Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY (Official Video)

Official video for "Holiday" by Lil Nas X.
Listen & Download "Holiday" by Lil Nas X out now:

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Directors - Gibson Hazard & Lil Nas X
Production Company - Hazard Studios
Executive Producers - Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis, Liam Akiva
Video Commissioner/Producer - Saul Levitz
Live Capture - wølvesONLY
Producer - Nic Neary
Director of Photography - Scott Cunningham
Creative Direction - Brendan O’Connor
Creative Consulting - Jak Bannon, Oliver Cannon
Production Supervisor - Valerie Bush
1st AD - Jesse Hays
Production Designer - Nico Macciocca
Key Grip - David Riggio
Gaffer - Mike VanMeter
Editor - Gibson Hazard
Sound Design - Gibson Hazard & Jak Bannon
VFX - Glassworks VFX & Karen Arakelian
Wardrobe Stylist - Hodo Musa
Key Makeup - Raoul Alejandre
Choreographer - Phil Wright
Movement - KJ Rose
Colorist - Bryan Smaller

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  1. Niño Calisa

    Niño Calisa3 timmar sedan


  2. FILTH

    FILTH3 timmar sedan

    Man really posted this in November tftf

  3. SlothGownGetYou

    SlothGownGetYou3 timmar sedan

    damn I dont listen to Lil nas X but bruh this is too good

  4. Trust Yourself

    Trust Yourself3 timmar sedan

    This nigga should do movies better

  5. shari pearce

    shari pearce3 timmar sedan

    He has white eyes surprised

  6. Farhan Cinematic

    Farhan Cinematic3 timmar sedan

    Lil Nas x is from roblox to lol

  7. tik tok global

    tik tok global3 timmar sedan

    Youre gay

  8. Funny Boy

    Funny Boy3 timmar sedan

    I saw a ps5

  9. Nezuko

    Nezuko3 timmar sedan

    I didnt even notice

  10. XmanOnipad

    XmanOnipad3 timmar sedan

    And they get like millions of views so good job

  11. Ethyl

    Ethyl3 timmar sedan

    bruh he flew off in a Dodge hellcat with no top

  12. XmanOnipad

    XmanOnipad3 timmar sedan

    Did you that your music is shown by a lot of people on montages

  13. christian canuel

    christian canuel3 timmar sedan

    new fave song

  14. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    Told you mom santa is real smh

  15. daxybax

    daxybax3 timmar sedan


  16. blue dawn

    blue dawn3 timmar sedan

    he really is the king i dont know how i can cap about that

  17. LunaDaWolfxX :3

    LunaDaWolfxX :33 timmar sedan

    Producer: How good do you want this song to be? Nas: *yes* I STG I LOVE THIS GUYYYYYYY

  18. Alexander Harlent

    Alexander Harlent3 timmar sedan

    Not a holiday though

  19. Reika Antoy

    Reika Antoy3 timmar sedan


  20. Aurora Leaf Roblox

    Aurora Leaf Roblox3 timmar sedan

    2020 Students: may i go to the washroom? teacher:yeah sure" 2021 Students:Ay Can i Pop Shit! teacher:umm..W T H!!?

  21. Pierre Einar

    Pierre Einar3 timmar sedan

    How deep does the music have to sink.

  22. Celestial Faith

    Celestial Faith3 timmar sedan

    Flexing the ps5

  23. ehechadAna Carmela Urbina

    ehechadAna Carmela Urbina3 timmar sedan

    This song fire

  24. Kenn

    Kenn3 timmar sedan

    im here from the roblox event lol

  25. ManuMinati

    ManuMinati3 timmar sedan


  26. Captin Kasen

    Captin Kasen3 timmar sedan

    I dont like how he swears

  27. Rici

    Rici3 timmar sedan

    Nobody saw the statues similar from those in Naruto?

  28. Celestial Faith

    Celestial Faith3 timmar sedan

    This music and video helped me feel better while I was sick today!

  29. kk mcnugget

    kk mcnugget3 timmar sedan

    2:12 the beat + black Santa got me laughing

  30. Surya Putra

    Surya Putra3 timmar sedan

    Hey thats the roblox gay

  31. FriendlyScout2

    FriendlyScout23 timmar sedan

    is this the roblox guy?

  32. Yiğit ツ

    Yiğit ツ3 timmar sedan

    The people who dislikes don't have holiday 😁

  33. Owen Cooper

    Owen Cooper3 timmar sedan

    I’m gonna die from old age before Nas makes a bad song

  34. jayden arca

    jayden arca3 timmar sedan

    Until he dies

  35. jayden arca

    jayden arca3 timmar sedan

    That’ll never happen

  36. Darrico Harris

    Darrico Harris3 timmar sedan

    I like u nas x

  37. MLG Pepe

    MLG Pepe3 timmar sedan

    Tay Keeeithh

  38. Jaybert Baldovino

    Jaybert Baldovino3 timmar sedan


  39. Domestic Tiger

    Domestic Tiger3 timmar sedan

    Must be one happy robot elve playing that PS5

  40. butch3880

    butch38803 timmar sedan

    Roblox guy

  41. Trix VFX

    Trix VFX3 timmar sedan

    We need more of these

  42. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer3 timmar sedan

    2:15 lil nas x PogChamp

  43. Ian Brown

    Ian Brown3 timmar sedan


  44. Jennifer Lynn

    Jennifer Lynn3 timmar sedan

    I like this so much .. 🔥 🔥 🔥.. sending love from philly .

  45. Kayara Simon

    Kayara Simon3 timmar sedan

    Is it just me or am I the only one who listens to the song over and over again just because it's my favorite song

  46. Brian Toby

    Brian Toby3 timmar sedan


  47. Esa Perkasa

    Esa Perkasa3 timmar sedan

    old town and holiday officialy my top 2

  48. Орех Орехович

    Орех Орехович3 timmar sedan

    Ay, can I pop *b r u h ¿*

  49. Kai Jiu

    Kai Jiu3 timmar sedan

    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  50. universe gossips

    universe gossips3 timmar sedan

    song is good but future civilization should not look like this....

  51. KaeLoni Gilbert

    KaeLoni Gilbert3 timmar sedan

    This is super fire! No cap! Lov this vid to.

  52. Rj Diaz

    Rj Diaz3 timmar sedan

    I cant stop watching this lol

  53. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    Lol same

  54. Akhmad Gameplays

    Akhmad Gameplays3 timmar sedan

    Selamat anda menemukan komentar Indonesia

  55. The Best gachatuber

    The Best gachatuber3 timmar sedan

    2 weeks and literally made 47mil views

  56. Nefilop

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  57. epcc_DFLT

    epcc_DFLT3 timmar sedan

    10 times

  58. Matthew Lee

    Matthew Lee3 timmar sedan


  59. jayden arca

    jayden arca3 timmar sedan

    Yo lil nas x you causing global warming with all those fire pits.

  60. Strategical Celery

    Strategical Celery3 timmar sedan

    lil nas x needs to drop a song for every holiday and season

  61. Zzzgoble’s YT

    Zzzgoble’s YT3 timmar sedan

    Nobody: Comments: new comment with like 765 likes posted 8 hours ago

  62. bartek tomalak

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  63. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan


  64. Leon R.

    Leon R.3 timmar sedan


  65. Julian_boi

    Julian_boi3 timmar sedan

    When he said I got hoes on hoes he meant bros on bros

  66. Jakob Whale

    Jakob Whale3 timmar sedan

    Doesn't get more festive than *"I might bottom on the low, but I top sh*t"*

  67. Billy Richerd

    Billy Richerd3 timmar sedan

    Whos watching this on December 20th 2220

  68. Jakob Whale

    Jakob Whale3 timmar sedan

    HE SAID *"I MIGHT BOTTOM ON THE LOW, BUT I TOP SH*T"* I- legend! The gay representation we deserve

  69. Mopelola Ajike Ayoola

    Mopelola Ajike Ayoola3 timmar sedan

    Lil nas x if u see a person caleed delia DO NOT SUB TO HER she is so rude and she will call u somthing bad

  70. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    Great job looking out for nas

  71. Goo gle

    Goo gle3 timmar sedan


  72. 1II817 Studios

    1II817 Studios3 timmar sedan

    They are all Robots? I mean look at his eyes, Which is actually cool.

  73. Kuba Głuch

    Kuba Głuch3 timmar sedan

    this is real car with six ,, mechanic horses''

  74. blikje cola

    blikje cola3 timmar sedan

    Hot 🔥 🔥

  75. Mohamed's world

    Mohamed's world3 timmar sedan

    This guy is gay

  76. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    And? Everyone know tf

  77. Stanislav Reif

    Stanislav Reif3 timmar sedan

    0:54 cuteee

  78. Jennifer Arts_et_Metiers

    Jennifer Arts_et_Metiers4 timmar sedan

    Nothing says Christmas like creepy as fuck

  79. Плохой Волк

    Плохой Волк4 timmar sedan


  80. Guillermo98 puga sanchez

    Guillermo98 puga sanchez4 timmar sedan


  81. JJRoblox1MILLION Reynolds Reynolds

    JJRoblox1MILLION Reynolds Reynolds4 timmar sedan


  82. BrockMeister x

    BrockMeister x4 timmar sedan

    Don't hate on the video the budget for this kind of video would be well over 2 million in the 90s

  83. Ionut Birsan

    Ionut Birsan4 timmar sedan

    man this song is amazing you and your manufacturers definitly deserve more views i listen everyday

  84. _Ventum_

    _Ventum_4 timmar sedan

    Isn’t it the Roblox Guy🤯🤯😯

  85. Adan Martínez

    Adan Martínez4 timmar sedan

    Saludos desde Ecatepec 😎👌

  86. Rushie

    Rushie4 timmar sedan

    Man this song catchy as fuuuuck. Gotta love that MJ line drop too lmao

  87. Arcelia Gonzalez

    Arcelia Gonzalez4 timmar sedan

    I like this song

  88. kerby barrameda

    kerby barrameda4 timmar sedan

    its the roblox guy!!!!!!!!!

  89. Rathmony Bou

    Rathmony Bou4 timmar sedan

    In this song he is just talking but it sound so good

  90. Payton Martinez

    Payton Martinez4 timmar sedan

    That has to be the guy from Roblox

  91. Grumpy Noob

    Grumpy Noob4 timmar sedan

    The editors must be promoted

  92. Ur Boi

    Ur Boi4 timmar sedan

    Nobody talkin bout song Easter egg

  93. Mykl Aaron

    Mykl Aaron4 timmar sedan

    Help my business grow!

  94. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    Maybe later

  95. Gala Salort

    Gala Salort4 timmar sedan

    imagine if this comment got 3k likes and lil nas x saw that would make my day, no that would make my life

  96. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    Ok I'll help

  97. Jacob Khnano

    Jacob Khnano4 timmar sedan

    This song is fire


    CHRIST71 GAMING4 timmar sedan

    the youngest santa

  99. luka gvimradze

    luka gvimradze4 timmar sedan

    this years santa

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    i saw this like a million times Lmaoooo

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    Damn good song

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    I love how he sing "Hee Hee"

  103. bad bish

    bad bish3 timmar sedan

    Ik idk why I like it so much it's just catchy 😅

  104. Maximus Rommel Dadivas

    Maximus Rommel Dadivas4 timmar sedan


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    N word yas but your black

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  108. Alex plaÿs Roblox

    Alex plaÿs Roblox4 timmar sedan

    When i got soup in my eye 0:28

  109. Teleshop Btwos

    Teleshop Btwos4 timmar sedan

    Your lil nas concert on roblox was hilarious cuz you kept breaking

  110. Ángel Adrián Romero

    Ángel Adrián Romero4 timmar sedan

    My mom talk whit My brother..My room:hey it's a holiday gonna fos o fos ya i belive closey eyes...


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