Eating McDonald's Happy Meals until I get EVERY POKEMON CARD!!

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Pokemon is Back!!
I couldn't resist, I had to make an attempt to collect all the cards. But of course, we can't let food go to waste, so we're eating every McDonalds Happy Meal on the way!
Will I make it? Will I collect them all?!
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  1. Matt Stonie

    Matt Stonie16 dagar sedan

    Sorry guys... I ran out of packs.... Still, whos your favorite pokemon!


    ALEX EATS19 timmar sedan

    Lol I got Chimchar my first pack

  3. Sayf Rahman

    Sayf Rahman16 dagar sedan


  4. The Truth

    The Truth16 dagar sedan


  5. Mackinley J. Rattey

    Mackinley J. Rattey16 dagar sedan


  6. Elizeth Mendez

    Elizeth Mendez16 dagar sedan


  7. König Hamstaaa

    König Hamstaaa7 minuter sedan

    Thats bullshit! Kids wants to buy this because thats a normal Portion for them + there are Toys to Play..

  8. Jacob Ramirez

    Jacob Ramirez12 minuter sedan

    Happy meals---->Sad meals

  9. chairy

    chairy13 minuter sedan

    alernative title: I get diabetes

  10. Keri Jackson

    Keri Jackson35 minuter sedan

    did not :( well thats sad

  11. naitik

    naitikTimme sedan


  12. Emilio's World

    Emilio's WorldTimme sedan

    My favorite pokemon is frokie

  13. Alex Waring

    Alex WaringTimme sedan

    He doesn't gain weight cuz he's stone disguised as a human

  14. Larissa Jerrome

    Larissa JerromeTimme sedan


  15. Geehon Edmund

    Geehon EdmundTimme sedan

    I don't really know a lot about Pokemon but I know a lot about duel monsters

  16. Tristan Headrick

    Tristan HeadrickTimme sedan

    Can u beat 27 pieces of pizza, thats my record lol

  17. Epic Channel

    Epic Channel2 timmar sedan


  18. Divyansh Nikko

    Divyansh Nikko2 timmar sedan


  19. mariam abdhullah

    mariam abdhullah3 timmar sedan

    I like charmander

  20. chesse cake panda

    chesse cake panda3 timmar sedan

    Gacha with your stomach have damage a lot than your heart...

  21. Kevin O'KANE

    Kevin O'KANE3 timmar sedan

    Cane you do a challenge that get 60mc nuggets plz I well be happy because my grandad was het bye a car as he cat walk normally

  22. Florencia Hans

    Florencia Hans4 timmar sedan

    change the title from eating happy meals to eating sad meals

  23. Thundermaster2937

    Thundermaster29374 timmar sedan


  24. Jonathan Lawrence

    Jonathan Lawrence5 timmar sedan


  25. blackgaymidgetjew

    blackgaymidgetjew6 timmar sedan

    I feel bad for the children. Apparently a bunch of 20 yr olds are going through the drive-thru's ordering all the happy meals just for the cards

  26. TheGeckosSecret

    TheGeckosSecret6 timmar sedan

    I want to see him eat 3 containers of peanut butter

  27. Mohammed taha

    Mohammed taha6 timmar sedan

    pi ka chu pls

  28. Thomas McCarthy

    Thomas McCarthy7 timmar sedan

    My favourite Pokémon is grnijnia

  29. Dian Mustika

    Dian Mustika7 timmar sedan

    Indonesia sini kumpul

  30. Dena Brown

    Dena Brown8 timmar sedan


  31. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty7 timmar sedan

    did u donate all the food to homeless?

  32. Christina Langford

    Christina Langford9 timmar sedan


  33. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty7 timmar sedan

    The black Charizard

  34. Layall Singh

    Layall Singh10 timmar sedan


  35. Ravindra Jadhao

    Ravindra Jadhao10 timmar sedan


  36. GAMING X

    GAMING X11 timmar sedan

    15 packs Fire Noodles Again

  37. Meena Deo

    Meena Deo11 timmar sedan

    Hey bud...when is your next video coming 😍😍...I'm eager to see...and what is the challenge 😎

  38. Christian TheAwesome

    Christian TheAwesome11 timmar sedan

    Matt: **looks at serving size** Also Matt: *So you have chosen death*

  39. B̷o̷l̵d̵ ̵e̸a̶g̵l̷e̵

    B̷o̷l̵d̵ ̵e̸a̶g̵l̷e̵11 timmar sedan

    Matt stonie doesn’t need lunch time, lunch time needs Matt stonie.

  40. Harry Cheema

    Harry Cheema12 timmar sedan

    Try to eat mcdonalds ghost pepper mcchicken as much as you can

  41. Donald Montero

    Donald Montero13 timmar sedan

    my favorite is between machamp and lucardio

  42. Grace Colgate

    Grace Colgate13 timmar sedan


  43. Shay & Crys Wiser Wiser

    Shay & Crys Wiser Wiser14 timmar sedan


  44. mitochondria is power house of the cell

    mitochondria is power house of the cell14 timmar sedan

    Bruh I LOVE cyndaquil

  45. Mukbang World

    Mukbang World14 timmar sedan

    hey Matt i dare you to eat one whole 1 kg family pack of frosties cereal.

  46. Jacey Jones

    Jacey Jones15 timmar sedan


  47. Lacey Scott

    Lacey Scott15 timmar sedan

    The black Charizard

  48. Kevin Wang

    Kevin Wang15 timmar sedan

    did u donate all the food to homeless?

  49. Martin cervantes

    Martin cervantes15 timmar sedan

    I don’t really give a crap about Pokémon but I watch the vid cus of the suffering from eating all them happy meals

  50. TonicMerchs059

    TonicMerchs05916 timmar sedan

    I feel bad for this man’s toilet...

  51. Sharon DolanStyles

    Sharon DolanStyles16 timmar sedan

    Me: I'm hungry My stomach: Well what are you gonna do about it? Me: Stay awake all night and watch food that I cannot have on SEtoos. My stomach: *You little piece of-*

  52. Darius YT

    Darius YT16 timmar sedan

    Im from romania and i love yur vids🇷🇴🇷🇴

  53. speedkills08

    speedkills0817 timmar sedan

    Me when breathing air: Gains a pound Matt eating so much goddamn happy meals: doesn’t gain a pound. Me again: WHaT THe FUcK

  54. Brandon Montgomery

    Brandon Montgomery17 timmar sedan

    Do Charizard

  55. Diane Gallupe

    Diane Gallupe17 timmar sedan

    You should do unboxing a hundred Pokemon packs

  56. Limon Chupon

    Limon Chupon18 timmar sedan


  57. Emily Ank

    Emily Ank18 timmar sedan

    Dude, not being a Debbie downer but my kids love you. 5 and 3... could you tone down the cussing a little bit? Haha

  58. Tim Schneider

    Tim Schneider18 timmar sedan


  59. Gregory Kaufman

    Gregory Kaufman19 timmar sedan


  60. Gregory Kaufman

    Gregory Kaufman19 timmar sedan


  61. Gregory Kaufman

    Gregory Kaufman19 timmar sedan


  62. Three epic Kids

    Three epic Kids19 timmar sedan


  63. Justin F

    Justin F19 timmar sedan

    my favorite pokemon is bewear!!! XD LMAO

  64. giul

    giul19 timmar sedan

    matt stonie sei proprio una lota!!!!!

  65. Sand Fun

    Sand Fun20 timmar sedan 😂🤗👏🌹🌹

  66. Colson Kai

    Colson Kai20 timmar sedan

    you should do a challenge with airheads

  67. Janna Schmidt

    Janna Schmidt20 timmar sedan

    I love Pokémon cards

  68. Bailey Taylor

    Bailey Taylor20 timmar sedan

    You should do a 1000 peeps challenge since Easter is coming soon

  69. cheese burger

    cheese burger21 timme sedan


  70. Jimmy Bao

    Jimmy Bao21 timme sedan


  71. Kanchan Singh

    Kanchan Singh21 timme sedan

    the look in his eyes 5:30

  72. Ale Alo

    Ale Alo21 timme sedan

    My favorite pokemon is squirttle

  73. Robert Hayes

    Robert Hayes22 timmar sedan

    Charizard and for my legendary I'm going to mention legendary Pokemon Entei

  74. 22 timmar sedan

    Mewtwo is my fav

  75. Sand Fun

    Sand Fun22 timmar sedan

  76. Chantz Adams

    Chantz Adams22 timmar sedan

    PLZ PLZ pLZ do ZAXBYS full menu challange

  77. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson22 timmar sedan

    Time to get me some ear buds.🙂

  78. Arda Akyol

    Arda Akyol23 timmar sedan


  79. C* Yalnız Kurt C*

    C* Yalnız Kurt C*23 timmar sedan

    4:41 çüüüüüşşşş

  80. Ok.

    Ok.23 timmar sedan

    You should go to heart attack grill they have big foods also if you don't finish you get spanked by the worker.

  81. Chester Rodriguez

    Chester Rodriguez23 timmar sedan

    I got a challenge for you!!! Eat as many epic beyond original mex burritos from del taco in 20 mins 🤙🏽

  82. Typical Cupcake

    Typical CupcakeDag sedan

    I feel hungry every time I watch your videos 🤤😋

  83. Noe Jimenez Cruz

    Noe Jimenez CruzDag sedan


  84. Patrikeu exe

    Patrikeu exeDag sedan


  85. applejoy talislistorre

    applejoy talislistorreDag sedan

    How did he just video a hand holding a pokemon card when theres no camera on the top

  86. Tawsif Games

    Tawsif GamesDag sedan


  87. tirkdiamond

    tirkdiamondDag sedan

    8:46 foreshadowing...

  88. 06 6D Choudhary Sairaj

    06 6D Choudhary SairajDag sedan

    My favorite Pokemon is rayquaza and mega rayquaza

  89. mibom siram

    mibom siramDag sedan

    His kidney be like:ahh fuck not again

  90. QUOT3

    QUOT3Dag sedan


  91. Eliezel Torres

    Eliezel TorresDag sedan


  92. Demon Boi

    Demon BoiDag sedan

    You forgot the cardboard

  93. Hendradikari Hendra

    Hendradikari HendraDag sedan

    Like from Indonesia

  94. Molliza Sopheak

    Molliza SopheakDag sedan

    Waitress: what would you like from the menu Matt: yes

  95. zelme

    zelmeDag sedan

    im hungry

  96. Sanjeev Kollapaneni

    Sanjeev KollapaneniDag sedan

    How is this guy not the size of Russia

  97. _ JBM0715_

    _ JBM0715_Dag sedan

    Matt u should redo the 14lb burger challenge Thant you did 7 years ago. I think you could crush it now.

  98. ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈

    ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈Dag sedan

    wint tne fak wow naes 😭👉🏻👈🏻

  99. Bertie Sharrocks

    Bertie SharrocksDag sedan

    Kids in Africa: I’m so hungry Matt: Woofs down 500 happy meals

  100. narain pd gupta

    narain pd guptaDag sedan


  101. Emithu

    EmithuDag sedan

    POV: theres no food at home and you are torturing yourself

  102. Sourabh P

    Sourabh PDag sedan

    MATT we have a CHALLENGE !!!! SHAWARMA challenge 😍😍 it is an Indian dish...........

  103. Pug_ nacious

    Pug_ naciousDag sedan

    Big boi blastoise

  104. RuKorgi Zak

    RuKorgi ZakDag sedan

    Still wondering why hes still skinny

  105. momes cooks

    momes cooksDag sedan


  106. Mushroom person

    Mushroom personDag sedan

    a chicken a hamburger in your language?

  107. Garvvhs show and Tell

    Garvvhs show and TellDag sedan

    I hate you!