The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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#SuperBowlLV #TheWeeknd


  1. EpicMKP

    EpicMKP6 minuter sedan

    can't believe his jacket was made of real rubbies!

  2. Lamar

    Lamar7 minuter sedan

    Look at abel man so inspirational

  3. Leandro Abreu

    Leandro Abreu11 minuter sedan

    Seltuna cant relate

  4. Steve White

    Steve White14 minuter sedan

    I really got to Drive by Sin City late Night & listen to The Weeknd.

  5. Darlin Rodriguez

    Darlin Rodriguez47 minuter sedan

    Tampa Bay !!! Love it .

  6. David Castellanos

    David CastellanosTimme sedan

    THE BEST !!!

  7. Young Brandon C. on Drums

    Young Brandon C. on DrumsTimme sedan

    Worst performance

  8. Young Brandon C. on Drums

    Young Brandon C. on DrumsTimme sedan

    It's was horrible

  9. Nat C.

    Nat C.Timme sedan

    Hes the main character 😍😊

  10. gaby serrano

    gaby serranoTimme sedan

    hes so good

  11. Thiago ARG

    Thiago ARG2 timmar sedan


  12. Mar • ᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ

    Mar • ᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ2 timmar sedan

    Oh yeah

  13. Greek Freak

    Greek Freak2 timmar sedan

    That is the best transition into blinding lights I’ve ever seen in a live performance

  14. aordazmty

    aordazmty2 timmar sedan

    El artista del momento, gracias por traernos música de calidad en tiempos complicados, 6:21 save your tears fue una canción que me acompaño en mi enfermedad de covid 19 en estos meses pasados, un tema que vivirá conmigo toda la vida, The Weeknd es magia.

  15. tigre fofo

    tigre fofo2 timmar sedan

    I can not stop watching this! Some one help me... Or not

  16. Adz2

    Adz22 timmar sedan

    No TikTok dance with dab? 😂

  17. Shariat Rabby Sadat

    Shariat Rabby Sadat3 timmar sedan

    I am here for may be 100th time despite I don't know wtf is NFL XD

  18. JellyBean

    JellyBean3 timmar sedan

    Whats there to hate about all those dancers

  19. dzhuna leks

    dzhuna leks3 timmar sedan

    Hochu tancevatj s taboj

  20. preran s jathan

    preran s jathan3 timmar sedan

    This guy is a legend

  21. Fabian Vazquez

    Fabian Vazquez3 timmar sedan

    Cuando se enteran que si pasaron el ciclo escolar tú y todos tus amigos 11:33

  22. Liz

    Liz3 timmar sedan

    the amount of times i’ve rewatched this is insane.

  23. AtomGhosty 75

    AtomGhosty 75Timme sedan

    Lol me too

  24. nicci

    nicci3 timmar sedan

    1:20 *god entered the chat*

  25. Tony Celaya

    Tony Celaya3 timmar sedan

    I can’t stop watching this

  26. Will Ritter

    Will Ritter4 timmar sedan

    in the first 30 seconds, he already beat the Maroon 5 halftime show... I'd be honored if some NFL & The Weeknd fans would take a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal YT performances of MAN IN THE MIRROR by Michael Jackson and PURPLE RAIN by Prince in tribute to the 2 most legendary artists of all time. Peace and everybody stay safe.

  27. Prajwal Meti

    Prajwal Meti4 timmar sedan

    Great but why no is talking about THE GREATEST HALF TIME performance ever??? you know who i am talking about...

  28. Deebo Smith

    Deebo Smith5 timmar sedan

    Thought I was watching a video from the 80s on

  29. Filippo Lancini

    Filippo Lancini5 timmar sedan

    When someone asks me why The Weeknd is my favourite singer, I show this video

  30. YskiTV!

    YskiTV!5 timmar sedan

    Who the hell is giving thumbs down on this?!

  31. Dominic Gerszewski

    Dominic Gerszewski6 timmar sedan

    Everyone who sees his dancers but has not seen his vids b like 🤨

  32. 0 9

    0 96 timmar sedan


  33. samson phillip

    samson phillip6 timmar sedan

    Watching this every single night before I go to bed ❤️

  34. fazrie faiz

    fazrie faiz6 timmar sedan

    The best performance super bowl ever

  35. Justin

    Justin6 timmar sedan


  36. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach7 timmar sedan

    People have been talking a lot of crap for the camera work in the beginning when he goes into the gold light room but he looks like he is having a lot of fun so I think that’s all that matters.

  37. Flores Campos Brayan

    Flores Campos Brayan7 timmar sedan


  38. Flores Campos Brayan

    Flores Campos Brayan7 timmar sedan

    Best artist in 2020 for sure

  39. Flores Campos Brayan

    Flores Campos Brayan7 timmar sedan

    •7 feb. 2021 1.1 M 60,145 COMPARTIR GUARDAR

  40. Cleverboy JP

    Cleverboy JP7 timmar sedan

    I’m blinded by the light bill

  41. Lidia Sol Villegas Ludeña

    Lidia Sol Villegas Ludeña7 timmar sedan

    Excelente voz

  42. My Amazon Life

    My Amazon Life7 timmar sedan

    why are people hating on this? this was litterally the best halftime show in so long

  43. Hadara M

    Hadara M7 timmar sedan

    To me he is MJ's son

  44. nuno remelgado

    nuno remelgado7 timmar sedan

    The câmera man be like stop moving for god sake.

  45. Yess Ica

    Yess Ica8 timmar sedan

    i can't be the alone one here because of J-Hope?!

  46. August Stenberg

    August Stenberg8 timmar sedan

    If your looking for the meme here you go 3:54

  47. まる

    まる8 timmar sedan

    can anybody tell me what he's saying at 11:00 - 11:06

  48. Abisai David Pachano

    Abisai David Pachano8 timmar sedan

    Algunos dicen y que estuvo aburrido pero me parecen críticas mal intencionadas, me gustó mucho el show.

  49. Sadie DeSchipper

    Sadie DeSchipper8 timmar sedan

    Anybody else see his wink at 9:19? 🥺

  50. SVX

    SVX8 timmar sedan

    It would of been so fab if daft punk did the superbowl

  51. ZNS

    ZNS8 timmar sedan

    Now i understand why he never called daft punk to the show☹️

  52. Sergey Pozen

    Sergey Pozen8 timmar sedan

    The fact that in The hills he outsmarted it and sang over the swear words, my guy!

  53. Sansa Queen of the North

    Sansa Queen of the North9 timmar sedan

    The best!

  54. PK28

    PK289 timmar sedan


  55. Alex Olivares

    Alex Olivares9 timmar sedan

    I will miss daft punk but they whatch this and probably they say -this is our boy-


    CHARLES WILKE9 timmar sedan

    best ever good job

  57. I_dont _air

    I_dont _air9 timmar sedan

    We really need a daft punk halftime show, so sad that we won't get one😭😢😢😢

  58. SpencerSchuldetWolfish10.000_Dollar 's

    SpencerSchuldetWolfish10.000_Dollar 's9 timmar sedan

    I don't even know what everyone has. The show goes perfectly fine

  59. Claudia Ballalai

    Claudia Ballalai9 timmar sedan

    I love love love😍🤩😎 🇧🇷

  60. Elymar Martinez

    Elymar Martinez10 timmar sedan

    No es malo... solo q en comparación al del año pasado se queda corto...

  61. TrailZz

    TrailZz10 timmar sedan

    I’ve watched this 20 times and I’m not even joking.... it’s just that good

  62. Disclaim Er

    Disclaim Er6 timmar sedan

    Only 20?

  63. Bill Burnett

    Bill Burnett10 timmar sedan

    To see where this man has come from the House of Balloon days with those three mind blowing mix tapes to this just incomprehensible fame and stardom. To know how far he’s come and to known that you’ve backed him from the start back in 2011 is just mad to think. It really just makes me so proud of the guy and no one deserves this fame as much as Abel. The joy I felt watching this knowing and seeing in his eyes how much he loves this is just incredible. And that throwback with the House of Balloons ‘happy house’ sample is just a massive thank you and throw back to the fans. XOTWOD for life

  64. Flewz

    Flewz10 timmar sedan


  65. John Njende

    John Njende10 timmar sedan


  66. ꧁ꕥW̸o̸l̸f̸m̸i̸k̸e̸e̸12ꕥ꧂

    ꧁ꕥW̸o̸l̸f̸m̸i̸k̸e̸e̸12ꕥ꧂10 timmar sedan


  67. Aden Mixtega

    Aden Mixtega11 timmar sedan

    Yea that’s write

  68. bin ein richtig kleiner Typ alter Schwede

    bin ein richtig kleiner Typ alter Schwede11 timmar sedan

    The best Super Bowl Show ever

  69. Jetmixes

    Jetmixes11 timmar sedan

    Who else is watching for like the 10 thousandth time

  70. Disclaim Er

    Disclaim Er6 timmar sedan


  71. Leopold 7.3

    Leopold 7.311 timmar sedan

    same here

  72. Spyrogaming

    Spyrogaming11 timmar sedan


  73. T-GAY

    T-GAY11 timmar sedan

    COVID -19 is DEAD. OPEN EVENT :)

  74. Physis

    Physis11 timmar sedan

    8:00 what is this song?

  75. Disclaim Er

    Disclaim Er6 timmar sedan

    Earned It

  76. Deedee DaaDaa

    Deedee DaaDaa11 timmar sedan

    Oh pandemi sedang istirahat ya klo superbowl gini

  77. אוהד משה

    אוהד משה12 timmar sedan

    The chills when the music became for blinding light😃😃😃

  78. Anagramma Official

    Anagramma Official12 timmar sedan

    the best human in the world.Love ya dude

  79. kim jong

    kim jong12 timmar sedan

    the best performance and artist ever. period

  80. zinnia monge

    zinnia monge12 timmar sedan


  81. ahmad bassam

    ahmad bassam13 timmar sedan

    glad he chose the super bowl over the grammys.

  82. ahmad bassam

    ahmad bassam13 timmar sedan

    he looks so happy and that what actually matters.

  83. ahmad bassam

    ahmad bassam13 timmar sedan


  84. The56CREW

    The56CREW14 timmar sedan

    Can't believe the sound difference in the recorded quality here v the awful TV network mics, this show deserved so much better than it got

  85. Juul ia

    Juul ia14 timmar sedan

    The only thing that keeps me going honestly

  86. james kigarie

    james kigarie14 timmar sedan

    The Intro is EVERYTHING!

  87. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke15 timmar sedan

    Looked like a satanic ritual

  88. Deathfrag gameZ

    Deathfrag gameZ15 timmar sedan


  89. Deathfrag gameZ

    Deathfrag gameZ15 timmar sedan

    WAOH THWT golden part where he walks of stage!!

  90. Deathfrag gameZ

    Deathfrag gameZ15 timmar sedan

    Oh my goodness he sounds just as good live!! Keep up the good work mate ur my favourite singer 👨‍🎤 and blinding lights is one of my favourite songs

  91. Paul Willingham

    Paul Willingham15 timmar sedan

    Love his attention to the music. Love him

  92. Thebrexit

    Thebrexit16 timmar sedan

    Let’s be real 13:20 to 13:34 we’re the best moments of his life

  93. Yung Beast

    Yung Beast17 timmar sedan

    Very unique and spectacular peace of work. The weekend has always had his own type of music and music art style

  94. Lewis G

    Lewis G17 timmar sedan

    That transition to blinding lights was incredible

  95. Noel Huerta

    Noel Huerta17 timmar sedan

    So this is what 7 million dollars looks like. Amazing !!!!!!

  96. Arq. Eduardo Anaya

    Arq. Eduardo Anaya17 timmar sedan

    Que hueva de show... un show sin sentido

  97. Arq. Eduardo Anaya

    Arq. Eduardo Anaya18 timmar sedan

    The worst halftimeshow

  98. Batman dies in Endgame

    Batman dies in Endgame7 timmar sedan

    Let me guess you like country music

  99. Hargouuu

    Hargouuu18 timmar sedan

    The Weeknd is so happy

  100. Zerculese

    Zerculese18 timmar sedan

    LETS GOOO!!!!!

  101. Joshue Rodriguez

    Joshue Rodriguez18 timmar sedan

    I've watched this at least once errday. Too raw.

  102. Lale Sharifova

    Lale Sharifova18 timmar sedan

    Best concert of 2020 and 2021

  103. Jim Yuan

    Jim Yuan18 timmar sedan

    i thought he was gonna perform "house of the balloon" on 10:15... what a big disappointment :(

  104. Greg Rabone

    Greg Rabone18 timmar sedan

    Is anyone getting MAJOR Michael Jackson vibes???

  105. The sports Yemigod

    The sports Yemigod18 timmar sedan

    This isn’t your first time watchin this

  106. josita cuen mejia

    josita cuen mejia18 timmar sedan