barbara Walters called in "Banjers??" Is that because Miley is a hillbilly at heart so Barbara thought it was a play on banjo players??, 🤔😉🤣

  26. Kiss Jessie

    Kiss Jessie7 dagar sedan

    It’s more like a fan-made clips

  27. Zissy Malfoy

    Zissy Malfoy7 dagar sedan

    It really sounds like she has a fulfilled life and she is still so young! I am a bit jealous.

  28. Ann Jane

    Ann Jane7 dagar sedan

    I fell asleep watching SEtoos and ended up here and seems I watched the whole thing 😐😅

  29. Evelina Music

    Evelina Music8 dagar sedan

    Nice! 👍.

  30. SavannaTheSavage

    SavannaTheSavage8 dagar sedan

    She’s so gorgeous inside & out ❤️🧡💛💚💙💗💜🌈👍🏻💕🤪💯🐝😊

  31. SavannaTheSavage

    SavannaTheSavage8 dagar sedan

    Authentically herself, kinda folk kinda pop kinda here kind of there. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💗💜

  32. SavannaTheSavage

    SavannaTheSavage8 dagar sedan

    I wish I could have kids... but sadly can’t right now,, 🥺😓And one like Miley Cyrus!!

  33. SavannaTheSavage

    SavannaTheSavage8 dagar sedan

    I just want to say can we talk about how versatile her voice is? It’s so unique & amazing😍

  34. SavannaTheSavage

    SavannaTheSavage8 dagar sedan

    -*Miley is such a BADASS chick* !! I love her so much. Breaking Boundaries. I bought & wore/wear the happy hippie hoodie... 🌈 ☀️ Who else out there is helping the community? Who else has made their own foundation to give back? I don’t know many other people I can’t even name one right now, but I’m sure there’s somebody. So glad that Miley stepped up in that role. She is a good person and she is down to earth she’s real. She’s very authentic and that’s what I have always strive to be. Because I’m different I can’t help how I am. I have a lot of problems that people can’t see, mental health is a real issue for me. And last year actually two years now June 2019 I found out I can’t have kids unless I have a really expensive surgery it’s about 9000 $10,000. My Insurance says it’s a luxury to have kids and I have great PPO and Blue Cross insurance. What is checkers doing is so amazing and I want to be just like her. She knows what she wants she knows what she wants to do she’s very good at articulating her feelings and I’m very attracted to her confidence and knowledge. Like I said she’s just a bad ass chick who does amazing shit and has a birthday that is 10 days before mine. Even though we’re the same age are actually 10 days apart I look up to Miley so much 💕💯 🐝 😃 be happy

  35. Jean Brennan

    Jean Brennan8 dagar sedan

    You are just beautiful ❤️

  36. Hero Gul

    Hero Gul9 dagar sedan

    35... WTF

  37. Hero Gul

    Hero Gul9 dagar sedan

    Vocals, fresh constantly. I just hate 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 reference s

  38. Dream Girl

    Dream Girl10 dagar sedan

    10:05 i was scared for a moment there 😂😂

  39. Allysia Miller

    Allysia Miller10 dagar sedan

    i love miley cyrus she is best I am big fan of Miley

  40. Florent Boré

    Florent Boré11 dagar sedan

    Omg this is just Amazing ! Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  41. sand bach

    sand bach11 dagar sedan

    Whoa! I'm going to get some veneers! what a huge difference!

  42. Oona H

    Oona H12 dagar sedan

    she is so amazing

  43. Honeybunch

    Honeybunch12 dagar sedan

    Amazing talent.

  44. kbvlog

    kbvlog12 dagar sedan

    Also hear me out : Russel brand and Miley Cyrus podcast episode would be so good and eye opening I’m sure!

  45. kbvlog

    kbvlog12 dagar sedan

    I’ve always loved her but I didn’t realise how important some of the things she’s accomplished truly are! What a true inspiration and such a great influence for every generation not just young girls& boys but everybody could learn from Miley!

  46. jordan reid

    jordan reid12 dagar sedan

    YES👏🏼 SHE👏🏼IS👏🏼

  47. Joe Griffin

    Joe Griffin12 dagar sedan

    Absolutely amazing. Always rated her. Her parents have done a brilliant job. Respect to you all.

  48. miley cyrus fans 23

    miley cyrus fans 2312 dagar sedan

    Nice video cool

  49. Erikka Juvonen

    Erikka Juvonen13 dagar sedan

    Lol “I’m in the good girl category and I want to stay that way”. Well that didn’t happen.she has changed so much..but that’s what happens when you grow up you change and you can’t hate one anyone for that..

  50. Dominique Giancarlo

    Dominique Giancarlo13 dagar sedan

    I didn't want it to be over

  51. Olivia Perryman

    Olivia Perryman14 dagar sedan

    Didn’t think much until I heard her say FREE BRITNEY at a concert 🎵 Kudos

  52. Maria Nania

    Maria Nania15 dagar sedan

    27:29 -You should always be Nervous cause it shows you still care about what you do - Real Autentchic Honest No Fake Miley Cyrus (sorry for bad English) ps. love it when her mom says she's just being herself 👌

  53. Michelle Edwards

    Michelle Edwards15 dagar sedan

    Bloody amazing!!!!!

  54. Hippie Toes

    Hippie Toes15 dagar sedan

    I’ll admit it. I used to judge her. I was wrong! I have mad respect for her now

  55. Donald Kirven

    Donald Kirven16 dagar sedan

    More like HE IS MILEY CYRUS!!!!

  56. Taaaitje Xx

    Taaaitje Xx16 dagar sedan

    Loveeeed it 😍

  57. Raul Garcia

    Raul Garcia16 dagar sedan

    I love this girl I never not been a fan been a fan since 2006. Her career come up. Her fall down . Her Rising Up Smilerz for life for Miley! Love this girl

  58. Lois Sams

    Lois Sams17 dagar sedan

    I look like her too

  59. Lois Sams

    Lois Sams17 dagar sedan

    I have the same eye color as Miley

  60. Brittany

    Brittany18 dagar sedan

    I wonder if Miley will ever watch this

  61. Pretty Alazia

    Pretty Alazia18 dagar sedan

    The 7 things I hate about you still my shit.

  62. Emi

    Emi18 dagar sedan

    She looks like a young Jane Fonda.

  63. C

    C19 dagar sedan

    It's crazy a 15 year old received hate for being partly nude on the cover of vanity fair instead of the magazine undergoing intense scrutiny for sexualizing a 15 year old. 2008 was a wild time.

  64. Leigh Rivera

    Leigh Rivera2 dagar sedan


  65. Derrick bright

    Derrick bright9 dagar sedan

    Walking thro the st ...huh grey car

  66. Heather

    Heather20 dagar sedan

    Mad respect for this woman 👏 I missed out on much of her work and evolution growing up. Great video.

  67. LearnNails WithMe

    LearnNails WithMe20 dagar sedan

    I completely forgot miley did bb talk!

  68. Rofo Mortiin

    Rofo Mortiin20 dagar sedan

    Remember is re-live again ❤️ 2013 bring me a lot of good moments!!! I’m fucking crying, I loved it

  69. Rofo Mortiin

    Rofo Mortiin20 dagar sedan

    I love this videos... who made it, is an angel!!!

  70. persephone

    persephone21 dag sedan

    honestly we were so lucky to grow up w her as our role model. its crazy how much she had an impact on my childhood and myself now.

  71. Tammy Lingle

    Tammy Lingle21 dag sedan


  72. Maria Rojas

    Maria Rojas21 dag sedan

    I Love your strong voice

  73. Maria Rojas

    Maria Rojas21 dag sedan

    Please Miley , don't glamorize "SMOKING" IN PUBLIC. F....K THE small CIGAR MAKERS, they just care for $

  74. Caroline's DIY Corner

    Caroline's DIY Corner21 dag sedan

    @Maria Rojas for* , you* your* heart*

  75. Maria Rojas

    Maria Rojas21 dag sedan

    Lucky your mom & dad stirred u in the right directions (4 getting discovered). But U did your job , work, to be where U R with your voice. I'm Happy 4 U. I love your 💝 4 animals & your 💝.

  76. Maria Rojas

    Maria Rojas21 dag sedan

    I saw the kiss with Madonnan & I said, " sick"

  77. Martin Davies

    Martin Davies21 dag sedan

    I didn't even realize this was fan made until after? This is absolutely fantastic

  78. Erica Buehler

    Erica Buehler21 dag sedan

    Thank you!!

  79. Greg Bousquet

    Greg Bousquet22 dagar sedan

    Her voice is just amazing! So she lives her life her way? Don't we all want to live that free? I will always be a fan

  80. Poop NOODLE

    Poop NOODLE22 dagar sedan

    She is the ultimate icon she has genuinely been through the fucking MOST and she’s still managed to stay on top

  81. Самія Моє

    Самія Моє22 dagar sedan

    thank you Miley

  82. Самія Моє

    Самія Моє22 dagar sedan


  83. Andrea Watson

    Andrea Watson22 dagar sedan

    Cool i sing too.go miley

  84. Caroline Booker

    Caroline Booker22 dagar sedan

    Amazing documentary

  85. janelle

    janelle23 dagar sedan

    this is AMAZING great job💗

  86. puffpastry

    puffpastry23 dagar sedan

    I’ve been a fan of miley since I can remember and still I learned so much from this doc, thank u so much!!! she’s the best

  87. angelicdemon1333

    angelicdemon133324 dagar sedan

    I love miley's energy, I'm tired of this culture where ppl have t kiss ur ass n believe in everything that artist believes to give support. Or to appreciate art. Like a celebrity makes a public mistake n all of a sudden their show or song is shit... no it's still a banging product but ppl are ppl, sure let's not support pedophiles but let's tell the truth it's a good product. I'm also with her that just because you don't agree with a person's lifestyle doesn't mean that diminishes their value of life n base respect.

  88. Steve Lo2us

    Steve Lo2us24 dagar sedan

    Great talent talking the truth it’s a good vibe.❤️🌈💋

  89. Jae Viens

    Jae Viens24 dagar sedan

    What an amazing young woman she is. I love to see artist like this using their platform to better the world.

  90. Andreas Kaminski

    Andreas Kaminski24 dagar sedan

    Thank you so much for this amazing work. It's great that I found it before her Super Bowl Show 2021 !!! ❤👏🙌 Greetings from Germany and stay safe 🙏

  91. Marcia Calderon

    Marcia Calderon24 dagar sedan

    Lo vi completo igual, que lastima no allá estado subtitulado igual lo disfrute Me encanta como artista, me fascina su cariño por los animales Lastima lo de su casa Grandes cosas deseo con su fundación Y espero que jamás pierda su esencia Grandeeeeee

  92. Sims4u

    Sims4u24 dagar sedan

    Thank you.

  93. CaCola 337

    CaCola 33725 dagar sedan

    Can you truly love me even though I am pro-life? I would never kill an unborn puppy😢

  94. CaCola 337

    CaCola 33725 dagar sedan


  95. Sherry Light-n-Love

    Sherry Light-n-Love25 dagar sedan

    ASIDE FROM HER TALENT AND VOCALS, SHE CAN LIT ROCK ANY LOOK! HOW COOL IS THAT ! gO tEaM #MiLeY~~~~ & sHe Always give her 120% I love that about her!!!

  96. Lola Wolfe

    Lola Wolfe25 dagar sedan

    I support and cheer for anyone choosing sobriety. All heroes. We owe it to ourselves to go deep and find out who we are by not using / abusing subs ❤️

  97. reniesche

    reniesche25 dagar sedan

    "I'm in the good girl category and I wanna stay there"... little did she know

  98. nadhirah mopa

    nadhirah mopa25 dagar sedan

    I remember listening and watching Malibu for the first time and it instantly became my sunshine feel good song. But now i cant listen to it without crying 😭

  99. Tonya Roberson-Snyder

    Tonya Roberson-Snyder25 dagar sedan

    Thoroughly enjoyed this and really understand her more now.

  100. Heather Gregoire

    Heather Gregoire25 dagar sedan

    I love ya even more....never say sorry for who you are! be free!!!be yourself...except yourself!!! my dog has my heart he's my world!!!!

  101. prettyyypoison1

    prettyyypoison125 dagar sedan

    this was really good! especially fan made, i hope she see this 🙏

  102. Heather Gregoire

    Heather Gregoire25 dagar sedan

    who owns your heart

  103. Heather Gregoire

    Heather Gregoire25 dagar sedan

    grew up to bully.Miley was in my home. as my oldest son watched her .he is now (27) hannaha Montana. I miss her hair tho... I love u Billy love u milley Noah and moma.

  104. Amy Claire

    Amy Claire25 dagar sedan

    I’ll always love her although we don’t know each other because it’s like she understands me 👅and she’s just so fuckin awesome

  105. Erikka Juvonen

    Erikka Juvonen26 dagar sedan

    Miley was ment to be a star her music keeps getting better and better..When she rebelled she sure went above and beyond lol..but that’s what I love about her no regrets..she is gonna be around for a very long time and her music will live forever

  106. Yuvrai Patel

    Yuvrai Patel26 dagar sedan

    I don’t know why people think she’s crazy, I think she’s just being herself and spreading awareness about things which people are embarrassed to talk about!! She’s great in her own way and I support that , anyone else else who supports her can like #miley_forever