I Survived 700 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

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In this Minecraft video I survive 700 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.
100 Days Video Playlist: setoos.info/camera/PLWJikipm2MTbf7lS_Ncd7W-Y88KOSKAof.html
How Did We Get Here Machine: setoos.info/name/zJ2ttJyRZZOmdWs/video
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  1. Ryan Botelho

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    You suffocated the dolphin it needs air

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    15:37 69 funny nuber

  3. samu2510 samu2510

    samu2510 samu25104 timmar sedan

    did anyone else relize he took a shot at dan tdm

  4. samu2510 samu2510

    samu2510 samu25104 timmar sedan

    who is shawn jr again i dont remember

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    Bunny should be the name of the dog

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    I love your videos!

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    25:35 hahaha

  11. Kristie Anderson

    Kristie Anderson13 timmar sedan

    I think that the baby wolf should be a girl and the name should be butter

  12. بشار شعلان

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    This is a name

  13. بشار شعلان

    بشار شعلان14 timmar sedan


  14. Mendy

    Mendy15 timmar sedan

    I think the dolphin died because it jumped over the bridge then got stuck... it’s just a theory tho!

  15. affan cod

    affan cod15 timmar sedan

    A little lag

  16. Saltyboy Trigger

    Saltyboy Trigger17 timmar sedan

    Love your vids

  17. Blake Elder

    Blake Elder17 timmar sedan

    names for dogs : bruce, Barry, Bobby

  18. Ice Rock

    Ice Rock20 timmar sedan

    Who realized when he saw the iron golem with the poppy, it nodded its head


    MATTHIAS ONG JUN EN Moe20 timmar sedan

    name the dog Berta

  20. X7y1erX R

    X7y1erX R21 timme sedan

    I guess I will just build 2 aquariums

  21. Riley Crouch

    Riley CrouchDag sedan

    Hope you read this an you are so superly awsome

  22. Baguette boy

    Baguette boyDag sedan

    You look like Chandler from mr beast but better

  23. Stella Weatherford

    Stella WeatherfordDag sedan

    Puppy’s name should be briana

  24. Selcuk Sanar

    Selcuk SanarDag sedan

    You are so good when are you going to do 900 days?

  25. Tad Barnes

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    I just realized I’ve watched this video several times

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    MVVXRZYDag sedan

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    MVVXRZYDag sedan

    Just “B” dogs

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    Thomas Jericho TosocDag sedan

    you need to name your first dog "Alvin" because when you name the second dog "Britney", Alvin is the love interested to Britney

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    Moment of silence for mopsy, flopsy and bopsey.

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    name the dog charlie and you have to go through the portal first from the ghast

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    The dolphins need air to live

  47. josea marie

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  48. KingdomRusher

    KingdomRusher2 dagar sedan

    SB, you can blow up a stray with a charged creeper and for some reason, it will give you a wither skeleton head.

  49. SuperSawyer08

    SuperSawyer082 dagar sedan

    Is there ever gonna be a video where I survived 800 days to 834 days then died in hardcore Minecraft

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    You Are such an inspiration!! Keep the content up!! I’ve recently lost my job during the pandemic, but since then, I started a SEtoos Channel on Finance!! And its Growing too! Thank you for all the amazing videos! And for everyone else on SEtoos, Don’t Give Up!

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  56. Rashaun Adams William

    Rashaun Adams William2 dagar sedan

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  57. Rashaun Adams William

    Rashaun Adams William2 dagar sedan

    The dolphins need air

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    David Kaller2 dagar sedan

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    Ali Shahid2 dagar sedan

    Next time you make something with water just place all the water at the top then it will all go down I’m pretty sure

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    Sean the cellphone addict3 dagar sedan

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